Wednesday, July 17, 2019

All I Want for Christmas..

.. is my two front teeth...
Yup, halfway through tuition yesterday you came up to show me that your other front tooth has finally fallen off.
So we put your tooth into the little green bag and put it under your pillow. You seem to guess that I'm the tooth fairy, but you're still happy to put the tooth under your pillow since you'd get RM2 for that.
Almost forgot to do my toothfairy duty. Had to run upstairs halfway through breakfast to put in the cash *grin*

Tuesday, July 09, 2019

I Love You So So So So Much

This is your current favourite message. Sometimes I just don't know what to say or do:
Especially when I'm trying to get you to get ready for exams...

But makes my day better when it get's busy at work....

Cheeky monkey... always with a trick up your sleeves!

Sunday, June 16, 2019

2019 Father's Day

It was a busy day for the kids. But luckily daddy was out having his durian feast, so we could slowly prepare the cards. Ko-ko had started the day before (after much reminders) and as usual Mei-mei was very fast as she just went with the flow.
Both adding finishing touches to their cards

Evan's card: He even added a cup of coffee

Evelyn's card: Had lucky 4 leaved clovers and 2 piggies which were "door knobs"

The inside of her card.

Happy Father's Day, daddy. Hope you had a great day complete with durians and beautiful cards

Sunday, June 09, 2019

Oh.. Bou Geh again

The plan was to have a haircut, then have a (long overdue) photograph taken to be submitted to the school and then remove your tooth. 
Well, noooOooo.... your tooth couldn't wait any longer so it jumped queue in the sequence falling off before we even headed out for the haircut. Oh well.. not everything goes as planned. 
So you smiled without showing your teeth for the school photograph. 
At home, I tried to get you to show me your toothless smile, but initially only got this:
 I finally for a picture of your smile with the missing tooth.
I think the other front tooth will be falling off soon.

Tooth fairy duty tonight. Someone had told you there was no such thing as a tooth fairy. You kept asking me if I was the tooth fairy. I didn't give you an answer, but you were happy enough to receive the RM2 from the "tooth fairy" whoever that may be. 

Saturday, June 08, 2019

15th Wedding Anniversary

Just a post to remember the feast we had at Via Pre to commemorate mummy and daddy's 15th wedding anniversary - the wines, food and dessert:

Saturday, June 01, 2019

Science and Maths Fair

Today was the Science and Maths fair in school. As Ko-ko had to be in school early, he left the house with daddy to have Char Kuey Tiau for breakfast before daddy dropped him at school and headed for golf.
As for Evelyn, you only needed to be in school at 9.30 am, which was when the fair was officially open. So we both headed to school together. Ah Ma dropped us. 
Left you in the classroom and later we both went to all the booths to collect the necessary stickers. 
 Decoration in front of the primary classroom
We had a lot of fun exploring the many booths:
Playing with the giant bubbles 
Watching the elephant toothpaste demo 
Testing your mathematical skills 
Ta-da.. you completed all the tasks and now to guess what the word was 
Yay! You guessed it.. and you got a diary as a present
As there was still time before dismissal, we headed to the MPH where they were having a demo by the Tech Dome. You soon realised that they would ask for volunteers. There was a moment when I could not locate you, only to discover that you had parked yourself right in front of the stage so that the man doing the demo would pick you.
After a while, you gave up and was about to try the Van DeGraaff generator when you heard him calling for volunteers and promptly ran towards the stage.
So here you are showing off your dry ice bubble:

And since you were done, time to try out the generator again. As your hair was quite long, we can see it standing/stuck to the book being held: 
 Again before we left, you headed to the bubble area for more play before I finally managed to pull you away to Ah Kong who was waiting for us in the car.

Saturday, May 18, 2019

Macaroni and Cheese

You love your food, especially when they are cheesy. This morning you decided that you wanted to have Mac and Cheese and also that you wanted to cook it yourself. So.. ta-da.. your baked and non-baked version. Great job cooking, Evan.