Saturday, March 02, 2019

Mock Ballet Exam

Parents were shown what you children have been practicing for the ballet exam which falls on the 17th March. You started the lesson as usual with your practices. Then we were all allowed into the studio to watch.

Friday, March 01, 2019

Report Card Collection Day

Today is report card collection day. We headed to school without the both of you. I think that is a better way so that the teacher can tell us exactly what has been happening and yet you are not around to listen and possibly get impacted by the feedback.
Anyway our adventure started in the Multi-Purpose Hall. We waited for our turn to speak to Miss Shirley. Marking seems to be tough. Daddy noticed that you lost marks just because you forgot your punctuation marks. Generally feedback for you is ok, except that you get easily distracted and like to talk.. (sigh...)
Then we headed to the Chapel to see Mr. Lew. Waited for a while for the parent before us to finish. Feedback was ok for you. Also that you like to talk in class... sigh.. two "cakap banyak". As your ICT and DT wasn't too good and the teachers (who sat side by side) were available, I sat down to talk to them to find out what is going on. I would say that you need more effort in the CA and projects and hopefully you will take my advise on discussing with me on the projects. 
After all that.. daddy and I needed to unwind.... too.. much.. stress... *grin* 

Thursday, February 28, 2019

School's International Day Celebration

The school had it's very first International Day celebration last Saturday. We dropped the both of you at school then had breakfast before heading back to school for the opening ceremony. We were lucky to be able to get a parking slot inside the school compound. 
Bought our tickets (for shopping) then headed inside to get a seat and wait for the ceremony. 
It started with the parade and here you are with your Hungry.. oops, I meant Hungary flag which you had colored in class earlier that week. As you stood there, we could tell that you were scanning the crowd for us, but you were looking far behind, when we were actually very close to you. You gave us the widest smile when you saw us.
Could not get a picture of Ko-ko as he marched in (you just had to pick a spot behind the tallest boy in your group... ). Managed to get a picture as you marched out:
KS1 children performed a dance and you were enjoying the dance:
After the performances were over, we waited while you got down from class and the first stall we visited was "Singapore" which was Ko-ko's class stall. He wasn't there. The very talented che-che drew the design you picked on both your hands.
We walked around to finish the quiz questions and to get the stamp of the countries so that you could qualify for the lucky draw.
Spent some time looking and shopping at the food stalls before finally heading home.
It sure was a tiring day. And yet it wasn't over for the both of you. Ko-ko continued with his badminton classes then headed to his friend's place while you headed for your ballet classes.
Not sure about the both of you, but I sure was tired just running around. I'm sure daddy was even more tired, driving everyone around for the whole day. 

Sunday, February 10, 2019

CNY Dinner in Penang

This was the feast Ah Ma cooked for the dinner with the family after they got back from KL. As usual, we were treated to a wide spread of yummy dishes all prepared by Ah Ma. 

Wednesday, February 06, 2019

CNY in Ipoh

This year, we headed back to Ipoh 2 days before Chinese New Year. As usual there was a lot of cutting and work in the kitchen for the dinners on the eve and Chinese New Year itself.
Here is our usual popiah treat for the eve:
 And we had a firework display too:
We all woke up bright and early on the first day of Chinese New Year. Everyone had breakfast and also quickly got ready before the lion dance started. There was a hiccup in the arrangements but they finally made it. Here is a picture of the both of you as we waited for them to come:
 Making a grand entrance:
 Mei-mei enjoying the lion dance:
 The lion gave her some "gold":
 Ko-ko got an orange:
 The lion worked really hard to prepare this decoration:
 And our family picture:
 Kids getting their ang pow:

 And kids enjoying their ice-cream treat from Doctor Chek Kong:
 This year we attempted to make a "piggy lou sang":
 Our Chinese New Year family feast:
We had to head back on the second day of Chinese New Year as mummy and daddy had to work on Thursday. Kids were lucky to have the whole week off. 

Saturday, February 02, 2019

CNY Dinner and Grampy's Birthday

As usual, we had our early Chinese New Year celebration in BM and it doubled as Grampy's birthday too.
We had a lot of food which we slowly ate in the air-cond comfort in the living room. 
 We later had a cake which of course the two kids blew out the candle instead of Grampy.

Friday, January 18, 2019

Chopstick Wielding Girl

It still amazes me that you somehow have taught yourself how to use the chopsticks. And most importantly, your daddy tells everyone that you are using it the correct way, unlike most of us (Ah Kong and I inclusive).
I had bought you those "trainer" chopsticks but you did not use them too often before graduating to the full fledged chopsticks: