Sunday, March 05, 2017

Not Feeling Well

You vomited so many times on Friday. We had to try to get back from work quickly but it took us almost an hour to reach home i the Friday jam.
Got you all ready and headed to Adventist Hospital thinking there was night clinic. Too bad there wasn't any. So we headed to the Emergency Room.
We spent almost 2 hours to wait and see the doctor and to wait abit longer to see if you'd still vomit after taking the medicine. We finally got to leave at arpund 10p.m. making a stop to buy 100 plus drink for you.
You slept on the way home and continued sleeping until the next morning, only waking up several times for a drink of water.
Well to determine if you had recovered... just look at your happy grin when you realised that I wanted to take your picture on Saturday morning:

Friday, March 03, 2017

Shower Entertainment

Since our bathroom was leaking, we had to use your bathroom to shower over last weekend. One of the times I was showering, you decided to provide in-bathroom entertainment... by singing outside my bathroom door. After you were done, you even offered to provide encore:
Although, I would have been happier if you sang some other song than "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star"!! And so many times too.. hahaha... 

Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Home Hairdresser

Got a shock on my life when I realised that your fringe was "missing". No amount of questions could make you admit to what had happened. You insisted that it looked normal. You must think that we're blind!!
So took a picture and put them side by side with a photo I took on Saturday to show you there certainly WAS a difference.
Finally you admitted to having cut your fringe. .. just for fun. Well my dear, you'll have to live with this haircut for the next 3 days until we bring you for a haircut during the weekend!

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Sundae on a Saturday

Dessert after lunch... McDonald's sundae.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Evelyn's First Ballet Lesson

As you have been requesting to attend ballet lessons for so long, we finally decided to stop by the school recommended by my friend for a trial on our way back from dropping Ko-ko to school for Wushu. To our surprise, there was classes to be held in the next 1 hour. So we happily agreed to try and went home to pick up stockings for you. And here you are.. I got to snap a few pictures as they allowed me to enter the class as it was your trial class. 

Yup.. we signed up immediately after the trial classes. Wanted to buy the ballet shoes for you, but they did not have your size. So have to wait. 

Thursday, February 09, 2017

Happy Birthday, Grampy

As it was a holiday, we headed back to celebrate Grampy's birthday on a weekday. Nanna had booked a table from a nearby restaurant. Here's some of the food we ordered. The fish was a "pak sou kong" which Grampy had caught:

Went back home to blow off the candle on the cake. We had bought an "Uncle Tetsu's Cheesecake" before heading over. Here you both are posing with Grampy and Nanna:

And of course, both of you not giving Grampy a chance to blow out HIS birthday candle. 

We had to light the candle again as you beat Mei-mei to blowing the candle the first time!!

Both of you trying to take picture with a terrified Chelsea


Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Beautiful Lights at Kek Lok Si Temple

We decided to go for a drive to have a look at the lights at Kek Lok Si Temple. This year the lights were put up for a shorter period. Ko-ko didn't want to go, preferring to stay at home in front of the tv. Could not even entice him with promises of supper from McDonald's.
Traffic headed to the temple was heavy but thankfully moving. There was a long queue going up so we just stopped at the road to have a look and take a quick photo.
You enjoyed them, but you were more keen to know when we'll be going to McDonald's as daddy had mentioned! Need to be careful of what we say around little ears!!