Monday, August 22, 2016

Paint a Rainbow

Had a little craft time with you before heading over to Nanna's for Chor Kong's funeral.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Birthday for Evelyn Bear

On Thursday, you decided that it was your pink bear-bear's (named Evelyn) birthday.  You bugged me to buy her a cake.
Yesterday at Queensbay , we were supposed to buy a cake but in the end were too tired to search.
So today after lunch we stopped by Mon Delice to order the flavour of your cake and to pick up a cake for Evelyn Bear.
So... ta-da... another birthday celebration:

Chocolate Fondue Ice Cream

Only 4 of us went to Queensbay for lunch yesterday as Ah Ma was still not feeling well and Ah Kong said he did not have any appetite. 
After a bit of shoppibg we headed to Haagen Dazs for the long promised ice-cream. 
Ko-ko laughed at you for having a dirty face:

Not realising he himself has a dirty face too:

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Evelyn's Tiara

Mummy helped me to pick this when we went to Toy's R Us. My lucky Ko-ko got to pick a new toy gun.
Do you like my new ti-ah-rah? It has a light which blinks. It also comes with a amulet like my favourite Princess Sofia and also earrings. I don't need to have hiles in my ears like mummy. They can clip on my ears. It's abit painful when I put them on.  But don't you think I look so beautiful?

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Vomit Virus

Ah Ma had been telling us about children on other classes who were sick but none had been sick in your class. But on last Thursday, your friend Claire vomitted in school. That evening itsslf you caught the bug. *sigh*
Daddy and I were working late and Ah Ma called yo say that you have vomitted several times. By the time we reached home, you were sleeping and you had already vomitted 6 times in the past hour. Quickly packed a bag in case you had to be admitted (you could not even keep down water) and headed to the hospital.
It was a rather long wait and finally we got to see Dr. Mary and you were given suppository to stop the vomitting. And also prescribed potato chips as medicine. Yup... that was to return the salt to your body and also tasted better than the ORS.
You ate the chips feeling a little sad as we ate McDonald's  (our very late dinner). But you were still so exhausted you fell asleep quickly after that.
You missed school the next day and took all the medicine for the next few days and seem to be better. We spent the weekend in Ipoh and poor you could not have your fruits, dairy products or anything sweet. Sunday morning you had diarrhea a couple of times but other than that you were fine.
Last night, you asked me "mummy, can I have milk tomorrow?". Caught me by surprise as you never liked to drink much milk, unlike your ko-ko.
Looks like you are back to normal, thank goodness. What a scary experience.

Thursday, August 11, 2016


Once daddy put it on for you, your remarked "Look like Minion". Totally agree with you.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Banana Split

Yesterday mummy gave use ice-cream for dessert. Sshh... don't tell daddy. She said that she will give me if I sat quietly and finished all my rice.
So Ko-ko and I got THREE flavours of ice-cream and sprinkles and banana. Yummy...  but in the end mummy ate up the banana in my bowl. I just wanted it because Ko-ko had it.

More Fishies

Since it was quite early and we had seen the simple video in the morning on how to make fishes,  we decided to make them last Sunday.
It was a simple craft and Ko-ko joined us, helping you to cut some parts too.
Here's the final outcome and we can obviously guess which fish was made by who. Of course , you both also posed with your creations:

Sunday, July 17, 2016

My Family

You found these cardboard cut out of boys and girls and asked if you could have some. Then you took a pencil and drew hair and facial features on them,telling me they are mummy, daddy, Ko-ko and you.
To my surprise you thought to join your family together buy using glue.
The next day you asked for 2 more as you wanted to add Ah Kong and Ah Ma.