Saturday, October 15, 2016

Lunch with Music

Played masak masak with me while I was cutting up the ingredients for tomorrow's dessert.

You "cooked up" my pizza and served it with my order of orange juice. And to top it up, my meal was served with music accompaniment:

Tricky Mind

Was wondering why ypur wallet was so bulky. Opened it to find that you had hidden your Pokemon erasers inside. You wanted to bring to school to play with although school does not allow you to bring them to school. So you hid it in your wallet to avoid being detected and confiscated by the school prefects.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Kakak is Back

Kakak had goneback to Indonesia for 5 weeks. During that time, we ate out most days. Ah Ma only cooked on days when Ko-ko had tuition and sometimes on weekends.

When Kakak came back, you were so happy. I heard you keep telling her "I'm so happy you are back" and hugging her legs. Not too sure if she understood what you said, but I'm sure she misses you too.

As for Evan, I think you'd also miss her. Reason is that you'll no longer need to wash your shoes now that she's back. And I'd say she does a very good job washing your shoes as compared to what you have done *wink*. But I'm glad that you both helped out in your little ways while she was away. And daddy also took over my tasks (taking care of the 2 of you) while I had to do more of the house work. 

Friday, September 30, 2016

According to Evan...

.. mummy's new job is "cockroach remover".

Yup.. new job at home. Every morning we'll find one (or more) cockroaches in your bathroom. And as you do your business, you'll be calling out to me to tell me that there is one cockroach to pick up. Either under the cabinets or the bathroom door or in plain view.

And when I pick them up, you'll make sure that you stay WAAAYYY out of the way.

When asked why is it that I have to remove the cockroach you will respond "because it's your job what...". Sigh.. nice new job. 

Baby Claire

*This is Baby Claire which was the birthday present from Ee-ee and Teo-teo. You really adore her:

This is our conversation about Baby Claire:
Evan: Mummy.. today Evelyn stripped her doll. I saw her bum bum. And she did not want to put back on her clothes!!!
Mummy: Aiyoooo...

Mummy: Evelyn, why did you remove Baby Claire's clothes?
Evelyn: She wanted to pom pom what...
Mummy: But after pom pom, why didn't you put her clothes back on? She will get sick if she's naked, you know?
*thinks for a while... 
Evelyn: She's only a toy you know.. she's not real

Mummy:...... *too stunned to reply

Evelyn - 1, Mummy - 0

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Evelyn's Birthday Party in School

Such a lucky coincidence for Ko-ko that he had the day off as school was having Mid-Autumn Festival that evening. So he got to attend the school party with us (and enjoy your yummy cake).

We dropped you at school and went back to have breakfast and to eat breakfast and pick up Ko-ko. 

Here are your party packs: Minnie for the girls and Mickey for the boys

Front view:

Back view

All loaded into the car boot

Here are the kids all excited and clamouring around the cake:

To my surprise a large portion of the cake was finished by the kids in your class. Party packs were left to be distributed by Mrs. Teoh before the kids went home. 
After that Mrs. Teoh let you go home with us. 

Friday, September 23, 2016

Happy 4th Birthday, Evelyn

Happy Birthday to our little princess. 

Thank you for your:
*chatter (constantly)
*sleep talking

and so many other funny and interesting things as you light up our lives.

We love you to the moon and back.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Evelyn's Frozen Party

Waaaay before your birthday arrived, you had already told me what cakes you wanted: both for school (Minnie) and at home (Frozen). So that was the theme we used for this year's 4th birthday party. As Kakak was in Indonesia on holiday, we planned to buy most of the food (from Naughty Nuri's and roast chicken from Song River). Only 1 dish (Aglio Olio) was cooked by daddy. 

Here's the party pack. You had picked the contents of the party pack when we went to Giant to buy the ingredients for the pasta.

Grampy wasn't feeling well on that day, but he made it to the party nonetheless. Here are you and Audrey posing with Nanna and Grampy:

And another important guest was your Teo-teo who shares the same birth date as you: 
I think you are saying that you are as tall as he is.

Here you are posing with the cake. It was an adorable Olaf with Frozen themed candles which we had found when we were shopping in Queensbay on Thursday. There was Anna, Elsa, Olaf and also one large one with the words "Happy Birthday":

Posing with Ko-ko and the rest of your cousins. Abigail was not in the picture as she was not feeling well that day. She only got up to play in the last 30 minutes after she was given Paracetamol. 

And.. our family portrait:

It was a fun birthday. These are pictures from Ee-ee's phone. I'll try to upload more pictures from daddy's camera.. I'm sure you had a wonderful birthday celebration this year. *kisses*

Monday, September 12, 2016

Ice Cream Day

Happiness... just from simple ice cream from McDonald's