Sunday, December 24, 2006

Evan's First Christmas

Ah... our Christmas Tree... and all the loot!

Evan, this Christmas is the first of many to come. As you can see... we've got so many presents under the Christmas tree. And a lot of them belonged to you!

We had our celebrations on Christmas eve this year. Many relatives came for dinner. What a pity you are too young to join in the yummy food we had. Perhaps next year you will be able to join us in tucking in the turkey, ham, cakes, bread (made by Uncle Sin Tien) and many more food... I know, I know.. I'm making you drool.

I'd say the best part if this day were the gifts that you got. See:

Daddy helping you with your "loot"

Aha... these are most of your presents

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Fever Scare

Scare was the right thing to describe what you gave mummy and daddy. Daddy had gone out for dinner with his visitors and I thought you had felt warm that night when you went to sleep. But you seemed fine: cheerful as ever and you fell asleep on your usual time.

See? Looking perfectly fine, playing in the cot.

But when you woke up at 3am and refused to sleep and was crying, the panic alarm started to sound. In the end, we woke up your Ah Kong and Ah Mah to determine if you were feverish. And of all days, our thermometer ran out of batteries! So in the end, we put the mercury thermometer under your armpits and got a shock of our lives. You were more than 38 degrees! Yikes..

In a mad rush we drove directly to Adventist Hospital's Emergency Room. Amazingly through out the drive you were cheerful as ever, chatting away, saying "babaaa ba aa bba". There they took your temperature and gave you paracetamol while waiting for Dr Mary to come in. After all was done, we went home.

I guess there was so much excitement early in the morning, that you could not sleep after that. It took us quite a while before we managed to get you to go back to sleep. Even though you only slept for another 2 hours.

Thankfully, you recovered quickly and had a few more high temperatures before it all disappeared... only to continue with a cough and flu!

And followed by this great big bite on your face! Sigh.. when it rains, it pours!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Choosing a name

Dear Evan,

Ever wondered how long it took mummy and daddy to choose a name for you? Well.. for us it took us a couple of months to zero in on the perfect name for our baby. Of course, first we need to know the gender of the baby.

Well, on our 16th weeks check-up, Dr Ng asked if we wanted to know your gender. Of course we wanted to know. That doesn't mean that we will be able to select a name for you: you would no longer be referred to as "baby" when mummy talks to you. Best of all... we could start shopping for you. Of course that didn't meant that we hadn't started buying things for you before that!

Anyway, as mummy and daddy are not able to read a single word of Chinese, we got you Ah Kong to help with your Chinese name. That certainly took him a long time, as we needed to screen through the long list and also we needed to ensure that no one can come up with something funny from your name on top of making sure that the name is not similar as any of our relatives. When Ah Kong and daddy finally came up with a name for you, we needed to decide how to spell the name too.

On the other hand, we took only a short while to narrow down the choices of English names for you. Of course we had a lot of helpful (not) inputs from friends and family too. Such as Sardine Ban, Kaya Ban.. and the list goes on you name all types of buns, they've been suggested! Thus, the name of this blog: myrotiban.

Anyway, finally mummy and daddy agreed on Evan Ban Khai Siong. Um.. it took me a long time to remember how to spell your Chinese name. Sadly, I still don't know how to write it in Chinese. But I promise you, I will learn how to write it.. after I have learnt how to write mine and daddy's properly... hopefully soon...

Sunday, October 01, 2006

First Solids

My Dear Evan,

Today is D-Day. It's Solids Day at age 6 months and 2 days. We waited for daddy to come home from golf, have his lunch and bath before we started.

A lot of preparation was needed for this special day. We set up the video camera on the tripod and also the digital camera all ready to catch this special day. Oh.. and of course we had the food ready too... At 1.30pm we were ready to roll.

Lunch consisted of 1 (yes! ONE) teaspoon of Heinz rice cereal and 1/2 oz of breast milk, resulting in a watery concoction. Yummy.

All went quite well. In fact, you were very co-operative as you even willingly opened your mouth to be fed. Unfortunately, you didn't manage to finish all the food. This is probably because you could not understand why the food did not go into your mouth in one continuous stream like your milk milk.

So we had to stop the solids and finish off the meal with the balance of your milk. Looks like that little bit of cereal is quite filling as you only requested for the next feed at 7pm.

Look at photos of today's adventure.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Evan's First Professional Haircut

Dear Evan,

Your hair has grown long and you've got missing patches of hair on the sides. So we decided to take you for a haircut today. He's Uncle Austin, mummy and daddy's hairdresser. So we know that you are in good hands. He is a professional and he'll give you a wonderful haircut.

So there we went, right after work. We had a lot of things to bring along: your Bumbo seat, the video camera, the digital camera, your change of clothes along with the trusty diaper bag, which has your milk, diapers and many other things.

You seemed happy and contented when we arrived at the shop.Until you saw him coming with the scissors. Look at the "dirty look" you gave him:

When we started, you were seated in the Bumbo seat while mummy took pictures with the digital camera and daddy was with the video camera. In the end, mummy took over daddy's role as the camera lady while daddy had to hold you when you had your haircut! You'd started screaming at Uncle Austin! Amazingly, he is a very patient man. He took his time and let you have your say to him at every interval.

After that, you behaved as if nothing happened. You happily let anyone in the shop to carry you. Perhaps you feel more comfortable with the short hair, instead of having them poking you everywhere.

And here you are looking so very handsome after the haircut and a bath:

More pictures of you after the haircut.

Friday, April 28, 2006

Full Moon

Your full moon is today, the 28th April 2006. It's been a long 30 days of learning to handle you.Luckily we had a confinement lady who took great care of you while also cooking the yummiest food for mummy. Most importantly was the "too kar chor" that she cooked. Everyone loved it.

You were a wonder to all of us. Easy to handle so far. All you do is feed or sleep:

And when you didn't get what you wanted, this is what we got:

Your daddy was the first one to give you a bathe. He did a wonderful job. You didn't cry when he bathed you. Good job daddy..

But you have grown considerably throughout this whole month. You weighed 4.5kg at your check-up yesterday!

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Bathing Evan for the first time

It was the final week of confinement. It's is now our turn to take care of you. THe confinement aunty is now our coach. So far, we had learnt to change you and we'd also watched her bathe you on many occasions. But the time has come for us to learn to handle you, as she's going home very soon.

On that day, she asked who wanted to go first. Mummy didn't dare handle you. So daddy went first.

He was a hit with you. He was wonderful in handling you. I think you enjoyed it, as you didn't cry at all throughout out the bath, and even when being dressed!

Daddy washing your hair. Does it feel like having your hair washed in the hair saloon?

Having a "swim" in the bathtub; the final step in your bath regimen. You love the water.

Look at what a good job daddy did, giving you a bath!

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The Arrival

It was the longest day ever. I had been in pain since Sunday. We'd gone through so much over the weekend. Having a false alarm. Rushing to the hospital only to be sent home.

It was 5pm, when mum called Ben to tell him that my contractions were 5 minutes apart. He rushed back but the embarassment from Sunday still lingered in my mind. So there I was sitting contemplating if it was the real thing this time. Finally around 8pm we decided to go the hospital.

Dr Ng was still around and he checked me. Seeing that my waterbag had not burst yet, he decided to burst it for me to speed up the delivery process.

Finally at after what seemed to be an eternity,our little baby arrived at 3.22am. Evan Ban Khai Siong born on 29th March 2006 in Adventist Hospital Penang.

Here's Evan all ready to go home