Friday, April 28, 2006

Full Moon

Your full moon is today, the 28th April 2006. It's been a long 30 days of learning to handle you.Luckily we had a confinement lady who took great care of you while also cooking the yummiest food for mummy. Most importantly was the "too kar chor" that she cooked. Everyone loved it.

You were a wonder to all of us. Easy to handle so far. All you do is feed or sleep:

And when you didn't get what you wanted, this is what we got:

Your daddy was the first one to give you a bathe. He did a wonderful job. You didn't cry when he bathed you. Good job daddy..

But you have grown considerably throughout this whole month. You weighed 4.5kg at your check-up yesterday!

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Bathing Evan for the first time

It was the final week of confinement. It's is now our turn to take care of you. THe confinement aunty is now our coach. So far, we had learnt to change you and we'd also watched her bathe you on many occasions. But the time has come for us to learn to handle you, as she's going home very soon.

On that day, she asked who wanted to go first. Mummy didn't dare handle you. So daddy went first.

He was a hit with you. He was wonderful in handling you. I think you enjoyed it, as you didn't cry at all throughout out the bath, and even when being dressed!

Daddy washing your hair. Does it feel like having your hair washed in the hair saloon?

Having a "swim" in the bathtub; the final step in your bath regimen. You love the water.

Look at what a good job daddy did, giving you a bath!