Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Evan's First Professional Haircut

Dear Evan,

Your hair has grown long and you've got missing patches of hair on the sides. So we decided to take you for a haircut today. He's Uncle Austin, mummy and daddy's hairdresser. So we know that you are in good hands. He is a professional and he'll give you a wonderful haircut.

So there we went, right after work. We had a lot of things to bring along: your Bumbo seat, the video camera, the digital camera, your change of clothes along with the trusty diaper bag, which has your milk, diapers and many other things.

You seemed happy and contented when we arrived at the shop.Until you saw him coming with the scissors. Look at the "dirty look" you gave him:

When we started, you were seated in the Bumbo seat while mummy took pictures with the digital camera and daddy was with the video camera. In the end, mummy took over daddy's role as the camera lady while daddy had to hold you when you had your haircut! You'd started screaming at Uncle Austin! Amazingly, he is a very patient man. He took his time and let you have your say to him at every interval.

After that, you behaved as if nothing happened. You happily let anyone in the shop to carry you. Perhaps you feel more comfortable with the short hair, instead of having them poking you everywhere.

And here you are looking so very handsome after the haircut and a bath:

More pictures of you after the haircut.