Sunday, October 01, 2006

First Solids

My Dear Evan,

Today is D-Day. It's Solids Day at age 6 months and 2 days. We waited for daddy to come home from golf, have his lunch and bath before we started.

A lot of preparation was needed for this special day. We set up the video camera on the tripod and also the digital camera all ready to catch this special day. Oh.. and of course we had the food ready too... At 1.30pm we were ready to roll.

Lunch consisted of 1 (yes! ONE) teaspoon of Heinz rice cereal and 1/2 oz of breast milk, resulting in a watery concoction. Yummy.

All went quite well. In fact, you were very co-operative as you even willingly opened your mouth to be fed. Unfortunately, you didn't manage to finish all the food. This is probably because you could not understand why the food did not go into your mouth in one continuous stream like your milk milk.

So we had to stop the solids and finish off the meal with the balance of your milk. Looks like that little bit of cereal is quite filling as you only requested for the next feed at 7pm.

Look at photos of today's adventure.