Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Sleep... sleep at last!

Dear Evan,

You were a good boy last night. You only woke up 3 times after you went to be before 10pm. And each time you woke up, you had your feed and went straight back to sleep, without kicking a fuss.

In fact, daddy slept right throught the night too. He didn't wake up a single time when you woke up last night! Poor daddy, he must be very tired. We all were sleeping by 11pm!

Hopefully this will be your new sleep pattern for a while, until you learn to sleep through the night.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

So sleepy today..

Evan.. oh Evan.. Why did you wake up so early this morning. My dear baby, at 3.30am, even the roosters aren't up! So why should you, a little baby, be up so early??

Now mummy and daddy feel so tired sitting here at our desk, trying to work.

Although you were up at such an unearthly hour, it was difficult to stay angry at you. Your one little grin, melted our hearts. That's why you got away with playing on our bed, hitting the wall behind our bed and rolling around. You stayed up till 5am when you finally dozed off and mummy also got another 2 hours of shut eye.

I hope you don't intend to pull this same trick again tonight. Daddy and mummy are VERY VERY tired. Unlike you, we didn't get to have a morning and afternoon nap!

P/S Daddy says you cannot sleep too early tonight.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Happy 10months birthday Evan!

My dear.. in the blink of the eye, you are now 10 months old.

Our little baby
Ever so tiny
When you were born
We could have sworn
The most beautiful thing
We have ever seen.

You're 10 months in January
Chinese New Year is in February
And soon we will celebrate
The day you will turn one.

I guess mummy will never be a poet. But I hope you like it. Not very good at rhyming. But wanted to give a different twist to this blog. Happy 10 months birthday to you darling.

More sleepless nights..

Dearest Evan,

Mummy feels so, so tired today. You were up every 2 hours. And the 2 hours starts counting from the time you woke up earlier, and not AFTER you went to sleep.

I think it's probably because of the dry weather. Daddy was just commenting to me this morning that the real Chinese New Year weather is here. So with it being dry, you had to wake up for a drink. And longer drink too. Poor Evan..

We'll try to put out more bowls of water. Hopefully that will help you sleep better. And longer too. You woke up at 5 this morning hoping to play! Luckily you went to sleep after a bit of coaxing, although you only foudn the comfy spot with your legs facing us!

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Standing & Walking

Dear Evan,

We didn't even notice you cruising often. But all of a sudden, you stood up unaided on our bed last Friday. And the next thing we know, you took 2 steps while standing on daddy and mummy's bed last night! Wow!

I guess very soon you will be moving around, walking everywhere. And pulling everything within reach to the ground!

Sigh.. our little baby is growing up so fast..

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Sleepless nights...

My dear Evan.. I am still wondering how come you never read the "baby manual"? Don;t you know that babies are supposed to sleep long hours. At your age, I think it's supposed to be around 10 hours during the night.. Of course you are expected to wake up sometimes for feeds.. but better still if you are able to sleep though the night.

You woke up at 1am this morning and refused to sleep.. It took you more than an hour before you could find a comfy spot in mummy's and daddy's bed! But of course not before you sat up and give daddy a big fat knock on his head, followed by the loudest howl ever from you..

Wednesday, January 24, 2007


My dear Evan,

My friend said it was easy for her to see whether her son was teething. His teeth shows everytime he smiles. Sigh.. for me, it took me a long time and I have finally managed to get a picture of your two bottom teeth.. with the help of your daddy & Ah Kong who encouraged you to go "bang bang bang" on your high chair.

And last Thursday I caught a glimpse of your upper tooth growing. Yup, for some unknown reason, there's only ONE tooth growing. Didn't you read the baby manual? Your supposed to have both upper teeth growing together. I wonder when we'd be able to get a picture of that tooth.

Chinese New Year is coming!

Gosh.. I don't know if you are excited about Chinese New Year, but I am. Other than the downside of giving out ang pows, it would be the first celebration for you. I'm sure you would have loads of ang pows this year. And you will get to meet the whole "Ban Clan". Trust me, the word "clan" can be considered an understatement! It's a very big family.

Wow.. so much to do, so much to get ready. Lucky for you, Ah Kong and daddy bought loads of clothes for you when they went travelling earlier on. So all mummy needs to do is start packing... Hmm.. is that too early?

Photo Session Day

It seems like a long time since we've taken photographs with you. So today mummy and daddy went home for a quick lunch and also to have a photo session with you. Here's the pictures we took with you:

With Daddy..

With mummy

And with Ah Kong

Ah Ma is camera shy today. She says her clothes looks messy because you've been pulling at it the whole day. Nevermind, we'll take another picture with Ah Ma another day.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Our New Home

Today we officially "jip choo" (move into our new home) in Tanjung Bungah. Very far from our current house, but it's a nice place by the beach. Lucky you woke up early as we needed to be in the house between 10 and 11am! Nanna told us that it was the best time.

The condo is still relatively bare, but we are slowly furnishing it. Most importantly we brought along your play mat. So you could entertain yourself while we have the workers put up the curtains and do some final cleaning of the condo.

And after a long day of playing in Ah Ma's room, you fell asleep on mummy and daddy's bed:

That was fun. So we will be going over again to spend a night there this weekend. I wonder when you will get a chance to use the swimming pool...

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Food upgrade

It's time for you to promote to eating moi. Ah Ma is all excited. She's went out to buy fish for you from the market. She bought "kah lat hoo". Don't ask me what type of fish that it. All I know that it is "a fish"!

So the time came and Ah Ma cooked your yummy moi. But look at the face you showed: