Monday, February 26, 2007

9th Day of CNY

Dear Evan,

You poor little thing. You woke up crying away at 12 this morning when people started to light the fireworks. Too loud for you. Luckily you calmed down and went to sleep after 1/2 an hour. But we were worried that they might start lighting more fireworks, so we let you sleep with us on out bed.

You see, today is a big occassion for the Hokkiens. By the way, you are Hokkien lang, like your daddy and Ah Kong. Maybe next year we will be able to go back to Ipoh to celebrate "Pai Tee Kong" with the Ban clan.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

CNY Visiting

While Ah Ma was busy cooking, we went to visit Aunth Cath and Uncle Andrew along with the 2 che-che’s, Beatrice and Bernice. Too bad you’re too little to play with them, but you got to meet many other babies.

They were nice enough to share with you their toys. But you only needed one little block to keep you entertained. You went to their playroom to play for a while before you got tired.

After making a bit of noise, you decided to take a nap, and let daddy gamble. So while daddy as on the floor gambling, you were on the sofa taking a nap. You let daddy have an hour of peace and quite of gambling before you decided that you’d gotten enough sleep and it was time to go home to get prepared for our dinner with the Phuah family.

But on the way home, we stopped by Queensbay Mall to buy some drinks for the dinner.

Dinner with the Phuahs

Today we had dinner with our family on Ah Ma’s side. Ah Ma was busy cooking up a storm the whole day since morning, starting with a busy day at the market to buy all the necessary stuff to cook her yummy dishes.

While Ah Ma and Kakak were busy preparing for the dinner, we went visiting.

After that we quickly went home to bathe you and for you to eat your dinner before everyone comes.

Look at the feast that Ah Ma prepared.. Makes you feel hungry huh?

I’m sure next year you will be given a seat and you can join us for dinner. Here you are in you high chair near our dinner table

You got tired of sitting on your high chair so in the end you entertained yourself in your baby cot. Later Abby joined you in the cot too. Did you enjoy her company?

Friday, February 23, 2007

After CNY

Chinese New Year is not really considered over. But we're back in Penang. Ah Kong, daddy and mummy have all gone back to work. Took you a while to get back all the sleep and get back to your routines heer in Penang.

After all the hooh-haah and anticipation of Chinese New Year, it has come and gone. It was a wonderful and exiting CNY for all of us. You got to meet most of our relative, got to receive wonderful gifts and also loads of ang pows.

And one thing mummy will miss is the many willing hands around to help keep and eye on you and also entertain you. They were a great help.

Our next important celebration would be your coming birthday in March.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Dinner at Ocean Green

We went to Ocean Green, mummy and daddy's favourite place for seafood, today with 5th Check Kong and Chim Poh along with Uncle Jack Hou and Ah Kong and Ah Ma for dinner today.

We could not get a place nearer to the beach, which would be windier but luckily the guy gave us a table right under the fan. So it wasn't too hot. But you naughty little boy, refused to sit on your high chair. And since it didn't have a strap, you decided that standing on the chair was more fun.

So we took out your teething biscuit and you tried it for the first time. At first, you were a bit hesitant to take it from mummy. Then when I let you taste it, you happily took it from me. But of course, that didn't last for too long. A short while later, it was on the floor.. Sigh... Then we gave you the other piece that daddy and halved. Of course both halfs also ended up on the floor and in the end, we had to take turns carrying you around to have a look at the fishes and crabs and prawns.

By the time dinner was over, you were so tired. So shortly after getting into the car, you fell asleep. Poor little thing.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

2nd Day of CNY

Today you woke up later. 7am. Phew, so Ah Kong, Ah Ma, daddy and mummy also got to sleep in a bit.

Then it was time to queue for the bathroom. You see, since yesterday we had some problems with the water supply in some bathrooms in the house. So there were about 13 people waiting to use the bathroom, before we went out visiting at 10am. Of course, you could jump the queue as you decided to poo-poo before your turn came. Who would dare to stand in the way of a baby.. especially one who's bum has poo-poo?!! Hahaha...

So here you are in your little overalls and sexy sleeveless shirt (daddy and I call it your "Mr Muscle" shirt):

Soon, after everyone was ready, we all packed off in many cars to go visit your Tai-Kong (Ah Tai's brother) in Chemor. You fell asleep on the way there. This is your first time meeting them. Unless you count the last visit last CNY when you were in mummy's tummy...

After collecting more ang pows, and charming people with your "bah bye", we went home. So many people to entertain you and keep an eye on you. Such a tiring day, and you soon fell asleep.

After dinner, we all packed into daddy's car and headed back to Penang.

The First Day of Your First Chinese New Year

Maybe you could also sense the excitement of Chinese New Year, because you woke up at 6am again today. Then again, you slept early yesterday at 7.30pm! Too tired from playing with everyone I guess.

We had to wait in line to use the bathroom. After that when you were all dressed up in your little Chinese costume, we took pictures with you before Ah Kong and Ah Ma gave you your first ang pow, followed by the ang pow from mummy and daddy.
With mummy and daddy

With Ah Kong and Ah Ma

Then we went down for you to show off to the rest of the Ban clan and for you to collect your ang pow. Ah Tai (great-grandma) was waiting for you. Her ang pow all ready for you. See:

After that we had the lion dance troupe performing in the house. It was really loud but you seemed OK with the noise. But in the end, you and mummy sat in daddy's car and watched the lion dance from inside the car.

Later it got too hot so we took you up for another change of clothes. Wow! Little baby Evan having a fashion show! Here you are in your Yukata that your 2nd Pek Kong bought for you:

Many aunties and uncles took photos with you that day. In fact, you were even invited to join in the family photo of 5h Chek Kong and the family:

After a long, tiring day, you had your chicken porridge before going to sleep at 8pm. Another early night.

Saturday, February 17, 2007


You woke up really early today, so mummy and daddy had to take you out of the room, but too late. You'd already made so much noise and Ah Kong and Ah Ma woke up too. Then next thing you know, your 5th Chim Poh woke up too. She heard daddy trying to turn on the lights. You greeted her happily with your usual cheerful "hi!" like some long lost friend.

Later after a bath, you were being entertained by Ah Kong when you crawled into the wall! You bawled so loudly I think you woke up the rest of the household. Poor little guy... you even had a little "bungalow" on your forehead. Lucky it went off after a while. Mummy had to put a little piece of ice on it, only for a while as you didn't want me to touch your forehead.

Soon you got to meet up with your grand-aunts, grand-uncles, aunties and uncles. Some that you had met during your full moon party, others that you haven't met before. And lucky you... more presents from them. Look:

It's Christmas all over again!

You also had your "reunion dinner" of fish porridge with broccoli and carrots too. Before you had an early night, in anticipation of another busy day tomorrow.. collection ang pows!

Enjoying your dinner

This is what we had for our reunion dinner

Friday, February 16, 2007

CNY Reunion Dinner in BM

Mummy and daddy had a very busy day preparing for the coming Chinese New Year. We went to the condo to clean up a bit as your Ah Koo (Uncle Al) was planning to stay there with his friend, Uncle Troy and maybe Nanna will be joining them there too.

Then later we all went to BM to help out Nanna and Grampy prepare for our steamboat dinner. Yummy... Ah Koo came in from Singapore on a late flight so you seemed a bit tired. You are so lucky. They brought you so many gifts. I especially like this teddy bear that Ah Koo bought from Japan. Maybe you will want to share it with mummy..

When they arrived with your younger Ah Koo.. we were all so hungry. But you were tired and grouchy and refused to sit in your highchair. Mummy managed to eat a few bites before you screamed to be carried. For the rest of the meal, you either sat (or was it stand) on my lap while I ate, mummy or daddy carried you while the other ate or even Ee-ee carried you a while too. Luckily you let her carry you for a while.

After dinner, we left to go to Ipoh. It was late so you fell asleep almost immediately in the car. When we reached Ipoh, many people were still awake waiting for you, but you slept right through until 6am the next day (with your occasional feeds). And of course everyone else had to wake up and entertain you.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

3 days to Chinese New Year

We're going to have dinner at Nanna's place tomorrow before going off to Ipoh directly from BM. So today will be the last day of working for mummy and daddy. We've got some last minute things to do tomorrow. Along with re-packing too.

So to all our family and friends, Happy Chinese New Year!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day Evan!!

You slept quite well last night. From 9pm till 7.10 this morning. What a good boy. And in such a cheerful mood. So ever willing to say and wave "bye bye" when Ah Kong was leaving to work.

Have a great day ahead...

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Jumping Jacks

Remember how I told you daddy had cramps after he did jumping-jacks with you when we went to visit your great-grandpa in the hospital? Well this is how it's done.

First daddy lets you sit on his shoulders like this:

Then he will squat and stand and squat and stand and squat and stand and..... You won't let your poor daddy rest after he starts with this game. You will laugh and laugh and scream at daddy when he stops! That's how he came about with the cramps! Hahaha!!!

Miss you while we're at work

Just finished talking to you over the phone. Ah Ma called to ask me where your knee guards were. Sounds like you're going for your "exercise" in the little room upstairs. I should take a picture of you in those knee guards that ee-ee bought you.

Mummy, daddy and Ah Kong love talking to you over the phone. It seems like the phone is also one of your favourite things in the world. You seem to want to grab at the phone when we call home to ask Ah Ma anything. But it makes us wish we were home, playing with you, rather than stuck here at work, staring at the clock, willing time to move faster!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Cut The Finger

It was a busy day. Daddy, Ah Kong, mummy and you went to the new home to do a bit of cleaning in the afternoon while bringing some things to the house that we had bought yesterday when we went shopping in Carrefour.

You were happily crawling and cruising around the house with one of us watching you. Then it was mummy's turn to watch you while daddy and Ah Kong try to fix something in one of the bathrooms.

The next thing I knew, I noticed some bloodstains on the floor. Somehow you had cut yourself but had not made any noise. Quickly I carried you to the bathroom to wash your fingers. But it kept bleeding non-stop! What a scary sight. Daddy took over trying stop the bleeding. In the end, we put a plaster on your little finger. It was way too big, but better than nothing to cover the wound. It continued bleeding and we needed to change another plaster before it stopped bleeding.

By then, you were crying and making a lot of noise. Not too sure if it was the cut that sting after being rinsed or was it that you sensed panic in mummy and daddy.

Luckily, you were fine and on the way home, you removed the plaster yourself! Look at your cut finger:

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Early morning greeting

Dear Evan,

Ah Ma has been teaching you new things. You now know how to do "Gong Xi Gong Xi", wave (and sometimes say) "bye bye", wave "hi", clap your hands(there's sound even!) and purse your lips to make a sound!

So I guess I shouldn't be too surprised when you woke up at 4.45am this morning (YES! 4.45am) made some noises and when you saw mummy peeping at you, wave hi and clap your hands to me! Haha... how to stay angry at you?

Have a great day ahead darling. I think Ah Ma has got more little tricks for you to learn.

Sunday, February 04, 2007


Ever wondered why mummy and daddy decided to start this blog? Actually, the task of blogging is mummy's "job" while daddy enjoys reading the blog while adding a "suggestion" or two here and there(daddy claims giving suggestions is his job!). And also asking mummy when the next blog will be.

Mummy's friend introduced her blog to me and I decided to attempt to blog too. Initially, mummy wondered where I would find the time, with work and caring for you. Amazingly, the blogging bug bit me. And now, I try to blog whenever I have the time.

Mummy used to keep a "manual", handwritten journal of what you have done. So that is my reference point for back-dated blogs. (I just seriously stared to blog not too long ago).

To everyone else reading this blog, Ben and I hope that you enjoy reading this blog about our little Evan as much as we love sharing with you all our experiences with out little bundle of joy, Evan.

2 weeks to Chinese New Year

The countdown begins. It's 2 weeks to Chinese New Year, and mummy is starting to panic!!!

So many things to do, so little time. Lucky Ah Ma will be helping us exchange new notes for the Ang Pows. Mummy needs to get a special ang pow for you.

I have taken out all the clothes that you will probably wear during Chinese New Year in Ipoh. As usual, there are a lot of things to bring along for you. I plan to make a list of what to bring in an Excel spreadsheet.. but never got to completing the list. I better do it, otherwise, I might leave out something and daddy will stare daggers at mummy! *wink*

Everyone is looking forward to Chinese New Year. They have not seen you for a while.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Visiting Great-Grandpa in hospital

Dear Evan,

You woke up very early yesterday morning. And half an hour later, your Ah Ma came knocking on the door. Great-grandpa had fainted and hit himself on the face near the eye in the toilet at home.

So in a rush daddy and Ah Ma went to Auntie Jamie's house to bring him to the hospital.

And later in the night we braved the traffic jam (as it was Thaipusam) to go to town for dinner and to visit your great-grandpa in Adventist Hospital. Poor thing, You were a bit shocked when you first saw him, as his right eye was very bruised. But later after that, you grinned at him and even stood on great-grandpa's bed.

And I guess the highlight of the day is when daddy did jumping-jacks with you sitting on his shoulders. But today, he's suffering the effects. His legs are aching. So no more jumping-jacks for a while till his legs recover!