Thursday, March 29, 2007

Birthday Events

You woke up several times throughout the night as if you knew it was your birthday and you were all excited about it. In fact last night you woke up after around an hours' sleep. Luckily you went back to sleep shortly after that.

You were up again at 5.30 and played a while in your cot before calling mummy to bring you to our bed. Then you played on our bed a while before falling asleep again. You slept until after 8am, waking up just before mummy and daddy left for work.

Since you were already up, we decided to do the "traditional" selection of items for your birthday. It's supposed to determine your profession in future. Only thing is that we weren't too sure of what we were supposed to let you choose. So we improvised. This is what we put: a book, a pencil, a ruler, a calculator and a golf ball (of course is daddy's idea!). Then Ah Ma came to see, and she said we needed a pair of chopsticks and money too. We were pretty certain that you'd select the red book, as it was the biggest and brightest item. But when mummy put you down on the bed, you moved forward and picked the golf ball to daddy's greatest delight (Tiger Ban in the making? We'll see..) But after that, you picked the chopsticks, then the calculator, then the ruler.. Er.. so is that considered a successful selection? Not too sure. Maybe we should do it again after finding out how to do it correctly on your Chinese Birthday. We'll see...

Nanna called mummy during lunch time. She thought that mummy and daddy would be going home to see you, since it's your birthday. She wanted to wish you a happy birthday. Ee-ee also called to wish you, but it seems you were more interested in your milk milk at that time. Surprise, surprise.. because I know that you love the phone...

For dinner, Ah Ma didn't cook today. We all went to TGI Friday's. Here you are all ready in your red shirt, waiting for everyone to get ready to go to Queensbay. As soon as we packed your dinner, off we went to Queensbay. We ordered our food, and also a free kiddy meal for you too. We picked Fish and Chips for you while daddy and Ah Ma had steak, mummy ordered grilled salmon and Ah Kong ordered chicken. Of course your order came first. But by then we'd already started to feed you your porridge. Daddy removed the crust of the fish fingers as they were too hard for you. While you initially showed your "throw up" face, you soon enjoyed the fish. Ah Ma says it's dory fish.

We had a great time today at TGI Friday's. We hope that you did too. Happy Birthday, our little Evan.


Happy Birthday to our darling, Evan!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

What goes "thud" in the night

Nope.. not monsters in the room or under the bed, but little Evan in his sleep.

Don't know how you slept, but at around 1.10am this morning, we heard a "thud". It was relatively loud that we both woke up from the sound. Daddy went to take a look at you were already sitting up, looking at him. I guess it was time to feed. Poor daddy tried to rock you to get you back to sleep. Instead you let out a yell!

Seems like these days you move around a lot when you sleep. Unlike before when you just turn left and right in your cot. Worst still when you sleep on our bed. Poor daddy had to sleep on the bottom of the bed this morning, because the blanket was not big enough.

*Countdown: 1 day to your first birthday*

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

No more swollen hands, still need antibiotics

Went to see Dr Mary as she said on Thursday she wanted to see you again to make sure that you're healing properly.

She was very happy to see that all have cleared well. But to be on the safe side, you have to take the antibiotics for another 2 days. Oh well.. as long as you are OK. Now that there's no more puss in the wounds, we can continue to put the Elomet for you.

After that we went to Penang Plaza to buy a few things before going home. You were yawning all the way back but refused to sleep. Instead, you screamed occasionally and mummy had to give you all sorts of toys to keep you distracted!

At home you took your antibiotics willingly and went to sleep shortly after that. Our sweet little angel!

*Countdown: 2 days to your first birthday*

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Evan's FIRST Birthday Party

Today is your birthday party. Of course everyone is busy rushing around trying to get everything organised before our guests arrive. And you are so helpful. You refused to take a nap. So at any one time, there has to be someone "entertaining" you. Sigh.. Perhaps you could sense the excitement in us too.

And since Ah Tai, 5th Chek Kong, 5th Chim Poh and Kor Poh came early, we even had time to go to Lorong Selamat for Char Koay Teow and ice-kacang.

By the time evening came, you'd only slept for half an hour. How are you going to survive the night and not be a grouchy baby? Well, mummy had a talk to you and soon, you fell asleep at 6.30pm. And our guests were expected to arrive at the condo at 7pm.

So when everyone arrived, you were still asleep. But you woke up just on time at 7.30pm, had a bath then Ah Ma arrived with the goodies she cooked for your party. Soon you made your appearance wearing your little yellow Yukata.

Our guests were served pan fried prawns, fish fritters, joo-hoo char, too kar (pig trotters)and daddy also bought Hokkien Char and belacan chicken. Ah Chor even cooked her famous Char Tang Hoon. And most importantly there was the customary birthday red eggs. Not forgetting dessert of Häagen-Dazs ice-cream too.

Everyone enjoying the food.

Although you could not eat what we ate today, you had your yummy moi with chicken and broccoli. Never mind, you can join us next year.

Soon, it was time for the birthday cake. We put you on your highchair again and placed you in front of the cake. You seemed a bit confused but behaved very well as we sang the birthday song, help you blow out the candle and even helped you cut the birthday cake. I hope you remembered to make a wish!

Next was the best part of this birthday (to mummy anyway.. I love gifts). Time to open the present. You had a chance to tear apart the wrappers. Of course, you also had 2 assistants to help you open the presents: Anna and Abby. See the presents:

You got so many gifts from Ee-ee, Uncle Sin Tien, Aunty Ean Na, Uncle Sin Chuan, Aunty Amy and Abby, Uncle Sin Jeow, Aunty Jamie and Anna, Uncle Eu Jin, Aunty Lourdes and Aunty Lee Mei, and of course mummy and daddy. On top of that you got ang pows from Ah Kong and Ah Ma, Ah Tai, Kor Poh and also 5th Chim Poh and 5th Chek Kong.
And here you are posing with all the opened gifts:

After an exciting long night and goodbyes to everyone, you finally fell asleep at 11.30pm.

You are one lucky baby. So many relatives came to celebrate your birthday with you and also brought you so many wonderful gifts. Even your uncles and aunts who could not make it were there with us in thought (and gifts). Even Aunt Natalie and Aunt Ashley called to wish you a happy birthday.

More pictures of the birthday party

*Countdown: 5 days to your first birthday*

Friday, March 23, 2007

"Forced" Shopping

Ah Kong, Mummy and daddy took leave today. We had some last minute things to do in preparation of the birthday party tomorrow. In the end we were at the condo until Ah Tai, Kor Poh, 5th Chim Poh and 5th Chek Kong arrived at around 4.30pm.

Then we went out to Parkson for a "forced shopping"(as daddy calls it). Ah Ma dropped us there while she took Kor Poh to buy her favourite ice-kacang.

So you went around with daddy while mummy quickly picked some things for the condo and the party. Guess what? Daddy said one minute you were happily "chatting" away, and the next minute there was no sound. You had fallen asleep! Poor little thing. You didn't sleep the whole afternoon, so I guess you finally tired out. Pity we didn't have a camera with us to take a picture of you sleeping in your stroller. It rarely happens, as you usually seem to be very interested to take in the sights as we go shopping.

Swollen hand and antibiotics

We rushed back yesterday afternoon after Ah Ma called to say that your hands were swollen. But decided not to bring you to see Dr Mary then, cause we know she'll only prescribe Elomet again.

But come evening when we went home after work, your left hand had swollen even bigger and even had a BIG blister starting. So we quickly had dinner and rushed over to Adventist to see Dr Mary. It was raining so heavily.

When Dr Mary took one look at your hand, she said it's quite bad. What a scary thing to hear. So she prescribed antibiotics for you to be taken twice a day for five days and told us to go back to see her next Tuesday so decide if you needed more antibiotics.

You fell asleep on the way home before taking your antibiotic. Too bad that mummy had to wake you up to take the medication. But I don't regret doing that. Your hand looks a lot better today and you also woke up without making a fuss. You even took the medication willingly. Phew...

*Countdown: 1 day to your first birthday party, 6 days to your first birthday*

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Tag: My 5 Wishes for Evan

Got tagged by Shooi a while back. But of course, I'm very outdated (when it comes to reading blogs)and also a big procrastinator. Here goes:

- Sleep through the night: I think that is every mummy's wish. Some lucky mums get to sleep through the night earlier than others. I hope my turn comes soon

- Have lesser falls & injuries: Seems like you are getting quite a lot of bruises from falls. Hopefully you will have fewer such painful experiences. Then again, daddy says you look more macho (?) with the bruises. More like a boy! On top of that, have a better skin that won't react badly to bites.

- Get to enjoy mummy's cooking: Sadly mummy cannot cook very well. Or should I say "cannot cook at all!". I remember the first time I cooked moi for you in nanna's house you made your "throw-up" face throughout the meal. So looks like I need more "training" from Ah Ma.

- Be potty trained: So far you are able to poo-poo and pee-pee when we take you to the toilet and ask you to pee-pee or poo-poo. Hopefully, soon you will be able to indicate that you want to go pee or poo.

- Health and Happiness always: Of course every parent wishes this for their child. And you are no exeption. We love you a lot and wish nothing but the best for you always.

There.. phew.. I thought that it would be simple, but when forced to sit down and think... next time I will write more when I think of it.

Won't be tagging anyone, but if any of our reader likes this, please post your 5 wishes for your baby and share them with us.

Bitten all over

Luckily you didn't have a black eye after the fall in the bathtub, but you still had a swollen eye. Looks like it was from that bite just over your eyelid. So now the eyelid of the left eye (yup.. again) is swollen this time. On top of that, you also have 2 swollen fingers. 2 bites on your knuckles! Sigh...

Yesterday night when mummy was getting you changed into your pyjamas at the condo, I noticed several bite marks on your left arm too. So before putting you into your cot, we put elomet on your bite marks and even let you wear booties (on your hands, since the mittens are too way small) so that you don't rub the cream everywhere. But of course by the time you woke up for your nightly feed at 2.30am, you had already somehow removed them!

Today, we rushed back home to take another look at your arm, as Ah Ma called to say that your left hand was slightly swollen. Poor thing. Hopefully it will recover quickly.

*Countdown:2 days to your first birthday party, 7 days to your first birthday*

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Favourite Song?

Mummy and daddy have been following the cantonese serial "Life Made Simple" and yesterday was the last episode when we realised that like your daddy, you like the theme song to the serial too!

You will be sitting on the bed playing and the moment the show comes on, you will stop and stare at the TV. Even when the show stops for advertisement and a small portion of the song is being played you will stop to listen to it!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

CNY Photos.. finally!

Finally took the time to organise the CNY photos that I had downloaded (a long time ago).

Evan's CNY Pictures

Black Eye Again?

I hope not. But from the looks of the nasty fall you took this evening while taking a bath.... Sigh.. and we're going to have your birthday party in 4 day's time.

Mummy's carelessness again. Didn't hold you properly when you reached out and tried to grab at the stool that I was sitting on and slipped. Haih... We'll know the outcome tomorrow morning.

Of course, you're now standing in your cot as if nothing happened. Cheerful as ever!

Monday, March 19, 2007


You have learned a new trick last week. Daddy said he just noticed you doing it after he came back from Ipoh last Monday. Pointing!

And now, you are a master of pointing. You will point here and there to tell whoever that's carrying you that's where you want to go. And even pointing to the lights. No ceiling fan in our house, so you don't have a fan to point at.

You also seem to be VERY fascinated with the lights. You will go "aaahhhh" when we turn on the lights.

Haha.. you seem so easy to entertain. But I guess as you grow older, we will need to come up with more things to keep you entertained and occupied!

Almost no more black eye

Dear Evan,

I feel so guilty about your black eye. But shortly after I posted the blog about your black eye, I had many friends asking how your eye was. Makes you feel so happy that there are so many people who are so concerned about how you are.

To all our relatives and friends, Evan's black eye is getting better. Thanks for your concern. And thankfully his eye should recover before his first birthday!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The Black Eye

While you were in mummy's sole care (for only a few hours) on Saturday morning, you had a fall. You were in the cot while mummy was having a bath, when you fell face forward on the bars of the cot. Sigh.. First it was one big and one small eye:

Took this photo today. Can you see the black eye?

Poor little baby. Hopefully it will clear off before your birthday party next weekend!

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Visiting Kenzie

In the middle of the night, daddy, Ah Kong and Ah Ma had to drive down to KL to see your 6th Chek Kong. So we were left in the house with kakak.

So at after work, Ee-ee came and picked us up to go stay with Nanna for a few days, while daddy, Ah Kong and Ah Ma attended the funeral in Ipoh.

Before we reach Nanna's house, we made a detour to Ee-ee's house and Kendric and Kenzie were there visiting their Ah Ma. It was a funny sight. The first thing Kendric did when he saw you: Run and sit with his Ah Ma.

Kenzie is just a day older than you. So he gets to be called "ko-ko" still. He just sat there stunned, watching you. He sure is a lot bigger than you. But he seemed to be terrified of you too. On the other hand, you were happily roaming the house, exploring the floor and even playing with other people's toys! In fact you were so friendly, you even gave Kenzie a slap!

Ee-ee tried to take pictures of the both of you with her new camera. It's not an easy task! She finally got one the you both sorta looked at the camera:

Kenzie has started being potty trained. I wonder how soon you will also be potty trained...

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Bye Bye Iron Supplement

Early in Jan when you went to see Dr Mary, you had your blood sample taken. Results came back indicating your iron level was borderline. So you had to take iron supplements when you have your meals.

We decided to give you the iron supplement with your dinner. So every evening, halfway through your dinner, you will take your iron supplement in liquid form. You have always been a good baby; taking you iron, willingly without making much fuss.

And tonight marks the last day of your iron supplement. You have finally finished it, and Dr Mary says you need not have your blood iron level re-checked as it was only borderline.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Happy Chap Goh Meh!

Dearest Evan,

Today is the 15th and last day of Chinese New Year. So off we go back to Ipoh for dinner with the Bans. We initially planned to go home yesterday, but everyone had plans, so we left for Ipoh early this morning. You woke up at your usual 7.30am. So we left Penang around 8.30am.

The moment you reached Ipoh, there were so may hands waiting to carry you. The first person to greet you was your 5th Chek Kong. And you happily let him carry you. Soon you were busy crawling on the floor. It was so hot you were sweating.

Mummy forgot to pack your Bumbo today. Luckily the Ipoh house still had the old baby highchair that was used by your aunties and uncles. See? You enjoyed your lunch on the highchair. I think you like this chair. It doesn't have a strap to keep you in the seat!

After that, you went to have a mop, as you were all sweaty and off we went to Bercham with Ah Ma and 5th Chim Poh to pick up the 'popiah' skin for tonight's dinner. When we reached home, you went upstairs to enjoy the air-con with Ah Ma and went to sleep after a while. Mummy napped with you and after you woke up, we were off again.

Went to try out the new Wah Nam Kopitiam. But it was too hot for you. You were sweating bullets! Poor little guy. So went home after that as 5th Chim Poh needed to pray. Soon daddy, Ah Kong, 5th Chek Kong and Uncle Jack Hou were back from golf.

Since it was too hot, we decided to let you play until closer to dinner time before giving you a bath. In the end, this was what you wore while playing around and waiting for bath time:
After you had your dinner in the air-con comfort, it was daddy and mummy's turn to have dinner. Sorry, no picture of the popiah. Too excited. Nevermind, we'll take some pictures another time.

It's been a long long day for you today, all that crawling, falling and also climbing up the staircase. Yup, up a few steps (supervised of course). You fell asleep on the way home. And you are still asleep in your cot now as mummy is typing this blog.

Sweet dreams, sweetheart. *kiss*kiss*

By the way, we have invited the Ipoh Ban's for your birthday celebrations!

Saturday, March 03, 2007

First Birthday Party

Guess where we went to today for dinner... Joshua's birthday party. He's ONE year old. Just 3 weeks older than you, Evan.

Auntie Angela gave us the invitation card before Chinese New Year. See, it's being held in the Greenlane McDonald's. Though you're too young to eat anything there, it's a great opportunity for you to go meet Joshua.

While daddy and mummy had our usual burgers and coke, you enjoyed your moi moi. In fact you seemed so comfy in their baby highchair. Too bad mummy didn't bring the camera along. I hope Auntie Angela will send us the pictures soon. You had quite a busy day there. You fell asleep just before we reached, so you were a bit grumpy when mummy moved you out of the car seat. On top of that, you also had to do a big BIG poo poo, so back to the car we went as we needed to change you. That place doesn't have baby changing facilities!

Here's what we bought for Joshua:

And you even got a gift for attending the birthday party:

Happy Birthday, Joshua from all of us!

Friday, March 02, 2007

Early this morning

It's been a while but these past 2 days you have been waking up rather often again. I think it's the air-con. Even mummy's throat feels rather dry. Poor little guy.

But this morning at 4.30am, afetr your feed, you heard the dogs far far away barking. So you decided it was time to wake up!!

You played a while in your cot, until you got bored and called to mummy. I had to stand there to watch you, as you did not want to leave your cot. In the end, I was too sleepy, so I brought you to our bed where you played.

Daddy was asleep. Poor daddy, you slapped him twice while he was sleeping!

Thank goodness you finally fell asleep again at 5.30am! Please sleep through longer tonight.