Monday, April 30, 2007

Fourth day of our holiday: Camerons

You woke up shortly after daddy, Ah Kong and 5th Chek Kong left for golf. Weather was wonderful. We had breakfast and Chek Kong called. He could not join daddy and Ah Kong in the game as there was no caddy. So you went with Chim Poh and Ah Ma to pick him up.

After that you came back to have your bath. Then daddy called to say that the caddy was available so off we went to drop Chek Kong at the golf course again. Then we went back to wake up Aunty Natalie, but you fell asleep, so we had to wait for you to wake up before having lunch. Mummy joined you for the nap too!

You woke up around 1pm. So we drove to Bala's for scones and tea, but they didn't serve till 2.30pm. So we fed you your lunch first then headed to Ye Old Smokehouse instead. There we shared scones, tea and a chicken pie which were heavenly! You also got to share more of the scones and mash potato that came with the chicken pie. Sorry, no tea for you. We could not take pictures in the garden as it was drizzling outside. Here's a picture of you with Aunty Natalie

Your shoes even has it's place in the shoe rack. Can you spot it?

Soon daddy, Ah Kong and Chek Kong came back from golf. We relaxed a bit around the house until dinner time. We went to Brinchang for dinner and came back to the apartment. As usual we had to accompany you while you roamed the apartment till you fell asleep. I wonder where you get your energy from. We had to take turns to entertain you. It's too back-breaking for anyone to walk around half-crouching with you!

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Third day of our holiday: KL and Camerons

Our last day in KL was less hectic. We had a leisurely breakfast, took our baths and packed up. Before we left daddy met up with Uncle Wai Yin. We went down to meet them after mummy got ready.

We check out at round 11am as we needed to meet up with the Ban's for dim sum lunch at the Eastin Hotel (we stayed there during our last trip to KL when you were 6 months old). During lunch we were kept busy entertaining you. You had discovered that you liked to take walks. So we had to hold you (by only one hand) and walk around the restaurant and also hotel lobby.

Here you are being fed lunch by Chek Kong:

While waiting for daddy to bring up the car, you even greeted a foreigner as he walked into the hotel lobby. He was really amused with your antics!

After lunch, we went to 1-Utama for a quick (and final) round of shopping. We managed to buy more biscuits for you. On top of that we also bought you a new blanket and portable fan from Mothercare. We even stopped at Pumpkin Patch to buy a shirt for you along with a top and skirt for Abby. Her birthday is coming soon. By the way, shortly after buying the new fan for you, you damaged to old one. I think it's not working anymore!

We left KL after that and headed for Ipoh. Planned to meet up with 5th Chek Kong and 5th Chim Poh along with Aunty Natalie before going up to Cameron Highlands. You didn't sleep the whole trip to Ipoh, so again, Ah Ma and mummy had to keep you entertained!

When everyone was packed and some items left behind in Ipoh, we left at 6pm and we arrived at Camerons aroun 7.30pm. Luckily this time, you slept all the way up. We had dinner in Brinchang before going to Check Kong's apartment in Tanah Rata. You didn't seem too worried with the cold. The moment you entered the apartment, you wandered around the place as if it were your own and picked your room.

It was a long day and everyone went to bed by 12am.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Second day of our holiday: KL

Daddy and Ah Kong were up very early as they had to be at the golf course by 7.15am. Luckily they were very quiet when they were getting ready so we both managed to sleep in a bit more until past 8am.

Ah Ma was up by then, so we freshened up a bit and went down for breakfast. You ate a bit and then insisted that you wanted to explore the rest of the lobby. So off we went while Ah Ma had a leisurely breakfast and coffee. After that we went up to get ready for a busy day.

Soon, we were off to The Curve. Mummy wanted to go to Mothercare first as it's the first day of the sale. But they were not open yet. Anyway you did smile and call out to another baby whose parents were also waiting for Mothercare to open. While waiting for the shop to open, we wandered into a few other shops to have a look. Ah Ma even bought you a nursery rhymes CD to listen to.

When I noticed Mothercare was open (it was already crowded by then) mummy had to leave you with Ah Ma as you didn't like the shop. Furthermore, a bit difficult to maneuver your stroller in the shop with so many customers. So mummy managed to buy quite a number of things for you from Mothercare. On top of that mummy also bought clothes from several other places in The Curve and Ikano Power Center. Daddy say I got too carried away with my shopping. Anyway these are what I bought, see:

After a quick stop back to the room for your lunch, it was mummy and Ah Ma's turn to have lunch. We went over to Ikano Power Center for pizza at Fasta Pasta. You also shared some of our pizza (base) and chicken. but most of the time, you kept us busy by throwing the children's menu on the floor for us to pick up!

When daddy and Ah Kong came back, we joined them for another round of food at Dragon-I. While daddy and Ah Kong ate, we went to the mother's room next to Mothercare. I thought that you wanted to take a nap after milk, but you had other ideas. In the end, you walked all the way from the mother's nursing room back to the restaurant (trust me, it was not near!)

When daddy, Ah Kong and mummy went to Ikea to pick up the things we wanted, you stayed at the hotel with Ah Ma to catch up on your sleep. You hadn't had your nap yet.

Soon, it was time to get ready for dinner, we were meeting up with the Ban's at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel for dinner. Ah Tai was eagerly waiting to meet you. So were the rest of our relatives. When we arrived, we were pleased to find that your place was set up for you: high chair and cutlery. They even had a bib specially for you. But you didn't want it. You preferred the napkin that daddy tied around your neck

After dinner, you slept on the way back to the hotel room and only woke up for a moment when we changed you into your pyjamas.

Friday, April 27, 2007

First day of our holiday: KL

After running our errand, we were home before 12.30pm today. Ah Ma had already bought us lunch, and you had already eaten by thing time we reached home.

So after a quick lunch, daddy and Ah Kong started packing our things into Ah Kong's car, including installing your car seat in the center of the car. Daddy estimated the earliest we can go off would be 2. Surprise, surprise, we were packed and ready to go by 1.40! It took them quite a while to pack up the car, as there were 3 luggage, 2 golf bags and your stroller to put into the boot of the car. On top of that, there were small packages of things to bring along, fruits for Ah Kong to eat during the journey, your food, your diapers, camera and video camera and many more!

By the time we entered the toll, you were fast asleep. You only woke up when we made a stop at Bidor for the Wan Tan Mee there. Aunty Ashley had told daddy that the duck drumstick noodles is famous there. So I had mine with soup while daddy and Ah Kong had theirs dry. Not too bad. We liked it.

And we were on our way again. It rained heavily and you didn't want to go back to sleep, so Ah Ma and mummy had to entertain you all the way. Luckily mummy remembered to pack several toys for you, as you seemed to lose interest in the toys quickly.

We reached the Royale Bintang Hotel around 5.30. Checking in was very fast, but we had to wait a while for housekeeping to bring us your cot, more towels and change the pillow case. When they were finally done, mummy gave you a bath and we were off to Ikea. Yay!

After a quick look at Ikea (we had VERY limited space to bring back our shopping so need to prioritise) we went to Italiannies for dinner. Yummy, it was highly recommended by Aunty Joyce. No time to take picture of the food. Hungry hungry hungry!

You must have been hungry too, as you finished your dinner before our food came. So we had to take turns to entertain you as you refused to sit in your high chair! Naughty boy.

Soon, we went back to the hotel room for a good rest. Daddy and Ah Kong has a tournament to play the next day.

You don't look like you're ready to go to sleep!

Ma-ma and Da-da

Actually you started to say "da-da" long time ago. But you will only call our da-da when daddy walks out of the room. The moment you see him, no sound from you. Hehe.. mummy didn't blog coz waiting for you to say "ma-ma" first!

Well, sometime last week when you were in your cot and looking at mummy you suddenly said "ma-ma" when I looked at you, and ask you what you said, you just smiled at me and refused to repeat the word.

Then lately you would say ma-ma when you are in the mood, but will never repeat when we ask you to. Instead we get:
Mummy: Call ma-ma..
Evan Ban: *grin* bah bai..

Mummy: Call ma-ma..
Evan Ban: sssss *claps hands*

Sigh.. How long more do you want to tease us before you will call us?

Didn't bring pump to work today!

No-la.. of course I'm still expressing at work. Only that I will be working half-day and so I decided that I will not express at work this morning half and only express when we go home. We're planning to go off early as mummy and daddy need to run a few errands before leaving for KL.

But I was telling daddy this morning as we walked to the office that this is the first time in 1 year that I came to work with only my handbag!

We came to work earlier this morning and daddy was wondering who would take care of you as you were still sleeping. But, the next thing we knew, you were up and calling to us! Lucky for you, Ah Ma was already awake. So I guess she's probably either playing with you now or you're having your bath.

We'll see you soon!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Evan's Belated Birthday Present

I was wondering why Aunty Angela sent me an e-mail telling me that she needed to call me.. urgently.

Turned out that she sort of panicked when she realised that we were going to KL on holiday and that since Mothercare had a sale on this weekend, mummy will be shopping there for your clothes. She worried that I may pick up the same item as her gift.

So after work, mummy and daddy went over to her house to pick up her gift. Pity Joshua was asleep at that time, so mummy didn't have a chance to say hi to him. Maybe next time. Here are the 2 cute little PJs along with the nice box that Aunty Angela, Uncle Danny and Joshua got for you:

No More Soft Spoon

And guess why? You were playing with the spoon while we were eating dinner and decided you didn't like it anymore. So you threw it on the floor. No one realised until we had finished eating and daddy wanted to wash the spoon and keep it.

But... too late. Furbie decided that he liked the spoon too! So he chewed the spoon to tiny pieces! He refused to let go of the spoon even when we tempted him with his favourite apples. Kakak Wati finally managed to take the spoon away when he went to poo poo. But she said he was looking everywhere for it after that!

I guess we have to buy you another spoon!

Shopping at Jusco

I know I know.. we're going shopping this weekend already, but mummy needed to buy some warm clothes as we're going to Cameron Highlands after KL. So we went and since mummy had the J Card Privilege Shopping Day voucher, mummy and daddy went the during lunch time yesterday for a quick one.

In the end, this is what we got you: a jacket, a pair of shoes and new PJs. On top of that, daddy also got something new. A new pair of golf shorts. He said he will wear that for the golf tournament this Saturday.

In the evening daddy wanted you to try the new shoes. And guess what we discovered? The shoes were both for the right foot! So we bundled you into the car and went off to Queensbay again. The guy was nice and apologetic when mummy told him about the shoes and immediately changed a new pair for us.

Ooo.. can't wait. We'll be off tomorrow! Yay!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Dr Mary's for Immunisation Today!

Mummy and daddy are on 1/2 day leave today. Guess why? Yup, it's time to see Dr Mary again. Nope, your not sick and no, no nasty insect bite. You're over 1 year old, so time for your chickenpox injection. Oww...

We arrived around 10am but Dr Mary was still not around, so we left your card at the clinic before going for breakfast.

When we got back to the hospital, it was almost your turn. While waiting for your turn, you had a "walk" around the paediatric clinic. Daddy even let you play on the slide there! You seemed to enjoy yourself. Soon, the nurse opened the door and called you.

Casually, you "strolled" into Dr Mary's room... with daddy holding on to you of course.. Dr Mary took some of your measurements and these are your vital statistics at 13 months (minus 5 days, to be exact):
Weight: 9.5kg
Height: 73cm
Head Circumference: 47cm

Soon it was time for your injection. Of course you yelled when she rubbed the alcohol on your thigh, and yelled even louder when she poked you. But thankfully, it was all over in a jiffy and you soon calmed down, although a bit manja. Poor little guy.

After that we went to Citibank for mummy to pick up the cheque book and we we're on our way home. You fell asleep 5 minutes before we reached home. And since you didn't sleep the whole morning, you slept for more than an hour. We didn't get to see you before going back to work.

But when we arrived home from work, you were your usual cheerful self. All excited to see us when we saw you. Best of all is that adorable grin along with the excited squeal of delight from you the moment you see us. You make even the worst day seem wonderful whenever we see you.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Going on Holiday!

Yay! 4 more days and we'll be on our way to KL for a holiday. Of course, along with your many things to pack, Ah Kong and daddy will be bringing their golf sets too!

And we will be staying at the Royale Bintang. According to Aunty Joyce, it's right next to The Curve. Happiness! And Ah Ma is happy too. She says we can go back to the hotel to rest whenever you get too tired, while your daddy and Ah Kong are off golfing.

I was wondering if we would get lucky and Mothercare might have a sale. And guess what? My wish came true. This was waiting for me when mummy got home from work:

What wonderful timing! I'm keeping the card directly in my handbag. Better not forget to bring this card. I think daddy is worried about his wallet!

Friday, April 20, 2007

Haircut Today

Doctor Mary had mentioned the last time we visited her that your hair was too long. Of course we know that! Only thing is that the last visit to the hairdresser was a nightmare. You cried and cried throughout the whole haircut!

Daddy says you getting a haircut is stressful: for you, for daddy and for mummy too. But we had to bring you in for a haircut as your hair is now too long.

So we rushed home after work to bring you to Uncle Austin's place. Armed with your trusty Bumbo seat, your water bottle and biscuits, we were there around 6pm.

We had to wait a while before it was your turn to have your hair cut. To our great surprise, you sat quietly in your seat while he cut your hair. Mummy also gave you a toy to keep you occupied while he cut your hair. After a while, you probably felt hot and bothered by the hair falling all over you, and you started to complain. So in the end, daddy had to carry you while he put in the finishing touches. All was done withing 1/2 and hour! Wow!

And voila.. here you are with your new haircut:

So handsome!!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Walking on the bed

You decided today that it's great fun to walk. Actually before today, you had been trying to stand (wobbly) and taking 1 or 2 steps forward when you were playing at the condo.

Tonight, you delighted daddy by taking 3 steps towards him. And you even demonstrated to mummy your walking skill. After that, you decided that it's so much fun, so you crawled to the head of the bed. The most steps taken so far is 5 steps.. You sorta lurched forward, taking the 5 steps before falling. Lucky you didn't fall off the bed.

In fact, daddy had a recording of you walking on his video camera. I guess you willingly demonstrated your walking skills to him, just to get to the camera. You seemed to be very interested in the camera.

In fact, mummy tried to take a picture of you with you new toy, but no chance. You lost interest in the toy the moment you saw the digital camera. Maybe you'll be in the mood to pose for a picture tomorrow...


Today we all woke up on time to all enjoy breakfast together. Initially mummy and daddy (very unwillingly) planned to wake up to eat breakfast before we got ready to pick up Ah Kong from BMW, then go to work together.

While mummy was brushing my teeth, I heard you wake up and make a lot of noise. Next thing I know when I opened the bathroom door, you were standing there smiling at me, with your sweetest grin.

So we all went down and later Ah Kong and Ah Ma joined us. While mummy and daddy ate cornflakes, you had your cream crackers. A bit dry, but you seemed to enjoy it. You even offered to share with Ah Kong when he asked from you!

We're now at work. Miss you so much already. But nevermind, we will go change your new toy today and you should get a new one when we go home. See you later sweetie. Have a great day! *kiss*kiss*kiss*

Family Photo...

We took this photo during CNY. And we have an enlarged copy placed in our room in the condo. Nice?

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

What does the snake say?

You must be wondering what's up with the title of this blog. Nope, no real snakes for you to play with. Just that everytime mummy puts you into your carseat, you will make a fuss. So to distract you, mummy will show you the strap that tightens your seat belt.

So mummy calls it a snake and tell you "sssssss". So now, whenever we ask you "What does the snake say?", you will respond with a "sssssss"

Toy Not Working Well

Darn, the toy doesn't seem to respond properly. Even after daddy changed new batterries. Looks like it's lunch at Queensbay again tomorrow and after lunch we'll head to Elly & Friends to change a new unit.

Nevermind, but you did get a preview of the toy and you seem to like it. :(

New Toy for Evan

We went to Queensbay for lunch again today. It's the third time this week! We wanted to go elsewhere but it looked like it was about to rain, so we ended up in Queensbay again.

Anyway, we just had a quick lunch. And since it was so early, we decided to take a look at this new shop that daddy came across when we went to Queensbay on Saturday. In the end, we bought a teddy bear that can say "Peek-a-boo" for you, along with a toy for Abby, since her birthday is coming soon. Hope you love it! It's so adorable.

(P/S Daddy was very interested in it!)

Wake Daddy Up!

Yesterday mummy had to entertain you while daddy had a quick nap. Mummy told him not to nap, otherwise he will be wide awake after the nap, and then he'll only fall asleep after 12midnite! Still daddy said he was tired and to let him have a 10 minute nap.

So after playing with you for 15 minutes, I told you that it's time to wake daddy up. But mummy didn't. Instead I was busy watching TV. The next thing I know, you had taken into your own hands the task of waking daddy up. Guess how? You BIT him! First you gave him a gentle one. It didn't wake him up. So you bit him harder. That definitely woke him up immediately. Mummy didn't realise what you'd done until I heard daddy yelp out loud!

Hhmm.... maybe next time I'll delegate this task of waking daddy up to you. You seem to be able to wake him up faster than me. Furthermore, daddy cannot negotiate for 5 minutes more, 10 minutes more when it's with you!

Friday, April 13, 2007

About Evan (Little Things you may or may not know)

Got tagged by Ethan's mummy. It's a really cool one. I'm supposed to reply as if I'm you. Before I start, a picture of the little one:

On the Outside
Name: Evan Ban Khai Siong
Date of birth: 29th March 2006
Current status: Single
Eye colour: Dark Brown
Hair colour: Brownish from what I can tell every time I look at myself in the mirror
Righty or lefty: Not 100% sure but looks life lefty.. for now.

On the Inside
Heritage: Chinese
Your perfect pizza: Mummy likes pepperoni pizza.. so the closest to pizza that I have come across is pepperoni pizza flavoured milk (Does that count?)

Yesterday, today & tomorrow
Your thoughts upon first waking up: Huh? Time to wake up already? Where's mummy?
Your bedtime: Usually before 10pm. But sometimes I'm in zzz-zzz land even before 9pm! Busy day ma..
Your most missed memory: Memory? What's that?

Your pick
Pepsi or Coke: Only water and milk for me thanks!
McDees or Burger King : So far only McD flavoured milk with compliments from mummy
Single or Group Dates : Group dates consisting of mummy, daddy and me!
Adidas or Nike : I don't have any Adidas, but I did get a pair of Nike's for my birthday. But they're still safely in the box. Too big. Daddy won't even let me taste them!
Lipton Tea or Nestea : No tea for me. Thanks!
Chocolate or Vanilla :
Cappucino or Coffee : Nope, no caffeine for me. Not even milk with the flavours

Do you…
Smoke: Nooo
Curse: Cannot even speak clearly as of now..

In the past monthDrank alcohol :
Gone to the mall : Yup, many times, on our dates (with mummy and daddy, sometimes mummy and Ah Ma, and sometimes 5 of us: Ah Kong comes along too)
Been on stage : No..
Eaten sushi : Only time I've been to a sushi restaurant I was sleeping. Even if I was awake, I was too young for solids!
Dyed your hair : I know I've got a lot of hair *grin* but nope, my brownish hair is natural.

Have you ever…
Played a stripping game: When mummy and Ah Ma bathe me everyday. On top of that, when Ah Ma changes my nappy after I wee wee
Changed who you were to fit in: Daddy says I'm perfect the way I am!

Age you’re hoping to be married :

In a guy/girl
Best eye colour: Never seen any one's eyes up close other than mummy and daddy's, so dark brown is my choice for now
Hair colour: I like 'em black
Short or long hair: Either is fine, but I'd rather the ladies have longer hair than daddy's "porcupine"

What were you doing?
1 minute ago: Sleeping
1 hour ago: Dancing on mummy and daddy's bed
4 1/2 hours ago: Entertaining Ah Ma
1 month ago: Eating, sleeping, drinking (water and milk), playing.. being my cute self

1 year ago: I don't recall. I was only 15 days old then..

Finish the sentence
I love: mummy and daddy and everyone else too
I feel: happy and cheerful all the time
I hate: nothing
I hide: my food in my tummy
I miss: mummy and daddy when I don't see them. Even when they are in a different part of the house
I need: nothing for now. I have everything when mummy and daddy are around and loving me all the time. Of course, I have a wonderful extended family who give me great gifts *wink* (even when it's not my birthday!)

Hokay.. all done. Will be tagging Kelvin's mummy and Vernon's mummy

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

A Day of Mishaps!

When we reached home today, Ah Ma told us that you touched the hot cup which was soaking (warming) your milk. She's not too sure if you'd dipped your finger into the water or you had just touched the side of the cup. But she was remembered clearly that you had yelled and cried for quite a while. Wonder if it's the shock from touching the hot cup, or you were really scalded.

Worried that you may have a blister from the hot water, Ah Ma soaked your finger in cold tea. Never knew that this was the remedy for scalding/burns. But I do know that your not supposed to put the scalded area under water or else you will get a blister. I did a little research on home burn remedies, looks like we can also apply toothpaste, honey or even aloe vera on the burns to relieve the pain and reduce swellings and blisters too. Anyhow, when we went home, daddy checked your fingers, and it was all ok. No blisters *phew*

Then mummy took you upstairs for your bath. Daddy bathed you today. You went downstairs after that for your dinner of ikan bilis moi. While waiting for mummy to get everything ready, daddy accompanied you at the dining table and he fed you some water. All of sudden your face turned red and you looked like you were choking! You were gagging, but no sound came from you. Daddy tried patting you but to no avail. So in the end he quickly removed you from the high chair and put you over his shoulder and gave you a few pats on you back. Finally, you splattered some water out, and you happily made your "oo ooo" noises again. *double phew*

What a scary day. Luckily you were all right from these 2 "adventures" of the day.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

BKT for Dinner

No, you didn't get to taste the bah kut teh that we had for dinner tonight. Ah Ma had a dinner with her friends today, so the 4 of us: you, Ah Kong, daddy and mummy went to the bank to pay our credit card bill then we had dinner.

We were trying to decide on what to eat. In the end, we all decided to have bah kut teh. Yummy! It's been a long time since we had BKT (I think la..). Lucky mummy packed your dinner of anchovies moi. Today is the second day you're having it. Today's specialty is anchovy stock + pumpkin porridge.

You behave very well while we ate there. It was a bit hot and yet you sat in the high chair while mummy fed you. Occasionally you even tried calling the lady sitting at the next table! And you little rascal, when she smiled at you, you pretended not to see her!

At the end of the meal, your little head was all wet from sweating. But you didn't complain. It must have been a long day for you. You have already been sleeping for 1/2 an hour, and it's only 9.30pm!

Goodnight darling!

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Dinner at Victoria Station

We still haven't had a chance to celebrate your birthday with Nanna, Grampy, Ee-ee, Ah Teo, and Seh Ku, so we went to BM today to have dinner with them.

We left Penang after everyone had lunch. You fell asleep along the way so we took a long ride and went to Highway Auto-City to have a look at the choices of restaurants there. We still hadn't decided on where to go for dinner. After that we went to have daddy's car washed. You woke up in the midst of the car being washed. I guess the water jets was too loud. Luckily by then you'd already slept for almost an hour.

We went home and Ee-ee came over, so while daddy had a nap (tired as he had a golf game early in the morning) we went to see your 2 Ah Chors in town. You had a great time there holding on to the coffee table and walking around it. Your Uncle Jayden was there too. Except that you weren't too interested in him. You did share 2 of your biscuits with him before we went home.

In the end, we decided to go to Victoria Station for dinner cum birthday celebrations. You fell asleep on the way to the restaurant. You woke up when we arrived. So you had dinner first while we waited for our food to be served. Mummy cooked your moi moi today for you. Looks like my cooking skills have improved. Daddy said so too! Look at you with the napkin tied around your neck!

By the time our food arrived, you had finished your porridge. So mummy shared some of my dinner roll with you. You loved it. But I was worried that you may be too full, so daddy gave you your teething rusk instead. You were a good boy tonight. You slowly enjoyed your rusk while the rest of us ate our dinner. Then we took pictures of everyone while waiting for your Ah Ku to finish his dinner.With Ee-ee..

You got more gifts today. Nanna and Grampy bought you a little Mickey truck along with overalls, while Ah Ku and Aunty Mel gave you and ang pow.

You fell sleep in the car on the way to the condo. Mummy had to change you into your PJ's while you were asleep!

Friday, April 06, 2007

Courier Service for Mr Evan Ban

Wow! You received your first post. And it arrived by courier service. Double wow! Guess who it is from? Your Tua Ku (Uncle Al) and Uncle Troy.

Better late than never, eh? Your Tua Ku did admit that anything from him will always have a high chance of arriving late. (VERY high chance actually. He's very forgetful!!)

So here's your card along with the ang pow from Tua Ku and Uncle Troy!

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Evan's Bag of Tricks@ 12 months

This would be the first time I'm writing on your milestones. As you can see, we're a little overdue. But.. better late than never. Let me see:

~you weighed 9.7kg when you last went for a check for your insect bite

~you have 4 teeth that you use to bite everything. Even able to bite off the cute little Meiji biscuits that your aunts bought for you.Only thing is mummy and daddy have to hold on to the biscuit for fear of you gobbling the whole thing and choking!

~pointing.. oh yeah.. very good at that. You tell whoever that is carrying you (especially Ah Kong, you big bully!) where you want to go. You can even point to your Magic Cup when you are thirsty.

~this pointing also leads to you being able to turn on the light (thanks to daddy!). And so now you will want to turn on the lights whenever you spot the switches.

~standing. You seem to be able to stand for a while with your legs wide open, before falling backwards on your bottom. You do this especially well standing on mummy and daddy's bed.

~dancing. You seems to love the biscuits that your aunts gave you. So you will do this little dance when we give you the biscuits!

~speech. You have been able to say "bye bye" while waving for a while. Other than that, you will sometimes say "da da da da" to no one in particular. For now, your favourite word is "Ohhhhh..." while pointing, of course!

~you are still cruising around. Otherwise, you can crawl for longer periods now. You used to have to stop after crawling a few steps. But getting better and better over the days.

That's all that I can think of. We'll see what else daddy has to input on your milestones.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Blocked Nose

You were a good boy last night. You slept earlier. By 9.30pm, you were sleeping. In fact you were yawning all the time when we went to the airport!

But around 11pm, you woke up screaming. I guess nightmare. Daddy managed to calm you for a while, but you decided to continue screaming.

Then you woke up for a feed at 1.30am. You seemed to have some problems latching. I think it sounded like you had blocked nose. But after a while you went back to sleep. Surprisingly you only woke up for the next feed at 5.30am. In fact, you made some noises, but continues to sleep on for another 5 minutes. But this time when you woke up asking for a feed, your blocked seemed to be worst. You cried a bit and couldn't latch on properly. Finally (after a few bites) you managed to latch and continue to sleep until 7.45am!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Ah Kong is off travelling again

You were a good little boy when we sent Ah Kong to the airport. You sat happily all the way to the airport in your carseat. When daddy wind down the window for Ah Kong to say bye bye to you, you just looked at him confused.. Nevermind, Ah kong will be back from Japan this Friday.

As we sat in the car, mummy was thinking of the times when Ah Kong went travelling. The first time Ah Kong went off to US was before your full moon. When he came back, you were too young to recognise him.

But if I recall correctly, when you were around 3 months, Ah Kong went to US again. And when he came back, Ah Kong reckons you stared at him a while before you realised that he was someone familiar!

This time, I'm sure you will be very happy when you see him on Friday. And Ah Kong would also be very glad to see you after his travels!

Monday, April 02, 2007

Holiday for Mummy and Daddy

It was a public holiday on Saturday, so today is a replacement holiday for us. Guess what we did today. Of course, daddy cannot miss out on his golf session to kick-start his day.

When he came back, we all packed into his car and went to town. It was heavy traffic all the way. I guess many other people are having replacement holidays to today too. Then again, it was also close to lunch hour. Worst still, we came out of Jelutong Expressway and hit Beach Street where all the banks are. And today is the 2nd of the month. Madness!!

We went to Rozel to order the dining chairs(finally!). The lady said they will deliver sometime this week. So that means another trip to the condo this week! You love that place. Then we went to the optometrist. Mummy wanted to get my eyes checked. But, the optometrist wasn't around. So we'll probably go this weekend.

Since we had nothing much to do, daddy took us to Bukit Jambul. It's your first time there. But nothing interesting and mummy hasn't had her retail therapy this week. So daddy brought us to Queensbay Mall. After all, we needed to buy daddy a new pair of sandals.

So we helped daddy choose a nice pair of sandals. That was a quick selection. But that's how daddy buys his things. Unlike mummy... Then we walked around and looked around for something to buy for Abby. Her birthday is coming soon in May.

Mummy spotted OshKosh having a sale. But daddy got really worried. In the end, daddy relented and we walked in to have a look. Guess what? You also got a new pair of shoes today:

Now everybody's happy and we went home after that! What a wonderful day.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Cheng Beng in Ipoh

We went back to Ipoh over the weekend. But of course, before we went back to Ipoh, daddy and Ah Kong played a round of golf first. So since you woke up early on Saturday, we went to the Pulau Tikus market with Ah Ma and Grand-Aunt Doris. Ah Ma even bought the pork that you'll be starting on the coming week.

After daddy and Ah Kong came back from golf and had lunch, we were off to Ipoh. Everyone was already in Ipoh by the time we arrived. It rained so Aunty Sue moved the car so that you did not get wet in the rain. You're so lucky, so many nice aunties and uncles, grand-aunties and grand-uncles to care for you.

As always you were very excited when you reached the Ipoh house. This is a place where you can roam freely. And guess what? Your aunts: Yvonne, Sue, Ashley and Natalie bought you a toy and 2 boxes of Meiji biscuits. Daddy let you try the biscuits and you loved them. This is what you got:

We went out to Menglembu for dinner at the East Ocean Restaurant. You also had your dinner there. Of course it was the yummy porridge that Ah Ma had cooked for you. You were a bit of a rascal during dinner too. When our food came, you decided (as always) that the high chair was a great place to stand. So in the end, daddy and mummy had to take turns to eat dinner while the other entertains you. Later on, we had more "volunteers". Your 5th Chim Poh, 5th Chek Kong and also Ah Kong helped entertain you, while we ate.

Went home that night and you were really tired. Yet, you refused to sleep. You decided that it was more fun to entertain your aunts. But when they finally left the room, you fell asleep almost immediately!

The next morning, it was you, Ah Tai, 6th Chim Poh, Aunty Leanne and mummy alone in the house while the rest of them went for Cheng Beng. Again, you were all excited when they all came home and refused to take your morning nap. By the time you fell asleep, it was afternoon. You had your siesta with daddy and all your aunts! Of course when you woke up, no one else was allowed to sleep. As you made A LOT of noise when you woke up.

We left Ipoh after dinner and reach Penang around 9.30pm. The traffic on the Penang bridge was heavy, but you wouldn't know. You fell asleep before we reached the Jelapang toll and never woke up until mummy carried to our room. Even then you slept for a while and woke up to disturb daddy while he was working next to you!