Thursday, May 31, 2007


Mummy had a wonderful lunch today with friends which I made while going to the mother's room at work. We try to meet up regularly and it's a lot of fun catching up on what our babies have been up to all this time. We used to chat behind the curtains as we expressed milk for our babies. Now some of them no longer go to the mother's room, so the best solution is to meet up for lunch. Our group today is smaller as quite a number of them could not make it. We went to Dragon-I for lunch. After that we went to have a look at the newly opened baby GAP. After that we also went to the adult GAP shop and La Senza as there was a sale there too.

So after a yummy lunch and even yummier window shopping session, mummy went back to the office to declare to daddy that we're going to GAP tonight to pick up "a few things". And it had to be today itself since it's the last day of the sale. Hehe... I think daddy may have wished for a moment that he did not respond to my instant message. That way he can pretend he did not get my message. Anyway.. too late.. so we went home, gave you your bath, had dinner and off we went to Queensbay Mall.

Surprisingly at 8pm it was still rather crowded. Perhaps it's because it's the school holidays. I did notice that there seemed to be more people even during lunch time. And as we approached the baby GAP store, there was a large crowd of people there. Guess why? Because it's the 31st and they were all crowding around Baskin-Robbins to buy ice-cream with the 31% discount! anyway, that's not important. We came here to go shopping not to buy ice-cream.

So into the baby GAP shop we went and mummy tried to fit you with the sandals that looked super adorable. Sadly you could not wear it. Your feet are a bit too chubby so by the time your feet can get into the sandals, the sole would be too big. Darn.. I guess your feet are destined to wear those Clarks sandals that you tried when we went to KL (which incidentally are almost 3x more expensive too!). So we looked around and picked up 2 collared t-shirts, a shirt and a pair of really rugged looking jeans. I think you have as many branded items as your Tua Ku. We bought enough to enjoy the opening promotion of RM50 rebate. This is what you got:
After that we went to the adult GAP shop. It's mummy's turn to be pampered *widest grin ever* I had spotted what I wanted this afternoon, so I zeroed in to pick up what I wanted after checking with the sales girl for correct sizing. I need to do my super duper quick shopping as you were tired and getting cranky. So with daddy entertaining you, mummy tried 2 pairs of jeans and daddy helped pick the nicer looking one, paid and we were off. Phew.. shopping for you and me done within an hour.

Goodnight sweetie.. *muakksss*

Great-grandma and Great-grandpa

Great-grandma and great-grandpa (what a mouthful) will be staying with us from Wednesday until this Saturday. Why? Because everyone in their household have gone off travelling. Yup, even Annabelle che-che. She's gone to Singapore with her mummy, daddy and Grand-Aunt.

And how did you react to your Ah Chor's in the house? Ah Ma told me that you didn't allow them to touch you initially. But later you warmed up to Great-grandma. You even allowed her to hold your hands and walk with you around the house. But when Great-grandpa wanted to hold your hands you shook your head at him. Naughty boy.

But in the evening when Great-grandma went up to her room to take her medication, you wanted to follow her up to her room. There, you played in her room (actually it's your playroom), climbing from the bottom bed, to the top bed, back down and on the floor and throwing your toys all over of course...

Soon after we went back to our room. You changed and played a while before having milk and going to sleep.

I'm glad they are here to stay. At least you will get to know them better. Otherwise, when we go visit them, you will refuse to let them touch you.

Great-grandparents carrying you when you were small (before full moon)

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

T-Shirt from Ah Ku

Nanna went to Bangkok a while back to spend some time with Tua Ku and she passed a couple of Jim Thompson t-shirts that they bought for you. One was red and the other was blue. They think you are a big boy so they bought larger sized t-shirts. So here's the smaller of the 2 t-shirts that you can currently wear. Cute? I love the elephant on your shirt.

14 months old today!

Our baby Evan... 14 months old today. And what is the best way to celebrate? With a visit to Dr Mary. Hehe.. time for the final jab for pneumococcal.

We decided to take the risk and go during the night clinic today. And guess who we met there? Abby! She was there to see Dr Mary as she also got a bad bite on her foot, and was thus prescribed anti-biotics like you were before.

When we reached, you gave the poor nurse a difficult time when she tried to take your weight. You refused to sit on the "chair" to get yourself weighed. So she suggested that you stood on the "big boy" scale. But you would not stand still.. so she could not get an accurate weight. In the end, mummy had to put you on the seat again with a little toy in order to get your weight. So current weight is 9.8kg.

There were quite a number of patients before you so you got yourself (along with mummy and daddy) busy by walking around the waiting area and also daddy let you go on the slide a few times. When more patients came, you could not play anymore as they were a lot bigger and we worried that you may get stepped on! So you walked around and even said "hi" to the nurses.. I lost count, maybe it was 10 times!

It was your turn finally. Dr Mary was happy with your weight and so she gave you the injection. You started crying as she asked mummy to hold your hands over your head and she used the alcohol wipe on your left thigh. The needle was in and out very quickly and you cried but stopped when mummy carried you up. Poor little guy...

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Let's Party!!!

Mummy had some friends over today during lunch time for a small party at the condo. So there were 16 adults and 7 babies/children. Big group eh? Lucky the condo could take so many people.. maybe more even!

We woke up and had a lazy morning before getting ready to go buy some things needed for the party. Of course before that, mummy cooked your moi moi along with some extra for Kelvin. Shortly after we left the condo, you fell asleep. So we took a slow drive to pick up the fruit tarts, buy nuggets and order pizza on the way back. So you managed to sleep for 45 mins. Phew.. we were worried that if you didn't get your morning nap, you'd be all cranky when our guests arrived.

We reached home and Ah Ma came with the pork rendang and apple salad that she made. While waiting for our guests and pizza to arrive, mummy fed you your moi moi.. otherwise you might get too excited and not finish your food. Surprisingly they arrived quite punctually (bearing gifts too!), and so the balance of your moi was left untouched after all. Sigh...

Everyone sat around chatting while having lunch or taking turns to take care of their children. You didn't know how to play with other children, so you tried to stick to mummy like glue. Luckily daddy and Ah Ma were around, so they helped entertain you while mummy chatted with friends and had lunch. Ah Ma even got the chance to "babysit" other babies while daddy entertained you!

So today you got to meet, Jing Ee, Grace, your "old" pal Kelvin (met him last week), Erin, Ethan and Dwayne. Ethan seemed interested in you as he was following you everywhere!

Everyone left around 3pm as the babies were tired. Time to go home and nap.. You on the other hand refused to take your afternoon nap. You continued to play and finally went to sleep at 4pm. You slept on the bed with daddy while mummy cooked your moi moi and went to join you all in slumber land after it was cooked. What an exhausting day.. you both slept for 2 hours. Mummy wanted to sleep longer, but you refused to let me..
Thanks to the aunties and uncles for the gifts. We got a nice carpet for you to play on and also a beautiful bedsheet set for our new condo.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Noise makers

Two innocent looking toys? NOT! One is a present from Nanna for your birthday, another was bought by Ah Ma. Both will drive any sane person crazy, but NOT for Evan Ban!

Yup, you just love both these noise makers. They play the same song again and again and again, and yet, you don't seem to get sick from the noise. In fact, if anyone tries to turn it off, no matter where you are, you will zero back to where they toys were and insist on turning it back on again. Worst still, they need to be turned on together! Sigh.. maybe we should get ear plugs.

On top of that, I'd suggest to everyone out there to buy shares in the battery factories. All these toys seem to require batteries.. lots of them. Keep having to buy more batteries! Ah.. another excuse to go shopping this weekend. To buy rechargeable batteries!

What's in your name?

Aiyo... just finished one tag and on to another.. Hin-Lerk's mummy tagged me on this. But a much simpler tag to do. Ok here goes.. as you know mummy and daddy are both "banana's" ie yellow on the outside, white in the inside, so in the selection of your name, mummy and daddy picked the English name, while Ah Kong was given the honour to help suggest a few Chinese names for you.

When mummy was 16 weeks pregnant, Dr Ng confirmed that you were a boy. So mummy went online to look for names and borrowed books from friends and even ee-ee on baby names. We finally narrowed down to Ethan, Dylan, Elijah and Gerald and they all got rejected. Everyone could think of how the name could be wrongly pronounced of made fun of. After looking around further, daddy and I finally agreed on Evan. Mummy started calling you "Evan" the moment we agreed on your name.Well, the original meaning that made us pick this name was "Little Warrior" in Celtic. But today upon receiving this "assignment" I also discovered that Evan in Welsh means "The Lord is gracious" and that it's a variant to the name John.Hhmm.. new discovery.

Next is the second part of your name. The Chinese name: Khai Siong. Ah Kong bought this book specially to look for a name for you:

He saw a lot of names that sounded nice. In fact this book is very interesting (someone told me so) as it will tell you the name and which person with that name that was famous, rich, kind etc etc. So began the search for a suitable name for you. I think the search for a nice Chinese name for you was the more difficult part. There are so many "pantang-larang" to abide by. For one, it must not be the same of any relative. So some words could not be used. On top of that, even similar sounding words, could not be used such as "jia" which sounds like mummy's "chia". And something about the number of strokes to suit your name.

As your ETA was fast approaching, Ah Ma had to push Ah Kong to quickly come up with some good suggestions. Otherwise, you won't have a name when you were born. So finally, Ah Kong and daddy came up with 万凯雄. Daddy even became a pro at using the Internet to look for words, based on the pinyin along with the meaning.
Ahem, that's why this morning when presented with this assignment, I had to quickly get the writing and meaning from daddy. Ok, ok.. I will admit (again) I do not know how to write your name in Chinese still. Like I had mentioned before, we also had to screen through the names to ensure that the selected name cannot be made into some joke. We also needed to decide how to spell your name. We weren't too keen on the pinyin spelling, so we changed it.

As for the meaning, Ban 万 is simple to write and simply means 10,000. Next time if when you learn to play mahjong, you will definitely know this word! As for Khai 凯, it means victorious. And Siong 雄 means hero. So somehow, your name has a lot of "heroes and warriors".
There, the meaning of Evan Ban Khai Siong.

**Start Copy**
Proposition: What is the meaning of your kid’s name?
Requirements: write about what or how or why you giving the name to your kids.
Quantity: FIVE PEOPLE.
Tag Mode:1st - You leave their blog and post link and add to the list below.
2nd - Let the blogger you want to tag know they been tagged by comment in their blog or etc.
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And so I will tag:
*Poh Kien - Tell us the meaning of Lynus
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*Joyce - Muahaha.. first time I get to tag you.. and you are the one who let the cat out of the bag!

Short of 1 but I leave others to be tagged..

Find out more about daddy and mummy

Oo.. you wanna know some secrets about mummy and daddy? Well, it's a bit difficult to write on daddy's behalf as the original tag from Aunty Joyce was to name 10 of my habits that daddy finds annoying, but mummy decided to make it fair, so will go with the other tag that Aunty Joyce did: 5 for each of us! Here goes nothing...

How mummy drives daddy crazy:
1. Leave my things everywhere: And when I want it, I cannot find them, and he will be scolded when I cannot find them. I also have a perpetual pile of clothes on his computer table chair! Only remove them after he nags me. And it will be back in the next few days again.

2. Talk till the cows come home: He says I can talk and talk and talk. Last week in the car he told me I've been talking from the time I got into the car at the factory until we reached home. And the moment he tells me "sshhh", i will sulk and NOT speak to him.

3. Always want to go shopping: Every weekend, daddy knows that's where I want to go. Even on weekdays. He knows that lunch at Queensbay is the best place to go. Even though I have nothing in particular to buy. I used to love window shopping. And daddy will complain that we walked the whole mall for 4-5 hours and I did not buy anything. I think he regrets saying that now... considering what I bought when we went to KL. Now he's afraid of shopping in case I lose control again.

4. Have too many handbags, clothes & shoes: He lost his cool once when he opened his closet door and my handbag attacked him. He got angry and packed them neatly into a larger bag. So now I don't have any license to buy anymore handbags. But daddy is very sweet. He "forgot" and bought me a handbag when he went to US and another from Japan. As for clothes, my closet is overflowing and some are now kept in the closet in the next room, but I keep wearing the newer clothes only. In the case of shoes... I think I'll let you find out more on your own. If I type any more, I think I will be banned permanently from any shopping complexes by daddy.

5. Step on the invisible brake: Perhaps it's because I'm used to sitting in the backseat with you, so whenever I'm in the front seat when we go to work, I get really jumpy when daddy goes too near to the car in front. So I will step on the invisible brake. Luckily they don't have another brake on my side of the car. And yet I'm the backseat driver, telling him to overtake that st*pid car, press the horn...

The little things daddy does that drives mummy nuts:

1. Golf, golf and more golf: I'm sure daddy is thinking "I knew it, I knew it" as he reads this blog. Haha.. He used to have "license" to play only 27 holes of golf each weekend. But somehow, it's extended to 36 holes. Hhmmm... I think we need to re look the original "contract". But good thing is that he plays morning games, so we still have time to do my favourite thing: Please refer to item#3 above. Shopping la..

2. Channel surfing: Yup, we have the full package for Astro so he will hog the controller the moment he gets into bed. Even you cannot wrestle the controller from daddy. Maybe next time when you can ask for it, he'll let you have the controller? Worst still daddy loves to watch the sports channels. I hate them! Then again, it's never on the same channel for long.

3. Spends a lot of time on his throne: How can a person sit for so long on the toilet, is beyond me. Worst still having to endure the aroma... all this just to read a few more pages of the Archie comic! Even though he's read it a million times before.

4. Plays too much computer games: Daddy loves those tactical games and also (not surprisingly la) Tiger Woods golf. The moment he restarts a new game, he will be at it for hours up till late at night. Sigh..

5. Zones out when he's focused on something: When daddy's doing something say, watching TV or playing his games, he will be so focused that he does not hear anything that I say. Actually, he hears me, but does not respond. He may realise later that I'm staring at him.. then he will give me his delayed answer. Arrggghhh.. pulling hair!

Ok all done. Phew.. took me a long time. Tags are exhausting. I hope this doesn't trigger WW III when we go home today. Then again, I'm sure daddy has more to add to "his" list! On another note, we have our little things that ticks each other off, but hey, that's what spices up this marriage!

Time to tag some people.. muahahhahaaaa...
* Kelvin's mummy and daddy - your turn to spend time on this
* Hin Lerk's mummy and daddy - Joyce said she wanted to tag you.. so I will do it..

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Tummy Ache again?

Sigh.. I'm feeling so sleepy as I type this. Why? Because you woke up at 2.20am for a feed, followed by a poo poo session. After that, you didn't seem to be able to sleep well. You kept complaining and rolling around trying to find a comfy spot to sleep on. You finally fell asleep an hour later and mummy put you back into your cot.

I thought that I would be able to sleep in a bit more as you should wake up later like before. But I guess I cannot work in a speculative job. Seems that all my predictions are WRONG! You woke up at 6.30am and refused to go back to sleep. Sigh..

We're trying to find out what you ate that does not agree with your tummy. But the only that different yesterday was that you ate A LOT. We had to add more moi moi for dinner and yet after that you wanted biscuits and more biscuits. I guess your storage was full!!

I guess you will be sleeping very soon. And you will probably be a difficult baby today. Even this morning while feeding you, you complained a lot! Anyway, hope that your tummy is better now. *kiss*kiss*

Monday, May 21, 2007

Hurricane Evan

I said before that you have a knack in creating the biggest mess ever imaginable within a short period of time. Look at this mess that you made yesterday morning while mummy went to the bathroom for a moment:

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Lazy Sunday

Since you slept early last night, you were up early this morning too. It was only 7.20am and you were up. And you refused to let mummy go back to sleep either. So after lazing in bed a while more, we left daddy to continue snoozing and went out to find Ah Kong and Ah Ma already up (of course, that is no surprise la. They always wake up early!).

So while you played with Ah Kong, Ah Ma put your egg to boil. We wanted to give you half boiled egg (yolk only) for breakfast today. When it was ready and cooled down, we let you have your mashed egg yolk which was added with some butter (so that it's not too dry). You liked it, but could not finish the whole thing. Worst still, we did not have any high chair in the condo, so we had to chase you all over while feeding you breakfast!!

After that, daddy woke up and you seemed so very glad to see him. You walked directly to him and hugged his legs! You sure made his day. After daddy had his breakfast, we left Ah Kong at home and went to Pulau Tikus market for Ah Ma to buy some things to cook for the rest of the week.

We went back and mummy cooked your moi moi for your lunch. While we had out lunch, Ah Ma tried to feed you. Again, as there was no high chair, she had to corner you and try to feed you. It worked only for a while before you "escaped" and she had to chase you to feed you again.

Daddy and Ah Kong left shortly as they had a golf game. They needed to swing home to pick up the golf sets. We also left shortly as you did not have your morning nap (again) which means you will probably fall asleep by 2pm for 2 hours long like yesterday. But you fell asleep before we reached home. Luckily you continued sleeping when mummy moved you out of your car seat and into your cot.

You woke up at 3pm, earlier than predicted, so mummy had to continue entertaining you, including turning your VERY noisy toys. Ah Ma complains everyday that she'll go crazy as you insist that BOTH toys need to be turned on. Sigh.. we need to invest either in a battery making factory or buy rechargeable batteries soon.

Daddy and Ah Kong came home early from their golf game. We had a "dinner date" with Uncle Stanley, Aunty Nellie and their family and a few friends. So you were already bathed and dressed and waiting for daddy. We packed your dinner and off we went to LemonGrass to meet up for dinner.

Again, after you had your dinner, you made a deposit. So mummy and daddy went home first while Ah Kong and Ah Ma went off with the rest of them to Queensbay for a walk and coffee before heading home.

Imagine.. you only slept an hour for the whole day and yet tonight, you slept at 10pm, your usual time.

*kiss*kiss* sweet dreams darling..

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Dinner Date with Daddy and Mummy

Since Ah Kong and Ah Ma was having dinner in Ipoh, it was just the 3 of us. We went to the condo after you woke up from your nap. Of course along the way, we picked up daddy's pants, and also went to Giant to pick up some snacks and necesities for the condo before heading to the condo.

Lucky daddy is strong enough to carry so many things. Some were heavy, some we bulky. And mummy could not help, as I was carrying precious cargo: YOU. We made only 1 trip up. Wow!

Soon, it was time to bathe you and get ready for dinner. We were trying to decide where to go for dinner: Italian or Japanese. In the end, we decided to go to this really nice looking Japanese Restaurant that advertised the chef: some Japanese guy. We parked the car but found out that the whole restaurant didn't have non-smoking area. So we had to go elsewhere. Mummy had to go in to check-out the other restaurant. Yup, it is non-smoking so we could have our Japanese dinner. Yummy.. We took a risk and let you try some Chawan-Mushi. "Risk" because we had not introduced eggs to you. But keeping in mind Dr Mary's advise that you can eat everything that we can (including char kuey tiau), we let you try some. And you loved it!
So you took moi moi and Chawan-Mushi for dinner tonight.

After dinner, daddy said it's still early and Ah Kong and Ah Ma are only on their way back from Ipoh, so we took a drive to buy "ham chin peng" for supper/breakfast. By the time we were done, you'd fallen asleep in your carseat, but not before you having done your poo-poo. So we carried you up to the condo, cleaned your soiled bottom, changed you into your PJs and you never woke up throughout the whole process!

Lunch with Aunties and Uncles

We had a lunch date with Kelvin along with some of mummy's ex-collegues. We were supposed to meet them at Queensbay Mall at 12pm. But obviously travelling with babies would mean you and Kelvin dictated the time when you are ready to go.. Then again, Aunty Calista (who prefers you to call her che-che) was even later than us. She got the time wrong! Hahaha...

The moment we reached Central Park where they were waiting for us, we parked you and Kelvin side by side and mummy whipped out your moi moi that was ready and waiting for you. I guess you must be rather hungry, since it's way pass your lunch time. Anyway, you were a good boy, demonstrating how to enjoy moi moi. Mummy had to eat in between feeds. But after eating, you started to make noise, so mummy had to take you out of your stroller. Next you wanted to walk around. So mummy had to walk around with you while the rest of them chit chat away. Only managed to catch bits and pieces of the conversation. Sigh.. next time will bring daddy along. So he can entertain you and I chit chat with my friends. Daddy didn't come along today because he had a lunch to attend. Service award for working in the company for more than 5 years.

Anyway we left at 2pm. You and Kelvin needed your beauty sleep. Especially in your case. You woke up this morning at 8am and never took your morning nap. So you fell asleep just before we reached home. You woke up when mummy got out of the car, but you fell asleep almost immediately again. You slept for 2 hours and only woke up because mummy was clumsy and dropped the controller. The loud noise woke you up. Lucky daddy was already back by then. So it's his turn to keep you entertained.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Tummy Ache?

Good morning.. as I'm typing this, I think you are still sleeping. Poor little guy. You woke up at 4am had a feed and refused to sleep. Next thing I know, you did a stinkie. And you made sounds like you were doing a poo poo. I could not believe that this was happening. Gosh, it's been a long time since you poo-ed in the middle of the night.

But it was true. So mummy had to bring you to the toilet, ask you to finish your business, wash your bum-bum and put on a new diaper that daddy brought me. Yup.. surprisingly daddy woke up when he heard the commotion. Either that or he heard you making a lot of noise. After all was cleaned, we went back to bed. But you decided that you didn't want to sleep. So you rolled around and won't let me sleep either.

Then 20 minutes later, you did the same poo poo sound again. Sigh.. Again, we went to the bathroom to finish up and clean up. Then put on a clean diaper, with you kicking a big fuss as mummy did so. Finally, all cleaned and dressed, and you rolled around for a while (making noises now and then) before finally falling asleep.

Phew.. interrupted sleep for 1 hour. No wonder you were still sleeping when mummy and daddy left for work. In fact, mummy overslept too. Sigh... But still managed to get ready on time.

Daddy says maybe your tummy cannot take the cheese that he gave you during dinner yesterday evening. Hhhmm.... but contrary to what Ah Kong said, you loved the cheese. Kept asking for more after the usual "sour face" shown during the first taste of the cheese. Do you want more cheese?

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Wake up so early!!!

My dear.. Ah Ma said that you did not have your afternoon nap yesterday. And we had an adventure in the evening too. Some parts of the house had no electricity. Our room had lights but no air-con. So we decided to sleep in daddy's old room. Yup, the room that is now your "playroom". So since it was still early and you seemed rather alert, we let you play on the floor with your toys. Mummy tried to take a picture of the mess you made but you wanted to follow me, so no chance to take a picture of "Hurricane Evan's" devastation to the room! Haha... What a mess!

Soon, you fell asleep after a quick feed. Tired I guess. And it was only 9.15am. Later the electricity came and so we moved you back to your cot in our room.

And you woke up at 6.30am this morning. Sigh.. so early.. so mummy had to entertain you. You wouldn't let me go back to sleep. Now I feel so sleepy...

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

No more flu

Glad to announce that you don't have the flu anymore. Phew.. and so you are sleeping better through the night. Fewer midnight feeds. *phew*

I wonder when you would be able to sleep through the night.. Soon I hope. Anyway the person who's hoping that you would sleep through the night would be daddy. I told him yesterday that it will be his turn to wake up when you are no longer being breastfed! So.. I think he will be talking to you soon (and often) about sleeping through the night *wink*

Imagine daddy did not even hear you when you woke up yesterday morning crying away (quite loudly) as you seemed to be having a nightmare. Maybe mummy needs to let him start practicing soon.. wake him up everytime you wake up.

Thunder and lightning

It was raining and the thunder and lightning was so loud this morning. In fact the electricity got cut off. But thankfully, you did not wake up at all. Slept right through the noise.

But you woke up EARLY this morning. 6.45am!! Sigh.. so mummy had to get up, get ready to go to work and we went down for breakfast, just the two of us. I guess by now, you must be sleepy again.. since you woke up so early..

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to me... Daddy picked this card to give to me. It's supposed to be from you and him:

It's a happy day for me. I spent the whole day with you while daddy and Ah Kong went to play golf. Ah Ma was out, she took Great-Grandma to see the doctor and she went shopping after that.

You kept mummy busy, walking and roaming the whole living and dining room. So busy. Of course in the course of roaming, you also occasionally tried to kick poor Furbie. Luckily he's smart enough to stay out of your way. On top of that,you kept busy throwing your train down the 3 steps connecting the living room and the dining room!

Mother's Day is a special occasion, but the news of the demise of a colleague made me reflect further on the importance of spending quality time. I do not even know her personally, but the thought of her leaving behind a young child made me ever so sad and serves as a sad reminder to mummy and daddy the importance of spending quality and quantity time with you.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Second birthday party for the day

We took a slow drive over to BM so that you could get more sleep. We know that you would wake up the moment we stopped the car or tried to move you. Also, we needed to pick up Nanna's birthday cake from Secret Recipe along the way. When we arrived, there were so many people buying cakes, as it is Mother's Day tomorrow. So mummy picked the cake, which came with a carnation, and we went for a long drive to Nanna's house, through the Juru township.

We finally reach Nanna's house after you'd slept for an hour. And of course, you woke up when mummy tried to carry you out of your car seat. Nanna and Ee-ee had gone out shooping so only Grampy and Chelsea were in the house. Of course Chelsea tried to jump at you while I was carrying you. Surpringly, you let Grampy carry you. Of course he had to entice you with the light switches.

Nanna and Ee-ee came back with a toy for you. Too bad, you were afraid of the buggy. Maybe it's because it's too big. Ee-ee tried to ask you several times if you wanted to ride on the buggy, but everytime, you shook your head.

Mummy cooked your moi moi dinner today. Er.. correction: mummy supervised while Grampy cooked your moi moi. He was in the kitchen preparing dinner and mummy had to bathe you and take a bath myself after that (I was also wet after giving you a bath). So after your bath, mummy fed you your dinner and it was our turn to have dinner. Everyone was there, except for your Tua Ku who's in US at the moment and Seh Ku, he's always late!

After dinner we had soem dessert followed by the blueberry cheesecake that we bought. Yummy... We even took the balance cake home, as Nanna is not supposed to eat so much sweet things, and Grampy is going fishing on Monday.

Busy Saturday-First birthday party for the day

We had to plan our time carefully today. So many things to do, so little time. Of course we managed to sleep until 8am. A great feat, considering that's your usual time to wake up. Daddy of course got to sleep in a bit more while we both went down for breakfast.

After you were bathed and ready, Ah Ma came back to take care of you and let you have your morning nap while we took Furbie out to see the vet. It took slightly longer than we planned so we could go to the bank as planned. But this vet was a wonderful and patient man. He took his time to look at Furbie's back, give him his vaccination that (sadly) is overdue, cut his nails and trim some of his hair. Furbie has a bald patch on his back but we cannot see it:

After that we went home, but you were sleeping. So the moment you were "almost" awake, we took you into the car and were off. We still have the mission to look for the candle. And we found it! Finally... So we headed for the restaurant for lunch. Not many people were there when we arrived. So you had some of your lunch as it was getting late. You had a busy time exploring the whole restaurant, walking and someone had to accompany you all the time. You would occasionally sit in your high chair (lucky we brought along your high chair), but only for a while. Here's the present we bought for Abby. I forgot to take a picture of the toy, blouse and skirt before wrapping them up:

We had to leave early, as Nanna was waiting for us in BM. So we had a quick stop at a shop to buy your biscuits and the bank before heading to BM. You must have been so tired. You slept shortly after we left the bank! Poor little guy..

Friday, May 11, 2007

Of shopping and candles

We decided to go out to Gurney Plaza today after work. So mummy and daddy went home, gave you a bath, got your dinner packed and off we went. But before that we made several stops to bakeries in search for that elusive "Number ONE" candle for Abby. Uncle Sin Chuan had called daddy yesterday asking where to get the candle. It was Abby's birthday party tomorrow and he could not find the candle, similar to the one you had for your birthday cake. In fact we had searched several shops at Queensbay during lunch time but could not find it.

So after going to 2 bakeries and looking for another 2 baking good shops that were closed, we headed for Gurney Plaza for dinner. We went to Fish & Co for dinner.. and you also had fish moi moi. Such a coincidence! Dinner was delicious, and we tried our luck (looking for the candle)in several shops in Gurney before giving up. But before heading home, we tried another 3 more shops.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Still with Flu

When we went back yesterday, Ah Ma said that you didn't have your afternoon nap. So we quickly gave you a bath, thinking that you would fall asleep anytime soon. But you had other plans in mind! After your bath, you decided to play a while, and since it was almost time for dinner, we gave you dinner. We had our dinner after you.

And still you refuse to go to sleep. Perhaps you missed Ah Kong since he hasn't been home during lunch time in the past 2 days to entertain you so you wanted to play with him.

We finally took you upstairs around 8pm and yet you played a while on our bed before going off to bed close to your usual time, 9.30pm! You are so full of energy, even though you are still with the flu. We could still hear mucus when you breathe. And you are still sneezing quite a bit. Ah Ma says you're yucky, you will stick your tongue out after you sneeze, tasting your mucus!


Keep forgetting to write about this. But I do recall telling everyone and anyone who would listen la.. I noticed that over the 5 days we spent with you while on holiday your walking "skills" was getting better and better. While you fell quite often initially, even when walking around The Curve, you are now walking more steadily.

In fact, we used to hold both your hands while you walk, but in KL you only wanted to hold one hand while walking. Then we noticed that you are now able to take more steps unaided. And on Sunday, while you were roaming the condo, I was actually only holding on to your shirt. You are such a clever boy. Sigh.. our little boy is growing up so quickly!!!!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Evan still with blocked nose

You seemed to be better this morning. We were so worried yesterday that we went home during lunch time to see how you were. You seemed to be a bit "blur". But still quite ok, since you could complain when mummy and daddy were leaving for work. So in the end, daddy dropped mummy off at work and took his notebook home to work from home. So you were contented to have him. Ah Ma said that you were calling "da da" the whole morning.

By the way, I'm proud to say that you can now officially call us "ma ma" and "da da". I noticed you looking directly at daddy and calling him. You have to excuse him though, sometimes he's too engrossed in what he's doing that he doesn't realise you were calling him. Daddy in his dreamworld...

Ok back to the flu story, you seemed very cheerful as usual but still have mucus running down your nose whenever you sneeze. And your body does not feel too warm to the touch anymore this morning.

Get well soon, sweetheart.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Evan down with the flu

We went to stay at the condo on Saturday. Since the weather was nice, we decided to go down to the swimming pool for another attempt with you. The first time we took you to the pool, only Ah Kong went in. Mummy forgot to bring my costume and daddy was still at home as he had a wedding dinner to attend. You refused to get into the water. Instead you were stuck to me like glue!

But on Saturday since mummy and daddy brought our costumes, we went down along with Ah Kong to the pool. You were rather afraid of the water initially, and refused to let anyone other than mummy to carry you in the water. But after a while and daddy doing funny things to amuse you, you calmed down a bit and even let daddy and Ah Kong carry you in the pool. You even wanted to follow daddy blow bubbles in the water.

I guess we over did it this time. Played too long in the cold water as you started to sneeze yesterday. Worst still you were up very often throughout the night, and I could hear phlegm when I carried you. You seemed better this morning, but Ah Ma just called to say that you seem to be a bit "manja" and didn't finish your milk.

I hope you will get better today darling.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Fifth day of our holiday: Camerons & Ipoh

After everyone was ready today, we went to have brunch at Suria. They serve mamak food in Tanah Rata. We walked to the restaurant and as always someone had to entertain you while the rest of us had our meal! You refuse to sit in the high chair. Sigh...

We walked back to the condo and enjoyed the cool air a bit. Also to watch you walk around.

After that we relaxed around the apartment while you had your nap. After that we left Tanah Rata. It was a long and slow drive down, as it is Labour Day and so many people took the opportunity to visit Cameron Highlands. It started to rain as we went down the hill. Mummy managed to get this shot. Look at the mist!

We had dinner in Ipoh before heading back to Penang. It was such a long day, you slept all the way back to Penang.