Friday, June 29, 2007

Who is 15 months old?

You, Evan, turn 15 months old today. Such a big boy.

Mummy has so many thoughts as you turn 15 months old. Is it time to introduce formula milk to you? Are you ready for it? What brand shall I give you? Sigh.. our little baby is growing so quickly.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Busy Evening..

Mummy and daddy had to rush back after work today and do a mad rush to get everything ready before leaving the house. Mummy went home and gave you a shower then daddy fed you while mummy took a bath and mummy took over after that. We quickly ate our dinner and we were off.

First stop: photo studio. We finally have an appointment to pick the pictures that were taken quite a while back. The people there were NOT efficient. Our pictures were not ready. In fact, we had to wait a while to be served. And when we were finally served the lady could not find the file with your pictures. By then we were getting angry as we had to go to Adventist Hospital after that. So when they finally found the pictures, we did a quick one and ended up with 10 extra pictures along with the free 8R photograph. Daddy paid and we rushed to Adventist Hospital.

Second stop: Adventist Hospital. Daddy dropped us at the lobby and we quickly went to Paeds Clinic. There we SO MANY people waiting for their turn. The nice nurse who could recognise you told mummy we had to wait for 9 people before our turn! So in while waiting for your turn, we were kept busy by you, walking around, playing with daddy, looking at the fish. We even met Kelvin, and his mummy and daddy, and Aunty Cath along with Beatrice, Bernice and Uncle Andrew.
It was finally your turn to see Dr Mary. She checked you and you seemed fine. She asked about your diet and she still insists that we can introduce to you our food. Now that you're a big boy, she said that we should wait for her to be ready with the needle before mummy brings you over to the table/bed. She said that you would be able to recognise it now. Before giving you the jab, she asked if you had been exposed to eggs. She explained before that MMR contains eggs, so we needed to feed you eggs first. And we have been feeding you eggs a few times over the month. Of course, you protested and screamed when she poked you. But after daddy carried you for a while, you calmed down and we left after paying.
Luckily mummy brought along your PJs. We changed you and by the time we got home, you were already in zzzzz-Land

What a way to kick start a Thursday!

How? You are wondering? Of course the timing of you waking up is "wonderful".. sigh.. at 6.50am this morning. But you grinned when you woke up and then...

You gave mummy a big, loud kiss on my forehead. And when mummy looked at you, you gave me several more kisses. Aaawww... you're so sweet. And of course, your mummy is NOT selfish, so I asked you to give daddy a big kiss too.

And of course, you did. But before that, you gave him a big smack on his face! Haha.. wake him up to ensure daddy knows that you give him a big kiss right?

It has been a long week for mummy and daddy, and any amount of kisses, be it real or flying kisses, coming from you really make our day! *Muakksss to you, sweetie*

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Introduction of a new dish..

Aiyo... didn't have time to take a picture of your new dish that Ah Ma cooked up for you. Mummy and daddy left the office late today, so we rushed home, mummy gave you a shower (yup.. shower) while daddy mashed your food.
Boy.. did you love your new dish. It was a combination of US russet potato (3/4), chicken and some carrots. So colourful and you even got to drink some of the soup. Initially, you were very interested in the mash potato and did not want the soup, but after all the potato was polished, you also drank whatever soup that daddy took for you.
And on top of that you ate some sliced apples. Mummy cut them and gave them to you and of course, greedy you had to stuff them all into your mouth. I think it's better for us to feed you!!

Monday, June 25, 2007

Wonderful weekend with Ah Ku and Uncle Troy

Ah Ku will be moving to the US soon. Why? Because he's going to realise his dream of obtaining his MBA. He managed to get into his first choice school: Wharton. So he came back to spend some time over the weekend with us. And Uncle Troy who came from US also dropped by to see us. We woke up on Saturday morning, had our breakfast and got ready as we were to pick up Uncle Troy. Ah Ku had arrived the day before and was at home helping Nanna and Grampy out, in preparing for Poh Piah. It was his special request for the weekend.

When 4ee poh, 4 teo kong, your 2 Ah Chors and your uncles (Ashley and Julian) came over for lunch, you were a bit shy and stuck to mummy most of the time as daddy had gone off for his golf game. But after they left, you warmed up to Ee-ee (again), Nanna, Grampy and Ah Ku. You played with them, let them show you the light switched and even tried to push Ah Ku while he rode on your buggy. And you ate a lot of biscuits too! See:

We had poh piah for dinner again. So while daddy was eating, mummy and Seh Ku (Alex) entertained you and fed you the moi moi that Grampy had cooked for you earlier. You were a good boy and sat (and stood) on the sofa throughout the whole meal. And you finished all the moi moi that was cooked for you. Clever boy!

On Sunday we left Penang only around 2pm. Daddy had an early morning golf game. You also woke up when he woke up. Sigh.. so you napped that morning before daddy came back. We had lunch with Ah Ma and Ah Kong in mummy's favourite place, Queensbay Mall before heading to BM. We were due for a family photo shoot.

When we arrived at the studio, of course you decided to be mummy's superglue and so I had to carry you. You wouldn't even let daddy carry you when the photographer asked us to let someone else carry you! Sigh..

We went home and since you didn't want to take a nap, we had more photographs taken: (camerawoman was ee-ee and ah ku) Posing with Ah Ku

With Nanna and Ee-ee

So went to Tambun (ee-ee and Nanna's favourite place) for dinner as Ah Ku wanted to show Uncle Troy all the different types of seafood that we have. Dinner was good but it was a bit hot and towards the end, daddy turned on the aircon in the car and we both sat in there as your whole head was already wet by then.

We went home to Penang shortly after that. You were tired and Ee-ee had already gone home too. She needed to sleep as she stars work early everyday.

Phew.. what a long and busy weekend.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Drive us crazy!

Let me count the things you do that makes daddy and mummy go crazy:

-My superglue: I think ever since you got sick, you've been stuck to me like glue. But only when you see me. Just like this morning, when mummy wanted to go to work, you made a lot of noise when I passed you to daddy. But after a while you calmed down (and had probably forgotten about mummy already!)

-You wake up in a good mood most of the time: Mummy got out of the bathroom this morning and was greeted with the biggest, sweetest grin from you. To top it off, you gave me a big juicy kiss when I asked for it. And when I asked you to kiss daddy, you gave his a whack on his head.. hahaha... you must be trying to wake up your sleepy head daddy.

-You are the first person we love to see when we reach home after a long, tiring day at work: Ah Ma or Kakak will bring you to the top of stairs and we will always get to see your smiling face. Of course, Furbie stands in front you you to greet us too.. with his toy.

-Our little angel: Angel mostly when you are asleep. When you are awake, you can be very demanding, telling us where you would like to go (in the house) and which toy you would like to play with. But we all love playing with you, exhausting as it may be...

-Yes or No: You can tell us what you want. When people want to carry you, you will tell him no by shaking your head. Last week, when daddy's golf "kaki" asked you to give him a "high-5" you told him no! Haha.. And if you want something, you will nod your head.. along with your whole body shaking in agreement too.

-You need more milk for your feeds: Yup, Ah Ma said your appetite is back, and you are wanting more. Now mummy has to prepare 6oz feeds. Sigh.. I guess it's almost time to reduce my breastfeeding and introduce formula milk, as I don't think I can cope with the demands. Boy, would I miss those times we spend together when you are feeding.

- Harass poor Furbie: You're lucky that Furbie is nice to you and lets you get away with harassing him, such as kicking him and stepping on him. In fact you sometimes yell at him when he's too noisy too. But we worry that one day Furbie might bite you back. Sigh.. But I better warn you to stay away from Nanna's (crazy) dog, Chelsea. She's not as nice as Furbie!

- Our bed mate: You seem to have decided that you prefer to sleep on our bed. Every night after you sleep for 3-4 hours, you will decide that you prefer our bed and so after the feed, you will join us in our little queen size bed!

You do so many cute and funny things that make us go crazy, but we love you loads and wouldn't want you to change. Our dear little Evan, you are perfect just the way you are..

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day Da-da!

Happy Father's Day to Evan's Da-da.
It was a busy day today. We woke up at 8am, and soon it was time to get ready for a long, long day. We're going back to see 5th Chek Kong. He just had an angiogram and angioplasty done, and now he's home resting and also waiting to see you. I'm sure they all miss you a lot as you haven't been back to Ipoh for more than a month.
So we left Penang at 9.30am and very shortly after that, you fell asleep. Phew... And just as we entered the Jelapang booth, you woke up. All well rested. We reached home and guess what? It's Chek Kong's birthday today. So his friends brought food to celebrate at home with him. Since he was busy entertaining his friends, we went out with Aunty Natalie and daddy to buy the famous Ipoh coffee. Of course you had to poo-poo while we were out, so we went home to clean you up after that and to feed you lunch. Still not having very good appetite. Daddy and I feel like you've grown thinner, just over these few days of having the flu and diarrhea. Sigh.. Get well soon and regain your appetite soon okie, sweetie?
We played around a while and you went up to have a nap again. Of course mummy and daddy joined you while you were having your nap. You slept quite long today. Surprisingly as Ah Ma is complaining that you seem to be taking 1 nap only lately. After you woke up, mummy started preparing your moi moi. We went up to take a bath while Ah Ma cooked your dinner.
You ate more than you have been taking lately. Clever boy. Perhaps because 5th Chim Poh sat around to keep you entertained while you ate too. Also you were busy showing of your newly acquired skills to her!
We left Ipoh at around 8pm, and you made a lot of fuss on the way back before finally falling asleep, much to everyone's relief. You woke up when we reach Penang and daddy reckoned that you wouldn't sleep until 11.30pm. Luckily daddy was wrong. You slept at 10.15pm. But before that, you gave him his Father's Day card and present. I had planned for you to give it to him this morning, but we were in a rush..

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Photo Session!

Last week Jing Ee's mummy told us about a bridal shop doing promotional photography for babies/children. So the following day, Ching Ern's mummy came with the advertisement (it was in Chinese) and she gathered several friends to sign up for the free 8R picture that came with the photo shoot. So during lunch time, a few of us went to sign up for ourselves and the rest who could not make it. Later in the afternoon, they called up asking us to go in for the photo shoot at 5pm! Of course we could not make it, and so we had to reschedule and picked today.

Mummy was on half day leave today as you were actually having diarrhea and so mummy and Ah Ma took you to Adventist Hospital to see Dr Mary. She said that you were fine. Initially when Dr Mary looked at you, she thought that you were very sick, as you did not move and just gave her an empty look. But when you went in to see her, she said you seem fine. So she gave us some medication "in case" and we were off. You seemed perfectly fine after that. You flashed the pharmacist your sweetest grin, earning you a nice yellow measuring spoon, and later a measuring cup when we went to pick up your medication. After that mummy went to make an appointment with the gynea and you even let Lina (the nurse in the OBGYN clinic) carry you!

Before going home, Ah Ma wanted to stop at Giant. So since we didn't bring the stroller, we let you sit in the shopping trolley. You seemed game to sit contently.. or so we thought. After 5 minutes, you got bored and decided it was more fun to sit with the groceries! So after a quick purchase, we left. Needed to get you home to rest before your photo session.

Perhaps you knew that something was up, and so after your bath, you refused to take a nap. Instead you played until it was time to go to the studio. Daddy and Ah Kong both left work early to watch you during the photo shoot. We arrived on time, but you were asleep by then. Luckily the photographer was late and so you got to nap a bit more. Soon, you were up and we got you dressed.

It was the longest 1/2 hour ever. We had to try to make you smile and also keep you in the middle so that the photographer could take your pictures. Sadly the photographer lacked the skill to photograph children/babies, as he never got any of the moments that you were smiling. He had brought out a BIG teddy bear that you loved at sight, and smiled and hugged it, but I doubt that he managed to get any good pictures. We ended the shoot with some of you smiling. Guess how... mummy, daddy and Ah Ma had to sing "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star"! Anyway, we'll see how it goes after we view the pictures.

After that we left for dinner and went home. What a long day.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Happy Anniversary to daddy and mummy!!

It's our 3rd anniversary today. Nope, no special plans. We decided to postpone to Saturday as Ah Kong and Ah Ma have a wedding dinner to attend then. So we will go out for a special dinner, just the three of us.

Today was an eventful day. On top of it being our anniversary (and Aunty Joanne's birthday: Happy Birthday, Joanne) many things happened today. Read on:
1. No water:
Ah Ma gave you "strict" instructions to wake up earlier as there was an expected water cut starting at 8.30am. Of course you were good and woke up as instructed at 7.15am. Even before mummy was ready to wake up. So you waited patiently while mummy got ready (for 10 minutes, then you started making noise!), then we both went down for breakfast while daddy got ready to go to work. So you managed to have your bath before the water was cut.

2. Head got stuck
If you are wondering what is in the picture above, this is the disaster area where you got your head stuck. Ah Ma called mummy to tell me that you got your head stuck in between the railings while playing this morning, I could still hear you crying at the top of your voice. It seems that you put your head through the railings, then slid downwards where it is narrower and so your head could not get out. You calmed down after a while and Ah Ma called mummy again and mummy tried to talk to you. Poor thing, you were still sobbing then. We came home during lunch time to see you, but you were sleeping.
Ah Ma said that this incident scared you a bit. So you were a bit manja throughout the day.

3. Still have the flu
You screamed at daddy several times as he tried to suck out the mucus from your nose using the suction thingy. Poor little guy. I hope you get well soon. Your appetite wasn't so good today, during lunch and also dinner time.

4. Insect bite
You had one bite on your face that thankfully looks better today, but yesterday you got another on your left foot and today, mummy found one more on your right hand and another on your left arm. I think you need to wear long sleeved shirts in the evenings as advised by Dr Mary earlier on. Looks like it's mosquito season again.

Thankfully after such an eventful day, you seemed perfectly fine in the evening. You even helped mummy take the picture of the "disaster area".

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Flu again...

We decided to bring you to see the doctor today as your flu didn't seem to be getting better. To make us feel better, we braved ourselves to go to the hospital on a Sunday, knowing that it would be VERY crowded. Mummy and daddy planned to go as early as possible, but instead you decided to wake up early before 6 and went back to sleep again until almost 9am! By the time we were all ready, it was almost 10am. So we went to Adventist to register you at the paediatric clinic and since it was a long wait, we decided to go have breakfast. We had to go to several places before finding a suitable place to eat. The first shop had a write up in the newspaper that day so EVERYONE went there to try daddy's favourite char koay teow. Too bad, then we went to another large food court, but we were too early, so there wasn't much choices and we left.

Finally we went to our usual haunt and had breakfast while you had some biscuits. We headed back to the hospital but we'd missed your turn. So we waited a while and it was out turn. Dr Mary said you had no phlegm in your lungs (phew!) and just a blocked nose. So she prescribed polaramine and Iliadin. I think these medications must be the most prescribed medication. Several of mummy's friends have had these medication prescribed to their children too. Flu season? I guess so...

On our way home, you fell asleep so daddy took our stuff and we were on our way to BM to see Nanna and Grampy. We stopped to buy Sarawak Laksa along the way for lunch. We lazed around the house with Nanna and Grampy until it was dinnertime. And again, you fell asleep on the way to the restaurant. And you continued sleeping until we finished our dinner. So in the end, we decided to bring you home for dinner. But you decided that you were VERY hungry when we were almost home and made a lot of noise, making sure that we knew you were hungry.

So we fed you and started our journey home. Mummy forgot to inform my friends that we could not make it for the playgroup (again) this week. So excited to go to BM, that it slipped my mind. Anyhow, you still have the flu. Better not share your germs!!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007


No.. not another blog complaining about the lack of sleep mummy is having. In fact, with the long weekend that just passed, mummy had enough sleep to make up for the lack of it over the week. Imagine you were such a good boy, that you slept until 8.45 on Saturday morning, while on Sunday morning you slept till close to 8am. We had less sleep yesterday. You woke up at 7.15am. Sigh.. it felt to mummy like I'd just gone to sleep, after having breakfast with daddy. He was up very early yesterday morning as he had a golf game in Kulim. Yup, he was up at 5.30am! Sheesh.. who wakes up at such a time?!

Anyway, my intention was to show a series of pictures of you sleeping. I recall when you were just born, a lot of your pictures were of you sleeping. I remember Aunty Natalie complained that most of our pictures were of a sleeping Evan. Of course you slept a lot. You were so small then. That's what you did: eat and sleep (poo and wee too!). Now, we keep hoping that you will sleep longer so that we get to complete more chores while you are asleep.
Looking at the pictures, we can tell that you've grown so much. Sigh...

Sleepy newborn at the hospital

3 weeks old baby

New sleeping position?
Mummy was sleeping next to you when you flipped and slept like this. Could not resist the urge to get up and snap this picture.

Here you are sleeping sweetly as mummy is busy typing away.

Goodnight sweetie, sweet dreams *muakkss*

Monday, June 04, 2007

Long weekend

Since daddy went off to Kulim for golf, and Ah Kong is in US, we went to Gurney Plaza for kai-kai with Ah Ma. Ah Ma wanted to buy a top for a wedding dinner she's attending. You didn't take your morning nap, so throughout the day, you were a little grouchy. We had lunch at The Food Loft. The food was quite nice, and they even had out table ready along with a high chair ready for you by the time we deiced on what to order. After that, Ah Ma and you went to Toys R Us and she bought you another toy. She's just bought you a police car that had lights and made noises when we went to Tesco Extra on Sunday morning. She wanted to get you a new toy to replace the 2 noise makers that are about to KO soon. The truck has 2/4 wheels left. It's very lopsided and the bus moves backwards only! But they still make A LOT of noise.
We went home soon, as you were getting tired and more grouchy. You have been having runny nose for a while. So while you slept at home mummy and daddy went out to run a few errands: had my eyes checked (finally!), went to the condo to have the balcony measured, had our hair cut and took Furbie to see the vet.
Nanna, 2 ee-poh and Ah Chor came soon, as they dropped 2 teo-kong off at the airport. We went to Tung Hoi for dinner. It was fun. You even let ee-poh walk around with you. She says it's VERY tiring walking around with you. Just before we left, you had a fall. No one was watching you and you tried to grab at the table cloth. Never mind.. no bruises.
You slept early again. Long weekend tires you out even more.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Cheeky Baby

We haven't taken much pictures of you lately. So while you were playing with daddy, we managed to get this cheeky picture of you wearing the beanie that Seh Ku got you a long time ago. It was a full moon gift from him.

You kept wanting to pull away the beanie the moment daddy puts it on your head. But we managed to get this picture of you posing with the impish grin before you pulled the beanie away.

Friday, June 01, 2007


You love to clap. And when Ah Ma opened this musical book, you got all excited and were clapping way. Daddy and mummy had to dash out to the convenience store nearby to buy the batteries for the book, as Ah Ma said you were disappointed that there was no music coming from the book.

From the video, you are walking more steadily now.

Evan's First Car

Actually this car (I think it's a jeep) was given to you when you were just born. It was a full moon gift from mummy's ex-colleagues. Of course, then you were too small to play with the car. So Anna che-che will "inspect" the car everytime she visits to ensure that the car is in tip-top condition.

Later on when you were old enough, you didn't seem to keen to play with the car. In fact you seem afraid of the car. Actually, to date, you have 3 vehicles. This jeep which is kept at home, the fire truck that ee-ee bought for you for your birthday, and a buggy that ee-ee bought for you which is kept in nanna's house. Everytime we tried to put you on the vehicles, you would cling to us and refuse to sit on them. In fact, ee-ee tried to trick you by asking you many times. I think she tried to wear you out, make you give up and sit in the buggy, but in the end, you won. You didn't sit in the buggy. I think daddy had a great time playing on it though..

Tonight daddy tried to let you play on the jeep, and to our surprise, you happily played on it. Of course daddy had to bend over and push you around. Looks like it's going to be a backbreaking play time on the jeep. Ah Ma says she won't let you play while you're in her watch. She doesn't have the energy to bend over for so long. So I guess daddy is the lucky person to play with you and the jeep. Good luck to daddy. I think he will need a back rub tonight after this play!

Weeklong torture session

Thank God It's Friday! That's the message that appears on Aunty Joanne's status for the Yahoo! messenger. And today I totally agree with her. I feel so so very tired. Why? Because other than yesterday, you have been waking up early every morning for a round of play or poo session before going to sleep.

Worst still, you wont let mummy sleep. I think this morning was the worst. You woke up at 4.30am, had a feed, rolled in our bed, decided to turn vertically and stick your legs into daddy's sides while giving him an occassional kick or two. In the end, you managed to wake daddy up, and he had to move further for you to sleep. But in actual fact, you were NOT asleep. You rolled around more and whined and crawled on mummy, then lie down queitly to sucker us into thinking you had fallen asleep.. but next thing we know, you're moving around the bed again!

Luckily yesterday you did not wake up to play as mummy and daddy had to go to work early! Phew, and luckily mummy put you back in your cot before we left as Ah Ma said that you were sitting up when she went to our room!

Other than that you woke up twice to poo in the middle of the night. Mummy had to clean you and change you and of course you refuse to go back to sleep immediately. I feel so tired now. My collegue just commented that I look like a walking zombie!!