Monday, October 29, 2007

Another Passport Sized Picture

We tried to have your picture taken over the long weekend on one of those days when we were in Gurney Plaza. Unfortunately, you were rather cranky and un-cooperative. So we asked them to redevelop your passport sized picture. The lady at the shop said that she will change the background to white, but sadly she didn't and our pictures looked ghastly! We looked like convicts.. or worst still illegal immigrants. So to be on the safe side to ensure we don't have problems in getting our Japan visa's, we decided to have our pictures re-taken. And so last Thursday we left work early as Ah Ma wanted to have her hair set for our trip to Singapore.

We all changed and got ready to go have our pictures taken. You just look to adorable. Daddy reckons better than the passport picture.

After having our pictures taken, we also went to the airport to pay for your plane ticket to Singapore. Unfortunately we were too early and the counter wasn't open yet. So we waited around a while, with you climbing up and down the stairs, until the counter opened.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Singapore Day 3: The Last Day

We weren't too surprised when you only woke up at 9am (it was a very long day yesterday). As usual, mummy was already up by then and showered. That way, it's one less person fighting for the bath. And since you used the bathtub while daddy used the shower, there was no queue that way. Like yesterday, you went down in your PJs and the rest of the family were already there, having breakfast. Ah Kong wasn't around as he'd already gone off for a golf game with Uncle KK. Again, you were given the nice highchair, plate and cutlery. This time they also gave you a nice plastic cup. Like yesterday, mummy got you cereal and also shared with you my cheese omelet. On top of that you had one whole chawan mushi (small cup only la..)
After everyone was ready, daddy passed the ang pow collected from last night which was kept in our room back to Aunty Lee Mei and we were all packed, we moved our luggage to Kor Poh and Aunty Sue's room. After that we checked out and were off on our way to Takashimaya in Orchard Road for a little look-see. Nothing much to buy, so we just walked around and headed to Paragon across the road for a little more look-see before heading to the dim-sum restaurant, Crystal Jade Palace. Again, you were given a highchair along with a plastic plate and a spoon. The food there was superb, especially the roast pork. You enjoyed the pau and some other things.

After another round of kisses (you've been giving endless kisses to everyone this trip to Singapore...) to your aunts and grand aunts, we took another cab back to the hotel to pick up our luggage and wait for Ah Kong to return with Uncle KK and Aunty Ruth. They arrived shortly after we arrived at the hotel. We said a quick bye bye to Uncle Eu Jin and Aunty Lourdes (with more kisses) and also to Aunty Ruth. As the car can only carry 5 adults, she decided to go shopping in Suntec City while Uncle KK took us around before dropping us at the airport.
We started off with a tour of Sentosa Island. You decided to sleep just as we entered the island. We did not visit this part of the island on day1 as it was the private part of the island accessible only to selected people. There were beautiful bungalows and condominiums (very expensive) that were being built there. Our next stop was the private marina club, ONE °15 (the location of the club off the Equator), which Uncle KK was a member. Mummy had to carry you as we walked around the club house. You must've been very tired as you did not wake up to the loud noise as there was a Halloween Party going on for children with a clown entertaining them. The view there was amazing. There were yachts docked there. And what caught our attention was this:
Hehe.. having a snack in your swimsuit. No need to get out of the pool! Cool, eh?

View of the Marina

All this while you were sleeping. And you continued to sleep until we arrived at the airport. I guess it was a little noisy in the airport and you had already napped for 1 hours, so you opened your eyes (with that grouchy look) while we checked in for our return flight to Penang. While waiting to board the plane, we went to look at the shops around the airport. Mummy got you a little Thomas the Tank Engine. As you were still a little grumpy, you didn't want to play with the train. Never mind. Soon it was time to go to the departure gate and board our plane.

Again, we got priority to board as we were travelling with you. The nice stewardess brought you the extension seat belt and also a Sponge Bob baggage tag for you. Again you were served the "post-weaning" meal which had the same egg and jam sandwiches. On top of that, there was a strawberry mousse cake, jelly and a box of fresh milk. You tried most of the food, except for the jelly. So mummy had that *grin*.

Just as we were landing, you made a big fuss. Mummy tried my best, but I could not calm you down. Guess why? Coz you wanted to do a poo! Yikes.. and so mummy had to make "mmm..mmmm" sound to help you poo. And you had a relieved expression on your face. Too bad for the rest of them on the flight, as they were treated to your "aromatherapy". Hehe.. luckily we were seated near to the front of the plane and so we quickly took you to the nearest bathroom to change you.

We took a taxi back to our house to be greeted by an overexcited Furbie. I'm sure you missed him too.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Singapore Day2: The Wedding

As Uncle Eu Jin said that the bridal convoy was to leave the hotel by 7.30am, only daddy planned to go with them. So we got to sleep in.. or so I thought. Daddy was moving around the room, getting ready and asking mummy this and that, in the end, mummy decided to wake up and get ready before you were up. I had to shower and keep an ear out for you in case you wake up and don't see mummy. Luckily, you slept and continued to sleep until Ah Ma came into the room. I guess she was talking too loudly as shortly after that, you woke up.

So we all went down (with you still in your PJs) to enjoy the wonderful buffet breakfast. You were given a high chair with plastic plate, spoon, fork and knife. Chek Kong, Chim Poh and Kor Poh were already dressed for the tea ceremony, and enjoying their breakfast in the coffee house. After breakfast, we went back to the room to get you ready. You are also one of the "main character" for the day, as Uncle Eu Jin had requested that you "opened" the car door for him when they arrived at the hotel. After everyone was ready, mummy and you waited for the bridal entourage to arrive at the hotel. When the car finally arrived, they had to wait a while for daddy to arrive as he had to help you "open" the door. You were given an Ang Pow and 2 oranges.. Too bad the picture did not show you clearly (mummy is lousy photographer).. maybe one of your aunts got a better picture..

Next was the tea ceremony and we also got ang pow from Uncle Eu Jin and Aunty Lourdes. Hehe.. mummy and daddy also got one each. And of course, we gave them a gift. To be more specific, a gift to Aunty Lourdes. After that, you got really restless and so we both went up to our room for a rest and a quick feed. After having our photograph taken, we went off in a bus for the church ceremony.

The church ceremony started around 12.30pm. After sitting around for a while, you got restless and noisy. There was one moment when you were standing on the pew when you toppled backwards.. Luckily mummy managed to catch you as you tipped over. That certainly scared you a bit as you sobbed a little with teary eyes. But no loud speakers! Phew.. We spent the rest of the ceremony outside, letting you run around, exploring the church grounds. When the ceremony was over, we were treated to a buffet lunch. You must've been hungry as you sat on the stacked chairs, happily eating the fried rice and fried fish that mummy gave you. Of course shortly after that, you wanted to explore again.. So since daddy ate while you were eating, he entertained you while mummy had my lunch.

You dozed off on the way back to the hotel in the bus. I had to feed you on the bus. Luckily we had Ah Kong's coat to "cover" mummy up a little while I fed you. You continued sleeping when we put you in your cot. But when we removed your pants.. that was the end of it.. What a BIG mistake.. you were up and refused to go back to sleep. In the end, mummy left you with Ah Kong and Ah Ma while daddy napped and mummy went for a walk in Suntec City.

Soon it was time to get ready for the wedding dinner. We went down for the cocktail party and family photo. It was rather late and you started to get cranky. Lots of pictures were taken and I have picked some to add to the slide show below. You were happily giving everyone kisses, but by the time the dinner actually started it was almost 8.30pm. You were hungry and tired from such a long day and lack of sleep. So after having brought you up and down so many times, mummy and you ended up in the room and daddy had the porridge that he'd ordered for you to be sent to the room. Perhaps that ballroom manager sensed that we were agitate from waiting for so long.. he told us the porridge was compliments of the chef. And it was very delicious. You ate almost 1/2 of that very large bowl before finally falling asleep at 11pm! Another long day has ended... Phew.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Singapore Day1: Here we come....

We're all packed and ready to go to Singapore. Daddy was initially certain that our bag was too big. But in the end, everything went in just nice. After all, we needed to bring along your diapers too. Thankfully we will be "leaving them behind"; or most of them anyway, at the end of the trip.

Mummy woke up earlier today to make sure that we have enough time to get ready before Aunty Jamie came to pick us up. By the time you were up, mummy was ready and so we went down for breakfast before having a bath and dressing up for your first trip on the airplane.

We arrived at the airport to find a long queue to check in. Luckily, Ah Kong was an Elite Gold member, and so we waited only a while before it was our turn to check in. When all was done, we went in to clear the immigration and then waited around before it was time to board the plane. We were given priority to board the plane as we were travelling with a child, you. As we settled down, the nice stewardess gave us a seat belt for you which was to be attached to mummy's seat belt. On top of that, she gave you a colouring book which also had some crayons. Thankfully that kept you occupied throughout most of the flight, other than when you were served your "post-weaning" meal comprising egg sandwiches and also jam sandwiches which you liked.

It took us a while to clear immigration and by the time we were out, Uncle KK was already waiting for us at the arrival gate. We dropped Ah Kong and Ah Ma at DBS bank before heading to our hotel, Conrad Centennial Hotel in Temasek Boulevard. It was a beautiful hotel and they had great service too. As we waited for daddy to check in, the concierge gave you a box of cookies. Aunty Sue and Aunty Lee Mei were around to keep you entertained too.
After we checked in, we rested a bit and we were off. Where to? To the Underwater World in Sentosa Island, where else?

We asked for directions to get to the City Hall MRT station. Unfortunately, we got a little lost and I think we were directed to the longer way too. But after walking around, we were finally there. We switched lines at Outram Park to get to Vivo City. By then, you were tired and grumpy. When we reached Vivo City, mummy had to carry you in my arms and you finally fell asleep and we let you sleep in the stroller. We rode in the Sentosa Express and took a bus to the Underwater World. You were still sleeping until we entered. You woke up a little grouchy and only glared at the fish in the "Living Fossils" section. See.. this was the fish that you glared at:
We walked around a little until we came to this:
The tunnel with a travelator. That caught your attention. Mummy had to bring you out of the stroller as you were getting restless in the stroller. So we stood on the travelator while daddy took pictures. Or tried to anyway... Too bad, you weren't interested in the fishes, sharks or even the dugong. As daddy could not get any good shots, we went another round on the travelator. It was rather uncomfy as there were many people, but you finally showed more interest in the fishes that were swimming around. Phew.. at least our trip was not in vain. As it was rather late, we decided to forgo the Dolphin Lagoon. We needed to reach the hotel to get ready for dinner with the rest of the Ban clan.

While mummy got you ready for dinner, daddy went up to 6th Chim Poh's room, as there was a 'briefing' on the wedding ceremony tomorrow. We joined them later and guess what? Uncle Eu Jin bought you a nice cap. He was worried that you could not wear it, but it fitted nicely. Your aunts also bought you a box of chocolate filled biscuits, that you shared with them.
Dinner was at Tony Roma's in Suntec City. Daddy had been promising me this restaurant ever since we found out that we had to go to Singapore for the wedding. I've not tried it before, while Ah Kong, Ah Ma and daddy tried it in US. Of course, we ordered the famous Baby Back Ribs and you got your macaroni and cheese. While waiting for our seat and also waiting for our orders, daddy took you to the nearby fish pond where you had fun feeding the fishes and tortoises.

After dinner, we all went for a little retail therapy (to be more precise shoe shopping with your aunts). Daddy kept you entertained but went back to the hotel earlier in the end to try to get you to sleep. Too bad mummy reached just as you were falling asleep. So in the end, I had to put you to sleep. By the way, have a look at the adorable cot they brought for you. It came with the standard cot runners, pillow and blanket. On top of that it had a miniature version of the teddies, miniature bedroom slippers and also a toiletry bag with baby essentials! Now that's what I call good service!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

It's all Gone

Didn't see it, but the rain yesterday must have been a sign of more bad things to come. We had parked the car in the carpark that was very near the office as we were back early from lunch. The next thing we knew, it was raining heavily and that carpark was prone to flooding. Mummy went down to check on the car, and was thankful that it wasn't flooded where our car was parked. When the time came for us to go home, it was still drizzling, but most of the flood water had subsided. Unfortunately, daddy had to remove his shoes in order not to get them wet to get to the car.
When we reached home, kakak had to manually open the gate as one of the electrical phase at home was out. There was also no electricity going to the fridge and so daddy had to put an extension from the power point that had electricity. Since there was no electricity in the dining area, you had lunch in the living room, while daddy, Ah Kong and mummy ate on the small table behind. A little cramped but you also joined us for your second round of dinner.
After dinner, you did you big business and daddy cleaned you up and while we were lazing in the bed upstairs, poof, the electricity went off. We were sitting in the dark. But you weren't too worried at all. All you kept saying was "boh.. boh", telling mummy that there were no lights. Luckily you pooped before the lights went off! Otherwise, we'd be cleaning you in the candle light!
We sat around for a while and you got grumpy as you wanted to sleep. In the end, we went off in 2 cars to the condo, to sleep in air-conditioned comfort! And also to watch Astro. Ah Ma stayed at home with kakak.
You woke up really early this morning. 6am. And so mummy also had to get up and get ready to go home. And since you were up so early, you napped a while on the way home, but woke up recharged but a little grumpy when we reached home.

That was when mummy made the gruesome discovery. All my stock of expressed breast milk in the freezer has thawed. Sigh.. and the fresh one that was expressed yesterday at work didn't even cool down. And so today you will have to take frozen milk. Mummy had to throw away yesterday's milk. I hope you will be co-operative and take the frozen milk, as you have been on a milk strike lately, refusing to take the frozen milk that Ah Ma gives you, preferring to take other food.
Please take the frozen milk. Don't let so much milk go to waste. Mummy already had to pour away some this morning... Unless you would like give formula milk another try?

Monday, October 22, 2007

A Visit to Ipoh

It's been a while since we last went back to Ipoh, and so we decided to make a trip this weekend, before we went off to Singapore next week. As expected, we did not leave very early. For one thing, you decided to sleep in on Saturday. So mummy got up to have a bathe. But of course, 5 minutes in the shower and I could hear that you were up already! There goes my plan for a leisurely bath. Of course, neither was it a "mandi kerbau". Daddy had to handle you a while, while I finished my bath and dressed up. By then, it was already 8am.
So down we went for breakfast and while you took your bath, daddy fixed the carseat and Ah Ma went out with Ah Kong to get the ang koo kuih for Ah Tai. It's her favourite and Ah Ma had already called to order for them yesterday. We were off by 9.15am. Actually considered quite good, since you only woke up at 8am...
It was a longer drive than usual, as we took a leasurely drive back and there were quite a lot of cars on the highway. By the time we arrived in Ipoh it was almost 11am. We met up with 5th Chim Poh and Chek Kong and their friends for brunch. We wanted to eat curry mee but our favourite shops were closed, so we went for second best: noodles with "liu" (yee tan fun: noodles with fish balls) in the old town area. Mummy ordered noodles in soup and shared with you. You loved it.
It was soon time to go back to the Ipoh house and Ah Tai was waiting anxiously to see you. I'm sure she missed you a lot. We hang around for a while and after daddy went off for golf with Ah Kong, we also went out with Chek Kong and Chim Poh. Chek Kong wanted to go to the hairdressers and so he dropped us at Jaya Jusco for some retail therapy. Since there was no stroller, you walked happily. Of course, towards the end of the 2 hours, you got whiney and grumpy as it was way pass your nap time. Luckily you behaved quite well as we had a drink and waited for Chek Kong. He arrived around 4pm and you fell asleep almost immediately in the car. Hhhmm... maybe it's the new Harrier that lolled you to sleep. Nice and comfy..
When you woke up from your nap, you were in relatively good mood, giving kisses to everyone who was there. Including Aunty Lee Mei who was playing the piano. By the time bath time came, there was no running water. Luckily there was some in the tank, but cold water. So we filled with sink with water from the tap and added hot water that daddy had boiled over the stove.
Dinner was in East Ocean restaurant in Menglembu. It was raining heavily and starting to flood on the way there, but we managed to get there and had a delicious dinner. Our car was delayed as mummy forgot to pack your little feeding spoon. Perhaps it was a good thing too. We were stopped by the police car on the way back and was told to take a detour as it was starting to flood up ahead. Luckily the detour wasn't to far so we were home shortly after Chek Kong.
We left Ipoh after 9pm. Again, you made a fuss on the way back, not wanting to sit in the carseat. Since daddy was driving and had a better tolerance towards your wailing, we just let you sit in the seat screaming away. Thankfully your volume is not that loud, so after a while, you gave up and sulked in the carseat. Everyone was warned not to talk to you and let you sulk. In the end, you got tired of sulking and dozed off to dreamland until the next day!
What a long long day.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Hi Dr Mary..

No.. not sick. Just a scheduled appointment to get a flu jab. It's not a required injection, but since we'll be travelling to a cold place, we had consulted Dr Mary earlier on and she had suggested that you took the flu jab, to reduce risk of you getting sick while we're travelling.
So when the nurse checked with me last month whether we wanted to let you take the jab, we decided "yes". And mummy made an appointment then. Luckily I called to reconfirm our appointment time, as I thought it was 7.15pm, when in actual fact, your appointment was 8.15pm!
Anyhow, we left from the condo yesterday after having dinner there, as Ah Ma had a physio session nearby and daddy and Ah Kong wanted to fix up the light in one of the rooms. In the end, we went to see Dr Mary with Ah Ma as daddy was not done fixing up the light. We were late for the appointment (as usual..) and so we had to wait a while before it was your turn. Of course you would not sit quietly with mummy. So in the end mummy had to follow you while you checked out the toys, table and chair, the weighing scale and also the fishes in the fish pond outside. I certainly wished daddy came with me today, then it would be HIS job to follow you all over!
It was your turn and after a quick check to see if you're OK with eggs, Dr Mary prepared the needle for you. Of course, you refused to go near the examination table when it was time for the jab! We had to hold you down while you got the jab. After a brief scream (seems shorter than the earlier inoculation that you took). And since you wanted to go out to play with the toys, Ah Ma went out with you while Dr Mary confirmed whether another flu injection was needed as this is the first time you were taking the flu jab. Too bad, you need to take another injection after 4 weeks. So we changed the original JE appointment to the second flu jab. Oh yeah.. before you left the doctor's office, you gave both the pretty nurse and Dr Mary a kiss before going out. You caught Dr Mary by surprise as she said she had just given you a jab, but you still willingly gave her a kiss! Our sweet little angel!
Sigh.. another round of injection after our holiday. Never mind, it should be worth it, if you will be less prone to getting flu after taking this jab.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Happy Birthday Annabelle

It's party time again. Wow.. We spent the long weekend at the condo and we attended a birthday party for Annabelle che-che. She turned 3 on Sunday. So her mummy and daddy planned a party for her. It was initially planned to be held at Ribs, but they were afraid that parking and traffic may be a problem, since it was Hari Raya.. and so they had food catered in the house instead.

There was food in abundance and best of all pizza. Yummmy... only thing is that you didn't eat much. You ate some of the potato, some of mummy's fried rice and part of a slice of pizza. Mummy was sharing with you when daddy took over to feed you. That was when you spat it out and refused anymore after that.. sigh...

So up you went with the rest of the kids (other than Anna and Abby, the rest are your aunts and uncle!) to the play room where all of Anna's toys are stashed. The kids were nice to you, as they let you take your time to decide which side of the slide you would like to go down.

Daddy was the photographer of the day. Of course Uncle Sin Tien also took some photograph. Have a look at some of the pictures that daddy took.

Before we left, we sang the birthday song for Anna and she got to open her presents. What a lucky little girl.. she's got loads of her favourite thing.. books, books and more books...

Happy Birthday, Annabelle!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Poor little guy

Don't know what's wrong, but you we're very restless starting 12am this morning. You woke up for a quick feed, and refused to sleep in your cot. So you ended up sleeping in between mummy and daddy. And you woke up again at 1am, 2am and 2.40am. Mummy was about to die of exhaustion and then u slept until 5am. That was when the tummy ache kicked in. You were crying non-stop and mummy and daddy initially thought you had a bad dream. But you didn't even want to latch for comfort. Poor little guy.
In the end daddy got up and carried you upright. You fell asleep but woke up shortly after that crying again. It was so heart wrenching to hear you cry and not be able to do anything. Sigh.. After a few more times of that, you heaved and vomited a little. Mummy asked if you wanted to have a drink of water, you nodded. But when we went down, you didn't want the water. So up we went again. You cried so loudly again that Ah Ma woke up. She carried you for a while and you calmed down. But you were up again repeating the crying, followed by sleep.
Mummy finally took you back to our room again, and you pooed. I think that was a relief to you. You fell asleep again, but we had not choice but to wake you up to clean you up and put on a clean diaper. You slept shortly after that, but woke up when mummy tried to put you down to sleep. And again the cry-sleep sequence started again. Mummy got up to get ready to bring you to the hospital. It was almost 8am by then. But by the time I was ready, you'd slept and didn't wake up in pain anymore. You continued to sleep even after we left for work.
So now daddy and mummy are at work. I hope that you would get better soon. Poor little guy. I wonder what caused this..

Monday, October 08, 2007

It's all Over and Done with

Your hair is getting longer by the day
A haircut, is what you badly need
And so to Austin's we went today
And as he cut, you screamed and kicked.
It took 3 to hold you to get the trim
Such a grueling 30 minutes it seemed
When all was over,
You looked handsome as ever..

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Sleepy heads...

Daddy took this picture of us, while we were sleeping on Friday night..

Let's Part-y...!

Phew.. what a weekend it has been. 2 parties! Saturday started as usual with you waking up early as we planned to go to the market with Ah Ma. But when we got down, Ah Ma said plans had to be cancelled as she had trouble starting the car. But we went ahead as Uncle Sin Tien lent Ah Ma his old car. So off we went to Pulau Tikus market with Grand-Auntie Doris.

It was rather late by the time we were down marketing, and you fell asleep even before we reached home. You took a nap and woke up when daddy arrived home from his morning golf game. We fed you lunch and off we went to Metrojaya for a little retail therapy *wink*.

We went home to find Ah Kong waiting for you. He must have missed you a lot as he had not seen you the whole day. We got ready and off we went to Uncle Stanley and Auntie Nellie's house warming in Lakeview Apartments. You had great fun there, exploring their new apartment. You were a little shy when we first arrived, but soon ran around the apartment as if it were your own house. You were so tired from it that you fell asleep even before we reached home!

Today, you slept in a little (er, I guess waking at 7.40 is considered "later"). Of course daddy continued sleeping while we went down to have breakfast. Ah Kong was already waiting for you. After breakfast, you went out to the garden for a walk with Ah Kong. We went out for brunch when everyone was ready. Luckily mummy brought your lunch along, as you decided that you wanted to eat then too.. It was only 11am. Unfortunately, mummy didn't get to eat my brunch. You tipped my coffee onto my Char Koey Teow. Since we were going for a party soon, mummy decided not to order another plate. Daddy was sweet and shared some of his lunch with me..

Soon, it was time to get ready to go to Kelvin's birthday party. We were the first guests to arrive with a baby. As usual, you needed some time to warm up. And soon, you were busy playing with Kelvin (or should I say.. "Kelvin's toys, as Auntie Joanne took out a lot of Kelvin's toys). But you did have some fun with Kelvin, pushing the stool around. Sheesh... so many toys to play with and you two chose to play with a plastic stool instead!

We had some pasta that was cooked by one of the ko-ko who was a guest there and many other food. You loved the pasta. After the birthday song and cake cutting ceremony, you made a lot of noise, indicating it was time to go home to sleep. We stayed around, and were among the last to leave. Wow! It's not your birthday but you did not leave the party empty handed. Look:

Daddy was the "second photographer" for the day. Here are some of the pictures that he took.

What do you think? Is he a good photographer?

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Cheeky Face

Daddy was playing with his new camera and he got these pictures of you:

Hands up.. or I'll Shoot!

New trick that you've learnt. Mummy like to tell you "hands up" when I undress you. And you are VERY co-operative in doing that.. Even quite good in putting your arms and legs in the right place at the right time. Of course, sometimes getting impatient when mummy is slow...