Monday, December 24, 2007

Another Christmas Party

Tomorrow is Christmas and we had another party to attend today. Where? In Aunty Jamie's house. This time the crowd is even bigger than the one that we had in our condo on Saturday. All the great-grandaunts were there along with their family. And so there were more kids there too. Look at the food that they ordered:

On top of this spread, we were treated to another of Great-Grandpa's specialty. Hainanese Chicken Rice. Yup, no chicken rice tastes the same after this. Ah Kong didn't join us today, as Uncle Stanley had invited us to have dinner with him in Equatorial Hotel too, and since we already had plans to go to this party, Ah Kong was our representative to have dinner with Uncle Stanley. *grin*
Before we went down to join the rest, we had to feed you dinner first in Grand-Aunt Doris' room. Away from the crowd. Otherwise, you'd be too excited to eat dinner. By the time you were done with dinner, they'd already started, so mummy took some food and we went to sit by the Christmas tree to enjoy our dinner. Of course, you also had to share some of mummy's chicken rice. And some of the noodles(mee tiau) too.
Just like our party, there was a gift exchange session too. But with a different twist. How? Lookie here:
Did you spot him? No? Look again:

Haha.. yup, uncle Sin Tien dressed up as Santa Clause. You didn't want to take a picture with him, but you were willing to take the present from him.

It was almost 10pm and was pass your bedtime when we left the house. We even packed chicken rice for Ah Kong to have, since he missed out on Great-Grandpa's chicken rice.

Good night, and Merry Christmas.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Our Christmas Party

It has become our family tradition to have a Christmas party, with most of Ah Ma's relatives coming to the house to have dinner followed by presents. Of course, we had Ah Kong's friends over too: Uncle Stanley and Aunty Nellie. And since our Christmas tree was set up in the condo, our party was held in the condo.

Unlike the other parties that Ah Ma throw, our Christmas party is simplified where we bought most of the food. But the food was bought from a variety of places. And also in the end, Ah Ma cooked the prawn dish and she also left mummy and daddy with instructions on how to cook the potato dish (Ahem, and it turned out ok too!)

Luckily for us, you had your afternoon nap on time and that gave us enough time to prepare the potato. After you'd woken up, mummy gave you your bath and fed you before our guests arrived, because knowing you, you'd get all excited and not be able to eat your dinner.
At around 7pm, most of our guests arrived. Hhm.. quite punctual surprisingly. Even Abby, Uncle Sin Chuan and Aunty Amy arrived on time. They'd driven straight to our condo from their trip to KL. Soon food was served and everyone had a great time trying the variety of dishes while listening to Jim Reeves singing Christmas songs. Look at the "loot" under out tree!
What's next? Gift exchange. This year, we had 3 assistants to help give out the gifts, unlike last year where we only had Anna Che-che to pass the gifts around. And on top of the gifts, we bought reindeer antlers for the 3 of you when we went to Nara.
Giving present to Ah Ma

Annabelle giving her daddy his present

Little Reindeer

Opening presents

On top of being our early Christmas party, today is also the winter solstice festival. So great-grandma made a traditional Hainanese dessert (tang yuen) that is different from the colourful ones that we usually have. It's been a long time since she made this. Not too sure exactly what it's called, but it sounds something like "wa-at", made with the glutinous flour, peanuts, sesame seed, coconut and sugar(and maybe some other ingredient that I cannot figure out). And the picture does no no justice to the taste:

This was served along with our dessert of chocolate mud cake from Sunflower (next door) as well as Häagen-Dazs ice-cream.

By the time everyone left, you were already very tired. But too bad our room's air-con was not working well. But you'd refused to sleep in another room, so mummy had to turn on the fan and try to get you to sleep. After you'd fallen asleep, I moved you to your bed, but you woke up again and refused to sleep, so back to our (hot!) room we went to go to sleep.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Me Oh My...

How much walking did you do while in Japan? Let your shoes give you the answer:

Oh no.. they look quite clean right? Coz Kakak already washed them. By the time mummy procrastinated and got around to taking the picture, they've already been cleaned.

Actually, they were brand new before we left Japan. One lady we met on the way to Japan even told her son that your shoes were identical to his, only yours were new and still very white, unlike his. And after this trip, your shoes probably look worse than his!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Ooo.. It's time for Shopping

Of course! With Christmas just around the corner, we need to do our Christmas shopping. Our Christmas tree has already been up for one week, but the poor little tree is bare underneath. So we NEED to do the shopping for our little tree *grin*.

Off we went to Gurney Plaza on Saturday after everyone was up and your moi moi was ready. We originally planned to eat somewhere else before going shopping, but it started to rain, so we had no choice but to go directly to Gurney Plaza. Lunch was a quick one in Aji Ramen. Daddy had to eat quickly as he'd promised you that he'd bring you to have a look at the Tiny Tunes characters that were going to make an appearance.

You didn't seem as interested in it this time as you were the last time mummy showed you the Tiny Tunes characters. So we went our separate ways from Ah Kong and Ah Ma as we wanted to buy gifts for you and your cousins, while Ah Ma needed to buy some more gifts for our party guests. Where to? Toys R Us, where else?

Mummy walked around looking for something to buy for your cousins, as we'd already decided to get you the Imaginarium that daddy wanted to buy a long time back. What to buy? Especially Annabelle che-che who's got almost every toy imaginable! Before we picked a toy for the girls, you'd picked another toy that you wanted, using your newly learned word. What is it?

Yup. You went: car, CAR, CAR, CAR, CAR. What to do? We ended up buying that car for you too. Not much time left and we were getting a headache trying to pick a toy, so in the end, we picked a dog house for Annabelle and a shopping cart with Hello Kitty for Abby. But before we left, you also picked another toy, a Barney soft toy. OK, OK, time to go before you pick more toys!

We paid for our purchases took wrappers from the wrapping counter and off we went. We dropped our purchases in our car as Ah Ma said that she was not ready yet. So we walked around a little more before leaving Gurney Plaza.

Went home and you fell asleep shortly after that, as it was way pass your nap time. So mummy took this chance to wrap all the gifts while you napped.

Where to go on Sunday? Hehe.. Gurney Plaza again. No chance to pick up gifts for Ah Kong and Ah Ma yet. After we'd bought the toys yesterday, Ah Ma unloaded Ah Kong with us, so no chance to buy their gifts. So another round of shopping today.

Another round of shopping (inclusive of trying to crack our brains to figure out what to buy for them) and we're finally done. Even managed to buy a new pair of shoes for daddy.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Happy Birthday Daddy

This year's celebration was a little low key. Why? The excitement from the trip to Japan is still in our minds. Furthermore, you had a jab scheduled for today. Daddy says I should have remembered his birthday when making the appointment, but mummy pointed out to him that I did ask him "Is 4th December ok?" when making the appointment and he'd said it's ok. Duh!!
So after work, we went home to get you ready to go see the doctor. Our initial plan was to have our favourite Bah Kut Teh for dinner. The wait for you to have your second flu jab wasn't too long. But before we left, Nanna (who's staying at our condo) called to ask us to join them for dinner. She said another celebration with them on the real day. We'd already had chocolate mud cake as daddy's birthday cake yesterday.
So off we headed towards somewhere in Hillside nearby our condo to have dinner with Nanna and 4ee Poh and family. And so ends daddy's birthday celebration.
Happy Birthday, Daddy!

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Happy Birthday Great Grandpa and Great-Grandma

Yup, Great-Grandpa is 90 and Great-Grandma is 80 years old. So where did we hold the big birthday party? It was being planned many months in advance. With Ah Ma delegating the task to your uncles, since we'd be in Japan during the crucial weeks leading to the birthday celebrations.

The birthday was held in Evergreen Laurel Hotel with the food being catered by the Chinese restaurant. We were supposed to arrive early, but as we were cleaning the condo with kakak Wati as 4th Ee Poh, Teo Kong, Uncle Julian, Uncle Ashley and Nanna were going to spend the week in the condo, we were late. Then again, so were the rest of the family.

We arrive just pass 7pm and some of our guests were already there. So before more guests arrived, we quickly gathered in another room to have our family picture taken. After trying to get 3 babies to co-operate, we finally managed to get a decent looking picture with (almost) everyone looking at the camera man.

Soon, we rejoined the party and there were more guests arriving. You, daddy and mummy were asked to sit at the main table with great-grandparents. It seems that is great-grandpa's request: that his great-grandchildren sit at the main table with him. So along with Anna Che-che, Abby Mei-mei and their parents, we sat at the main table. Before food was served, we were entertained with pictures of everyone when they were young, including mummy and daddy's wedding picture and your baby picture too.
Food was served and, boy was it yummy. Even you got a portion. But you obviously were not interested in the food, so we asked the waiter to serve your portion to other people. We even had a traditional Hainanese dessert that was nicely packed. Uncle Sin Chuan had gone online to look for the recipe and get someone to make it for this party.

Cake was served and it was a two-tiered cake, with one for Great-grandpa and the lower layer for Great-grandma (this layer had mahjong tiles on it!). We stayed for almost all the dishes, but it was too late and so we decided to leave. Everyone has having a great time, but you were getting grumpy and tired.
By the time we left Gurney Drive, you'd already fallen asleep on your car seat. Even the short ride to the condo left you totally zonked out.

More Pictures from Our Japan Trip

I wrote earlier that I was going to post a picture of the crowd in Shinjuku. Look at the crowd!

And here's of a little lane with several eateries that I had mentioned:

Here's a picture of some sort of sea-snail that I ate in Kamakura.. It tasted rubbery but was grilled quite well.

Loved those beautiful pictures that I'd posted in this blog? Well here's the photographer (it's daddy.. who else?) in action (in the Kayukan in Osaka):

As most of the pictures that were taken of you had you all covered in your jacket, we attempted to at least take a picture of what you wear underneath... (except that you weren't in a co operative mood then)
And here you are checking out the diaper changing room as well as breastfeeding room in Sunshine City:
Here's of a "Capsule Hotel" that we saw when we took a stroll further than we usually take on our last day in Akasaka: