Thursday, January 17, 2008

Getting Ready for CNY

It that time again. CNY is just around the corner and one of the things that needs to be done: get a haircut. Hehe.. we all need a haircut. In your case, it a little more stressful. Then again, maybe it should be considered stressful in mummy's case too. I'm still wondering what to do with my hair. Cur? Perm? Trim?

Anyway, we've been putting off your haircut for way too long. And sometimes when we finally found the courage to bring you to Uncle Austin's place, he's got too many customers. And we don't want you to scare them off with your volume. Hehe...

So today, we left work a little earlier to try our luck again. And daddy called ahead to check if the shop was crowded. Nope.. nobody around. But Uncle Austin was a bit worried about giving you a haircut, as he's accidentally snipped a little kid last week on his ears. Sigh..

As always when we arrived, you didn't want to get into the shop. Luckily daddy told me to carry you, otherwise, we'd be standing at the door. In the end, mummy had to coax you to "wash your hands" to get you agree to go into the shop. When the time came for your haircut, you struggled a bit but suddenly stayed still when Austin started to cut your hair. Hhmm.. so he quickly snipped here and there.. And he stopped to take out the electric clippers and oh boy.. what a mistake! You started to make noise and struggle until the end.

Thank goodness all was done in less than 30 minutes. Of course, mummy needs to put in some work to cut some of the stray hairs that he'd missed. But... better than letting mummy cut.. Look:

Monday, January 14, 2008

Weekend in Ipoh

We made a trip back to Ipoh over the weekend. Originally planned to be a stopover in Ipoh before heading to KL, we ended up only going to Ipoh as Chek Kong and family decided to go back to Ipoh too. Chek Kong suffered another mild stroke over the week and we had wanted to visit him. That's why we planned on going to KL.
Anyway, since the plans changed and we were to meet in Ipoh, Ah Kong had wanted to make it our usual day trip. So off we left early on Saturday morning. We arrived in Ipoh at around 10.30am and went directly to the Ipoh old town area to eat our favourite Curry Mee. On top of that, Ah Ma even orderd the "liu" (from the neighbouring shop) with fishballs, meatballs, beef tendon balls and many more that I don't know what they are *grin*. So since you could not take the curry mee, we gave you the soup from this as well as 3 fishballs that you happily ate. After that we headed home to see Ah Tai.
Of course she was already waiting for you. Kor Poh from China was also there. She'd met you last year when she came back to visit Ah Tai. It was nice to go back to Ipoh as it's been a while since we last went back. You had a good time plonking on the piano too. Too bad you also had to feed to mosquitoes while you were playing there.
After your lunch and nap, we went to play in the garden and soon Chek Kong and family came back. He sure was happy to see you.You'd even called to "chat" with him while he was in hospital. Aunty Su told mummy he told her that you'd called. Haha... And your aunts brought back donuts from "Big Apple" and you loved the "snow" one.. Actually, you loved the icing sugar! Turns out Big Apple is also known as "Krispy Kreme" that we saw a lot of people queuing up for when we were in Japan.
We had dinner at home. With the yummy roast duck from KL. On top of that we also had yam duck and "lap mei fan" from Overseas Restaurant. We ended up staying the night. Aunty Su managed to "convince" Ah Kong to stay the night. After dinner, we went out to buy mosquito repellent as there were a lot of mosquitoes. Also we wanted to buy coconut water. We went to many places before finally finding a place that sold coconut water.
Ah Tai waited for you to go home before she went to bed. You even kissed her and called "Ah Tai" (much to her delight, I'm sure). And soon you also went to bed, after much effort from mummy's side, as you were excited with so many people around.
We on the other hand, went out for supper of "Nga Choi Kai" at Cowan Street. Yummy.. And the next morning, we had another round of curry mee as well as more liu and after that we went for white coffee and "chee cheong fun" while you had the toast.
Soon, it was time to go home to Penang. But before we made our trip back, you had your lunch that Ah Ma had cooked for you. Unlike the trip to Ipoh where you were up the whole trip and we had to keep you entertained, you slept almost all the way back to Penang.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Rain Rain Go Away

And our party season is not over yet. Daddy invited some of his colleagues over for a barbecue party yesterday. Of course the seasoning of the food was done by Ah Ma. But daddy did his part, he seasoned the cod fish. There was one piece left for you to share with Kelvin.

Our guests started arriving after 6pm. The skies looked OK, but within 1/2 hour, it started to get dark.. and then.... drizzle. Sigh.. So up we went with Kelvin and some of daddy's friends to relax in the air-conditioned house while the rest of them continued to barbecue the food. Yup.. they all carried umbrellas and continued in the rain.

Mummy was upstairs in the condo and heated up the oven to grill some of the food. In the end, Uncle Terence went down to bring up the prawns and mummy and Aunty Joanne "tried" to grill the garlic prawns. Er.. we couldn't really tell whether they were properly cooked or not. Nevermind.. They looked ok.

While mummy was busy with the prawns, Melissa Che-che kept you entertained. She also took some nice pictures of you and some of her and Bee Suat Che-che with you too. Looks nice right?
There were also pictures of Kelvin. Here's a nice one:

After a while, the "heroes" downstairs came back up with the cooked food. In fact, they had already eaten the food while cooking downstairs. Never mind, there was more than enough to go around. In fact after everyone was done eating there was still a lot of leftovers. So how? Some of them were playing with your Christmas toy, which were building blocks. They made a game out of stacking to see who'd end up knocking down the pile, and the loser had to eat one piece of chicken thigh. Yup, that helped clear off most of the food! Haha...

You were so excited the whole night, "entertaining" everyone, especially the pretty che-che's that you did not want to go to sleep even after Kelvin had left and it was way pass your bedtime. In the end mummy gave up, took you out again and you kept Grace Che-che entertained until around 12midnight! Yup, I think that's the latest you've stayed up so far. I think everyone had a good time chatting and enjoying the food. I know you did..

Everyone left shortly after that and we only woke up at 9.30am this morning. Why so early? Because Ah Ma called to ask if we wanted to have breakfast with them.. *sigh*

Thursday, January 03, 2008

At Long Last...

All this while, you were able to call daddy "da-da". Or should I say "whisper da-da". At long last, you can say more than that. At last you can say:

Ma-mi: Took you a long time. But better late than never. You started off by saying "Ma-ma" after we came back from Japan. But it's mostly "ma-mi"

Ah Ma: That is very clear. No denying you're calling your grandma

Ah Kang: Or something like that. It was initially "Ah K'ng" or "Ah Ka" then slowly it sounds like Ah Kong. You sure made his day when you finally called him Ah Kang (good enough-la)
As for daddy.. it's still a whispered "da-da". But at times when I ask you to call daddy, you will yell at the top of your voice "DA".
Other than these, you can also say: "Car" and even recognise pictures of cars in the newspapers (even if it is not a whole car) and of course "Ball". Oh yea.. and "Nanan" for milk, even recognising the box of milk when we open the fridge door!
Even Wati is lucky as you seem to be able to call "Kaka".. probably because it sounds like car. I wonder what else you'd be able to say next.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year 2008!

How time flies, it's now