Friday, February 08, 2008

Time to Visit Family

It's the second day of CNY and thankfully you woke up a little later today (7.30am.. ok la!). Quickly got you ready, had breakfast and we were ready to go a-visiting. When everyone was finally ready, off we went. Daddy had to drive our car, as we wanted you to be seated in the carseat for the ride to Chemor and Tanjung Rambutan.

First stop was Chemor, to visit Ah Tai's brother and his wives and family. Would you believe? Ah Tai's brother is 100 years old. We all sat around chatting and enjoying the wonderful spread of tidbits there his wife always prepares for us and soon it was time to go off to visit our relatives in Tanjung Rambutan.

Here you are enjoying the "ngaku" chips that by now everyone knows you love:
It was a rather scenic drive to Tanjung Rambutan. We weren't sure if they were around as we did not visit them last year. By the time we arrived, you'd fallen asleep. We thought that if they were not around, we'd drive back to Ipoh. But.. they were home. So daddy carried you and you woke up. Luckily you were in quite a good mood. So you were quite cheerful in their house. It was upstairs from a shoplot. Again, we had yummy tidbits and drinks. Soon, it was lunchtime. Time to leave. But before we left, Ah Kong's cousin gave you a convertible BMW toy car. Lucky little guy.

Home to yummy lunch that Kor Poh had cooked. Chicken and abalone porridge. Even you got to eat that. And you enjoyed the lunch.. a lot. We all had an afternoon nap, while Ah Kong and 5th Chek Kong went for a round of golf. Daddy had to wake up earlier from his nap, as tonight's dinner was to be prepared by the "younger" generation... as in daddy, your kor-kor's and Ah Pek. What was on the menu? BBQ... yup, something different from our usual spread of previous years.

After you woke up, while you were having tea-time with your kor-kor's mummy helped Ah Ma prepare the apple salad. Soon it was your feeding time and shower then it was our time to enjoy dinner. It was soon your bedtime. But like yesterday, you had to say goodnight to everyone and kiss them before going up. It took you a while before you finally went to sleep.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

It's the first day of CNY!

It was a VERY early day for everyone sleeping in our room. Why? Because you woke up early. And like yesterday, you decided to call everyone's name. How to sleep? Sigh.. boy.. it was only 6.30am! And you slept late yesterday too!

Anyway, since you were already up, we managed to get you to lie around bed until almost 7.00am before heading to the bathroom to brush our teeth. That was when we got the shock of our lives. You had 5 mosquito bites on your left cheeks. And it was one big swollen cheek! Sigh.. I wonder who removed the mosquito repellent.

Anyway, nothing much can be done, so we went down for breakfast. Your chim poh's were already up and getting ready to pray and for the lion dance troupe. We had our breakfast and quickly went to use the bathroom. Otherwise, there would be a long queue of people waiting to use the bathroom.

Before anyone was ready (Ah Kong and Ah Ma who woke up early too and all ready) gave you the first ang pow for the CNY. They couldn't wait, I think. Ashley Kor Kor was still in bed half awake!

Finally everyone was up and the lion dance troupe came. By then daddy and Ah Kong had already put up the lettuce and ang pow from the stick through the upstairs window. While waiting for the troupe to get ready, we stood around outside taking pictures. Su Kor Kor even let you take pictures using her camera. Look what you took: Daddy taking a picture of you

Er.. partial picture of mummy.. your finger got in the way!After that, it was time to give out ang pows and to receive ang pow. Ah Tai was waiting to give you an ang pow. Daddy tried to get you to take it from Ah Tai, but in the end, we only took it when mummy carried you.
After lunch of the usual yummy mee suah, we took some time to take pictures. Daddy had brought back his tripod and so we managed to take some family pictures:

With Ah Tai

Soon, it was time for you to nap. You were already cranky the whole morning from the lack of sleep. And yet, when mummy took you up to the room, you refused to go to sleep. In the end (again!) Ah Ma had to intervene and you slept almost immediately. Sigh..

Mummy cooked your dinner for you while your many kor kor's kept you entertained. Soon, it was dinnertime. And again, your Chin Pohs and Kor Poh cooked so many different dishes for dinner. After your first round of moi moi, you also joined them to have some rice and the pork ball that is daddy's favourite dish. And you loved too. Daddy's boy...

This time you slept earlier. I guess from the long long day, despite your afternoon nap. And this time, daddy warned our other "room-mates" not to be too loud the next morning, so that you get to sleep in a little more.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Chinese New Year

It's a time for celebration and how did we do it this time around? As always we headed back to Ipoh in 2 cars. Why? Because we had to carry so many things. Also, we were stopping by BM on the way back on the 3rd day of CNY.

So on Tuesday, we went home to have diner, do last minute packing before heading to Ipoh. You we're a good boy all the way back, although you did not fall asleep until we were more than 1/2 way there. And you continued to sleep even when daddy carried you up to the room. Thank goodness your Su Kor Kor had the foresight to turn on the air-con to cool down the room as well as turn on the mosquito repellant. So after tucking you and bringing all our stuff out of the car, daddy and I chatted with your Kor Kor's before heading to bed.

Today we woke up early as you decided to wake up early too. Probably because you slept earlier than usual last night. Poor Ashley Kor Kor who was our "room mate" also had no choice but to wake up, since you were (in her words) calling everyone in the village. Haha.. from the time you were up, you called Ah Kong, Ah Ma, mummy and daddy.

We spent the day chatting and everyone else entertaining you. Of course when mummy tried to get you to nap, you refused to. You only took your nap after Ah Ma came in. In fact, you slept almost immediately. Big bully!

Mummy fed you dinner first and you even got to join in the fun for our dinner. Yee sang. Daddy carried you and you got to help mix the yee sang.

What did your Kor Poh and Chim Pohs cook?

Yummy right? They always cook up a storm during CNY. 8 dishes. Even the yee sang (except for the sauce) is home made!

As usual, being in a new place, you refused to go to sleep early. Even when everyone left us in the room, you played around and only finally slept at 11pm!

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Gong Xi Fa Cai

And we're off to Ipoh tonight. Will blog about our second CNY with you soon... I hope...