Saturday, March 29, 2008

A Wonderful Day to Turn TWO

Happy Birthday, darling. Everyone is here to celebrate it with you. And how did we start of our day? With a yummy breakfast consisting of pau from Ipoh that Chim Poh had bought and also kaya "kok" from Menglembu and of course in your case, your favourite thing in the word.. fresh milk *wink*

After everyone was ready, we headed to Youth Park as daddy had promised. 5th Chek Kong and Su Kor-Kor also came along with us. We let you play around and took some pictures before heading back home to pick up Ah Kong, and to see how Ah Ma was. Such a sad thing to happen today, she got robbed when she went to the Island Glades market. But she's ok. Just a little shaken.

We brought Ah Kong with us to pick up the Char Kuey Tiau that we'd ordered and also stopped to buy ais kacang before heading back to the condo. Ah Tai was waiting for her lunch.. and you too. We all had out lunch and off we went again. Daddy, you, Ah Kong and I went off to pick up the popiah skin from Chowrasta Market (bad traffic jam!) and then went to pick up Tou-tou as she was coming to the condo earlier to cook the soup. Then we dropped Ah Kong home, as he had to drive Ah Ma to the condo in the evening.

Back to the condo we went to drop Tou-tou and let her start cooking. And off we went to pick up your cake, buy ice-cream and then we went back to the condo. Ah Tai was on her way back in Uncle Dennis' car. She got carsick on the way to Kek Lok Si Temple. She did manage a glimpse of the temple before getting sick.

We cooked your moi-moi and started to decorate the condo. We had LOTS of balloons. Mummy had bought 30 balloons and also another 4 bear shaped balloons and Ashley Kor-kor also bought some from KL. So how many did we have to blow? 54 balloons!! While daddy put up the wordings, mummy tied the balloons together, all ready for daddy to put up. Soon your Chin Poh, Chek Kong, and Kor-kor's came back. Mummy gave you a bathe while daddy went out with Su Kor-kor to pick up some of the food that we had pre-ordered.
So where is the handsome birthday boy? Ta-da...

Soon our guests arrived. And we started to eat the yummy food. What was on the menu? Ahh.. a variety of home-cooked food, prepared with love expecially for your birthday party and some additions that daddy bought to supplement the delicious food. Ah Ma cooked the popiah that she's started to prepare as early as last week (peeling A LOT of crabs), Tou-tou cooked the "Lam Mee" a traditional birthday dish and daddy bought some fried belacan chicken and "heh cho" (something made of prawns). And also the red eggs that 5th Chim Poh made today before she left to go sight-seeing and visiting her relatives.

Even you enjoyed the food. Ee-ee fed you the chicken and hard boiled eggs (with Abby asking for food too). You ate and ate so much that we had to stop you. Your tummy was already so hard! At around 9.30pm, you were started to look tired, rubbing your eyes. So we quickly took out your cake. Your favourite.. CAR... and you were awake again *grin*

Blew out the candle on your cake (with some help from daddy and mummy) and served the cake with ice-cream. Even you got to enjoy the ice-cream. Vanilla flavoured Häagen-Dazs. What next? The presents, of course. So we opened them one by one (with the help of Anna Che-che and Abby). You picked daddy's present first. So while we opened the rest, daddy fixed up the present. Wow.. you sure had a lot of presents from family and friends. So thoughtful of everyone to remember your birthday. It was late and our guest started to go home.

How about you? You were all energized again. So busy playing with your new toys from the ride-on to the rocking horse. And mummy had to ask you to say bye-bye to your toys and drag you into the room. And of course withing 15 minutes, you were out like the light. It was already 10 minutes to 12!

Goodnight sweetie.. Happy Birthday.

Happy 2nd Birthday Evan

Monday, March 24, 2008

Weekend before the BIG Weekend

What did we do? Well we spent the weekend in the condo starting from Friday evening. But before that, we dropped off to visit Tou-tou as Ah Ma wanted to borrow Uncle Sin Tien's car. As we were left, mummy put you in your car seat. And that night, you decided to scream and protest having to sit in there, when you willingly went in on our ride to Tou-tou's place. Sigh.. So.. what to do? Let you continue protesting all the way to the condo. That was the longest and noisiest ride ever. We were all thankful to finally arrive there. And you went up to play until it was time to go to bed.

The first thing we did on Saturday morning was to go to Youth Park, just as promised by daddy. After that, we went home to pick up kakak Wati as she was to help clean up the condo in preparation of your birthday party. We bought her lunch and went back to have our lunch and off we went to Island Plaza to buy some things for the house. After that, it was your bedtime, so we headed back for you to rest a little and for mummy to wrap up your presents.

After kakak was done, we headed home to wait for pick up Ah Kong and Ah Ma then then went for dinner and headed back to the condo. Another late night for you as usual (sigh..)
Sunday was spent with mummy at home and also at the mall. Ah Ma and Tou-tou went to get their hair done, so we went to Gurney Plaza to buy some things for your upcoming birthday.
And so that's how we spent our weekend. Daddy has promised you another round at the Youth Park next weekend, when it's your birthday. He's not going to play golf that weekend even. Lucky you.
Countdown: 5 days to your birthday

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Pweesse Go to Sleep

When we came back from work yesterday, Ah Ma already gave us warning that you'd slept longer than usual. Instead of sleeping around 2.30-4.30, you slept at 3-6pm! Sigh.. So that meant that we had a long night ahead.

True enough, you refused to go to sleep. We went down for supper as you only ate a little bit of moi-moi and some rice (furthermore, your dinner was interrupted by the need to poo-poo. Sigh.. ) You helped mummy to push your high chair to the back where you had milk and some cornflakes.
We went upstairs and you played on our bed and played and played. Even when you started to show signs of being tired, you refused to sleep. You'd stay still for a while, then continue to play. In the end, daddy fell asleep first. In fact, I think mummy also fell asleep before you finally slept. By then it was already 11pm!
We woke up to move you to your cot. But as usual, you woke up later to ask to be moved to our bed again. And then you woke up at 6+. SO EARLY! I pretended to sleep, but after a while you got bored from being bf and you called Mameee Mameee Mamee.. too difficult to ignore. So I looked at you and what did you tell me? 2 thumbs up (yup, you finally know how to lift the thumbs instead of the index fingers) and "good". Sigh.. We lazed in bed for a long time (no intention of waking up so early) and then when it was time for me to get up and get ready for work, you fell asleep. Haiyo... keep me up when I want to sleep and when I'm up, you go to sleep. But that was only for a short while. You woke up while I was having my shower, calling to me. So we had breakfast together today.
And our last look at you was when you were waving cheerfully to us from the upstairs garden. How to stay angry at you?
Countdown: 10 days to your birthday

Ah Kong is Back

Actually this is a bit outdated, but I thought of blogging about it anyway. Ah Kong had been travelling for the past 3 weeks. First was to US for a week, the back to Malaysia for 2 days before heading to Perth with Ah Ma for a holiday. On the same day that he arrived in Penang, he took another flight out to Japan. Phew.. So I know that you missed him a lot, especially during lunch time where he almost always goes home to play with you.
So on Saturday, Ah Kong was to arrive at 8.20pm. Even before that you knew that Ah Kong was coming back. Even when talking to Ee-ee, you told her "Ah Kong.. Ah Pok" er.. that's your version of "airport". Mummy had taught you that word over the week. And so now whenever anyone asks you where is Ah Kong, they'll get the reply "Ah Pok". Hahaha...
You were so happy to see Ah Kong, but you didn't have enough sleep that day so by the time we arrived home, you'd already fallen asleep. Poor little guy. You slept before 9 and only woke up at 8.30 the next day! Wow! Record. And since you didn't really see Ah Kong the day before, you still told mummy that Ah Kong was at the airport!
We spent Sunday morning with Ah Kong and daddy in Youth Park. Hhmm.. there seems to be more children than usual. Maybe because it's still school holidays. Well, after 30 minutes, you got tired and we went to have brunch before heading home, as daddy and Ah Kong had a golf game in the afternoon.
The rest of the afternoon was spent with mummy. I tried to get you to take your nap, but as always, you bullied me. There was one stage that I pretended to sleep hoping that you'll follow suit. But.. what did you do? Stand up and take off your pants and diapers.. telling me that you wanted to poo-poo! Sigh.. So off we went (lucky for you, you did need to poo-poo.. or else... ) and after a while you finally went to sleep, giving mummy some time to do my things. Phew..
After you woke up from your nap, you had your milk and biscuits while watching you Wheels on The Bus VCD. I've been watching this show at least 4-5 times in a row each day, I'm going to start pulling out my hair very soon. But this time after watching for 2-3 times, I managed to convince you to watch Barney. Thank goodness. I'm safe from Argon the Dragon, Mango and Papaya!

Thursday, March 13, 2008


I looked at the corner of my desktop and saw this:

Yikes, only 16 days to go.. So what have we done so far? Er.. sent out invites. Made it using the Moody Blues template. Er, the name of the template is not befitting the event that I'm using it for, but I like the layout, so ta-da.. this is what we got:

Have printed the invitation cards and given them to our guests. Now to plan for the party... Hmm.. not too sure of what to serve. But at least we've bought your present when we went to The Gardens.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A date we almost missed

We were on our way home and discussing about your weight gain when mummy remembered that you had an appointment with Dr Mary for the second JE jab. Phew.. thank goodness we didn't miss it. Went back to check that your appointment was at 7.15pm. Wah.. so early.
So mummy quickly gave you a shower, fed you dinner and we had our dinner and you also joined us to eat some of Ah Ma's yummy cooking before heading to Adventist. Thank goodness the traffic was good all the way, but we were a little late. But there were only another patient before us. So you played outside a while before it was your turn.
But instead of walking into the doctor's room, Dr Mary came out. I was wondering why. Until she explained that your last injection was only 2 weeks ago and you DEFINITELY will remember her (which you did, because you kept shaking your head as we walked towards the paediatric clinic!). So she asked the usual questions of whether you had fever in the past few days. We said no, but you vomited once this afternoon after lunch. She said that was fine and we waited outside for Dr Mary to prepare the needle.
When all was ready, we went in for her to check your tummy which had a little wind and then onto the bed for your jab. You knew it was coming and cried and cried as we held you down to get the jab. Last time Dr Mary said the JE injection was more painful as it was on the muscle. But you were a brave boy and stopped crying after a while. Phew..
After the injection, Dr Mary explained that the manufacturer of JE has stopped production of this vaccine as there is no demand in Japan and the demand elsewhere was too low. So the stock would most likely be depleted by the time 1 year comes for you to get the booster jab. But she said we are at low risk so it is fine.
After prescribing some medicine for your tummy, we went to pick up the medicine and were on our way home. That was fast...
Oh yea... I had asked Dr Mary about you gaining 0.4kg over the past 2 1/2 weeks (quite a lot. Daddy is worried about your big tummy). She said it's fine, you just need to exercise a bit more to burn the excess calories. So looks like we need to make that trip to the playground more often.

Friday, March 07, 2008

Bye Bye PJ and KL

It's our last day in KL. And we slept in until almost 8.30am before getting up to freshen up and go for our buffet breakfast in the hotel's coffee garden. Went back to the room after breakfast to bathe and pack up to check-out of the hotel. We took our time and checked out around 11.00am.
Where to? Hehe.. not leaving yet as we had to wait for Yvonne Kor-Kor to come back from her meeting. She wanted to hitch a ride back to Ipoh. It is election day tomorrow and she's going to vote. So.. we went to 1-Utama. The one place that we haven't been to yet. There was already quite a number of cars there. Hhmm.. don't these people need to work?
So we went walking around, looking for this shop that custom made teddy bears (we didn't find it) and bought Big Apple donuts to bring back to Penang for ourselves and Tou-tou and your uncles and aunts. We even had time for mummy to buy a new pair of jeans. Soon it was time for lunch. So we headed to Italiannies. Yummy... We had pizza and pasta with salmon. Phew.. we were so full from lunch. By then, Yvonne Kor-Kor called to say that she was ready, so we quickly finished lunch. But before we went off, we stopped by Pumpkin Patch to pick up a blouse to go with the skirt that we bought on Wednesday for Abby's birthday.
We headed to PJ to pick up Kor-kor. By the time we reached her apartment, you'd already fallen asleep. As we were leaving, there was heavy traffic everywhere. I guess it's after prayers, so everyone had long lunch. Finally we were on the highway and headed towards Ipoh.
We exited at Simpang Pulai and reached Ipoh around 4.30pm. While daddy had a nap, you entertained everyone. We fed you moi-moi that Chim Poh cooked for you before heading back to Penang. Before heading home, we made a detour to drop off the salt backed chicken that Chim Poh bought for nanna. And finally we're home. Home sweet home. Kakak and daddy took almost 10minutes to unpack the car. Why? Because the car boot was so full of things that we bought and also your present from your Kor-kors.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Where to go today?

Where to today? We had it all planned. Since we had retail therapy for mummy yesterday, we had to do something this trip for you too. So we headed to KLCC as planned as we wanted to let you see your (current) favourite thing.... fishes. Yup, we went to Aquaria.
Mummy woke up first and since you were still asleep I quickly took a shower before you woke up. And just on time too, you woke up just as I was dressing up. Phew. You and daddy freshened up before we headed downstairs for the buffet breakfast. After a leisurely breakfast, we headed upstairs to get ready to go "kai-kai". Even though we were read, we had to wait a while as Yvonne Kor-kor was not ready. She was going to ride in our car to show us the way to KLCC, since she was going to her office which was nearby.
After dropping her off, we headed to KLCC. We were lucky to get a parking spot nearby to the entrance and off we walked to the KL Aquaria which was nearby. Thank goodness it's not school holidays yet. And the Aquaria was rather deserted, so we could go at our own pace. Or more like your pace.
After Aquaria, we headed back to KLCC which was VERY crowded by then. I guess it's lunch time. You were already hungry by then, so we quickly bought you a box of milk from Cold Storage and sat down for lunch consisting of pizza, coke and mushroom soup that you enjoyed. After lunch a a quick stroll (and some shopping), we had to head back to the hotel as you were grumpy and tired. You fell asleep shortly after getting into the car and by the time we got lost and back to the hotel, you were almost done with the nap. Luckily you slept on a little bit more in the room, before waking up.
After everyone was up and ready to go off, we headed to Ikea for a little bit of shopping. Your 2 kor-kor's and Uncle Dennis were to meet us there. We bought some things for the condo before heading to The Curve to pick a restaurant for dinner. It was already way pass 8pm by then. So we quickly decided to have dinner in Marche. We bought you broccoli soup that you loved. After an enjoyable dinner, we headed back to the hotel with you aunt's and uncle to chat a while until it was time for you to sleep.
A long but enjoyable day for all of us. There was a little sight-seeing for you as well as retail therapy for us. Goodnight...

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

We're Off to KL

I'm writing this while you're sleeping on our bed in Eastin Hotel in PJ. Yup, we're on holiday. Why are we on holiday again? Well, mummy's excuse is that since Ah Kong and Ah Ma are on holiday in Perth, and since we already have to take leave to take care of you, sooo... we might as well go on a holiday too. Yay! And here we are...
We left yesterday evening after dropping Ah Kong and Ah Ma at the airport. After that, we headed to Ipoh to stay the night. 5th Chim Poh knew we were on the way back, but she did not tell Ah Tai, otherwise Ah Tai will be waiting for us. And luckily she didn't tell Ah Tai too, because, by the time we went back home to pick up some important things that mummy had forgotten to pack (namely your Barney and your Lavender's Blue CD) and pump petrol before starting our trip back to Ipoh, we arrived at 10.30pm. Ah Tai was already fast asleep by then.
You had fallen asleep on the way back, but since you were not wearing your PJs, you woke up when mummy tried to change you. You entertained your Chek Kong and Chim Poh before finally sleeping again at 12midnight! And you woke up before 7am this morning. Sigh... Luckily mummy was already awake by then (surprised, eh?) We lazed in bed until 7.30am, had a drink of milk got ready and went out for yummy fish balls (for you and us) and currymee (for us). We even stopped by another coffee shop to have the Ipoh white coffee before heading home to spend some time with Ah Tai before heading to PJ.
You fell asleep on the way to PJ and woke up just before we arrived at Yvonne Kor-kor's apartment. So you got your afternoon nap of 1.5 hours. Where did we go after that? It was too early to check in so we headed to The Gardens at Mid Valley. Did a little shopping, bought your birthday present, bought Abby's present and some other things before heading home. BUT.. not before having the yummiest gelato and also buying 1/2 dozen of Big Apple donuts for tea-time.
We dropped by Kor-kor's apartment to pick up the present that they'd bought for you before heading to check-in at the hotel. Rested a while and freshed up a little before heading to Bangsar Shopping Complex. Ashley Kor-kor had already knocked off from work and was also heading there with Uncle Dennis. We wondered around a little before heading to Alexis for dinner. We ordered a variety of food to share. We had penne carbonara, spaghetti vongole, mushroom risotto, pepperoni pizza and beef burgundy stew. Wow! The food was yummy, we'd originally planned on going to Italiannies which we'd thoroughly enjoyed during our last trip, but Ashley Kor-kor recommended this place, and no regrets!
We came back and you had your milk milk and now you're fast asleep. Goodnight, sweetie. We have a long day tomorrow. Muakksss....

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

My New Bolster

We were both so deep asleep that I didn't realise.. until daddy woke me up. I was holding you like you were my bolster last night! Haha... And throughout the night, I had to wake up to move you to the middle of the bed. Yup, you have become our bed mate too. Sharing our bed with us.
Best of all, you slept through the night. I guess Dr Mary's advise to give you supper is working, although daddy is worried about your growing tummy! Never mind, we'll try to cut it down when you get used to sleeping through the night.