Saturday, May 31, 2008


I had mentioned that you felt a little warm on Sunday. So what happened after that? We tried to give you paracetamol but of course you took it VERY unwillingly. At around midnight on Monday morning, we checked your temperature at it was too high. So what to do? We drove to the ER at 12.45 am. Dr Mary was on leave that day, so the nurse called Dr Khaw. Never met him before but, not much choice. I found out later that he's the new paeD from GH that will be joining the hospital in June.
The doctor arrived around 15 minutes after the nurse had checked your temperature and weighed you and asked mummy a few questions. He was very nice about everything and after he was sure that you only had viral fever, he instructed the nurse to give you Voltaren. After we settled everything, we went home and continued our sleep. We took Monday off to make sure that you were ok, but your fever refused to go down.
On Tuesday morning, we brought you in to see Dr Mary as you still refused to co-operate when we tried to feed you the PCM. Your fever was so high that the nurse gave you another dose of Voltaren even before Dr Mary saw you. Dr Mary checked and said that your fever would probably subside on Wednesday night or Thursday. In the meantime, since you were not co-operating in taking the medicine, we got you the PCM that was to be administered anally.
Daddy accompanied you on Tuesday afternoon, while mummy had to go back to work. You both came to pick me up after work and you seemed tired. Daddy said that you were better in the afternoon. We noticed that when your temperature was not too high, you happily played with your toys, but when the fever came, you'd just lie on anyone and seemed very tired.
Fever remained on Wednesday and Thursday. On Wednesday it remained over 39 degrees. Finally you seemed ok when daddy went back to see you on Thursday afternoon. But we gave you the PCM another 2 times on Thursday to ensure that the fever did not return. On Friday, when we went home during lunch, you were your usual cheerful self. You even shared mummy's chicken rice. When I changed you, the rashes that Dr Mary had predicted had come.
In the evening, when we went home, you were waiting at the top of the stairs for us. Phew.. that was a sure sign that you have recovered. Thanks goodness. The week's torture has ended. This has been a very scary week for both daddy and I. We were so worried when the fever refused to subside. Worst still was that you refused the medicine. And it was made difficult that you cried everytime daddy put for you the PCM and Voltaren.
I even felt guilty that you'd fallen sick just after we'd stopped breastfeeding! But Dr Khaw had assured me that that was not the cause of it.

Monday, May 26, 2008

All Good Things Must Come to an End

It's something that I know I must do, but I dreaded doing it. It's too late to turn back now. The deed has been done. You're now 25.5 months old and the last time you were breastfed was on Saturday morning (17th May 08). I'd been slowly dragging the feeding time and now you're totally weaned. Feels like something has been lost, but I know that you've lost nothing from being fed for so long. I have no regrets at all. I never planned to feed you for so long, I didn't even have a plan for breastfeeding initially. But coming to work, and meeting all those "moomies" who were a source of great support and information motivated me to keep going. We've all stopped breastfeeding our first born ever since (some are starting on number 2), but still keep in contact through lunch or even updated on the blogs.

Well, daddy and I have been thinking of slowly weaning you. At around 20 months, we tried to introduce you to other forms of milk. We tried several types of milk powder and you rejected them EVERYTIME! Ah Ma said that you refused to take the fresh milk after that. And would only take it after she showed you that she's poured away the formula and gave you fresh milk, would you take the fresh milk. I guess taking fresh milk was better than not taking anything at all. It made our trip to Japan easier too.

After Japan, you refused to take EBM and mummy went cold turkey expressing milk. From 2 times daily at work to none at all. Then you decided that you needed to feed the moment I come home from work. Everyday you would come to me the moment I reached home and insist on a feed. After a while I finally managed to persuade you to drink milk from a cup. A few days later, you didn't ask anymore. So that meant your first feed for that day (after I leave work) would be at night.

The moment I lie down on bed, you'd ask to be fed. After a while, I managed to convince you to wait until your favourite Chinese show to start (at 9.00pm) and we'd go down to take your "cold nennen". Right after that you'd happily say "Ok, nennen" (i.e. mummy's milk). That was the routine for around two weeks, when we tried to stop the feeds before you went to bed.

Wah.. that was a toughie! I had to toughen up and let you cry(quite a bit!). Many a time I wanted to just give in than to hear you cry and cry. But I had to do it. Even daddy said that he wanted to just give in at times. But it took you 4 days and you got used to it. So, the new sleeping routine was for us to cuddle up in bed after turning off the light and you'd drift to sleep quietly.
So one final one to stop was the midnight/early morning feeds. That seemed to be quite simple. Like I said, I just refused to let you feed when you wanted. Instead I offered you water and you'd tell me no batu (no water), and give up and go back to sleep. Luckily not much protest this time.
One good thing is that eliminating the night feed also mean you slept right through the night without waking up. The only time you'd wake up was to "request" to be moved to our bed. The moment daddy or mummy put you on our bed, you'd continue sleeping without a fuss.
So far you have not complained. But you will occasionally put your lips on my tummy or touch me and say "Mmm... mummy nennen got" and you know the reply from us will be "No more" and you will insist with a grin "GOT!" You even said that one of the morning's at 6am. I think you were sleeping when you said that! Haha..
And so ends our breastfeeding sessions. I will definitely miss those times.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Rainy Weekend

It's another Sunday again. Now the weather is so sunny, but it was raining heavily when we left the condo just a few hours ago. In fact, it was raining yesterday night and on Friday night too. The initial plan on going to stay at the condo on Friday has to be scrapped because of the rain. The rain sure spoilt a few of our plans. We almost could not go to the market on Saturday to buy your ba-nga-nga-nga and your baka-bun because of the rain. But we went ahead and to our surprise, it was not raining in Pulau Tikus. Boh-boh Poh's eyes are getting better, so she joined us on Saturday.

After the market, we went home to have breakfast and when everyone was ready, we headed to the condo. We had lunch, did a little shopping in Island Plaza before heading back to a rest. After your nap, Ah Kong asked you if you wanted to go swimming. You said "No, splash onee (only)". So we all changed into out bathers and headed for the pool. As expected, you refused to get into the pool, and it was only the wading pool! After a lot of persuasion, you finally got in to wade a little and you soon got bolder and even walked under the water jets. Eventually we managed to get you to play in the big pool.

Dinner was just the 3 of us. Ah Kong and Ah Ma had plans with their friends. So we were on our own. Where to go? Not too sure, in the end, we decided to try out Spice Market. It was quite nice there. As we had no booking, the reception initially told me they only had outside tables available. But of course mummy would not sit outside. The mosquitoes would eat you alive! So the man was kind and understanding enough to give us another table (somehow) inside. Daddy sure was busy yesterday evening. He had to take food for you, mummy and himself. Hehe.. All we did was sit and enjoy the "service" and yummy food. When we paid, we even got a nice surprise. We had forgotten to bring out discount card, but we still got a discount with our credit card. Yay...

How was the food? Does this picture answer your question?

We went home and waited for Ah Kong and his friends to come home. They wanted to meet you, so in the end, you only slept at close to 11.30pm. Yikes, you're sleeping later and later these days. Worst still when we stay in the condo.

This morning, you woke up at your usual time 8.30am. We got ready and headed to Youth Park. Again, the rain put a damper on our plans. Your favourite thing, the slides were all wet. After a while, we decided to leave. But before that, we tried out luck with the other playground which does not have so many people. And luck was with you. The slides there were not wet. So you got to play on the slides, and you even tried out the spiral slide and you loved it. Soon, it was time to go home for brunch.

By the time we reached home, the condo was filled with the smell of bacon and chipolata sausages being fried by Ah Ma. Yummy. Mummy quickly gave you a bath while our chef of the day, daddy cooked our eggs. What was on the menu? Cheese omelet. Our favourite, even better that it was cooked by daddy *wink*

Daddy had to leave first because he had an afternoon golf game. We left shortly after the rain (again) subsided. It rained all the way back to the house, but by the time we arrived, home you'd fallen asleep and there was no sign of the rain at all.
Mummy had felt that you seemed a little warm when I dressed you to go to the Youth Park. No thermometer in the condo so when we arrived home, mummy checked and confirmed. You had the fever 38.7 degrees! Yikes! You napped quite a bit in the day, and the fever would not go away. Feeding you medicine is the worst ever. You spat out everytime we tried to feed you the medicine.

What a way to end the weekend!!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

What's under there?

Underwear lo.. What else? Censorship board said it's ok to show the underwear. Hehe.. So here's the picture of it:

What? You expected a picture of the wearer too? Of course that would be a no-no! I do think they are adorable ones..

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Second Half of Daddy's Adventure

Daddy had called to say that you'd fallen asleep almost immediately on Friday. But then, he called me again when you woke up. And I could barely hear him. Why? Because you were wailing at the top of your lungs! You were asking for mummy, and try as I would to pacify you, you refused to calm down, even asked you if you wanted daddy to give you yogurt, but you would not listen. Poor daddy, and the day was going so well at first.
Luckily Ah Ma came back and you calmed down. By the time Ah Kong and I reached home, you were your usual cheerful self.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Cars! Cars!

I guess by now, everyone who reads this blog knows that you love cars. I guess one of the reasons is because daddy also loves cars. Why do I say so? Have a look:

Both are the same cars. The one on the left belongs to daddy. So my guess is that it's almost 20 years old, while the one on the right is yours. Both are Ferrari F40. Hehe.. daddy taught me recently how to take pictures that focus on the object and blur out the background. So have been practicing, only thing is that I cannot do that with you.. You move too fast for this mode! Or maybe... daddy's camera is to lau-eah.. Hehe.. should tell him to buy another (better) camera.. For me!!!

Another Day off!

It's Wesak Day today. So we got another day off. Yay! Long weekends, my favourite!So we stayed another night in the condo. This morning, we woke up, had a leisurely breakfast, showered and headed to the Youth Park. You can now say Youff Pak. Close enough. And when we tell you Youth Park, you know that there is pi-gang (playground) and mang-kee (monkeys) there. So off we headed to Youth Park, I'd like to say that we arrived "very early", but by the time we arrived, it was almost 9.30am. Oh well, still considered as "early" as compared to our usual time.

Played until a little pass 10.00am, and we had to leave as we needed to eat brunch and daddy had a game at 1.00pm. Some places were very crowded and others were closed. In the end, we went to "Hai Beng" for brunch, since there is pau that you could eat. Was not planning on cooking your moi-moi today. So, daddy even ordered "cheese omelet" for you. It came with a sausage and bread. It was your first time eating sausages. And you loved it. Then again, there seems to be few things that you won't eat. The only thing I can think of is veggies (unless cooked in your moi-moi), durians (daddy tried to give you. The last time, you took a whiff without looking at it, and said "NO NO NO") and oranges (although you love orange jusshhh).

Went back to pack and just as we were reaching the house, you'd fallen asleep. Still sleeping now..

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Sunday in the Condo

Daddy had an early game today. And you also decided to wake up early. Sigh.. to say "bye" to him? I don't know. Probably to torture mummy. Since you got up for a drink of water, you decided it was time to wake up. By then, it was only 6.15am! Sigh.. You kept telling me "oi oi minish" (oi-oi = sleep, minish = finish). Wouldn't let me continue sleeping.
Ok, after saying bye bye to daddy, you happily sat watching your favourite Elmo's world. So that gave mummy an opportunity to clean up the condo a little. After all, it's been a long time since we stayed there, although daddy did vacuum the place up a little last week. For more than an hour, you were contented to watch TV. So mummy got to mop all the rooms, wash the bathrooms and even one of the balcony's. Just as I was done, you came looking for me, telling me mummy caryee!
By then, you'd already eaten your breakfast of biscuits and milk. Mummy had my drink, gave you a shower, had my shower and it was only 9.30 by then. What to do? How to entertain you? Lucky daddy left the access card with us, so we put on our sandals and went down to the swimming pool area for a walk. Of course, you started with mummy caryee but when I told you "No", then you said mummy no caryee. Phew.. we walked up and down the stairs in the pool area and BBQ area, splashed water in the pool before walking around the carpark and headed back to the condo. Hhmm.. I think that little stint left you a little sunburny. Need to buy sunblock, in that case.
Ah Ma came by to have lunch with us after she'd dropped Ah Kong at the airport and brought moi-moi for you too. After you had your lunch, we went to this place called "No Eye Deer" for lunch. It was quite a nice meal, only thing that where we sat, it was a little warm. Daddy picked us up along the way since Ah Ma needed to go back to start cooking for her feast tonight.
Went back and you played a while despite yawning so much during lunch. Finally took your nap and slept for more than 3 hours! Surprised? Obviously not considering the time that you woke up this morning. So we all had our nap.
Got ready after that to go home to have dinner with Ah Ma and her side of the family. Dinner as usual was scrumptious. There were even special meat and tofu dishes prepared for you kiddies. After dinner, you all played around and finally we headed back to the condo. Again, it was late and you played a little before telling me to go to the room. And so the nightly ritual began: changed into your PJs, brushed your teeth, read a little, roll around the bed and finally went to sleep.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Happy Belated Birthday Nanna

It was Nanna's birthday on Monday. But we only celebrated this weekend as last weekend, everyone had something else to do. We went out to the market while Ah Kong and daddy had a round of golf. By the time we arrived home, they were already waiting for us. Bo-bo Poh did not join us at the market as she just had cataract surgery on Friday.
When every one was ready, we headed to town to have our favourite beef ball noodles. Well.. for us anyway, you had your moi moi while mummy had my char kuay tiau, without the praws. What happened to the prawns? All in your tummy lo.. Where else?!
After lunch, we went back to pack and headed to Bm. By the time we arrived, you'd just fallen asleep. So you continued your nap on the sofa and later daddy and mummy also fell asleep! Grampy was busy cooking "lam mee" a.k.a. "birthday mee" under Nanna's supervision. Yummy... Ee-ee and mummy even went out to buy a birthday cake.
Even Alex Ku-ku was back from KL this weekend. We had dinner, ate the cake and chatted a while and soon we had to go off. It was getting late and we were planning to spend the rest of the weekend in the condo. It's been a long time since we've stayed there.
By the time we arrived at the condo, it was quite late. But you continued to play for a while before we went to bed to read a little, play a little and you finally went to sleep.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Lunch Date

Ah Ma wanted to accompany Bo-bo Poh when she is in the hospital for her cataract operation. So today, your baby sitter is....
Mummy don't have many days of leave left, so daddy took the day off to accompany you. You both had a lie in this morning, then gave mummy a call to say that everything is OK so far.. Then you guys played a little, and called mummy to report that everything was still OK.
Daddy fed you lunch and packed you into your car seat to pick mummy up for lunch. Didn't know what to eat.. we wondered around Queensbay Mall a bit before deciding on Paddington House of Pancakes. We ordered our lunch as well as something for you. When daddy's meal arrived, you were so happy when you spotted chippies. And so you ate that instead of the banana + ice-cream + 3 pancakes that we had ordered for you.
Mummy hitched a ride home with my friends while daddy took you for a little more walkie and to play the drums in the playground inside Jusco, before heading home.
Daddy called me 30 minutes later to say that you were napping.
Sigh.. I sure wish that I was at home now with you guys too..

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Going Diaperless

I'm proud to say that you've gone diaper-less for around 2 weeks already. Of course that is during the day for now. But of course, when you take your afternoon nap, Ah Ma still lets you wear it. She says some days, it is still empty (i.e. you did not wee wee while sleeping). Others, you'd wee wee only once. But to be safe, we'll still let you wear the diapers when you are sleeping. And for nights, you are still wearing diapers. You're a little difficult to predict during the nights. Some mornings, it is totally dry, other (most actually) it is very full. So play safe and let you wear your diapers at night.
When we started you'd show that you were uncomfortable.. Probably one layer less. And because of that, some of your shorts cannot be work. Either without the nappy it's too loose or the pants crotch is too shallow, so you feel uncomfortable in it. And now, since you've gotten used to the "freedom" mummy has problems when I try to let you wear the diaper at night. You'll tell me tat (tight). And struggle like mad as I try to put the diaper on. So in the end, I checked with some friends if you should start wearing underwear and they said that we could so that you get used to it, so mummy bought some last week. Er.. took some pictures of the underwear. I thought they were the cutest things ever, but before I post them on the blog, I need to get the approval from the censorship board (daddy la..) before posting it. So if you don't see any pictures, you know that my "application" has been rejected *wink*

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Hi to Kiena

Isn't she a pretty little girl? She is mummy's schoolmate, Aunty Linda's daughter, Kiena FayeYi Parisot.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day

We got to lie in a little later today. Phew.. When we woke up, Ah Ma had already cooked our breakfast: pancakes. You've been asking Ah Ma for pancakes, and when she's finally cooked it, you decided that you didn't want it!
Daddy got to sleep in a little more, before we woke him up. Time to go to Youth Park. Ah Kong and Ah Ma did not join us as someone was coming to the house to discuss something with them. So off we went. You were so excited when we arrived. Even willingly walked all the way to the pi-gang (playground). We played around for a while, went to look for the fish and left after playing for around 40 minutes. On the way out, we even saw monkeys eating ba-nga-nga-nga-nga.
We met up with Ah Kong and Ah Ma for brunch, went to do some banking and headed home. Daddy relaxed around the house for a while before heading for goff. Mummy tried to get you to nap before heading to Island Plaza. What did you do? Lie on me a while but refused to nap. In the end, Ah Ma had to take over and you fell asleep within 10 minutes! Arghh... big bully, you...
After your nap of 1 hour, we fed you some tea and we went off for some kai-kai. Bought a few things and headed home. Dinner was yummy food that Ah Ma had cooked for us. She even cooked a stew made of potatoes, veggies and carrots for you, which you polished.
And that is how we spent Mother's Day. Precious time spent together... like all our other days.
Oh yeah.. I managed to teach you to say "Hapi Mamee Day" but of course when I tried to get you to repeat.. you only said "Hapi Mamee"!

Happy Mother's Day

Dearest Mammee,

While you were napping, I sneakily wrote this message to you. (Ha! That's why I woke up early this morning, so that you'd be really tired and take a nap!)

I wanted to wish you a Happy Mother's Day. I even drew you a card.. See....

But Daddee said that you may not be able to read my writing or understand the picture that I drew.. So we bought you this card instead:
Happy Mamee's Day...


Saturday, May 10, 2008

Our Saturday Together

What an early start to our weekend. What time did you wake up today? Before 7am! Sigh.. Obviously you knew to wake up early as we were going to the market, and remembered that Ah Ma had told you we were going to the market to buy your ba-nga-nga-nga (banana).

It was a warm day at the market. Boh-boh poh did not join us today, as she had to take care of Abby in the morning. We even made a detour to Jelutong market as mummy had promised Aunty Joanne I'd try to look for "ampula" that she has been craving for. Also mummy wanted to buy the "kong th'ng" (peanut biscuit). We were lucky to get a parking slot nearby. But even then, we walked up the road, and my arms were about to give way, as I had to carry you all the way. It is very much more crowded as compared to Pulau Tikus market.

After that, we dropped she marketing stuff at Tou-tou's house and headed back to drop the fruits for Aunty Joanne before going home. By the time you and I were bathed, daddy and Ah Kong had already come back from goff. So out we went again, you dropped mummy off at a friends house before heading to the condo. Daddy said you played with the toys there a while before they left to buy lunch. By then, it was pass your nap time and you'd fallen asleep in daddy's arms. After buying lunch, you all swung by to pick mummy up and then we headed home. By then, you'd napped for an hour and woke up just as we reached home.
We bought Furbie for his injection at the vet so Ah Kong and Ah Ma entertained you. After that mummy and daddy had to attend a wedding dinner. So you went out for dinner with Ah Kong, Ah Ma, Uncle Stanley and Aunty Nellie. Ah Ma said that you were a good boy throughout dinner and only dropped 5 grains of rice. They even brought you for kai-kai in Queensbay Mall and since you told Ah Kong "Ah Kong no caryee", you stayed true to your words. You walked by yourself and even did not take up Ah Kong's offer to carry you. When you got tired.. Ah Kong did not carry you too.. Ah Ma did! Hahaha...
By the time we came back from dinner, you'd already fallen asleep.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Chippies today

We had to go home today as Ah Ma had a dentist appointment and Ah Kong would not be able to reach home so early. So, we bought lunch along the way and went home to accompany you and have lunch there. What was on the menu? McDonald's! Daddy had a craving.. he wanted to try out the new Mega Mac. So, we headed to the McDonald's along the way and bought for everyone at home.
By the time we reached home, Ah Ma had already left for her appointment and you were with kakak. She said that you'd already eaten your lunch too. Soo... you helped mummy close all the sliding glass doors and the curtains and we turned on the air-con. Next was lunch.
And of course, you also had to join us for lunch. You got to excited when you saw what was for lunch. You kept saying "chippisshhh". So that was what you had while we ate our lunch. You sat on your little stool in between us (on the coffee table), happily enjoying the chippies along with some nuggets. You even tried to imitate us by dipping your chippies into the BBQ sauce. Only thing was that you ate the sauce without biting the chippies then your dipped again! Eewww....
Before we left, you gave mummy another job to do. Sigh.. you said that you needed to "mm mmkk". I guess eat a lot, also need to poo a lot! After washing up and changing you, it was time for us to go off. Ah Ma was only on her way back, so Ah Kong stayed back to accompany you.
Ah Ma told me later that you'd "shared" her chippies with her when she ate her lunch! Haiyo.. greedy little fellow. And guess what? You "mm mmk" 3 times today. I guess it's a sign that you ate a lot!

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Kakak is Back...

She's been off for 1 month. And mummy and daddy picked Kakak Wati back from the airport after work yesterday. She's been on holidays for a month. Not too sure if you actually missed her or not. You'd started warming up to Soo Kee a little and now she's gone off.
What was your reaction when you saw Wati? Well, when we came back, you were busy watching TV. Then when Ah Ma asked you who is back, you stared at her for a while before you recognised her and gave her a big grin. After that you were fine and happy to shake hands with her.
Thank goodness she's back. I feel so sad for the baby next door. We've been hearing him crying for quite a few days. It seems his kakak has gone back to Indonesia for good and he's still adjusting to the new maid.
So, I'm very glad that you even allowed Wati to carry you downstairs when we were going out for dinner. She says that you seem to have picked up a lot of new words in the month that she was away.
Welcome back, Wati..

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Let's Pah-tee

You'd decided to wake up early today again. Daddy had overslept and he was in a mad rush to get ready for his morning goff game with Ah Kong. That's probably why you woke up early. Anyway, we lazed in bed until almost 8am before having breakfast. After we got ready to go out, we headed to the laundrymat to drop off Ah Kong's coat for dry cleaning, then went to buy lunch for Soo Kee and went home to change for the pah-tee. Abby is turning 2 on Thursday and her mummy and daddy are having a small party in G-Hotel coffee garden today. Dressed you up in your new shirt and pants from Chateau de Sable that Aunty Jamie had bought you for your 2nd birthday.

Since it was still early, we (Ah Ma, you and mummy) headed to Adventist Hospital to buy bread for tonight's dinner then went to Gurney Plaza for some chopping before the lunch. We bought some things before meeting up with Uncle Sin Tien and Aunty Ean Na and crossing over to the hotel. Abby and her mummy, daddy, Ah Kong and Poh-poh were already there. So mummy took some juice and mushroom choop for you and we started our lunch. Daddy and Ah Kong were already on their way to the hotel by then.

Forgot to take a picture of the present, but here's a picture of the box and card that we'd bought for Abby. Mummy had picked the gift when we went to KL. There's even a picture of you giving the present to Abby (you changed your mind halfway, you wanted to take back the gift!) in the slideshow below.

After a long and leisurely lunch with birthday cake cutting and singing, we headed home. We dropped both your Tou-tou's home first and before we reached home, you'd fallen asleep in your carseat. As I am typing this blog, you are still sleeping peacefully next to an equally tired daddy.

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Our Saturday

Since we could not make it to Jushh-co on Thursday as it was a public holiday, we planned to go today. And we made it. We had a lie in this morning, as daddy and Ah Kong had gone off for goff... Evan Ah Mad had gone off to the market by the time we woke up. Anyway the 2 men had only gone to play a 9 hole game, so the got back by 10.30am. Oops.. too late to go to Youth Park as well as Queensbay Mall for lunch. So we scrapped the Youth Park plan and headed directly for some chopping.
We actually needed to do some banking but since the queue was sooooo long, we headed to Dragon-I for lunch first. Ah Ma had ordered pork chop fried rice. But while waiting for that to be served, you finished your moi moi before "sharing" the fried rice and pork chop. After lunch, we headed back to the bank to do our banking. While waiting for mummy to settle the business in the bank, daddy took you to watch the bands that were performing downstairs. He said that you enjoyed the bagpipes performance but when the band came on, you wanted to go off. Probably too loud for you.
After that it was time for chopping. Ah Ma took you to look around, while daddy and Ah Kong went to look at the golf bags. Mummy went up planning to get my voucher, but as the queue was not moving, I abandoned plans and bought you a new cutlery and plate set instead.
By then you were already getting tired and onee mummy could cayi (carry) you. We went to look for new PJs for you but there were none sold for your age in Hallmark. So before heading to the grocery section in Jushhh-co we went to look at some books in Borders. Went home tired and after you woke up, we headed to Youth Park.
You would not believe it. The evening crowd is even bigger then the morning crowd. You played around, looked at the fishes and monkeys before we headed to Penang Sports Club for dinner.
After your bath, you picar (play car) with daddy for a while before falling asleep at 10.00pm. Phew.. what a long day.

Friday, May 02, 2008

Flying Leap

As usual you've been our bedmate. And this morning you were sleeping on my bolster when I woke up to go to the bathroom. I was too lazy to wear my glasses but as I was walking into the bedroom, I noticed that you were about to take a flying leap off the bed!
Wah.. that sure gave me a heart attack. I had to run to the side of the bed and catch you. Did you realise anything? I guess not. You continued with your sleep while I had to lie still on the bed in order not to wake you up.. with my heart beating so fast! And because of your attempt to fly, I could not sleep immediately. I wonder if daddy realised anything at all...

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Happy Labour Day

Like I had said before.. I love holidays. And today is Labour Day. What did we do? I had hoped for a lazy morning, but you had other plans in mind. You woke up just before 7am! So we lazed around, had breakfast before heading to Island Glades to buy some breakfast. As usual daddy had already gone off for his goff. Ah Kong on the other hand had to dial in for a meeting first.

When daddy came back, it was a little too late to go out as we had to wait for Ah Ma to come back with our lunch. And by the time she came back, she said that there was traffic jam everywhere. So we decided to rest at home and bring you out for a car ride later. And that was a good decision. As you'd woken up early this morning, you fell asleep by 2.00pm.

After you woke up from your nap, we took you out to town to buy some "eu char kuih". It was just the three of us, as Ah Ma was busy cooking dinner and Ah Kong had gone off for his goff. After buying, we decided to take a look at the traffic condition in Queensbay Mall. Yikes.. there were so many cars trying to get into the carpark. Luckily we abandon our plans to go there this afternoon.

So home we went and it was soon time for dinner. What was the special dish Ah Ma was cooking? Bah Kut Teh.. yay! But since the soup might be too heaty for you, Ah Ma had even cooked some special soup (ikan bilis stock, chicken and a lot of veggies) for you. And you got to eat the "or pui" that Ah Ma had cooked.

As always, you loved the food. Why do I say so? This picture says it all: