Sunday, June 29, 2008

Happy Birthday, Brettany

Have been telling you that we're going for a party. So this morning you told Ah Kong that you were going for a party. When asked who's birthday party it was, you said "ME". Alamak!!

Daddy had left early for his usual golf. So, it was just us and Ah Kong and Ah Ma. Since Ah Kong had a golf game too, we headed back home before the party and when it was almost time, Ah Ma dropped us off at the Larut Road KFC. Before that, I had to keep telling you that the present was for mei-mei, but you insisted that it was for me. Sigh... Finally I had to tell you that you must give the present to Brettany mei-mei and Aunty Joey will give you another present! Phew that worked.

Upon arrival, we headed to wish the birthday girl a Happy Birthday as well as to pass the present to her (which you willingly did, thank goodness). You even wanted to give her a kiss!
Happy Birthday Brettany

We sat around to enjoy the KFC, you sat on the high chair enjoying the nuggets that I had cut up for you. But the moment you saw the fries, you only had eyes for that! Poor thing, Aunty Siew Hwa was holding the chippies and you watched the packet of fries intently. Finally mummy poured some for you and you ate those, ignoring the nuggets.

Soon, it was time to sing the birthday song, and we were treated to yummy chocolate cake.

Pocoyo Cake

Brettany and her Cake

Family picture

We left shortly after that. The location of our table wasn't very good. It was so so hot. You were sweating bullets!

Since daddy who was supposed to pick us up was not done with his game yet, Aunty Hooi Ling dropped us off at Gurney Plaza. What did we do there? I wanted to see if Uncle Wai Yin was there, but you told me that you were (s)cared of the loud sounds, so in the end we went up to pick a dress for mummy. I was tried 3 dresses and in the midst of trying the second dress, you turned to look at me (we were both in the fitting room) and told me "Bow (wow) mummy dancing". Haha.. so no points for guessing which dress I picked!

After roaming around a while more, daddy called and said he was almost reaching. On the way back, he told you to go to sleep, since it was pass your nap time, but you told him "NO". Next thing we knew, you'd fallen asleep!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Out on a Date

Daddy and I decided to take the whole day off as we had some errands to run. First thing in the morning, we decided to wait for you to wake up to get ready and off we went. Where to? The passport office to get my passport renewed. We initially planned to go early then go back to get you. But since you were already up, we took a leisurely breakfast, got ready before heading to town. My passport application was processed within 20 minutes.

While trying to decide where to go for breakfast, we passed the famous beef noodles shop opposite the fire station. Since it was early and there was no one else, we were considering whether to eat there or not. Decision was made instantly when we saw ample parking lots nearby. Daddy said "destined to eat there today". While waiting for the noodles to be ready, we had some toast and you enjoyed it. Better yet was the location of the coffee shop. So many buses drove pass that road. And today you were introduced to a new vehicle "Fire Engine". You preferred the noodles and soup and even the beef slices that I shared with you to the toast.

After that we headed to the condo to wait for the people to fix our shattered shower screen. We waited and waited and they didn't show up. Daddy called the shop and guess what? They we're delayed elsewhere. So what to do? We headed to Gurney Plaza for a little retail therapy lo.

We went back at 2.30pm as they said they'd be there. To our surprise, they were already waiting for us. While daddy watched them work on the shower screen, we had our snack of baguette that we'd just bought (since we didn't have lunch). I think you were hungry, after that, it was nap time for you. After the workmen left, we all took a nap.

What to have for dinner? We'd bought dinner to cook today from Cold storage. You were to have moi as well as one of the baked potatoes. This is what we had for dinner:

What is that? Black Angus steak (cooked by Chef Daddy) with baked potatoes, baguette and Wynns Coonawarra Carbernet Sauvignon. What was the occassion? It is our belated 4th anniversary dinner.

Since dinner was early, we freshen up and went off for some more retail therapy. Yay! After that we came home to play a while and then.. off to zzzzz land

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A Day In Ipoh

It's been a while since we've been back to Ipoh. So we decided to make the trip back. After breakfast and getting ready,w e left the house at around 8.45a.m. We had to detour to pick up some ang koo kuih before heading towards Penang Bridge. You sat happily in your carseat all the way to Ipoh. Of course, we had to be subjected to your nursery rhymes CD all the way there. Sometimes, you even clapped your hands to the songs.

We arrived at the coffee shop to have breakfast before heading to the house. 5th Chek Kong and Chim Poh met us there to have breakfast together. What did we have? We had the "liu" (ie fishball, meat ball etc) and curry mee. You had beehoon soup as fishballs. And you loved it.

Ah Tai was at home waiting for you to arrive. We sat around and played a while. Chin Poh took you upstairs to see what Ashley Kor-kor had for you. After playing a while with the truck.. that was the end of it. The back portion could no longer stick to the front. Soon daddy, Ah Kong and Chek Kong went off for golf. What were we planning to do?

Chim Poh had a dinner to attend, so she wanted to have her hair set. So we followed her and the 3 of us went to look at all the boutiques there. Ah Ma even bought you a singlet with izzards on it.

After Chim Poh was done, we had some famous Ipoh White Coffee, while you had some toast. By the time we arrived home, you'd already fallen asleep. Oops.. a little past your nap time.

Dinner was "hor por char", consisting of veggies and more veggies with rice and soup. Obviously that was not something that you would eat. So Ah Ma cooked a dish of eggs and pork. We all ate our delicious dinner. After dinner, we sat around for a while before leaving for Penang.

Oh yeah, your Chim Poh and Chek Kong was in Melbourne recently. So they came back with some loot for you. Even your Natalie Kor-Kor and Jack Hou Chek-chek bought you something. On top of that, your SuKor-kor and Ashley Kor-kor got you a T-shirt when they went to Krabi too... look:

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Apple.. Yummy!

Ah Ma reckons the apple looks super yummy from the way you are enjoying it. Do you think so?

Kakak Wati cuts one apple especially for you and even slices them to bite sizes. On top of that she will keep the apple outside as you do not like them to be too cold. By the time you have finished dinner, it is just right...
By the way, you now know to ask nicely for things:
Mummy : What do you say?
Evan : Peesh mummy apple?
After giving you the apple
Mummy : What do you say now?
Evan : Dank yu (Thank you)
Pronunciation and sequence of the words are not very good, but hey, you're learning new words and even manners, and we're very proud of you...

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Welcome Back Ah Kong

Ah Kong was away travelling for the past 11 days. Where did he go? To Brazil and Mexico. He had to stop over and he bought you these in Houston. He said that your cap was getting too small and probably uncomfortable for you. So he got you this cap and a set of balls (football, soccer ball and basketball). You sure are lucky. He will always get you something whenever he goes travelling...

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day

We had a simple celebration today. 4th Ee Poh, Teo Kong, Julian Ku-ku, Ashley Ku-ku and Nanna were with us in the condo. Daddy left the condo early in the morning for his golf game. We slept in a little and you decided that it was time to wake up by 8 a.m.. I tried to pretend to sleep... but you found out that the easiest way to wake me up was to put your little finger into my nose! Sigh...

Breakfast was at the coffee shop opposite the condo and we went for a little shopping in Metrojaya before heading home for lunch. Mummy had cooked your fish moi-moi before heading for Metrojaya, so it was all ready by the time we arrived home. Daddy reached a while later and after lunch, our house guests headed back to BM. They were celebrating Father's Day with Chor-chor. 2nd and 3rd Ee Poh were also back from Australia.

We napped and you only woke up at 6.15p.m., so no time to go to Youth Park as planned. I guess we have to postpone it to next weekend. Ah Ma was cooking dinner. Ah Kong was not back from his trip yet, so it was only 4 of us. What was on the menu? Look:

Yup, it was Chicken Maryland complete with potatoes in parsley, corn, green peas and a fried banana. Yummy, eh? She sure is a good cook. She even made a cheesy gravy to add to the Chicken Maryland.

As always, here you are enjoying your dinner.

Happy Father's Day, Daddy.

P/S: We left daddy's card in the condo.. so no picture of the card with your "autograph"

Friday, June 13, 2008

Love of Cars

Most of your kor-kors know that you love cars. In fact, other than "Ma-ma" and "Da-da", "car" was one of the earliest words that you learnt. So I guess it came as no surprise that your kor-kors picked this car garage as your 2nd birthday present. Daddy, Su Kor-kor and mummy had stayed up to fix up the garage so that you could play with it first thing in the morning. And you were delighted when you so it. The cars will roll from the second floor to the bottom, and when it whooshes past certain points, it will make a "vrroooommmm" sound too! On top of that, there is a car wash that will make bubbly sounds when you "drive" the car through, a place to have your car fixed and also 2 petrol kiosks. The original garage only had 1 helicopter and your kor-kors added another 3 cars. Uncle Dennis added more cars along with a plane to "accompany" your helicopter on the helicopter pad!
These days, it's the one toy that you will play with everyday. Of course you have added your cars too. Some which are actually too big, along with a Double-Decker bus that Ah Kong bought for you when he went to Paris. And you would gleefully say "too big" but still force the cars and bus to go down the ramp. Cheeky little guy!!
See the bus?
You have even given some of the cars owners. Daddy has 2 sporty looking cars, Ah Ma drives a Land Rover, just like in real life and Ah Kong owns a red sporty car. Abby drives a cool looking truck. As for mummy.. sigh... I "own" a crummy pickup truck. Darn.. why can't I be the owner of one of those fancy cars???
Up till today, we have added another 6 cars to the original 8 cars, 1 helicopter and 1 plane. Last week Ah Ma added a van and another pick-up truck which had a motorcycle parked on the back. By the way, you can now say "moti-chai-ker" (that's motorcycle).

Pump "petol"

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

How Do We Undo This?

This is Danny & Daddy that shows on your favourite Playhouse Disney Channel. Lately it's been showing at around 7.50am, just before we go down for breakfast (on days when you wake up that early). Well, last week it was showing and guess what you said when the show started...
"Daddy shtupid"
Oh no!!! How do we undo this? I tried telling you that daddy is not stupid. But you only gave me a blank look. I've even stopped showing you the show. Everytime it came on, I'd change to another channel.
Initially we thought that you were referring only to the character.. but now you are referring to other things too! I don't think you really know what it means but I don't want you to use this word. How do we "un-teach" this word?
As for where you picked up this word... er.. it's between that person and me (and daddy) to know...

Monday, June 02, 2008

Weekend After the Fever

We were worried that you'd still be tired after the fever. In fact you'd napped for almost 3-4 hours on Thursday and Friday even when you didn't have the fever. On Saturday,w e skipped our usual market day, as I was worried that it would be too hot for you. After AH Ma came back from the market, we got ready and headed out to Muthu's to buy beef for Sunday's dinner. We'd bought lunch back and all enjoyed lunch at home.
After daddy came back from his golf game,w e headed for Queensbay Mall. We needed to buy your veggies as we did not have a chance to buy over the week. Obviously the carpark was full, ad daddy decided to have his car washed. But guess what? We have to wait for 3 hours for the car to be ready! Yikes. So Ah Ma called Uncle Sin Tien can he picked you, Ah Ma and Ah Kong up from Queensbay Mall and dropped you all home, while mummy and daddy waited for the car to be ready.
Dinner on Saturday night was a simple meal of moi. Even you had your own bowl of moi in our favourite shop in town. We'd gone for dinner in Ah Kong's car. And on the way back, you noticed the car logo on the window. This is what you told me:
Dat'sh Ah Kong car, not daddy car.
On Sunday you decided to torture mummy. You woke up at 5.30am insisting that you wanted cold nenen. So what to do? We both went down for your cold nenen. And you drank half a cup and wanted more. After a few sips, you told mummy to drink it. Then you insisted that you wanted more. Arghh... After another round of drinking, we went up and you still insisted that you wanted more. Mummy refused to give in and in the end you fell asleep. What time did you wake up next? 9am! And that was because Ah Ma wanted to bring you to the market. We went to Jelutong market, it didn't seem to be as crowded as the last time we came.
After the market, and buying some things in town, we headed home for lunch. Daddy and Ah Kong arrived shortly after that. Daddy got ready and we headed to the condo to clean it up a little. 4th Ee poh and her family are going to spend some time at our condo next weekend. It was a quick task cleaning up. I thought that you'd fall asleep in the condo, but you had other plans. You decided to supervise us while we cleaned up!
In the end, you only slept as we reached home. And you slept until 6.15pm! Dinner was early as we were having steam boat. Yup, even you had steamboat. It was a leisurely dinner. You loved the pork, chicken and beef. On top of that you had glass noodles as well as a poached egg that daddy cooked for you in the yummy soup. Of course, you had your share of soup. We all know that you love soup.
And that's how we spent our weekend. Not too exciting, since you still needed to take it easy after the fever.