Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Backseat Driver

Why are you called a "backseat driver"? Because you sit at the back and you tried to help Ah Kong drive. Or to be more specific.. park his car!

We went out for lunch on Sunday: you, Ah Kong, daddy and mummy. Couldn't decide where to go. We went to Lorong Selamat and finally found a parking spot. Ah Kong was backing when we heard the backseat driver saying:
"Go all the way"
Wow! We were surprised that you could say that. Next we're wondering where you learnt that from. Ah Kong reckons probably from Ah Ma! Haha...

Monday, July 21, 2008

Do Not Disturb: Artist At Work

I thought that I had posted about this before, but looks like I didn't. Remember that "artwork" that you'd drawn for Mother's Day? Well, here are some pictures of you busy drawing:

You love to draw when we're in the room at night. You'll tell me "Mummy, daw" and you'd put mummy and daddy's pillows on the floor, one for me and another for you. And I'll put the paper on the floor and we'd draw.. Or more like you scribble and mummy draw whatever few things that I can draw. But it's fun, and I love your imagination..

Evan: This is ai-yo-pane (aeroplane)

More lines and scribbles
Evan: This is (s)tar

Drawing session with mummy

Artist at work..

And there are times when one of your many toys are "taught" how to draw. Here's Elmo taking drawing lessons from you (picture not very clear beacuse you were moving around):

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Things I Overheard You Saying...

You seem to be more and more curious. So whenever you hear a sound, you will ask "Wat dat?" of "Eh? Wat dat?"
Another thing you like to ask is "(What) are you doing?" Just like when we were in The Smokehouse, waiting for the tea time menu to be served, and we were playing in the gardens. Chim Poh went to hide from you.. so what did you say? "Chim Poh... (What) are you doing?"
Whenever your toys fall, you'll say "Ash-den" which is your version of "accident". Especially when you play with your garage. Sometimes, one of the cars will overturn when it is maneuvering the bend and the next car will bang into the overturned car, so you will say "Aiya, ash-den".
Which brings us to your next word "Aiyah..". Chim Poh reckons you picked that up from me. She says I use that word quite a bit. So when anything happens, you will say "Aiyah..."
It's very funny how from saying a few single words, you are now almost able to hold a conversation with us. Just like when you were playing with daddy.. He arranged your trains in a row and you told him "No, daddy.. Not like dish (this)".
Sometimes it's a little difficult to figure out what you are saying.. I'd try to guess what you're saying with words that sound almost alike. If it's wrong, then you'd just say "No" and we'd move on to the next guess *wink*. You used to get really upset when we could not figure out what you were trying to say. I guess when we are around you more often, it's easier to understand you. And you definitely understand what we're telling you. In fact, Chim Poh and Chek Kong and Su Kor-kor had difficulty understanding you.. But after 3 days with you, they could pretty much figure out what you try to tell them.
Oh yes, you also like to say this:
Mummy: Where is Ah Ma?
Evan: Upstairs
Mummy: What is Ah Ma doing upstairs?
Evan: Doing something
Mummy: What are you doing, Evan?
Evan: Something
Never something specific. Always a standard answer of "something"... Ok there was this one time that you gave me a specific answer:
Evan: Going home
Mummy: Go home to do what?
Evan: Go home, do something
Mummy: Do what?
Evan: Go home, wash b*rdie
Er.. ok next time, we'll leave it as "something"!

Wedding Dinner

We had 2 dinner's to attend yesterday. So, who did you go with? Daddy, of course. Why? Because he's going with Ah Ma and Ah Kong... It was daddy's cousin, Siao Lee's wedding dinner. Mummy on the other hand attended my colleague's wedding dinner.
In the morning, we headed to Gurney Plaza to get the batteries in my watches changed. Yup, they all decided to die on me at the same time. But no such luck. One needed to be sent to KL to have the batteries changed, while another shop did not have the size needed for my other watch. Sigh.. Anyway, we had a quick lunch after that and headed home, since daddy had a very early game to play.
Tried very hard to get you to nap early, but you decided that you preferred to play. In the end, you went into the small room with Ah Ma and after a long long time, you finally fell asleep. By the time you woke up, it was time to get ready for the wedding dinner. You were too grumpy to want to have any tea and so mummy got you ready first, then left you with Ah Ma along with your cheese. Aunty Asher was coming to pick me up soon. Luckily I was ready by the time she arrived.
By the time I got back from the wedding, it was almost 11.00pm and you guys were only on the way home. Daddy told me later that there was a traffic jam, trying to get out of the carpark! Poor daddy was so tired. He woke up this morning with aching arms. Why? Because you were so lucky to be seated right in front of the speakers! It was so loud, so daddy had to take you away from the loud music. Poor thing, you kept telling daddy that you were (s)cared.
Well you came back looking tired, but as always did not fall asleep immediately. By the time you fell asleep, it was 11.30pm and you still woke up at 8.45am this morning. Mummy tried to pretend to sleep to see if you'd wake me up. Surprise, surprise, you just played on our bed, until you spotted me looking at you!!
I guess you are still tired for the late night, you took your afternoon nap without making a lot of fuss. All settles within 10 minutes. You usually give me a harder time to get you to nap when mummy is around..

Monday, July 14, 2008

Haircut Day

We're tired from all the travelling and late nights but we decided to bring you to Uncle Austin's for a long needed haircut. Yvonne kor-kor mentioned that your hair looked too long. Don;t I know it...

So we unpacked and left the house at around 5p.m. for Uncle Austin's. When we arrived, there were 2 customers there, but we had to wait for almost an hour before it was finally your turn to have your hair cut. Daddy had planned to have his hair cut too, but changed his mind after waiting for so long. You were quite happy playing around and mummy had to ask you a few times if you were ok cutting your hair. You happily said not scared, cut here-here-here... Took Ching Ern's mummy to get you "prepped up" for the hair cut. And it sort of worked.

By the time your turn arrived, you sat quietly on the high chair while your hair was cut, but only for 5 minutes. When you noticed some hair dropping on your arms, you got upset and in the end, we finished the rest of your haircut under protest and in mummy's arms.



Our Holiday in Camerons

I know I have mentioned many times before.. but it's true.. I love long weekends. This weekend was the Penang Governor's Birthday. So, we got today (Monday) off. So where to? It's the best time to travel since only Penang state was having this holiday. Cameron Highlands.. yay! And Su Kor-kor was taking the weekend off too and was joining us and 5th Chim Poh & Chek Kong in Camerons.

It's been a year since we last went to Camerons. The last time was during the Labour Day holiday stretch. This time it wasn't anywhere as crowded as last year. In fact, most of the cars bore Penang number plates! Hahah.. everyone had the same great idea to go to Cameron Highlands. We left Penang on Friday night to stop over in Ipoh, so that we did not have to leave early on Saturday. By the time we arrived in Ipoh, it was already past 10.00pm but you were not tired at all. So we all sat around and you finally went to sleep while daddy and Su Kor-kor went out to buy supper "ngar choi kai" (bean sprout chicken noodle) from the famous Cowan Street. Ah Ma was going to sit with you while I had my supper, but somehow, you decided otherwise and woke up. So... we all shared the noodles and chicken. You finally went back to sleep at 12.30a.m! The latest you've slept so far...

On Saturday morning, your internal clock didn't reset. You still woke up early. 8.30a.m. Sigh.. Ok after that everyone had to wake up, since you spoke at the top of your voice! After everyone was ready, we headed to Ipoh's old town to have breakfast. What did we have? Our favourite curry mee and all sorts of ingredients (fish ball, meat balls, "ngau kan yin", etc). Daddy ordered kuay tiau for you, but you ended up eating only a little but of that and lots of fish balls and meat balls.

After getting ready and packing, we headed to Camerons. Only thing is we had to make a u-turn back to the Ipoh house as mummy had forgotten to bring your two "precious": Barney and "baby" (the "kiam chai" bear). We finally arrived at Chek Kong's apartment in Tanah Rata at around 1.00p.m. We rested a while, played a while and soon it was time for dinner. What did you do while waiting for dinner time? We'd packed your Thomas the train set on Friday to bring along. So daddy set it up in this corner:
Dinner was at the usual spot in Brinchang. We ate a delicious dinner and went for a walk at the "pasar malam". It sure was crowded. After buying a few things, we left to go back. It was rather late, but as usual while on holidays, you only finally went to sleep at around 11.00pm, despite only napping for an hour in the car on the way up.

On Sunday, we woke up early (again)... It was quite noisy outside, with the vehicles moving outside and the birds, so since you woke up, no one else got to sleep either! Ah Kong and Chek Kong got ready and headed to the golf course. What did we have in mind? Have a look at this picture of you and Kor-kor:

Yup.. we went to "Ye Olde Smokehouse" for brunch. Ok, it was supposed to be breakfast, but by the time we arrived it was almost 10.30am and since we all wanted to eat scones, we waited for the "tea time" menu to be served at 11.00am. While waiting, you wondered happily around the gardens and we took some pictures too.

The food was delicious. We originally planned to give you the scones, but you had your own plans. You ate around 80% of Su Kor-kor's Bangers and Mash and wasn't interested in the scones.

After that, we went to take a look at the Strawberry Park Resort, then to a strawberry farm. This is the first time you're looking at a strawberry. What did you tell me? "Stowbewee oh-gut" (Strawberry Yougrt).. which is the closest to strawberries that you've come to so far..

We had another round of lunch in Brinchang with Ah Kong and Chek Kong who had finished their golf game. After that we sent them back with Ah Ma while we headed to the playground in Tanah Rata. You sure had fun. Especially since we missed Youth Park this weekend.

Went home for your nap. Look at what we saw before heading out for dinner:


Taken before the mist came

This morning, we woke up early as we planned to leave early, have lunch in Ipoh and head back to Penang, before the traffic on the Penang Bridge got too heavy.

All relaxed in the deck chair. Waiting for everyone to get ready.

Again, you slept most of the way down and only woke up when we arrived in Ipoh. Ah Tai was waiting for you to go home. Lunch was in Overseas Restaurant, Ah Tai's favourite restaurant.

After lunch, we headed back to Penang, making a detour to Nanna's house to drop of some things first.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Happy Birthday to Ching Ern

Happy 2nd Birthday to Ching Ern!

Hope she likes the present that we got her..

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

A Special Day..

Today is a day for celebrations. Since it was the middle of the week, we headed to TGIF in Queensbay Mall to celebrate. What was the occasion? Hehe.. Birthday celebration...

Mummy even managed to get you to say "Happy Birthday to Mummy". So sweet. Really made my day. In fact, I loved hearing you say that, I asked you to wish me several times, in the end this is what I got:
"Happy Birthday to Evan" (sigh..)

What greeted me first thing in the morning? 2 cards: one from you and another from daddy. You even wrote the wishes in the card for me, with daddy's help.
Thanks to my 2 darlings for this wonderful day..

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Reading books

I love buying books for you. I started to buy board books because you'd er.. eat books when you were younger. I bought you a pop-up book before, but the book has met it's maker... Not in a very good condition anymore. All tattered and torn.

Well, for your 2nd birthday, you received several books. Some we have opened, while others are too advanced for you, so mummy put them aside for later on. On Saturday night, before going to sleep, you insisted that you wanted to read one of the new books that was still wrapped up. Mummy told you that it's still wrapped up. Guess what you did? You managed to peel open one of the sides and happily exclaimed "Open edi" (opened already), wanting to read the book and not go to sleep. Sigh.. it sure took lot of persuasion before you went to sleep!

Here's a really adorable book that ee-ee gave you for your birthday. It's called "In the Jungle". We call it the "Jungle book" .. easier. It's got a picture of an animal under the flap and you love it. We read this book before you take your afternoon naps and at night before bedtime. You can finally recognise all the adorable patchwork animals. Pronunciation is not too accurate, but getting there. There's the ai-yon (lion), giyaff, chupra (zebra), tiger (clearly), bird-paiet (parrot), hippo, monkey. The snake is “ssssss”. Sounds familiar? Looks like you haven't forgotten what you said so long ago. The last one that you learnt is the crocodile. You call it co-cu-DILE. Before that you'd tell me "Me dun no" when I asked you what it was!