Wednesday, August 27, 2008

So many boxes!

Boxes everywhere... That was what the house looked like the last few days before we officially moved.

And the condo is also full of boxes (obviously) and it took us a good 3-4 days to (almost) finish unpacking. There are still 2 more boxes that we need to clear before Ah Kong's friends come this weekend.

Here you are playing among the boxes.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

What Happened to All the Water?

*Backdated post.... (very)*

Oh no.. I didn't notice it at first when we went home on Sunday (from the condo). In fact, I didn't realise that the fishes were missing when I came back last Tuesday. Even made the mistake of asking you where the fishes were. Luckily you were ok with the missing fishies. Ah Kong had given the fishes to his friend. 3 of the Japanese carp. Daddy said that they'd told you the fishes were to be given to "uncle".

So what was your reaction when you saw this?

Look closer..

Eh? No more water edi... Water go to unker's housh (house).. (You told me that EVERY night, when we go downstairs to take your milk!)

Er.. ok i guess you got mixed up between the fishies and the water. I'm sure you'll miss those fishies. You used to feed them with Ah Kong whenever he goes home for lunch. Never mind, maybe when you're older we can get you some fishies to feed in a fish bowl, since this pond will be covered up soon.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Need Sleep

I guess everyone has been tired with all the moving. I cannot imagine when the time comes for us to move back to the house. Yup, I forgot to mention that this move is only temporary while the house is under renovation. Only realised why Baby Zen's mummy left us a message.
We've been staying at the condo officially for a week. Yet, I think everyone is still very tired. I don't know why you should be tired, but you seem to be so. You must love the excitement of staying in a new place, because you seem to sleep late and wake up early. So do you suffer from lack of sleep? Obviously not! Why? Because your afternoon naps have now extended to 2.5 hours!
Who is suffering from lack of sleep instead? Hehe.. I wish to say it's me, but I think daddy is still very tired. With the move, we now have to wake up earlier to travel to work. I cannot proclaim to be lacking in sleep because sometimes I fall asleep before you do at night! Hehe... Daddy on the other hand has those little things to check on and fix around the place still. So he's really tired. He fell asleep even with you making a ruckus in the room yesterday evening!
Hopefully you'll sleep in this weekend. We all need the long long sleep to rejuvenate!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

We've Moved

Mummy received news that we were to move to the condo the weekend after I came back from Bangkok. Yikes.. that gave me around 2-3 days to pack up all the things that we've accumulated over the years. What to do? What to do? Can it be done on time? When daddy picked me up on Wednesday, he told me that they'd postponed by a week. Phew.. Now I will have more time to pack.. or so I thought anyway.
Ok, the truth was that I did procrastinate a little. And the boxes only arrived on Friday. Luckily Ah Ma decided to engage some professional movers to help. I started to pack up the clothes into the boxes, while daddy went through all the things to decide what needs to be thrown, kept or given away.
Everynight was spent clearing all our stuff. Some nights I slept when you fell asleep and refused to wake up later (as I had promised daddy) to continue packing. Hehe.. still tired from the trip. Anyway, we took Thursday afternoon off and we finally finished packing all the things. By the time we were done, it was 3am. Why did we take so long? Because we had to wait for you to fall asleep, which you have taken to sleeping only after 11pm! Otherwise, you'd be so very helpful. Either helping by pulling out the things that I'd put into the box or asking me what the items were, or deciding that you wanted to sit on my lap!
Friday was D-Day. We all could not wake up, since we had a very late night. When mummy and daddy finally got ourselves out of bed, you continued to sleep until almost 9am. Since it was already late, I gave you milk and off we went to the condo with some small nick-knacks that we were to move ourselves.
Daddy left shortly for the house after we were settled in. What did we do? We entertained ourselves, had lunch and mummy even ordered delivery for myself. Daddy came again later to drop some things and see how we were doing. Since you were still awake, we decided to go back home to see how the moving was going. The house certainly looked.. bare. All the things were cleared and just before we left, it was even emptier. Why? Because one of the charitable organization had sent their recycling team to remove all the wooden fixtures. So the house was REALLY bare.
We arrived at the condo just as the movers reached. Soon, they were moving the boxes and boxes of things into the house. When all was done, they opened the packaging of the bulking items. I wish that was the end of the moving. Sigh.. but seems like that's not the case. Now it's time to unpack. As of now.. we still have A LOT of things to unpack.
And with all the moving, you did not take an afternoon nap. You dozed off for 5 minuted on the way back home in daddy's car. So I expected you to sleep early at night, but I was mistaken! Sleep only came to you (and me) at 11.30pm!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Chippies again...

Daddy said that he had promised to go home yesterday during lunch time. Too bad we couldn't make it, since mummy had a lot of work to do. So today we bought lunch and went home. Of course, you were glad to see us home. It seems you even told Ah Ma that we'd be back today. And good thing we decided to go home today too. Since Ah Kong did not go home for lunch today.

Like I was saying, you sure were glad when you heard us coming home. But you were even happier when you saw what we had brought back for lunch. Yup.. chippies! You were grinning from ear to ear when you saw the "Golden Arches" logo. That's right.. you can recognise this:

And this too:

What do you call them? "Chippies".. what else?

I wonder if you will greet me with "Eh? Where chippies?" when we get home, like you did the last time... Sigh.. more eager to see the chippies than mummy or daddy...

Monday, August 11, 2008


Although you are willing to try most of the food that we introduce to you, you seem very reluctant when it comes to fruits. It's durian season, and obviously you refused to try that. In fact, the moment you see the white Styrofoam box, you'd point to it and say "No...."
What is strange is that you'd take orange juice but not oranges. Then again, you had grape yogurt yesterday but when Ah Kong asked if you would like grapes, since you'd take grape yogurt, you said "No..."
So what fruit would you eat? Apple is one of your favourite. I used to give you pear too, but nowdays you'd only eat it if you're in the mood for it. Other than that, banana is your favourite. You'd ask Ah Ma to buy you ba-nga-nga-nga when she goes to the market. Whenever we go to the Pulau Tikus market, there are only 2 things that we have to buy: ba-nga-nga-nga and baka bun (butter bun).
The latest thing you have learnt is whether the banana is ripe enough to eat.
Ah Ma : What colour is the banana?
Evan : Gween, can-ngot eat (Green, cannot eat)
Ah Ma : What colour is the banana?
Evan : 'ewo, can eat (Yellow, can eat)
It's very amusing how fast you pick up things now. So whenever you see the banana that Ah Ma buys you'll know whether you can eat it or not.
P/S: Despite learning things quickly, there are some things that you refuse to learn. Like the correct word is "ba-na-na" and yet you'll say "ba-nga-nga-nga". Otherwise it will be "ba-nga".. Anything but the correct word!

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Missed You So Much

I was away on holidays with my friends from last Friday and only came back on Tuesday. While it was fun, I had to leave you crying, in Ah Ma's arms, asking for me and that made me sad. Thank goodness for mobile phones. So daddy would call me and we'd chat a while or he's SMS me to tell me the little naughty things that you did while I was away.
It was a relief when I arrived home. I get to see you and daddy, whom I've missed so much. The moment I got home, I hid in the kitchen and you came out asking for mummy. Daddy was there but you told poor daddy "Dowan daddy". The smile you gave me was the sweetest and I missed your smiles so much while I was in Bangkok.
Better still was your reaction when I gave you your presents. You went "Wow.. nice, nice".. Talk about being appreciative. Worth all the effort I spent to pick some nice things for you. Will post about your "loot" later on...