Friday, October 31, 2008

Going to KL?

We've got no such plans but you seem to think otherwise lately. For the past 2 nights, you have been telling me this "Tomorrow we go KL, ok?" and when I asked you what you planned to do in KL (I thought you'd say ride on Thomas and boat), you told me "To pick up Boh-boh Poh and Teh-teh (che-che)".

I have no idea why you say that, since both of them are in Penang. Hhmmm...

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


You used to give me things by saying "Nah..." I tried to teach you some manners.. How to rephrase "Nah" when giving something to someone? Put some thought into it.. and what came to mind was "Here you go".

So after a few times of saying "No Evan, don't say nah. Say here you go" and you finally got it. So nowdays, I'm proud to say that you will be nice and polite and tell me "Here you go, mummy".

You're so polite that even when you dig for "gold" (especially since you were down with a cold and kept getting dirty nose), you gave it to me and said "Here you go, mummy".

Sigh.. what to do? How do I reject something yucky given to me, but put in such a nice manner...

Sunday, October 26, 2008

A Lazy Sunday

Since we had a simple dinner yesterday and mummy and daddy have been thinking of Japanese food, we decided to have a Japanese buffet lunch today. It was so peaceful and quiet this morning, we all slept until 10 am! Yup, 10 am! There was no construction work going on next door and despite some children playing in the pool, we slept and slept on. Woke up with a jolt and quickly had our breakfast and got ready to go out for lunch.
We arrived just on time. We got seated and daddy promptly went to bring the steamed eggs as promised. You loved it and thank goodness it wasn't too hot for you. After one bowl, we had fish for you and daddy even took some fried rice. You ate a little bit of this and a little bit of that. What did you have to fill yourself up? A whole bowl of miso soup. No wonder Ah Ma calls you the "soup king"! You'd down any type of soup. After you decided that you were full, you decided that it was time fo your usual "walkie walkie". But before that, daddy brought you to pick your ice-cream. Guess which one you picked? The purple coloured one. Yam flavoured. And it was really yummy. You finished 2 scoops of the yam ice cream. When mummy wanted to take ice-cream, you told me to eat the pink one and green one for daddy. Ok, we'll do as the boss says! After ice-cream, we asked for the bill.
That was when you decided that you needed to make another "deposit". HHmmm.. you seem to be doing this very often lately. Nevermind, we paid the bill and brought you to the toilet. Of course it was clean and dry and you could do your business. After that we brought you to the fish pond. I had warned daddy not to mention "fish" to you during lunch or else you'd immediately decide to go for walkie. You loved the fishes and daddy brought you to walk on the bridge which you enjoyed immensely. Like yesterday, you declared that you "Want to walk on bridge tonight" again. Try as we may, you could not understand "another time" and insisted on "tonight".
After that, we left and headed for tou-tou's house to return the stroller cover for Anna che-che's stroller. You seemed drowsy on the way home, but the moment you entered the house, you were recharged. After a while, I tried to make you take a nap, but you only rolled and rolled on the bed. I think I'd fallen asleep, but you wouldn't. So thinking that it's because you woke up late this morning, I let you out. What did you decide to do? Curl up with me on the sofa and fall asleep 10 minutes later! Sigh.. so you're napping now with daddy watching over you while I'm writing about our day's event.
We'll be going over to the airport tonight to pick up Ah Kong and Ah Ma. What are we having for dinner tonight? A bit decision... Only thing is I still feel full from lunch!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Butterfly Farm

Ah Kong And Ah Ma has gone to Singapore for the weekend. Yup, we dropped them off at the airport yesterday evening. What used to take us no more than 30 minutes to and from the airport took us almost 2 hours this time (which included buying our dinner and your chippies that you had told me you wanted in the afternoon), since we're leaving from the condo which is a lot further!

Well daddy promised you last night that if it didn't rain, he'd bring us to the butterfly farm. We had been thinking of bringing you there for a while, but never got around to putting the plan in action. We had thought that the plan had to be scrapped again, since it rained so heavily on Friday night.We all slept in and woke up at 9am this morning. The weather was beautiful. And so we all ate breakfast and got ready to leave for the Butterfly Farm. Actually by the time we arrived, it was almost 11.30am.

There was no place to park, so we had to park across the road. Paid for our entrance tickets (free for you) and we were in the farm. I was wondering how you'd react, but you didn't seem to worried. Initially you wanted mummy to carry you, but when the butterflies flew near you, you didn't seem to mind them too much. WE walked around, looked at the butterflies, the millipede, scorpions and many other insects and even a snapping turtle. It was rather humid but you didn't seem to mind. There was a big pond full of fishes even. The Butterfly Farm seems to be very popular. There was even a busload of school children on an excursion.

Just realised that although you never told me that you were "scared", you seemed to be rather wary of the butterflies. We had to persuade you to look at the camera before taking the pictures. But you seemed to be looking elsewhere in most pictures!


Snapping Turtle

After that, we left and dropped the camera home before heading to Gurney Plaza for lunch. On our way there, you kept telling daddy that you saw three butterflies and red and green and orange butterflies. And you even told daddy that you wanted to "Go to Butterfly Farm again tonight"! Looks like we'll be making another trip there another time, since you seem to like it. One thing that I never realised is that from calling them "baka pai" you can now pronounce the word "butterfly" very clearly now.

It was a little pass your lunchtime and when lunch was served, you seemed very happy. We ordered nuggets and chippies for you. Daddy wondered if you'd like Ribena, but the moment he tried to give you the drink, you said "No.. no.. no..." and covered your mouth! So, you drank water while daddy drank up your Ribena. After lunch, we walkie walkie a little before heading home. It was pass your naptime.

After your nap, we took a bath and headed out for dinner. What to eat.. So difficult to decide. In the end, we agreed on Bah Kut Teh. Yummy... you polished a whole bowl of (regular sized) "or pui" and also had half a blow of the soup. Headed home and you were recharged as usual. So played and played and when mummy told you that it was time to go to bed, you told me "Evan not tired wor.. " and refused to go to sleep until I had to carry a very unwilling toddler to bed!

Riding on Thomas the Train

Here's the video of you enjoying the ride. It's very rare that you'd sit on it willingly. Better yet, ask to ride more! The few times that we'd brought you to Jusco for the rides, we'd have to persuade and convince you to finish the ride, or there are also times when the next kid gets a free ride because you got scared and jumped off the ride before it was over!

Time to Leave..

It's so much fun writing about our first day, so I have decided to take over again. Daddy says that mummy is taking too long to write about our trip to Kay-El, so I'll be a goo boy and write ok, daddy?

I was so tired as mummy had mentioned from this trip. I woke up at 8am on Sunday asking mummy for a drink and went back to sleep after that. I kept hearing mummy trying to wake me up. She even changed my diaper as it was very full. Don't know why she kept trying to wake me up. But I ignored her and continued to sleep. Later, I heard her telling daddy that she was worried about my not waking up. Why? Because she said that I was sweating and felt "clammy". Whatever that is. Anyway, when I felt that I had enough sleep, I finally woke up (almost 11am) and they all (even Ah Ma and Ah Kong) had relieved expressions. Drank my nen-nen and asked mummy for the umpteenth time where Kor-kor and Uncle Dennis was. She keeps on telling me that they'd gone for a party (like me, but I didn't see them yesterday) in Melaka. Took my shower and we all left the house. Never got to see them before leaving KL.

We packed up the car and left. Where did we go? I was feeling hungry. I think everyone else was too. So they were trying to decide if we were to go to 1 Utama like daddy had promised yesterday or to The Gardens. In the end, we went to The Gardens again. Daddy said sorry that we could not take the rides, but we'd go to KL again soon. What did we have? Kor-kor had mentioned that Crystal Jade (that we had in Singapore)had opened a branch there. Oh wow.. Lunch was so yummy. I even finished almost a whole char siew pau by myself. I had decided to torture daddy again. So he had to feed me. When daddy tried to feed me my favourite peanuts when I was still eating my pau, I told him "Wait.. I finish pau first". He's so impatient! After lunch, we walked around a little before leaving.
I fell asleep again on the way to Ipoh. Don't know why, but I felt so sleepy still. Mummy woke me up when we reached Ipoh. Ah Tai was just waking up when we arrived. Ah Kong said we'd stop over for a while to cheer up Ah Tai. She must be lonely since Chin Poh, Chek Kong and Kor Poh had gone on holiday. I played a while there and soon we packed ourselves into the car to head to Penang.
This time Ah Kong drove the car, while daddy sat behind with me and mummy. After a while daddy ignored me and went to sleep. So mummy kept me entertained all the way back to Penang. Just as we were leaving the bridge, I told mummy that i wanted to ngk-ngk. Now that we have moved to far, it would take us another 30 minutes to reach home, and daddy said that we needed to buy dinner too. So.. we headed to Tou-tou's house. Hehe.. I needed to make another "deposit". Must be from eating too much lunch.
I didn't want to leave the house after that. I like the 2 cars that Anna che-che has. But mummy said that we had to go. It was late and we needed to buy dinner before heading home. We bought dinner and I ate fried rice and some char hor fun. After my bath, I played around because I didn't feel tired. But soon, mummy said I had to go to sleep. I betcha it's because she was sleepy.
So this is how our long weekend ended. I wonder when daddy will bring me to KL to ride on Thomas and the boat again...

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Day Two.. It's shopping time

Ok, mummy's taking over to tell you how our trip went. The main reason we went to KL was to attend a wedding. Uncle Wai Kiat and Aunty Jackie was getting married. So early Saturday morning, daddy woke up to get ready to be Uncle Wai Kiat's "heng tai". Kor-kor was also up by then. You woke up a little confused, I guess wondering where you were, since it was a different room. After kor-kor left, we got ready to leave the house. Where were we going? Shopping lo..
It was just you, me and Ah Ma. Ah Kong had gone off for a golf game. Of course I didn't bother to bring the stroller along for fear of you not wanting to sit and me ending up carrying you and dragging the stroller! We walked out of the apartment to take a cab to One Utama. It had started to drizzle and the first taxi did not want to use the meter, so we waited for another one.
When we arrived, we walked around, looking at clothes and soon, you got hungry and grumpy, insisting that mummy carried you. I think my arms are still aching from carrying you so much! We went to have lunch in Italiannes. Good thing they serves those yummy, warm bread first. You also enjoyed dipping your bread into the vinegar and oil mixture. After lunch, daddy joined us for a little more shopping while Ah Ma left to join Aunty May. We were about to leave when you spotted.... Thomas the train. Yup, it was a ride on. So what to do? Mummy had some small change so you rode on it. After that, you said that you wanted to ride again, but we didn't have any more coins. And none of the stalls wanted to exchange coins for us. In the end, daddy parked us on one of the benches and walked somewhere to get coins. He came back after a while and you rode another 2 times on Thomas and once on a boat. We finally got to leave the mall because you were getting tired (and daddy promised that we'd go back the next day) since you happily agreed to leave the mall after the 3 rides.
You fell asleep on the way back and continued to nap. Daddy and mummy joined you for the much needed nap. We woke up around 5pm, lazed around then got ready for dinner. The wedding dinner was held at Palace of the Golden Horses Hotel. Daddy wasn't too sure of the way, so Uncle Wai Yin offered to bring us there. It wasn't raining, but traffic was heavy. Thankfully dinner hadn't started by the time we arrived. Dinner was wonderful, and you ate most of the food that was served. And since I had told you that if you wanted to go walkie, you'll have to get daddy to take you, you let me enjoy dinner while you brought daddy for a walkie *grin*.
Halfway through dinner, you needed to make a "deposit". So off we went to the washroom. Thank goodness you could make your deposit without a fuss. Mummy had to balance you on the WC and when all was done, we changed to a fresh diaper and back we went to the ballroom. After dinner, we stayed around chatting with friends for a while. There was a slight traffic jam when we tried to leave the hotel carpark. But shortly after leaving you fell asleep in my arms. When we reached home mummy put you on the bed, changed fresh diapers and PJs for you, but you never woke up. Poor little boy, you must be so tired.

Monday, October 20, 2008

We went to Kay-El

Mummy said that she's too busy and daddy said that he wanted a "full report" on our trip to Kay-El. So I'm taking over. It's me.. Evan... *wink*. Mummy, I help you, ok?
We woke up earlier on Friday as daddy had told me the night before to wake up early so that we can have an early start. BUT... daddy slept on claiming that he needed to get enough sleep to drive so far. (In actual fact, daddy had slept late the night before, playing his new "baby" the PS3!). So mummy and I had our breakfast while Ah Kong had his telephone conference. By 9am, everyone was almost ready and we headed down to pack the car. Luckily mummy and daddy had sneaked down the night before to fix my royal seat. So they packed the car and made many trips up again since they forgot quite a number of things!I also almost forgot to bring my Thomas the train. Mummy said that I should bring ONLY ONE. But I managed to negotiate to bring along my caboose car too.
We were finally packed and ready to go at 9.30am. It was a very long drive and I fell asleep on the way. Mummy said that I'd slept for an hour. I woke up just as we arrived in Kay-El. We went straight to KLCC to meet up with Ashley Kor-kor. I was so hungry and lucky she managed to book a place for the 6 of us in Madam Kwan's. They all ate some rice with no fingers (?). Such a weird name. Mummy said it's called "Nasi Bojari". Daddy ordered fish and chips for me. It was so yummy. After lunch and wondering around, we quickly left and Kor-kor said it would usually rain around 3pm and start to flood and will have traffic jam.
It started to rain the moment we left the carpark. Took us quite a while to reach The Gardens and I sat on the stroller that mummy had borrowed from Anna Che-che. She told me the night before that I had to sit in the stroller when we went shopping, so I happily sat on the stroller. We had yummy gelato ice-cream that daddy had been looking forward to. But he was disappointed, he said that they ran out of apple pie flavour. Hhmm.. maybe he was looking for apple pie in the wrong place? I'm confused. After the ice-cream, I refused to sit in the stroller. Mummy said that I had to sit in the stroller, but she didn't say for how long!
We walked around for a while, and went to a toy shop that had lots and lots of my favourite Thomas trains! Wow! Mummy said that we had to go, but I didn't want to leave the shop without Molly. In the end I bought the Molly. Yup, I bought it. I gave the shop che-che the Molly and she gave me back Molly in a plastic bag.
We left soon and headed to Kor-Kor's apartment in PJ. I was so tired, I slept on the way back, but this was such a short ride, and I woke up when mummy carried me out of my carseat. She is rather rough! I was so excited to go to Kor-kor's house. Luckily there is Ashley Kor-kor around to keep me entertained. I thought that the rest of my kor-kors would be around, but mummy said that they have gone on holiday with Chek Kong and Chim Poh too..
Daddy left the apartment shortly. He was going somewhere for a party. Soon, we also left the house and Ashley Kor-kor at home. Ah Kong's friend was picking us up for dinner. Uncle Phang and Aunty May brought us to some restaurant nearby for the famous noodle with big prawns. They also ordered some dishes. Daddy and Uncle Wai Yin also joined us for dinner.
Later Uncle Wai Yin left and Uncle Phang brought us to another place nearby. While waiting for him to make another trip to pick up Ah Kong, Ah Ma and Aunty May, daddy brought me to the supermarket to buy chippes. Yay! When they all arrived, we went to have some drinks. I had my own drink too. Daddy ordered hot vanilla drink for me.
After the drinks, we went home. I was feeling tired, but guess what? Ashley Kor-kor was back too and so was Uncle Dennis. I played with them, and Uncle Dennis even showed me the Thomas pictures on his computer. Soon mummy said that it was late and that I had to take my medicine and go to sleep. I chatted with mummy for a while, and I think I fell asleep after that.
Ok daddy, I have written the report for mummy. It's so much work. I think I'll let mummy continue after this.

Monday, October 13, 2008

The Many Faces of Evan

Since your speech is getting better and better, you say many things that are funny and amusing!
The Boss - Telling daddy off
Noo.. ngot like dat. Do poh-pe-yee (properly)
So competitive - When racing mummy to the bathroom
Me first, me first
The negotiator (Knowing that a "no" is the answer, but still trying his luck)
Mummy, only ONE ngut (nut). Ok? Only one, not two ok?
How do we say no to that? Of course, ends up with not one nor two..
1 month ago: one, two, thee, por, seven, eight, nine, TEN. Oh.. no pive and shix (five and six)
Now: one, two, thee, seven, six, five, por
Er.. looks like your counting skill has deteriorated!
You, me and I - You still cannot get it, so this is what we get
Where is you daddy?
Where is you Ah Ma?
Asking for food - Still cannot get the you and I correct
You want biskit?
And I'd usually answer: No mummy is not hungry, don't want biscuit.
And you'd respond: Wan-la... Wan-la...
Obviously you're not "asking" me if I can have a biscuit. You are TELLING me that YOU want a biscuit!
Getting your way
Ah Kong.. are you ready?
You said this to Ah Kong, asking him if he was ready to go to Cold Storage. Ah Kong had no plans on joining us, but he ended up going with us.
Of course, that is not always the case. You told Ah Kong this last week when we wanted to go to Metrojaya:
Ah Kong, you stay at home, ok?
Dadeee.... DADEEEE... come, let's go.
And it used to be: Daddy go out!
So now daddy is happier that you want him around instead of chasing him out.
When it is raining
It's ranining. Can ngot go out. Use umela
All time favourite - Mr KPC
Wat dat?

Friday, October 10, 2008

Worms be-gone

After the doctor had prescribed the worm medication, I did not give you the medicine yet. Why? Because I was worried about your persisting tummy aches that wouldn't go away. And to make matters worse, you lost your voice last Monday and developed a phlegmmy cough when you slept. Poor little thing.
We brought you in on Sunday to see Dr Mary. She was worried when she saw us going in again. She thought that you tummy ache wasn't getting better. But it was actually your cough. She checked and confirmed that you had quite a bit of phlegm. So what to do? On medication. And I told her that you kept wanting to do a poo, and only did a little bit, and she said that it was a symptom from the worms. And that I should give it to you quickly.
So on Tuesday, after your bath, mummy got you to bring your little blue chair to the dining table, then gave you a little spoon and fed you the de-worming medicine. I thought that it would be a BIG challenge, but you did very well. You happily slurped all 10oz (correction: 10oz!) of medicine and cheerfully took the rest of your medicine when I fed you the other medicine later on.
All done, and by the looks of it, you don't seem to complain of a tummy ache anymore. And so.. worms be-gone!
As for your cough.. I hope to be able to say "Cough be-gone" soon too..

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Haircut Again...

It's that time again, the dreaded haircut. Ok lo.. it's mummy's fault that I wanted you to have a nice haircut rather than have it cut using the electric razor. Daddy reckons it's stressful for you since you make a big fuss almost everytime we bring you for a cut, which is very often too.

Usually, I'd prep you for the impending haircut days before the actual cut. This time, we just decided to do it on the spur of the moment. You see, you (actually it's "we") had a lie in until 9.45am. How come? Because it was the Hari Raya holiday and Ah Kong and daddy had already left for golf and there was no construction next door to wake us up. So since you seemed to well rested, daddy offered to bring you to Uncle Austin's for a haircut, after we'd had lunch.

Since you didn't seem sleepy and we could only bring you for haircuts during holidays or weekends, we tried our luck. Daddy called Uncle Austin and he said that it was a good time for us to go. We needed to make sure, since now that we've moved, the shop is a lot further from our place than before. So off we went. I had to talk to you to make sure that you didn't doze off, even prepping you for the haircut, asking where you'd like your hair to be cut. You'd respond to me, touching your head left, right and top saying "here, here, here".

We arrived and had to wait a while before it was your turn. So daddy took out his phone and took a "before" picture. See the sides.. it's so long, covering your ears! And your after shot. Cut looks good?
To our surprise, the haircut was a breeze. Everything done in less than 20 minutes! You sat happily on the highchair, strapped yourself in and sat quite still while Uncle Austin cut your hair. There were times when we had to hold you to make sure that you didn;t fidget when he was cutting some parts of your hair. Otherwise, it went so well, Uncle Austin even joked that it was a pity it was Thursday, otherwise he'd buy lottery since you were so co-operative! Your fringe is a little shorter because you moved and he needed to "rectify the problem". Otherwise, the cut was good. Should be able to last another 2 months.

Friday, October 03, 2008

Ferry Ride

It's been a long time since we took the ferry. Wait a minute.. you've never been on the Penang ferry before! So since we were going back to visit Nanna and Grampy and we're on this side of the island, we decided to take you on the ferry for the first time ever. We had to wait a while before it was our turn. And it was already 11.30am. We all slept in late (especially daddy...) so we left home later on Sunday. Saturday was already a full day for us, going all the way back to Ipoh and you having a wonderful time, playing in the playground in Polo Ground and running around looking at fishes.
Here's some of the pictures that we managed to take. You loved the view, and didn't even mind the sea water splashing on you.