Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A Birthday Treat

One of the presents that you got from the party was a bicycle. Yup, Ah Kong and Ah Ma bought you a bicycle for your birthday. Mummy and daddy had initially planned to buy you one only after we'd moved back to Minden Heights, but they were insistent on getting you one for your birthday.

Since you were not allowed to ride the bicycle in the condo, we decided to bring you to your favourite place, Youth Park on Sunday. And as usual it was so crowded. We had to park at the furthest carpark and double back to the roller-skating rink. So how did you get to the rink? Why by your "daddy-powered" bicycle, of course!

Looks like you're enjoying the bicycle ride, huh? But we had a tough time trying to teach you how to ride. You'd step on the pedal for around 45 degrees then somehow pull the pedal back and step on it again. Not the right way to ride the bicycle, but it still works.. you were still moving!

Posing with your bicycle

We let you ride the bicycle for a while before we headed to the playground. You always love the tunnel slides and all the playthings things in the playground. Halfway through playing, there was a commotion. What had happened? There was a green snake (probably fell from the trees) and was trying to get away from the crowd. Ok, that was the signal for us to leave. After all we were parked to far away and it was already 7p.m.. Furthermore it looked like it was going to rain heavily too. You weren't too willing to leave, but in the end we left with you on your daddy-powered bicycle to the carpark.

What did you remember from this trip to the Youth Park? Only one thing. The snake! Yup, Ah Ma told me that you told her about "people telling you there was a snake". And you told me the same thing that night when I asked you what you did at the Youth Park too.

Monday, March 30, 2009

It's Party Time...

Our guests started arriving after 7.00p.m. But there were still things to do. Sigh.. At long last, as the rest of our guests arrived, the food were also ready. What did we serve? Well, mummy and daddy made the bruschetta, Ah Ma cooked the fried angel hair pasta and breaded prawns and we ordered fried belacan chicken and pizza. A little western food style (except for the belacan chicken, of course).

Managed to freshen up before putting the finishing touches on the bruschetta and dinner was served. I'm sure everyone enjoyed the food. Even the kiddies ate the same as ours, only a little different: pasta without the basil and prawns without the shells. Wine, juice, coke and water were served to everyone, and you even got to drink the peach juice, which somehow you decided to call "grape juice" and when corrected you'd call it "peach grape juice". And you had a wonderful time toasting with Kelvin!

After the food was cleared away and dessert was served, it was time for the cake. What was the design that you picked? Why Thomas, of course... Last week when I asked you, you told me that you wanted "Bob the Builder", but knowing how you change your mind, I printed several other cartoon characters and in the end (not surprisingly) you picked Thomas. Nice? It's vanilla with blueberry flavour as you'd requested.
After cutting the cake, we had the cake with the Haagen-Dazs ice-cream that we'd bought. Then to your favourite part of your party, opening the presents. Yes, I know we'd asked for our guests not to bring you any gifts BUT they didn't feel the party complete without giving you anything since it is your birthday.
So to our guests, thank you for all those wonderful gifts. Evan loved them and I hope that you liked the gift that you took home with you too.
Party was great and you only slept after midnight!

A Busy Saturday

The menu was planned, but we still had loads to do. Decorate the place (no more 50 balloons like last year!), pick up the cake, buy ice-cream and baguette for the bruschetta, feed ourselves and buy more balloons (as you had requested). As this was the first weekend of Cheng Beng, we decided to have lunch in the Tanjung Tokong area before we go battle with the heavy traffic.
After lunch, we headed to the toy shop nearby Prangin Mall to pick up more balloons, the stick for the balloons, mask for the party pack and a pump. Next stop was Giant supermarket as daddy did not particularly like the baguette from Cold Storage. Too bad the baguette sold there didn't look very appealing. So off we went to pick up the cake from Maxim's in Pulau Tikus. This year we wanted a change to the cake, so we ordered the cake from Maxim's and the design was picked by you.
We made one last stop to pick up the ice-cream and baguette from Cold Storage. Since there was no other choice, we had to settle for the baguette from there. By then, it was pass 3.00p.m. and I needed to make you that you had your nap..otherwise, we'd have a grumpy little boy (not baby anymore? Sigh... ). Good thing we settled all that was to be done in one go. So home we went to settle you for your nap and for us to call to order some food, start decorating the place and prepare the tomatoes for the bruschetta.
By the time you woke up, we were almost ready for the party. Only needed to go out to buy ice and to pick up the fried belacan chicken for the party.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

That Day FINALLY Came..

Yup, it's your 3rd birthday. And we even managed to give you a kiss and hug at the stroke of midnight. How come? Because you were all excited and energetic after the birthday party! And.. I forgot to let you wear this adorable hat that Aunty Joey had lent us. So I we let you wear the hat, snap a few pictures, cuddle and kiss you a little more before we headed to bed. Don't know about you, but I was soooo tired. Phew.. what a busy day it was!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Party Invitation

Here's the invitation that was printed and given to our party guests:

The quickpage conveniently had 3 places for me to put in pictures, so I put in pictures of you at different ages. Hope our guests liked it.

Countdown: 1 day to your birthday

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Yup, there was an accident again yesterday. I'm very surprised that this happened as it has not happened before. Ever since we started to let you sleep without diapers, you'd managed to control your bladder and only wee wee after waking up. On other words, accidents only happened after you'd woken up (either wee on my bed or on the floor). But this time it seems that you'd wee wee in your sleep. Ah Ma told us that you woke up and started to cry, upset that you'd wet our quilt.
She said that you were very touchy after that and every little thing made you burst into tears after that incident. Of course, by the time we got back, you were back to your normal cheerful self and happily admitted to wetting our bed when asked.
On another note, you've managed to pick the Malay word "alamak". Hehe.. your version of it is "anamak". Another word that you picked (after we brought you to the nearby pasar malam) was "pasar malam". You'll ask me "Mummy how to say 'night market'?" And so you'll repeat the word "manamana" when you're in a funny mood or sometimes say it (almost) correctly "pasa mana".. well close enough.

It's Wednesday already?

How time is flying by. And my little guy is turning 3 this Sunday. So what did we manage to do on Friday when daddy and I took leave? Nothing much... We had an appointment with the Relationship Manager in the morning. And since we woke up too late, we didn't get to eat my toast + half-boiled eggs (which I had been craving for so long.. Ok, ok we can make that at home, but it's more fun when someone else makes them!) we had to head directly to the bank.
Next we went to the shop that we intended to have breakfast for lunch. Had the yummiest mee goreng and daddy even ordered the toast + eggs. You had you usual "dry noodle" (i.e. wan tan mee). Next we went to Gurney Plaza to walk around and buy some balloons for your birthday party. We even looked at which toy to buy for your birthday. But we didn't buy. Daddy was a little upset since he'd promised you that he'd buy you something on that day, but I said that you'll not wait another week to play with the present if you see us buying it. So we left and to make up for that, we had Gelatissimo. Aiya.. so outdated, as I'd only realised that our favourite gelato is now selling in Gurney Plaza. Ooo.. it was the yummiest treat ever!
By the time we left Gurney Plaza, you were getting grumpy. I guess it's close to your nap time. But we headed to the cake shop to order your birthday cake. Too bad we had to make another round before we finally found a parking slot. And it had started to rain too! And by the time daddy parked the car, you'd already fallen asleep. No wonder you were so quiet in your carseat! What to do? We had to cancel our plan and head back home.
We had so many things to carry up but we managed it without you waking up at all. Friday ended with you going for a swim (finally) in our condo's newly extended swimming pool. Yippee.. I'd bought you a pair of arm floats with Thomas and Percy printed on them and you loved them. Took you a while to get used to the idea of "swimming", of course that doesn't mean that you'd swim without holding on to me. It only mean that you didn't cling on to me like a leech!
Its already Wednesday. Is everything ready for the party this Saturday? Er... I think we still have some little things to buy and get ready. I just hope that I don't leave out anything.. (especially your present.. )
Countdown: 3 days to your party, 4 days to your birthday

Thursday, March 19, 2009

I'm so happy...

Yay! We're taking the day off tomorrow. Lots of errands to run and things to get ready for your birthday. I have a long list of things to do and to buy. Hope that we have enough time to do everything.
On another note, daddy says that maybe you should wear diapers to avoid any "accidents" from happening. I forgot to mention earlier.. you have another "accident" in your carseat on Sunday. Sigh.. so before we go off tomorrow, have to fit on your carseat in daddy's car again. Maybe we need to plan our itinerary for tomorrow to see if there are enough "pit stops" that you can use so that you can go without a diaper tomorrow.
Countdown: 9 days to your party, 10 days to your birthday

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

What did you say?

You're turning 3 soon. And yet, there are times that you seem to prefer your baby talk. Sometimes, I think you just do that for fun. You got your own set of names for everyone at home. What are they?
Ah Kong ~ Ong Kong
Ah Ma ~ Am Pan
Mummy ~ Pam Pin
Daddy ~ Ten Ting
Kakak Wati ~ Kang Kang Poti
Milk ~ Ten ten (this stopped after we told you "OK, ten ten is veggies")
And some days you will just make names for everything from the amplifier to the DVD player then chortle away as we try to correct you (Of course ignoring us too!).
Yay! Your birthday is coming.. and we're not really prepared yet.
Countdown: 11 days to your party. 12 days to your birthday

Monday, March 16, 2009

A Missed Day at the Youth Park

It's been a while since we've been to the Youth Park. And on Saturday, daddy had promised you that we'd go there. So despite having gone out the whole day (in daddy's case. We both had our afternoon nap while he went out), we headed to the Youth Park at around 5.45pm. Traffic was rather heavy and so by the time we arrived at the Youth Park, it was after 6.00 pm and there were a lot of cars. Only then did we notice several banners hanging along the way to the Youth Park. What's going on? There was a Relay for Life which had just started.
Nevermind, we kept our hopes up on being able to get a parking slot. But.. no chance! The nearest slot that we could find was nearer to the Botanical Gardens than to the Youth Park. I tried to convince you to go to Botanical Gardens instead, but you refused and the flood gates opened! Sigh...
So we had to find another playground quickly. Daddy took a short-cut to get away from the Youth Park/Botanical Gardens and we remembered that there was a playground in that housing estate! Yay! So we stopped there for you to play and you were happy with that arrangement. It was a small playground with 2 slides, 3 rickety swings and 1 see-saw. But you were happy with that. The pictures says it all:

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Happy Birthday to Ee-ee!

Happy Birthday to your Ee-ee. Want to know how old she is? Don't ask me, ask her.... Hehe...

Here are some of the pictures that you'd taken with her.. I nicked it off her Facebook!
Celebrating your 1st birthday

Dim Sum at Forum

Monday, March 09, 2009

2 Accidents in a Day!

Can you imagine it! And it's all because of Aunty Asher cursing at you. We were just discussing on how you are now going out without diapers. And so far there was no "accidents". She said that on Saturday you'll wee wee in your pants and also have diarrhea without giving us any warning. Cruel woman!
On Saturday we went to the old house to take a look at how the renovation was going so far. We were there for almost an hour, looking at the tiles for the bathrooms and the rooms, showing you which was to be your new room when we moved back.
Before we left the house, daddy had asked you if you needed to wee wee and you said "no". So ok fine, I put you in the carseat and sat in front with daddy. Yup.. at long last you'd allow me to sit in front and you sat alone in the backseat. (That had only started last weekend! I just tried my luck and you let me sit in front. Otherwise, we won't even get to drive for 5 minutes before you screamed and cried asking me to sit behind!)
So off we went heading back to town to go to the tile shop, as Ah Kong was still trying to decide on the tile selection for his bathroom. Just as we were reaching, you asked me "Mummy, did Evan wear diaper today?". Of course, it was a "No". Then I asked if you needed to wee wee and to wait since we were nearing the tile shop and you kept quiet. Sensing something amiss, I reached back and touched you and OMG! Accident! You wee wee-ed in your pants! And the carseat too!
Too late, we waited in the car while daddy ran down to talk to Ah Kong (he drove his own car to the tile shop) while mummy sent an SMS to Aunty Asher to curse at her! We had to cancel all plans and headed home. Mummy was too ambitious and we went out without bringing any spare shorts or underwear for you. Nevermind, small matter. Accidents will happen.
That night, you'd slept on your "Princess and the Pea" mattress and at around 4am, you woke up and yelled "Mummy". Daddy was actually sleeping next to you and woke up with a start. You were wearing diapers this round, but somehow it overflowed!
Sigh.. evil Asher!

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Mr Porking-pine

Yup.. that's my little porking-pine. Hehe.. Actually the word that I wanted to use to describe you was "porcupine" but it either turned out to be "Porking-pine" or "Porky-pine". This was done by daddy when he gave you a shower over the week. You were so happy laughing away as daddy made your hair stand and he carried you up to show you your spiky hair.

You picked up the word when I used to dry your hair with the towel and your hair would all stand up. And so now spiky hair = "porking-pine hair".


You've known your alphabets for quite a while now. But I realised something was still missing when you tried to read this:

Picture source

We saw this sign when we went CNY shopping and daddy was trying on the t-shirt. What did you read when you saw this? "A" "S" "twen-twen" "W" "O" "twen-twen" and so forth. Why? Aiya.. this mummy only taught your alphabets in caps! So unknown alphabets were classified as "twen-twen".

So a few weeks back when we were in MPH, I picked an alphabet book which had alphabets both in caps and lower case. So far, you have been able to recognise most of the alphabets in lower case. Of course, there are still mistakes, especially with the "h" which you say is an "n".

You love to spell the alphabets saying "Mummy, let's count". I have tried telling you that the correct word is "spell" but you refuse to pick up the correct word.

Here's another of your favourite past-time.

Yup, these are arranged for Ah Kong to "learn". Haha.. everyday (and many times in the day..) you'd ask Ah Kong to read to you the alphabets. I think I can hear you teaching Ah Kong now as I am typing this...

Friday, March 06, 2009

Mr Muscles

I love it when you weat singlets. I used to buy lots of them even when you were younger. Your "rolls" looked like muscles! Haha... Now you're muscles are smaller since you do not have them baby fat anymore.. Sigh... my little guy is growing up so quickly!