Thursday, May 28, 2009

Can you buy it?

This happened a while back. I've been too behind in my blogging. Ah Kong took the day off to send his car to be serviced. So with Ah Ma they brought you out in Ah Ma's car. What happened next? Ah Ma's car decided that it didn't want to unlock and so the three of you were stranded in Prima Tanjung after they'd gone to the bank! Ah Kong tried to open the car door and it could not work.

Luckily since Ah Kong's car was still in the service center, they came over to pick the three of you to wait for his car to be ready. In the meantime, you wandered about the sales center and told Ah Kong that you'd buy him "All the cars". Ah Kong asked if you had money to buy. Of course the answer was "Yes. My 钱缸 (money box in Cantonese) has enough money". Aawww... that's so sweet. I'm sure you melted Ah Kong's heart!

You picked up the word "ching-ngang" from Ah Ma I never knew what 钱缸 meant nor what language it was. Until one day 5th Chim Poh heard you mention the word and she repeated it clearly only did I have a (very vague) idea of what it meant.

Your first ching-ngang was inherited from daddy. Yup.. it is that old and so are the coins inside! It's this Donald Duck coin box from Standard Chartered Bank:

After that you got these other two. One is a Christmas gift another was given to me by a colleague. So it's now yours too. You don't have to shake your (very full) Donald Duck everytime you ahve a coin to keep anymore.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Milo Muffins

Ok, my muffins sure look yucky as compared to the ones that was baked by this nice lady. But daddy ate them and said that they tasted quite nice. I thought if baking the muffins while you napped, but halfway through, daddy called for help. You'd woken and refused to sleep without me by your side on Sunday. So in the end, we left daddy in the room to continue with his nap (which he couldn't after you kicking a big fuss) while you helped me mix my ingredients.
I didn't have enough chocolate chips so I added some of the chocolate rice leftover from the biscuits we made earlier. Then I recall buying hundreds and thousands for I-dunno-what-reason-anymore so we added some of that to the muffin too. You told me that you'd help me sprinkle, but instead of sprinkling them, you ate all of the hundreds and thousands that I'd put into your hand. Hhmm.. my little assistant even taxed on my chocolate chips too!

This Morning...

When I woke up at 7am this morning, it had just started to rain. As usual, you were already asleep on my bed. And by the time I got out of the shower, you'd already "hijacked" my side of the bed and poor daddy was squeezed to the very far end of his side of the bed!
I thought that you'd continue sleeping, especially since the weather was so nice and cool. Made me wish it was a weekend or a public holiday, so that I could cuddle with you in bed.. But.. no such chance. Nope, I could not go back to bed nor did you continue sleeping.
As daddy was getting ready you woke up. And daddy said when he asked if you wanted to get up and look for mummy, he got this reply "5 more minutes...". Hhmm, sure sounds familiar. That's what I get from daddy every morning! Now where did you pick that up from?
Anyhow, with you awake means I won't get to leave for work on time and without you kicking a fuss. And I was right. You wanted milk and multi-grain for breakfast. Worst still daddy had a 9am meeting and it was already 8am! Ok, so needed to negotiate. In the end we came to an agreement that I got to leave after you finished your multi-grain. Good thing you kept your side of the deal.
Before I left, you so kindly helped me open the door, gave me a kiss (wiping away residue multi-grain from your mouth before that ~ so sweet of you) and closed and locked the door behind me.
Phew.. what a morning. Makes me miss you more when I get to see you awake in the mornings....

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Watching Cartoons

It all started on Monday when we were watching Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix DVD in our room. As we started the movie quiet late, we only finished at past 11.00pm. And yet, you said that it was your DVD next. Of course, we couldn't allow that and you kicked a big fuss over that.

So on Tuesday after I got back from yoga, bathed and all we watched your cartoon. You'd picked a DVD with daddy and the selection was Little Mermaid. Ok, by then it was already 9.30pm. Anyhow you don't sleep too early nowadays so we went ahead with the movie. But shortly after the movie started you asked daddy to turn off the DVD player. You said that you didn't want to watch anymore. Anyhow daddy fast forward to the song "Les Poissons" which you know from the CD which we listen (over and over and over and over again) in daddy's car. And you were fine. But later when this character appeared...

Picture Credit

"Daddy, turn off the DVD! I dowan to watch anymore". Aiii... then we realised why you didn't want to watch anymore. You little chicken! You were afraid of the witch! Worst still yesterday night when daddy wanted to watch Hercules.

You went "Turn it OOOooooOOOoooFFFFFF!!!!!". And refused to go near the bed as you'd get a full view of the TV. You found the Hades character even scarier than the Sea Witch!

Picture Credit

Now that I think about it, you were even afraid to watch Kung Fu Panda. Was there a scary character in that cartoon? I wonder how can we cure you of this fear?

Saturday, May 16, 2009

The End of the Terrible Twos

I forgot to mention how you took to the dinner that daddy cooked for us on Thursday. You loved the soup and mashed potatoes, but took one look at the chipolatas and insisted that you wanted your "normal" sausages (i.e. Ayamas sausages??). I tried to entice you with your favourite tomato sauce but the moment I got one small piece of the chipolatas into your mouth, you screamed and insisted that you didn't want it and wanted to spit it our. Everyone at the table ignored you and you continued to cry and cry and finally swallowed that piece but didn't want any more.
So in the end, you drank up the soup mixed with mash potatoes and finished off the balance mashed potatoes too. I thought that it was the end of your terrible twos. But looks like the beginning of the horrible threes!

Friday, May 15, 2009

No More Tempurung Head?

Your hair seems to look like "tempurung head" when it grows longer. And your hair seems to grow long very quickly. You'd just had a cut before we went back to Ipoh last month. Now you need another one. So since Monday was a replacement holiday, we headed to Uncle Austin's place for a cut. Daddy also needed one.
We had to wait a while until it was your turn. I changed you into your "haircut t-shirt and shorts", then daddy had to help me hold you while you had your hair cut. You didn't make too much of a fuss throughout the process and soon you were done. We sat around until daddy's cut was done then off we went to pick up Ah Ma who was waiting for us in Annabelle Che-che's house. We went to Gurney Plaza for a quick kai-kai before heading home.
Phew.. we have another month before you need another haircut.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

A Day Off

We took the day off because Ah Ma wanted to be in the hospital when Tou-tou had his teeth extracted. So we had a lazy morning (daddy had to work for an hour) then showered and headed out for lunch. Daddy wanted to try giving you a new dish to try. So we headed to the coffee shop on Penang Road and ordered Char Koey Tiau (without cockles, chillies, bean sprouts and "ku chai"). And you loved it. Okie.. another thing that we can feed you when we're out for lunch.

Our days are always filled with food, huh? Nowhere to go after that, so we headed home. Watched TV a little and I checked to see what we had in the pantry that I could use to bake. We had everything we needed for Chocolate Brownies, so with your help we mixed and got everything done in less than 30 minutes. The baking time took a little longer probably because I dumped the batter into one baking pan instead of little cups.

My little assistant chef. Helping to mix the ingredients.

Tried to get you to sleep while it was baking, but you were so full of energy. In the end, we read some books while the brownies were cooling down the you and daddy ate the brownies with nice cold milk while Ah Ma ate hers with ice-cream. I taxed a little of the brownies from you and daddy.

Took a picture of the brownie later in the evening. Instead of keeping it back in the container, daddy ate it up! Hehe..

We went for a swim later in the evening then went back to shower and waited while daddy cooked dinner. Ah Kong had a dinner so we ate "Western" food. We'd gone to Cold Storage teh evening before and bought the things we wanted to eat for dinner (it was originally planned for lunch, but we changed plans when we found out Ah Kong was eating out). What did we have?

Mashed potatoes, pork chipolatas with cream of mushroom soup (canned). Yummy...

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Taking De-Worming Medicine

Gave you the deworming medicine today and you were all so excited to eat medicine! But it's a lot, 10 mls and after a few mouthfuls, you were starting to lose interest and luckily after a little coaxing, you finished all of it. No more until another 6 months.

What is in the Oven?

We were alone on Sunday morning. Ah Kong and daddy were off for their golf game, Ah Ma had left early in the morning to bring your two Tou-tou and Bo-bo Poh for their doctor's appointment. We'd had breakfast and Ah Ma called to say that she'd buy us lunch. So we sat around the house (didn't take a bath yet) when I asked if you wanted to help me make cookies.

I had planned on baking in the afternoon, but Ah Ma needed the oven in the evening for her roast beef. So since you were also game to help me bake and we had nowhere to go, we started baking the Milo Doggies Cookies. I got the recipe from this nice lady's website. And we'd actually bought the ingredients the week before but didn't have time to make them. You helped me pour the weighed ingredients into a bowl, turn on the mixer, stir the ingredients and later on roll the dough. Only problem is you could not really roll them properly. Also, you kept taxing everything: the chocolate chips, chocolate rice, koko krunch and even the dough!
Anyhow we managed to get about 20 doggies before you jumped ship. You left me to finish making doggies out of the remaining dough by myself, coming into the kitchen occasionally to ask if I was done. Finished everything, gave you a bath and took a shower myself while the cookies were baking in the oven. We had Uncle Sin Tien, Aunty Ean Na, Uncle Sin Chuan, Aunty Amy and Abby join us later on and they all also tried out our cookies. Here's the pictures taken by Uncle Sin Tien:

Can they pass as doggies?

The Story of Your Yakult

This is something that I need to jot down. Like I mentioned in an earlier post on our trip to BM, you had insisted that I bought you the blue Yakult (Yakult Ace). Then you drank 2 bottles while we were in Nanna's place during dinner time. After all, everyone had wine and you could not have that. On the way back, I kept thinking that you'd fall asleep soon, since you didn't have an afternoon nap. You were drowsy but before nodding off, you asked "Mummy, did you bring my blue Yakult?".. uh-oh.. I'd forgotten! The moment I said "No, mummy forgot" the flood gates opened in full force.

No promise of buying a new pack the next day or some at already in our fridge at home could calm you down. In the end, we ignored you and daddy and I quietly discussed in front on where we could buy some for you. After all, it was already almost 11pm! In the end, we tried our luck and turned into Tesco. Phew.. they were opened till 1am on Friday and Saturday. Before we reached Tesco, you'd fallen asleep and I had told daddy to forget trying to buy the Yakult. Luckily he said that we should buy a pack since we were already there.
Good thing too. Why? Because when you woke up on Sunday, you inquired about the Yakult and wasn't too believing when I said that there was a pack in the fridge until you saw them in the fridge with your own two eyes! Sigh.. how come you have such an elephant's memory?

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Water Bottle

You always have a bottle of water handy around the house. That way, you can help yourself whenever you feel thirsty. We started with a water bottle which didn't have a straw. So someone had to help you to open the cover. How come? Because you didn't know how to suck using the straw. Maybe it's because you stopped drinking from the milk bottle at a young age. Then sometime late last year Ah Ma finally managed to teach you how to use the straw. A lot of effort had to be put in and at last you went "Yay! Got Yakult". Success! You finally learned to use the straw. I wonder how other kiddies learnt to drink using the straw.
So it was time to graduate to the Bros bottle that I had bought a long time back which was kept since you did not know how to use the straw. After all your "purple water" (as you called it) was leaking and kept making the insides of my handbag wet. So it's time for your "blue water" (bottle) and you used it for a a few months before I noticed that the straw looked super yucky (since you still bit the straw when you drank) and the insides were greenish too. A colleague then told me that there was such a thing as a "straw brush" which was a smaller version of the bottle brush. So no more greenish straw, but the part where you drank from still looked yucky from being bitten.
Furthermore there was the hoo-haa over polycarbonate bottles. So about 3 weeks ago, daddy and I walked into the (quite) newly opened Mom's Care shop in Queensbay Mall and picked a new drinking bottle for you. I cannot remember the brand of the bottle, but we bought it because the straws could be replaced. Ta-da:

Almost left the new bottle behind in Yoshinoya when we were in KL. Lucky I realised before we left the mall and luckily also the workers in the shop didn't throw the bottle away. Of course I got an earful from daddy for being forgetful. Then again, we'd also just bought another new bottle for you since Ah Ma complained that the cover to this bottle was a little difficult for you to open by yourself.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Trip To BM

It was a Saturday of celebrations. After all, Sunday was Mother's Day and Nanna's birthday is coming up on Tuesday. So we all went home on Saturday to celebrate the big celebrations. Even Alex Ku-ku was back from KL with Rui Fang (should it be aunty or che-che? hhmmm...) for the weekend.

We had the famous "Chit Long" kuey tiau theng which is from Butterworth and now has a branch in BM. Then Nanna went out with Alex Ku-ku and Rui Fang. Since we had nothing to do, we left daddy at home with his book and headed to Jusco Bandar Perda with Ee-ee. Ee-ee wanted to buy you some toys so we went there and picked out 2 sets of tools and even a tool box to keep your saw, wrench, and many other tools.
Before we left, we picked up a bottle of wine, blue yakult (don't know why you insist on it, refusing your usual red one..) and a cake for Nanna. We arrived home and looked at grampy's pond and the fishes before leaving daddy outside in the heat, taking pictures.
This pond was dug out when I was really young. I remember grampy and his friends making the pond. It has not been turned on for a long time. And it looks wonderful...
This bird made it's nest in Grampy's bamboo plant. There are 2 eggs in the nest which should be hatching soon.
As usual, the dinner menu was "Birthday Lam Mee". Yummy... Here's the 9 of us squeezed at the dining table, enjoying dinner. Poor Alan Ku-ku must be missing this... Well, we miss him too.

Like I'd mentioned before, there's also a cake. We waited a while (let the food settle a little first) before having the cake. You got so excited when we brought out the cake. Of course, you must be the one to "help" blow out the candle. Or else... Daddy even set the camera to take a family picture of all of us.

Happpy Birthday, Nanna!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

.. to me, to Nanna and to everyone else celebrating Mother's Day.

Got a beautiful card from you late in the evening before we had our yummy roast beef sandwich dinner. Thank you to my two sweeties.

Friday, May 08, 2009

Happy Birthday Abby

The gap between you and Abby is just over a month. So on Sunday, they celebrated her birthday in TGI Friday's. As usual, no one arrived on time. We didn't either. Our excuse.. our place is so far from Queensbay Mall.. he! he! Anyway everyone else came shortly after we arrived. We had a long table to seat everyone (family and a friend of Uncle Sin Chuan with his wife and children).

Lunch was yummy, and you even got to have a chocolate milk shake, which you were interested initially but ended preferring your plain water. On top of that you had a main course of fish and chips that you requested for yourself. We gave you an option or chicken of fish and you picked fish. Of course in the end, you finished all the chip and most of the fish. Before we sang the birthday song, Uncle Sin Chuan brought you to the entrance of the restaurant where there was a nice guy who draws on balloons. He drew a Thomas the Train on your red balloon. And it was really nice.

Then we sang the birthday song and Abby and Annabelle blew off the candles before you could go help. What happened after that? The flood gates opened lo.. Sigh.. so daddy had to put his camera aside and get a lighter from one of the waitresses to light the candle again for you to blow at! Then you were satisfied. Then you wanted to "help" open the presents. You also offered to help "test out" the toys, but no chance, since we're not at home, and some part from the toy may go missing.

After the cake, we left. But before leaving Queensbay Mall, we have one important thing to do. Which is for you to go "play drums". Actually, now days you don't play on the drums anymore. Instead, you'd play on some of the rides, which is exactly what you did on Sunday. And when the time came for us to leave.. bwahhh.. the flood gates opened again. Sigh....

Anyway, Happy Birthday Abby.

New Addition to the Family

Yup, we have a new addition to the family... Daddy's a very happy man.

Oops, wrong picture. That's a picture of you at 1 day old..

Hehe.. he bought a new 50mm F1.4 lens to add to his camera lenses. And he's looking for more.. I'm going to stop typing now and go faint somewhere comfy!

Thursday, May 07, 2009


Went home yesterday and daddy stopped in surprise as he was about to round the corner to his carpark. What had happened? Ah Kong was standing there, waving his hands frantically to tell daddy to stop his car. There was an accident. Or sort of anyway.. hehe...
Somehow, one of the training wheel on your bicycle had gotten into the drain cover grills. They were horizontal and rather wide apart. You were cycling over the grills when you met with the "accident". Daddy had to get down and try to help Ah Kong dislodge the bicycle while you stood by and watched them in action. Until you realized that I was in the car waiting for them to get the bicycle out. After that, you abandoned your post and joined in the the air-conditioned comfort of the car. Hehe...
In the meantime daddy and Ah Kong tried and tried to dislodge your bicycle and in the end, Ah Kong had to go up to get a spanner for daddy to remove the training wheel from the bicycle. Luckily we did not obstruct the traffic flow. One of the neighbours waited around to chat and look at the "accident" and they only left when your bicycle was rescued.

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Before we leave...

Ah Ma had wanted to eat dim sum for lunch before we headed back to Penang. Yup, we only spent 1 day in KL. Ashley Kor-kor had already left for her own holiday in Singapore. 6th Chim Poh and her friend had arrived around 8.00am and they left for Singapore without getting to say goodbye to you. You were actually already awake and playing in the room with daddy.

Well by the time we were all ready and packed, it was past 10.30am. And we headed to the city. Ashley Kor-kor had managed to make reservations for us. Daddy got a little lost on the way to the city but in the end, we arrived on time. The dim sum in the Ritz-Carlton's Li Yen Restaurant was yummy. The last time we were there was when you were around 1 years old. We went there for dinner with the Ban's. Lots of us were there. Of course with your aunt's there were many pictures of you taken then and this trip, with it being just us and daddy didn't bring along his camera, we still could not resist taking this picture:

Same chair, different age (2 years and 3 days later!). Hehe...

After lunch we tried to head to Ikea for a little walkie, BUT.. we didn't make it. The traffic was horrendous and we gave up any attempts to turn into that area. We headed back to Penang and you slept most of the way until we were entered the tunnel when you suddenly started talking about being in the tunnel. Then 20 minutes later insisted that you needed to wee wee and refused to do so into your diaper. What to do? Wait for the next rest area which was a while.. in the end I think we stopped in the Bukit Gantang rest area about 5 minutes later. By the time we reached the toilet, you could not wait any longer and halfway through pulling down your diapers, you peed right into the diaper, splashing some on your t-shirt and overalls too. So had to get you changed before we continued on our journey back to Penang.

Dinner was simple before we headed back home feeling very tired.

Our Little Holiday

Where did we go over the long weekend? In fact, we'd taken Thursday off as we still had 1 more day to clear from our compulsory leave. So we headed to KL since Ah Kong had to do something there. On Wednesday, we left for Ipoh so that we wouldn't have to leave too early for KL on Thursday morning. By the time we actually got around to leaving Penang, it was already 9.30p.m. As usual by the time we arrived in Ipoh, you'd already fallen asleep. This trip however, you managed to stay awake until JUST after the tunnel near Jelapang. You went "ooohh... tunnel" and by the time we exited the tunnel, we were fast asleep!
You woke up later and played until around 1.30am (I think.. I dozed off before you went back to sleep). The next day, we woke ujp, got ready, went for breakfast before heading out to KL. Of course, you were not in a particularly co-operative mood, so you took your shower sitting on a chair (yup, chair and NOT stool!!) inside the bathtub!
The trip on the highway was uneventful, but luckily the traffic condition was still ok. We headed directly to settle Ah Kong's errand first before heading to Ashley Kor-kor's house to drop our bags. Where did we head next? To 1 Utama. Daddy had promised you that you'll get to ride on the Thomas the engine kiddy ride like you did before. Thank goodness they did not remove the Thomas the engine. And of course before heading to KL, I'd ensured that there was enough coins ready for you to ride to your heart's content.Check Spelling Of course, daddy said that he could easily get small change from the information counter, but it's so far. So bring coins along and everything is settled.
After riding many times, you headed home to rest with daddy and Ah Kong, while Ah Ma and I went to Cineleisure for a warehouse sale. Before we left there, daddy called to say that I had to bring you back something because you'd woken up (because of the phone call that Ashley Kor-kor made) and asked where I was. So i went ho me with your favourite chippies.
Dinner that night was at a yummy seafood restaurant. By the time we reached home, it was almost 11p.m. Oh what a long day. Busy, but fun.