Monday, June 29, 2009

A Weekend of Celebrations Part 3

By the time I woke up from our nap, your 3 Kor-kors were almost ready for dinner. And it wasn't even 5pm yet! I quietly sneaked out to iron our clothes that we were going to wear for the dinner. Shortly after that you and daddy woke up. We went down to chat for a while then we had to "queue" up for the bathroom. There were a lot of people still waiting to use the bathroom before and after you. I was the last to use the bathroom and we were the last family to leave the house for the hotel!

Your Kor-kors were already there as they were to show people the seating location in the dining hall. Corsages were ready for us all and um.. they forgot to make one for you. You got a bit upset and kept asking for your flower, but when I wanted to give you mine or daddy's you didn't want it.

While daddy was busy snapping pictures (he was even mistaken to be a photographer!), we walked around and we also went to ensure that there was a high chair for you at our table. Dinner started just before 8 pm. You didn't eat much for dinner. Surprisingly you weren't even interested in the fish. Before the celebrations ended, 5th Chim Poh, 2nd Pek Kong and Chim Poh's friend went up to sing a few songs. You saw bubbles on the stage and wanted to climb onto the stage. After the dinner was over, we went onto the stage but they'd turned off the bubbles by then. We took a few pictures before heading home.

Milk was given to you since you ate so little before we went up. As usual, you protested that you didn't want to sleep yet but fell asleep shortly after that.

A Weekend of Celebrations Part 2

I was wondering what time you'd wake up on Saturday since you had missed your nap and slept so late on Friday night. Hhm.. you woke up at 8am! We left your sleeping daddy and Yvonne Kor-kor in the room and went down for breakfast. Managed to give you a bath before everyone else woke up. They all had to get ready, especially daddy who was going with the groom to pick up his bride.

Snappily snap daddy was taking pictures the whole day. They went off for a long time to the hotel and so at 11am we all had our lunch first. And halfway through lunch we heard the cars honking, indicating that the bridal entourage was arriving! What to do? You were supposed to open the door for the bride, so I had to put your lunch and drink under the food cover and rush off to put your shoes on for you before the car drove into the driveway.

We had to wait a while as daddy parked his car and rushed out to take pictures of you opening the door and getting your ang pow. After all the excitement, we went back to finish off your lunch and then shortly after that it was time for you to collect ang pow again from the bride.

The day ceremony was finished with a family photograph. And that was not an easy task with so many people involved. Everyone had to get a place and try to be as visible as possible.

After that we went upstairs to take a look at the pictures that daddy had taken then we all took a nap. I had to tell you that if you didn't take a nap, you'll get to stay at home all alone while we go out for dinner! Hehe.. I didn't a grumpy boy for dinner. And soon, the 3 of us KO-ed.

A Weekend of Celebrations Part 1

The weekend started earlier for us. On Friday, we took the last day of leave that we needed to clear for for month of June. We planned to leave for Ipoh after breakfast but in the end, we had to delay our trip because we were expecting the plumber and Ah Ma could not be home to wait for him. So after breakfast we lazed around and then daddy gave you a shower while I cooked lunch. Er.. it's more like popped 2 ready made pies into the oven and made a simple pasta dish (which was supposed to be mac n cheese) which also went into the oven after it was cooked. Thankfully you liked lunch and so did daddy. Later on Ah Kong came back followed by Ah Ma.

Finally we got to start our journey and it was already 2.00p.m.. But of course before we got the the Penang bridge we had to feed daddy's car and off we went. We thought that leaving around your nap time would be good, but you had other things in mind. You wanted a sweet, you wanted to drink milk (because you spotted the small box of milk that Ah Ma had packed for you) then you kept quiet and watched the scenery go by. Then.. you needed to wee wee.. and we'd just passed a stop. Daddy had to step on it and the next stop soon arrived.. and it was CLOSED! So daddy had to continue and we reached the Alor Pongsu rest area. Luckily you managed to hold your wee wee till we reached there. I was still hoping that you'd take a nap, but you stayed awake enjoying the tunnel and asking MANY questions until we arrived in the Ipoh house.
With so many people already in the house, you were very excited but needed time to warm up. You refused to call anyone and when Hailey came, you refused to play with her. Later on you sat outside and let your many kor-kor's keep you entertained while I helped Su Kor-kor. Here you are playing on the swing:
Dinner was a wonderful variety of dished prepared by your Kor Pohs and Chim Pohs and I don't know who else. There were so many people around to celebrate the wedding eve with your Ah Pek and soon-to-be Ah Mm:

All the flowers for the day were prepared by Kor Poh and Joanne Kor-kor. Look at the bridal car:

Ok, I'm getting bad at predicting what will happen. I kept thinking you'd go to sleep early. At 10pm you said that you wanted to go to sleep. At 11.55pm, you were still awake, insisting (and sobbing) that you wanted to kiss/hug/play with everyone downstairs. At 12midnight you were dead asleep!

And soon the whole house was quiet in anticipation of this:

Saturday, June 20, 2009

A Day for Celebrations

It's Father's day tomorrow and we headed back to BM today to celebrate Father's day with Grampy. On top of that, we have another celebration. It's 4th Ee-Poh's birthday too. Want to know how old she is? Take a guess...

Of course by the time we woke up, lazed around and got ready to leave it was past 11.00am. We had to stop by Sunflower Cake House (which is next door) to pick up Ee-Poh's favourite chocolate mud cake before heading to BM. Ee-ee was waiting for us and although she lives in BM, we somehow arrived in Nanna's house before she did (actually, she got sidetracked playing some game!). Nanna was not home as she'd gone out with 4th Ee-Poh to order the food we were having for dinner. So in the end we headed out to have the famous BM yam rice.
Whew.. what a wait, but it was worth it! It was soooo yummy. You finished almost half a bowl of rice and ate some meat balls and of course drank quite a lot of soup! In the end Nanna didn't join us as she was caught in a traffic jam. After lunch, daddy dropped the 3 of us (you, ee-ee and mummy) at Ah Chor's house. You had a good time playing with Jayden and 2nd Ee-Poh even gave you ice-cream.

We went home and I was hoping that you'd take a nap, but with all the excitement, you claimed not to be tired. We left for dinner after everyone was all dressed up. On the way to Juru Auto City, you were starting to doze off and I had to quickly talk to you and give you something to eat so that you'd stay awake. Otherwise, you might sleep right through like what you did last week (slept for 12 hours straight without eating dinner!).

Everyone else arrived as soon as we seated and that was when all the cameras were whipped out and we started taking pictures. Dinner was served shortly after that and after we'd finished out came the cameras again until it was cake and song time. For dinner we have 2 cakes: to celebrate 4th Ee-Poh's birthday and to celebrate Father's Day for Ah Chor. Here are some of the pictures from daddy's camera...

In front: 2 Ah Chors with Evan
Back: Ee-ee, 2nd Ee-Poh, Nanna, 4th Ee-Poh, Julian Ku-ku and Mummy

4th Ee-Poh, 4th Teo Kong and Julian Ku-ku

The 2 cakes
All excited with the cake that you even willingly sat on Ee-Poh's lap!

Ee-Poh giving you the best part of the cake.

And after that, we went home to Penang directly. Knowing that you were already so drowsy, I changed you into your PJs first. Of course you protested and in the end after changing, you sat chatting away in your carseat before there was no sound from you. You'd already gone to lala-land! And I guess you'll sleep till tomorrow morning.. not too early, I hope.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wake up call

I was sleeping on daddy's side of the bed as he'd decided to sleep on your "Princess & the Pea bed". I diligently make that bed for you every night in hopes that you'll sleep there, but no go. You'll usually end up on my bed later in the night.
Well, it was rather warm last night, so daddy slept on your bed and I slept on his side which is cooler. Then in the morning, I felt you rolling your head on my body non-stop, rubbing here and there. Tried to ignore you and hope you'd go back to sleep, but you kept moving. I finally reached out to grab the clock to look at the time (it was only 6am). The moment you realised that I was awake, you looked at me and gave me the biggest grin ever. Told you to go back to sleep you you refused. In the end, I asked if you wanted to wee wee and you said that you did.
So off we went and to the toilet and you seemed to cheerful and alert when you were done with your business. You even said "I'm a good boy" as you ran to the bed. I kept thinking to myself how tired I'll be at work, since it was only 6am. But thank goodness, after a while you went back to sleep and I managed to sleep a little while more before going to work.

Monday, June 15, 2009


It's been 5 days and I still miss him. Yup, our little Furbie has left us and gone to the "Rainbow Bridge". I read somewhere before that this is what "doggy heaven" is called. He was 3 months short of 8 years. Rather short for a little dog, but he wasn't feeling too well and the heat probably didn't help either.

We had friends staying with us and were out for dinner when Kakak Wati called Ah Kong's number to tell him the bad news. Honestly had no appetite to eat, but since we were out with friends (Ah Kong & Ah Ma's friends) around and stuck around until dinner was over. Lucky thing a friend was a vet with the horses in the race course and he offered to help us make the arrangements for Furbie to be taken away that very night and buried. According to Aunty Lynn, Furbie will be buried in the grounds of an Indian temple near the waterfall.

How did you take it? Daddy said that he tried to tell your that "Furbie was dead", but you didn't know. But Ah Ma said that you'd asked her where Furbie was when you realised that he wasn't in the kitchen. So this is what you know and what you'll tell anyone who asks you:

Mummy: Where's Furbie?
Evan: He's not feeling too good. So doctor took him away.
Mummy : So is he coming back? (with tears in my eyes...)
Evan: No

I guess you may not understand the concept of "death" but by telling you this, you understand that Furbie is no longer with us, although you seen nonchalant to the fact that you'll never see him again. I guess that's the difference when you're so little and life seems so simple to you.. for now.
For our Special Furbie
You may have gone,
But look what you've done.
Left us all an imprint,
During your little stint.
8 years seem too short,
We'll all miss you a lot.
To our dear little Furbie,
You'll always be in our memory.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Today We Celebrate Our 5th

Sneaky daddy bought an anniversary card and left it on my dressing table for me to see it when I woke up this morning. Of course, I never noticed it until I had taken my bath and was dressing up in the semi-darkness. Obviously I'd forgotten to get him a card, so in return we will be going out for dinner tonight (on daddy *grin*).

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Work of Art

You love playing on my computer. You call it "working on the com-ti-ter". You love to play the games and activities at the Thomas & Friends website as well as click to the Bob The Builder website which is linked to Thomas. One of the activities that is found on the Bob website is to build your own house.

You start by choosing the shape of the house, then the roof, the door, the chimney and voila.. Your house is almost done. What is missing is the colour. You can colour the house and the surroundings with whatever colour you like. These are a few of what you created:
This black house is Ah Ma's house...

I think your houses look lovely...

Monday, June 08, 2009

Oh Me, Oh My...

4th CHeck Kong is coming to stay today. So we had to make our trip to BM a quick one. What a surprise we got instead. Nanna was in Penang! So we didn't get to see Nanna today. Grampy was home and we sat around chatting before we left to come back to Penang. Also daddy wanted to fix up the ceiling which cracked a little when he tried to remove the light yesterday. Instead.. the crack became this:
Yup, a big hole. So we had to call in for help and the lady who did our ID will be coming some time this week to have a look and get someone to fix up the light for us. Yup, daddy I able to fix up a lot of electrical things, but the plaster ceiling is one thing that he needed to call for backup!
If you will excuse me, I think I hear our guests arriving. Bye..

I Spy...

Daddy didn't join us swimming. I thought that he was asleep. So only mummy and I went down to the pool with my arm floats and turtle. Instead when we looked up to the condo from the pool, I saw daddy spying on us. He was standing there with his BIG (telescopic) lens, taking pictures of us swimming. Mummy tried to hide from the camera, but daddy got a few pictures of her in her bathers *he he he*. She didn't like the last picture of me waving at daddy, so she cropped it before it was posted.

Thursday, June 04, 2009


How is it that on days when you're wearing the diaper to sleep the diaper is dry when you wake up the next day. And so I thought that you were ready to go diaperless. Daddy was sceptical as he's worried that you will wet our bed (since you still join us in our bed in the middle of the night..). Anyhow, daddy let me have my way and it went well for 2 days. On the 3rd day, Ah Ma said that you wet the bed just before you woke up. And you continued to wet the bed the next day too.
After that, I had to abandon my plan and it was back to the diaper. And what happens? You wake up with a dry diaper! Arrrghhhhh.... So I tried to be brave and let you sleep without diapers, and I'd have to check on and off to see if you'd wet my bed. I realised that you'd continue to sleep even though you'd weed! Sometimes I'd bring you to the toilet and you'd wee. But some days I'll just let you sleep with diapers. That way, we can ALL sleep in peace!
One night you wet the bed (again!) and I had to change you and what did you decide? That it was time to wake up. And it was only 5.30am. After a lot of persuasion you went back to bed. Luckily your wee wee did not soak through. Thank goodness for mattress protectors!
Last night you said that you didn't want to wear diapers to bed. So you went to bed diaperless. I checked if you'd wet the bed and I think I felt daddy touching the bed too. Looks like we're sub-consciously checking the bed in our sleep! I brought you to the toilet and you refused to wee-wee. Nope, the bed was not wet and neither did you need to wee wee until after you'd finished your breakfast. Now.. do I let you sleep diaperless tonight?