Friday, July 31, 2009

40 Amazing, Wonderful Years

Yup, that's how long grampy and nanna have been married for. We were back in BM over the weekend as Alan Ku-ku was back, and so was Alex Ku-ku to celebrate this important celebration. It was St Anne's Feast and daddy was worried about the heavy traffic going around BM. Trust Nanna and Grampy to pick such a day to get hitched! Haha...

Anyhow we left for BM after everyone (finally) got ready and headed towards Penang bridge. Nope, no ferry ride that day. We had to stop by Queensbay Mall to pick up some wine from Jusco before crossing over. We had lunch together then you played a while with Alan Ku-ku before I had to bring you up to the room for a nap. Didn't want a grumpy little boy for company during dinner!
Thankfully after a lot of "Why? Why? WHY?" you finally went to sleep after I pretended to fall asleep and ignore your questions. You woke up after a short nap, but in a very good mood.
Soon it was time to go out for dinner. Mummy had booked a place in Starview Restaurant in Prai. Dinner was nice, and daddy took a few shots.
After dinner, we headed home and since everyone was all dressed up daddy set up his tripod and took a family picture. Only one missing were Alex Ku-ku and Rui Fang Che-che as he was over at her house after dinner so that they could both come over. But they were too late. In fact, even Chelsea was in the picture. Can you spot her?


Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Welcome Back

We spent the whole weekend, including Monday in BM. How come? Because Alan Ku-ku (or as Nanna insist on you calling him "Tua Ku") was back for holidays after living in US for over 2 years. Surprisingly you were very happy and willing to play with Alan Ku-ku. Of course, he was very obliging in your requests. Then again, there were times when he dreamed away (he's a dreamer!) while playing with you half way.
The weekend was spent with a wonderful dinner (will blog about it later), yummy poh piah made by grampy and nanna on Sunday and a lot of time just gossiping with everyone in the family.
Daddy tried to take many shots, but this looks like the most decent of the lot with you looking at the camera (almost anyway...).
Ku-ku will be back until the 11 of August before he flies off to London to start his new job. I'm sure we should be able to squeeze in another trip back to BM before he goes off.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Oh Wow!

We reached home a little later on Monday evening as we had to stop by Gurney Plaza to pick up something for Sue Kor-kor. Since we were a little late, our big boss (you-la!) called to check on where we were. Mummy had to call Ah Ma to tell her to start dinner without us, since we were already on the way back. I tried to tell you to pass the message to Ah Ma, but knowing you.. no message would be passed (and you didn't!).
The moment we walked into the house, you were already seated at your high chair eating dinner. And the first thing you said to us was "I can cyker too".
What? What? What did you say? Daddy and I could not figure out what you were trying to tell us so excitedly. Then Ah Kong explained that you managed to cycle through, making a full circle. Unlike what you've been doing since you started to cycle. Good job, little guy. You did it. And you were so proud of yourself, you kept telling us your achievement.
In fact you called me again yesterday to tell me that you managed to cycle through again. Ah Kong said you're getting better at it and it's become natural for you to make a few full circles. Yay!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


This few months seem to be filled with joyous celebrations. Saturday was another day. Ah Ma left early to join them and we met up with the Phuah family as well as the Teoh family at The Brasserie for a semi-buffet lunch to celebrate Uncle Sin Tien and Aunty Ean Na registering their marriage.

As expected I had to pry you from in front of the TV to give you a shower. After that you parked yourself in front of the TV again watching the new series
Special Agent OSO. We had to have a round of negotiation (Even a "We'll leave you behind if you don't want to go" couldn't budge you!) and finally came to an agreement where you got to finish the show then had to turn off the TV. No more movies after that. Good thing we arrived on time. Family were starting to arrive and be seated before the VIP arrived. In fact they were already there, only they were having their pictures taken.

You had a good time feeding yourself the soup. It was pumpkin soup and you had a little bit from the second round too. You were given a children's meal and we picked your favourite chicken nuggets with chippies. As expected you ate more of the chippies than chicken. Dessert for you was jelly (I had to dig out all the fruits inside!) and marshmallow with chocolate fondant. You were so interested in dipping your marshmallow inside, and so were your cousins.

We left after a round of family pictures. It sure wasn't easy to take a picture of the entire family, but certainly not as difficult as the Ban family pictures!

Could not find a recent picture of the new couple. This was taken during Annabelle's birthday party last year. Congratulations to Ean Na and Sin Tien.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Phone Calls

I have been receiving phone calls from you quite often recently. I guess with Ah Kong at home with you, you cannot call him at work anymore, so daddy and I are next on the list. You'd usually call me (with Ah Ma or Ah Kong's help) first. And if I don't pick up the phone, daddy's next. And if that happens daddy gets a "Daddy, where's mummy? How come she din pick up her phone?".... Big boss!
Recently you'd call me around 5.30p.m. to say this:
Mummy: Hello..
Evan: Umm... mummy.
Mummy: Yes Evan?
Evan: Why are you not back yet?
Mummy: I'm on my way back now.
Evan: Ok, bye. See you nater (later).
And hang up before I can say anything else!
This was what you told me this morning, shortly after I arrived at work:
Evan: Ummm... mummy.
Mummy: Yes Evan?
Evan: Why are you working today?
Mummy: Er.. because it's Thursday...
Evan: When are you coming back?
Mummy : After work ok?
I sure felt like going back home right after the conversation. Sigh.. I know I said somedays you just make me want to pull out my hair. But then you still know what to say or do to make us just love you more.
Other than mummy or daddy, you also call other people. You know the speed dial on my phone belongs to whom. There are days when you'll want to call Nanna or Ee-ee and the moment I unlock the phone (thank goodness you don't know how to do that... yet!), you'd call them just to say "Hi Nanna, how are you?" then don't really listen to their response and hang up the phone after that!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Mr Smarty Pants

There are things that you tell me that makes me either want to pull my hair or roll on the floor laughing. Here's some conversations that we had recently:

While giving you a shower, you'll always want to put some of your liquid soap mixed with water for your rubber duckie:
Mummy: Evan, don't waste my soap
Evan: It's not yours, it's MY soap!

While watching your Sesame Street VCD.
Evan: I dowan to watch this
Mummy: Then you go change to your other VCD
Evan (Pulling my hair towards the DVD player): You change it mummy!
Mummy: No.. YOU change it
Evan (Mimicking my tone): YOU change it!
You do pick up what we say very quickly. I used to (or still do?) have a habit of saying "Do you want that to happen?". So nowdays this is what you get:
Mummy: Evan, if you don't stand properly you will fall down. Do you want that to happen?
Evan: I dowan that.
Now I don't even have to ask the question, I will get a "I dowan that". And recently I have noticed a change in your response.
Trying to peel you away from the TV to take a bath:
Mummy: Evan, let's go. Take a bath otherwise the school will close and we won't get to go to school!
Evan: I want that!
Just to escape from having a haircut:
Mummy: Quickly finish your lunch. Otherwise Uncle Austin's shop will be closed and you won't be able to get a haircut.
Evan: I want that.
Argghh... I want to pull out my hair!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Going to School

It's time for you to go to school. Ching Ern's mummy had kindly lent me a great book to help prepare you to go to school. That's a wonderful book and you love reading it at night. I hope this is enough to prep you for going to school WITHOUT mummy or daddy. (I've already reminded you MANY times that we won't be going to school with you).

We've been to look at a school which was the one daddy went to (yup.. it's THAT old!). And we were quite happy after talking to the principal. We thought we'd look at other schools too. We brought you to another school for a trial class, but you (and us too) weren't too keen on the classes. So that was scrapped.
We stopped looking for a while as we didn't know when we'll be moving back to Ah Kong's house. Now that the house is almost ready, we have to start looking again. Since yesterday was a replacement holiday for us, we headed to daddy's old school for you to try it out.
Of course by the time we woke up, had breakfast, drag you away from TV, give you a bath it was already 10.00a.m.! We arrived at the school at around 10.30a.m. and the children were just finishing break time. Ok, I reckon our timing wasn't too bad since the first class after break was singing. Being the shy you, you refused to sit on the floor with the other children. Then came numbers and followed by story time. Every time the teacher invited you to sit with the children, you refused. Sometimes halfway through the class you'd wander out looking for some toys to play with. Daddy or I had to bring you back to join the class.
After school, I chatted with the principal while you played around with daddy. We had lunch and a haircut before heading home.
Here's our conversation that night before going to sleep:
Mummy: Did you like that school?
Evan: Hhmmm... School is too far.
Mummy: Do you want to go to that school?
Evan: No.
Mummy (Worried): Why not?
Evan: The floor is too dirty!
I do recall you telling me that you needed to wash your feet halfway through class that morning. Aikkks.... Looks like your cleanliness obsession is very apparent!
So have we decided on that school? Well, we're thinking of looking around and see what other options there are before finally deciding on one. After all, we've probably got more than a month before we make that move.

Friday, July 10, 2009

The Weekend Has Started

Yup, as Saturday is a public holiday, we get Monday off as a replacement holiday. And since we have 2 days of leave to clear for this month, daddy and I decided to take today off also. So what did we do. I was hoping for a lazy morning, but you woke up at your usual time, a little past 8a.m.. Sigh.. so after a while we went outside for breakfast while daddy slept on. Later on daddy woke up to join us and he had to dial into work for a quick meeting.
After that, we all got ready and off we went. I was hoping to eat lunch at the Bangkok Lane coffee shop, but it was closed! So we headed to Gurney Plaza for lunch and a little retail therapy. Halfway through your sandals gave way. Daddy had to carry you while we got the cobbler to fix your sandals. In the meantime, daddy's arms were about to give way so we headed to Parkson to buy you a new pair of sandals. They sure have a "wide" variety of sandals. In the end, we decided to buy you a new pair of shoes seeing your old pair is getting tighter and (hopefully) you'll be starting school soon.
After an hour, we headed to the basement where the cobbler is located and did a little shopping in Cold Storage before picking up your sandals. Boy, he sure has good business. We had to wait a while more before your sandals were ready. Before we left you insisted on a donut. Ok, we bought your donut, paid for the parking and home we headed. It was already 4p.m. by then. Way pass your nap time.
Went home and you insisted on eating your donut before napping. You turned on the TV and that was the end of your nap. The person taking a nap in the end was me! Hehe.. yup, I dozed off while you watched Tigger & Pooh, Higgly Town Heroes and woke up in the middle of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!
I went for a swim without you today. You'd been telling me that you wanted to go swimming for the whole week, but now that we could go, you decided that you wanted to watch Pocoyo! Sigh.. the allure of TV is stronger than swimming.
After dinner we watched a little TV before I finally got you to go to the room. It was close to 10p.m. before lights were out and you had a lot to say still before finally dozing off.
What a busy day we had and I'm so happy that I've got another 3 days off to spend with you still...

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Sleep Deprived

I feel so groggy and drowsy and I type this post. And I also feel really jealous as I know you are fast asleep on my bed now too! Ah Ma called to tell me that after you got back from lunch (you went out for lunch with Ah Kong and Ah Ma) you went into the room, telling Ah Ma that you were really tired and by 2.30p.m. you'd already fallen asleep.
So how come you napped so early AND willingly today? It's because you woke up very early. I think around 6.35a.m.. Don't know why you woke up so early. I tried to ignore you, but you decided to sleep on me and when my alarm clock rang, you jumped right out of your skin (yup, it's really loud). And the moment you realised that I was awake, I got a "Morning mummy" followed by "I want to bathe now". At 7a.m.!
So I was super busy this morning, giving you a bath, getting ready myself, making and feeding you breakfast, eating my own breakfast. Good thing when I left this morning, you were already in a good mood, so you happily said "Bye" and gave a big hug to both of us and let us go to work with no fuss.
Oh, how I wish I was back home, taking a nap in my bed too.... Sigh.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Dinner with Friends

A few friends at work had planned to gather for dinner for a while. Everytime we come up with a day, something happens that caused the plan to be postponed. At long last, we managed to have our buffet dinner gathering yesterday at E&O Hotel's Sarkies Corner.

Daddy had a meeting that ended late and luckily Ah Ma had helped me to bathe and dress you and so you were ready and waiting for me when I reached home. Down we headed to the car where daddy was waiting for us. We arrived a little later than everyone else. Jing Ee and Brettany were already enjoying their dinner. You were given the "Chairman's" seat at the head of the table with a very large high chair. It was too high and so we had to get it changed for you. So after settling down, you started to enjoy dinner. You ate sausages, wedges, pasta, prawn crackers, poppadoms and prawn fritters.

After that you had to er.. make a "deposit" and we continued with desserts. What did you want? Ice-cream, of course. You specifically wanted the pink one and also wanted me to add hundreds and thousands to your ice-cream. Halfway through your ice-cream, you told me that you'd finished the hundreds and thousands and asked for more. So we added that and also raisins.
Aunty Asher tried to take some pictures (taking pictures of 3 kiddies is no simple task).

With Jing Ee

And before we left, the chef even gave the 3 of you lollipops. Before everyone went home, we managed to get a group photo (almost anyway).

I noticed that you were not too keen on playing with the other kids. I was not even allowed to hold other children (uh oh!!). But before we left you warmed up (too late) and gave Jing Ee a kiss and hug before we got into daddy's car.

Monday, July 06, 2009

Mr. Clean

Ee-ee mentioned to me that the last time we were back in BM you seemed to be very particular on cleanliness. She's brought you out to feed Grampy's fish. So some fish feed were put in your hands and immediately after throwing the food into the pond, you insisted that you wanted to wash your hands!

This cleanliness obsession is very apparent. A little bit of water on your shirt and you insist on changing. You need to wash your hands after touching anything that is a little messy. Right after you come back from cycling you'll insist on taking a bath immediately.

So what happened when we wanted to go swimming yesterday? Swimming has been something that we all look forward to when the weekend comes. Daddy and Ah Kong were off for an afternoon round of golf. So it was just the two of us. Kakak told me that there were some leaves in the pool, but I gave it little thought as we headed to the pool yesterday evening. Ah Ma had also mentioned that it was very windy the night before.

But the sight that met us in the pool... Sigh.. as the wind blew the leaves all got stuck to the corners of the pool. The wading pool (which we don't use) was full of leaves. The moment you notices the leaves... you stopped dead in your tracks and refused to budge. Any amount of persuasion could not get you to jump into the pool. There was one corner which had fewer leaves, but NO.. you refused to swim. What to do? We had to take an about turn and went upstairs again, abandoning our plans.

Too many leaves in the pool ruined our plans. Actually come to think of it, the pool wasn't too clean since there was some debris that blew in from the construction next door.

Then again, I guess there is nothing wrong with preferring to be clean. So there will be less chance of me seeing you all covered in dirt.. unlike someone I know.