Sunday, August 30, 2009

A Delicious Dinner

It sure wasn't easy waking you up from your nap. At long last you woke up a little groggy but quite cheerful and refreshed from your nap. As we could not decide on what to have for dinner and steam boat was one of the option, we decided not to shower you before dinner. So off we went for dinner. In the car we were discussing on what to have for dinner when you gave us your 5 cents worth: I want to eat in restaurant with air cond. Sigh.. a little too high class not aren't you?!

So after driving around a little, we headed to Bangsar Village. Ashley Kor-kor recommended this place called Delicious. And the food sure was delicious. A little late than our usual dinner time, but since no one was really hungry, it was fine. In fact, I think we over ordered. As usual your choice of food was either fish and chip or macaroni. And since you were given a choice, you picked macaroni despite having just vomited macaroni the day before, much to our surprise. One thing though, I made sure that you did not overeat this time. You loved every bite of it. It was called Four Cheese Macaroni which was cooked then baked before it was served.
As usual sleep time was really late: after 12 midnight. Wow.. I dread to think of trying to readjust back to your normal sleeping hours... and later to even earlier than your normal hours so that you will have enough sleep on school days.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

A Time for Some Shopping

We had yummy Japanese food for dinner yesterday night. You napped until quite late but it's a good thing as we were waiting for Uncle Dennis who'd driven from Singapore. So I woke you at 7.30p.m. and after a long time, you finally got up to take a bath and we waited a while before Ashley Kor-kor and Uncle Dennis got back.
Off we went and had dinner. As usual, you only slept after 12 midnight. This morning you woke up at 9a.m. waking me up too. You did wake up in the middle of the night, a little confused and I think you were looking for daddy who was sleeping on the floor. Other than that little incident, you slept until the morning.
This morning we had brunch with Ashley Kor-kor and Uncle Dennis. WE had "bah kut teh". This is the first time I had BKT for brunch. WE usually have it for dinner or supper. It's a little different from our usual style: on top of the BKT, we had steamed fish and some dark soy sauce meat. After that we headed to 1 Utama.
First thing on our "to do" list is to get that shirt for you for the upcoming function. We headed to Zara and at long last we found what we were looking for. In fact there was quite a good choice there. So in the end we picked 2 shirts and a pair of long pants as well as a birthday present for Annabelle who's birthday is coming soon. Phew.. all settled.
Next on our "to do" list: take a ride on your Thomas the tank engine. This would be the third time that we'd come to KL and NOT miss your Thomas. After riding on Thomas, the boat and a taxi, we headed to the washroom to wash your hands. We're not taking any risks!
Walked around a bit, bought some things in Cold Storage then had some drinks in A&W before heading to the one other thing what needs to be done while in 1 Utama: feed the fish. There was no fish food for sale when we last came down and a good thing the stall was opened today. Too bad the fishes were not really hungry. We walked around until Ashley Kor-kor and Uncle Dennis were done with their shopping. Headed home for some tea before you KO-ed. Now it's almost dinner time, I'd better wake you up soon.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Lunch in KLCC

You are starting to show signs of being a procrastinator! We woke up this morning and after I'd taken my bath, and all you still hadn't finished your milk that I'd heated up in the cup for you. Sheesh, it's already cold again by the time you were forced to finish. Then I had to try to get you to do your "big" business which you refused, then you took a bath and at long last we could leave the condo. It was 11am by then! And the traffic heading towards KLCC was horrendous! By the time we arrived in KLCC, it was 12noon!
We walked around for a while before decided on what to have for lunch. It's a place called California Kitchen that daddy had spotted when we walked past it earlier. The food was great, we had pizza and salad while we ordered the kiddy meal for you which consisted of your favourite Macaroni and Cheese, came with a juice and ice-cream.
We all enjoyed our lunch and Yvonne Kor-kor joined us shortly after that. Just as you were finishing the last mouthful of the pasta, you chocked on the spiral pasta and vomited! Yikes the gagging motion made you vomit everything. Poor thing. Lucky daddy reacted fast enough and he caught the vomit in his hands (daddy the hero!). Everything came out and you messed out your shirt and overalls too. Daddy brought you to wash up and you LOOKED clean. Only problem was you didn't smell too nice.
We walked around for a while before heading to The Gardens. Since the smell was too "wonderful" we walked into Pumpkin Patch and picked something for you to change into. Walked around a little more before heading home. You had a little tea time before you allowed me to bring you to the room. less than 10 minutes later, you were already sleeping. And you're still sleeping now. Will let you nap a little longer and we're going to have a late dinner.

We're in PJ

We left the coffee shop after lunch when the heavy rain subsided a little. And since we'd packed before heading to see the school, we headed out directly to the Penang bridge. There was not much traffic and soon we were on the highway heading towards Kor-kor's house in PJ. We'd already taken the house key from 5th Chim Poh when we were in Ipoh the weekend before.
Although the traffic was not heavy, it was not a good drive. It rained most of the way, letting a little after Ipoh then continuing to be heavy rain again until we reached the Damansara toll. Not a pleasant weather to be driving. We arrived sometime after 4p.m. and headed straight to Kor-kor's house as Ashley Kor-kor had warned us that the traffic will get really heavy at around 4+ as people start to leave early due to the fasting month. Shortly after we arrived Yvonne Kor-kor came back and while she entertained you, daddy and I took a short nap. Hey, we didn't get to nap on the way here..
After that you had a shower and we headed to Jaya One for dinner. Daddy read about this place Fontera's which serves Tex-Mex good, so we gave it a try. That plan almost had to be scrapped as they did not have a kiddy menu but they had Fish and Chips which suited you dine and so we went ahead and had dinner there. The food was quite nice and since there were so many of us, we tried a wide variety of food.
As always, being in a new place meant that you were all excited and refused to sleep early. By the time you called it a day.. it was past 12midnight!

Preview of something good?

Haha.. I wonder if it's really good or not, but we took Thursday off to bring you to have a look at another school. I had brought up the other school and every time without fail, you'd say you didn't want to go to that school as the floor was dirty. Then again, we did realise that they only started you on Mandarin at the age of 5. And since we do not (and are unable) to speak to you in Mandarin, we worry that you'll not be able to catch up if we decide to send you to a Mandarin based school. So we looked around and found this one.
It's not too far from Ah Kong's house and they start teaching in English for the 3 year olds and when you join the 4 year old classes, you'll be taught Bahasa as well as Mandarin. So after talking to the principal, we decided to bring you to the school to try it out. I had to tell you in advance that we'll be looking at another school. Here's how it went:
Mummy: We'll go look at another school on Thursday ok?
Evan: Is it the "Chinese school"?
I have no idea what "Chinese school" you are referring to...
Mummy: Um, yes the Chinese school.
Evan: Does it have air con?
Mummy: *faint* Yes, they do have air con.
Evan: Ok, then we go have a look.
Wow! I didn't know air con had to be a selection criteria! Actually daddy liked the other school because they DID NOT have air con. Wouldn't fresh air be better?
So yesterday we woke up, had breakfast and waited for daddy to finish his teleconference and got ready before heading to the new school. Although it is school holidays at the moment, we decided that it wouldn't be too formal and crowded to scare you as this school is relatively larger than otters. As expected, you didn't really want to join the class, and you didn't want to answer the teachers question although we know that you know the answer to her questions. Shy? Perhaps...
After a while we asked you if you liked the school and you said "Yes" (that was after you noticed the air con!). So we registered to start in mid-September after we come back from our trip. We're glad that you like this preview of the school. Hopefully you'll be ok in this school.
We joined Ah Kong and Ah Ma for lunch before heading on our little family trip to KL. Yup, mummy and daddy took 2 days off and now we've got a 5 day long weekend!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

In Ipoh Again

When we told you on Thursday that we'll be going to Ipoh over the weekend, the first thing you said was: I want to help Kor-kor wash her car. It's been 3 weeks, and yet you can remember doing that. You sure have a good memory! Ah Tai is still not feeling well and so we made the trip back yesterday evening after mummy and daddy left from work. Ah Ma did not join us this trip as she's got a wedding dinner to attend tonight.
Shortly after Ashley Kor-kor, Yvonne Kor-kor and Kor Poh got back, you decided that you wanted to go upstairs. Why? It's because you didn't take your afternoon nap yesterday, slept only after 12 midnight last night (or should I say "this morning") and woke up before 7am this morning! Sigh... In fact I fell asleep before you last night.
As I am typing this, you are still sleeping, totally tired from your adventurous day yesterday. Good thing we had a heavy brunch today, but I'm guessing you'll need something to eat after you wake up later on. Ashley Kor-kor promised to let you help her wash her car, and you were agreeable to it, except you also told her "The clouds will wash you car clean". And you know what? It was just raining a moment ago! But the little shower probably made her car even dirtier!
Ah Tai is having water retention on her feet and it was very swollen the last trip back. This trip, 4th Chek Kong has removed a lot of the water from her feet, but she's not really eating or drinking well. I hope that she'll get better soon. We're glad we made this trip back as she seemed rather happy to see you. Although you are not willing to go near her to cheer her up. Sigh.. daddy's upset at you for being such a naughty boy!

I'm Telling You...

This is NOT for you...

It's too dangerous for you...

DON'T do that!!!

Don't talk with your mouth full...

Can you hear me?
Are you listening to me?

What on earth is that sound?

Sounds like a nag, huh? No, it's not coming from me nor daddy. It's YOU. Yup, you are telling us these things. Obviously, you picked such things up from us. Some I recognise as from daddy or I and some from Ah Ma even. I've mentioned before that we needed to be careful of what we say. Little ears are listening! Haha... But's its really funny when we hear you say that as it's something totally unexpected to come from you. Then again, some things should not be heard OR repeated by Mr Little Ears + Little Mouth. So everyone be warned, be careful of what you say!

Monday, August 17, 2009


We went out shopping on Saturday after daddy got back from golf. We needed to get you something decent to wear for an upcoming BIG event. So off we went to Gurney Plaza. The news about Influenza A (H1N1) is a topic which is mentioned in the newspapers everyday. Deaths and more new cases are spreading in Malaysia but the reality of it never hit me until we noticed this: quite a number of people wearing masks in the mall! That's when we feel geli and wanted to head home as fast as possible.

We didn't manage to find you the shirt, pants and formal shoes that was needed, but we also did not feel like going out on Sunday. So it looks like we'll be utilising one of our days off for the month to go shopping. Hopefully it won't be too crowded seeing that it's not school holidays yet and we need to search for the clothes and the pants probably needs to be altered too.

I guess there is no chance of you willingly wearing a mask on the flight... I asked you (quite seriously) if you wanted to when we were reading this book of yours where the doctor is wearing a mask, but you laughed and said no. Should we buy the mask just in case? Sigh...

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Having Fun...

Found this picture in my e-mail sent by Ee-ee that was taken the first weekend we were back in BM:
And nicked this picture from Ee-ee's facebook:

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Happy Be-Early Birthday to Alan Ku-ku

We'd picked Alan Ku-ku and Nanna from the airport on Saturday from their holiday in Bangkok and Vietnam. After dinner, we had to go home that night. No overnight stay in BM as mummy had some work to do.

I managed to finish my work early on Sunday, so we managed to squeeze in a kai-kai session in Gurney Plaza with Ah Ma while daddy and Ah Kong went for their golf game before we headed back to BM again. After walking till our legs were about to drop in Gurney Plaza, then a round of ice-cream we went to G Hotel to look for Ah Ma and we left to go home for our late lunch. As I was hoping to bake a cake for dinner in BM that night. Kakak helped you with your lunch while I'd wolfed down my lunch so that I could start on the Chocolate Swirl Cheesecake that I got from this nice lady's website. Good thing you were to engrossed with your lunch and cartoon that you didn't insist I waited for you to help me man the mixer. By the time you were done with lunch, I just needed your "help" to mix the chocolate portion of the cake and put the 2 portions into the cake tin.

The cake was put into the oven and off I went to take my shower before Ah Ma got back to drive us to BJCC. When it was ready, I put it out to cool and I even managed to remember the candles. Yup, it was supposed to me for Alan Ku-ku's birthday celebration which falls in September. Since he was leaving on Monday to London, we decided to celebrate his birthday along with his farewell.

The cake turned out disastrous. It sank in the middle and rose quite high on the sides. It's the worst cake I've ever baked so far (I think... ). And that was not the end of it. As the cake was put in the same bag as the candles, the candles melted as the cake was not cooled down enough. Aihhh... a BIG disaster.

Anyhow, we had a yummy simple dinner cooked by Grampy (under Nanna's supervision) followed by some wine (milk for you) and the cake. I'm glad to say everyone said the cake tasted ok, despite the looks. Hehe..

To Alan Ku-ku, Happy Birthday to you! And have a safe trip to London.

Friday, August 07, 2009

A Love Affair

Haiya.. with the bath tub, believe it or not! We were back in BM 2 weekends ago and since the water pressure in Nanna's place is rather low, I filled the bath tub with water so that you could take your bath inside it. And you loved it.

When we left on Monday, you were making a lot of fuss insisting that you wanted to bring back the green bath tub. Managed to snap a few pictures of you enjoying yourself in the tub. You'd usually turn away from the camera, but this time, you willingly posed for me.

That evening, there was no electricity for a while and since it was so hot and (thankfully) the lift was working, you went for a swim with daddy and Ah Kong. While you were swimming, kakak helped me boil water while I filled up your old bath tub. You were so happy when you got back from your swim.
Ever since you've been asking for the bath tub quite regularly. Despite it being so small (smaller than the green one) you were happy just being able to sit in the tub! Maybe we should go look for the rubber stopper (at last) so that you could bathe in our big bath tub...

Thursday, August 06, 2009

At The Car Wash

Now how come you slept for more than 2 hours on our way back from Ipoh? Well, you were a busy bee just before we left Ipoh, being Ashley Kor-kor's assistant. Yup, you were busy helping her wash her car.

She'd actually asked if you wanted to help as we were on the way back from brunch. Then it started to drizzle then rain. So what to do? The plans had to be abandoned. Then as we sat in the kitchen chatting with everyone, you looked out the window and asked "Mummy, is it still raining?". I said "No" and you remembered the offer to wash the car, so you promtly said "OK, then we can wash car now". No way Ashley Kor-kor was getting out of that deal.

So the both of you headed out to the garden armed with a wash cloth, soap to wash the car and a pail. And boy did you have fun washing the car, I saw you playing with the water hose too. Managed to capture some pictures with Ashley Kor-kor's camera as you were almost done:
Had to give you another bath again before we left Ipoh as you were all wet and sweaty from the hard work. Ashley Kor-kor says she owes you for helping her out and that you were really working seriously to help her wash her car... Hhhmmmm... what would you like from her?

Monday, August 03, 2009

We were in Ipoh

We spent Saturday and Sunday in Ipoh this weekend. Ah Kong had mentioned after we got back from BM on Monday that Ah Tai was not feeling well, so we'd be going back to Ipoh over the weekend.

So on Saturday, we tried to get up as early as possible as Ah Kong had taunted daddy saying that by the time we're ready, we'll be leaving Penang around noon. Ok, we tried to get up earlier, but we only left at around 9.15a.m., not too bad I'd say. It was raining cats and dogs just as we were leaving and daddy had to fix the car seat in Ah Kong's car. Luckily there was a covered spot for the car to be parked and for us to load the car.

We arrived in Ipoh at around 11.30a.m. and we dropped the things off and said "hi" to Ah Tai before heading out for lunch. Ah Tai was quite happy to see you, surprisingly she could recognise you as she seems to have lost some short term memory and cannot recognise most of us.

You had a lot of Kuey Tiau while we were in Ipoh. Lunch on Saturday was "Kai Si Hor Fun" (shredded chicken noodles) which you finished the whole bowl. Dinner was home cooked food. Then we went out for supper. We went to try our luck with Cowan Street's "Nga Choy Kai" (Bean sprout chicken). Again you had another bowl of noodles in soup. Halfway through your noodles, you said "Mummy, I got ngk-ngk". Yikes.. and there I was thinking it was a good thing that you'd already wee-wee, no need to use the outside toilets!
Well, you finished your "job" and you were both drenched in sweat. Lucky for me daddy volunteered. While you happily continued with the rest of your supper, daddy had somewhat lost his appetite. But in the end, nothing was wasted.
Sunday was brunch in one of our usual haunts whenever we're back in Ipoh. No more kuey tiau for you. In fact you weren't too keen on the Wantan mee either. Instead, you were happy with the 2 half boiled eggs that daddy ordered for you.
We left shortly after lunch and you slept all the way back to Penang.