Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Visit to Kek Lok Si

You looked perfectly fine on Saturday despite having a fever and looking so sickly the day before. So off we headed after breakfast to Kek Lok Si temple with Li Min Kor kor and Kevin Kor Teo. They had been up to Penang since Thursday and done only shopping the past 2 days (inclusive of eating local food, of course).

The plan was to leave the house at 10am, but by 10am, everyone were still in their PJs! When everyone was ready and your moi moi packed (no outside food for you this time) we headed to Kek Lok Si temple. The weather was rather cloudy but it didn't bother us.

When we arrived, it was drizzling a little and daddy carried you and ran to the shaded area. First stop was to look at the tortoises. We bought kangkung and fed the tortoises.

After that, we wondered around the lower ground of the temple. Daddy tried to take a picture of the 4 of us, but his flash decided to run out of batteries. The picture looks fine to me, but he says it doesn't... What do you think?

After that we took the lift up to the higher grounds. We were all cramped into a little lift but you didn't not complain. The view from there was spectacular. First stop was the fish pond. There were LOTS of fishes there and a beautiful waterfall. Kor kor helped to take this picture for us:

After that we went to look at another portion of the temple. Then the 3 of them went to take a look at the view from way up there while we went to wonder around the shop. I saw them selling some fish food, so I bought one packet for you to feed the fish while waiting for everyone. You were so happy feeding the fishes. At least these fishes are hungry so they enjoyed the food that you gave them.
We headed back to the lower ground then Kor Kor and Kor Teo walked down the path to the bottom of the hill while we went back to the car and drove down to wait for them. You had your lunch while waiting for them. We continued with the rest of your lunch at the coffee shop (not in Air Itam) where we had laksa and soya bean drink.

That was a nice day. It was your first time in Kek Lok Si and you seemed to enjoy it. The only thing that you didn't like was the smell of the joss stick. You kept asking me "Mummy, what's that smell??"

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Back to School

You were off from school yesterday. We'd actually gotten all ready and was in the car when daddy asked if you were fine. You actually sounded a little off and since I was sick, you'd probably caught it from me. So we turned the car around and asked kakak to pick you up from downstairs. You were obviously happy because you were already telling me before that that you didn't want to go to school.
Today we got ready and Ah Ma cooked your favourite poached egg for you to eat and off we headed to school. Traffic was very good, probably because the government schools were still off. We arrived as assembly started and after assembly we went into class. You stuck to me like super glue and cried when I left you with Teacher Mala.
I went to make the payments for your school fees and daddy kept commenting that you were still crying. After I was done paying, I went to peep at you and you were still stuck to Teacher Mala although you had stopped crying. Principal Lily said that was fine and that we shouldn't worry too much about you.
We'll probably leave the office a little earlier for lunch and have another look at how you are doing before school ends. You will be going home with Ah Kong and Ah Ma today. We won't be there when school ends so that you wont make a fuss about who to go home with.
Updated: We went by the school to tkae a look at you. Daddy was too worried about how you'd cope. When we arrived the guard told me that you had a bleeding nose. I thought it was just that scratch that you already have. But when I peeped into the class, I was Teacher Mala holding you with a tissue to your nose. Wah.. gave me a shock, then when we went in, it was the stratch which was scratched AGAIN, that's why it was bleeding. Small matter.
We went to Queensbaymall after that as you had insisted requested. Lunch was McDonald's and you left after that willingly with Ah Kong. I think today went relatively well. Phew...

Saturday, September 19, 2009

A Sick Day

You woke up before six on Friday morning complaining of an uncomfortable tummy. After a while you told me that you wanted some warm milk. I thought that you were hungry since you did not have your nightly milk the day before as you were quite stuffed from a rather late dinner of banana leaf rice (you also insisted on having a banana leaf of your own which you ate rice with egg and fried chicken). Then you went back to sleep and I got to sleep in a little longer too, since you didn't have school.

But as I was having my breakfast, daddy opened the door and called for me. You'd vomited all over my bed and on yourself. So I ended up later than planned. Had to give you a quick shower before I could go off to work.
Shortly after I arrived at work, Ah Ma called to say you seemed to have a fever. I hope that after giving her instructions on what and how much to feed you, you'd get better. But it didn't seem to be so.
We left work earlier to go home and check on you. You look weak, but had no fever. Since you vomited again after having lunch, I fed you in small portions and you seemed to be fine. You even kept asking for more moi moi. Later, before 9pm, we both fell asleep with you sleeping on top of me. I moved you to the bed and at 10+, daddy got back from having a drink with Kor Kor and Kor Teo and we realised that your temperature was rising. Tried to feed you paracetamol and you flatly refused. In the end, I had to force you to take it and you went to bed after that.
Thank goodness all was ok by the time you woke up the next day.

Final School Day of the Week

When we arrived at school today, we were greeted with another teacher who immediately said "No school tomorrow". I was too surprised by the statement to fully register what exactly was being said, but anyhow we had your temperature taken, washed your hands and stood with the rest of your classmates for assembly. As with yesterday you refused to join the dance during assembly.
Then we went to class. You decided to be stuck with me like super glue, sitting on my lap and refusing to get up and playing with your friends. Then Principal Lily came into class and talked to you, asking you to show her your water bottle. You got up and picked out your bottle from the basket. Taking the hint from the principal, I walked out of class and sat outside. I took a peek a few minutes later and you were quite fine. Then shortly after I sat down, Principal Lily came out with a little boy. He'd just vomited. The class was taken to the playground while the kakak cleaned up and aired the classroom. I peeped at you again and you were just fine, happily playing in the gym. Later on the class came back to have some drinks before heading upstairs for computer classes. Teacher Mala used the stairs which was in front and she told me that you were fine. Did not cry, only said "Ok, I'm going to find my mummy now" but was ok when she told you that I was with Principal Lily.
Since you seemed fine, I left my number with the teachers then headed to Tesco Extra to walk around a little. I headed back after spending over an hour there. Daddy kept reminding me that I've been away for over an hour already. I went back to peep again and you were perfectly fine. I sat outside reading my book then the class was filing out to go upstairs again for gym class. As the teachers knew that I was sitting outside, they made you all use the stairs behind. When Principal Lily saw you all coming out she quickly walked to the class to block your view from seeing me sitting there. I'm not too sure if you spotted me, but you wailed "I want my mummy" but stopped shortly after she talked to you and you went up to enjoy your gym class. I could not peep at that class as it's an open area and you could spot me too easily.
Going home was not as difficult as yesterday as Ah Ma came along. They had picked Li Min Kor-kor and Kevin Kor Teo from the airport and picked you up. You cried a little before you let Ah Ma calm you down and everything was fine. Of course, lucky I'd bought some chippies to "bribe" you too.. Hehe...
I hope everything goes well on Wednesday morning when we drop you and accompany you for a while in class, especially after such a long holiday!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Day 2 of School

We arrived a little earlier today, so we managed to make it for the morning assembly. It had just started and music was blaring away. Principal Lily was leading the assembly with most of the kids joining in for a morning dance. You just stood stuck to the ground and refused to join in the simple dance. Then the nursery children followed the teachers to their class followed by the rest of the other children.
When we went to class, I found out that there was to be swimming lessons that day. Too bad I didn't know in advance, so we didn't bring your swimming costume. Classes started shortly after the teachers cleared out all the bags of the necessities: water bottles, milk bottle and milk powder, breakfast items (packed by the parents) and swimming costumes.
Today's class started with identifying vehicles. Then the teacher made masks from earlier artwork of the children. You were rather afraid of the cat mask, so the teacher didn't give you a mask. Then was toilet break along with hand washing followed by breakfast. After that the teacher changed the kids who had swimming costumes packed and headed to the swimming pool. The principal had suggested that you swam in your undies, so you also joined the swimming class for today. You got splashed by another boy who was so enthusiastic in his swimming and got all upset as you got wet in the face. After persuading you to stay in the pool a little longer, we got out, took a shower and headed back to class. As the rest of he class was having their milk session, you also joined in having the box milk that I had packed for you. Don't want you to be left out when the rest of the class have their milk..
A little bit of colouring and it was time to leave. Ah Kong came for you as I had something on in the afternoon and my friend was picking me up from the school. You kicked a big fuss and cried all the way home. Ah Ma said you sulked for 1 hour before you finally agreed to have lunch!
And that's how your (and my) second day of school went.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

First Day of School... Finally

Yup, and we were late! Then again, there were other kids who arrived later than you. Must be the "first day of the week" mode. Hehe.. had trouble waking you up this morning. You procrastinated and even asked me "school not cancelled today?". Sigh.. But after the initial dragging of feet, you woke up and got ready quite quickly. Got your breakfast ready and Ah Kong helped to feed you while I ate my own breakfast.
It was raining in our area, so daddy had to get the car and pick us up from the covered area. Then off we went. We had missed the morning assembly and class started shortly after we arrived. The morning was filled with songs, colouring, breakfast, milk time (for the rest of the class), play time, dancing and I cannot recall what else. Of course, class was also filled with crying (not from you.. yet), toilet breaks, throw ups (by one of the little kids), fighting, being told off by the teacher...
You took some lunch with your new friends today. It was fried hor fun which you liked and then daddy arrived. We headed to the house where Ah Kong was waiting for you and he drove you home.
I hope you had a wonderful first day in school today. I wonder when you can go to school without me. I don't know about you, but I sure feel tired now. I'm sure you went to sleep quickly in the afternoon. Will check with Ah Ma later.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Ah Kong

Happy Birthday to Ah Kong. We celebrated the big 6-0 with dinner at the Japanese restaurant in G Hotel. Dinner was lovely. You had a wonderful time too. We ordered Chicken Katsu Don for you and the 2 men even had sake to go with dinner. After that, you wondered around the restaurant and the waitresses were very happy to keep you entertained!

No birthday is complete without a cake. So despite it being late and you having to go to school the next day, we headed to Belissa Row to buy cake for Ah Kong. Ah Ma picked a cake in your favourite flavour "strawberry". Yummy.

Happy 60th Birthday Ah Kong!

What do you get when you have a bored 3 year-old?

With a little help from your equally as bored Ashley Kor-kor. Hehe.. the house was drawn by you (your standard house: a square with triangle roof and windows and doors and colours selected by you) while Kor kor added the rest based on your demands requests.

First Day of School...

.. which didn't happen today as planned! Yup, mummy told me everything about going to school and tried to convince me that I had to go to school alone while mummy and daddy went to work. I'm not very happy with that arrangement and told mummy so. I tried to make a deal with her: SHE goes to school and daddy and I will go to work and pick her up when she's done. But NOOOOoooOOo.. she wouldn't agree to that. She said that I had to go to school before I could go to work.
Mummy insists that she cannot go to school with me as she needs to earn money. I have money in my chinggang, but she said that's not enough.. so greedy!
Well I had to wake up really early this morning at 7am. Mummy woke me up and we had a snuggle in bed before heading to the bathroom. After showering and dressing up, we went out for breakfast. I helped mummy scoop the Milo for my drink and also my multi-grain. Then I watched Little Einstein while eating breakfast as daddy got ready to go to work.
We arrived in school a little later than the time it's supposed to start. But we had a BIG surprise. The gates and everything was closed! Then mummy noticed a sign saying they had Graduation ceremony yesterday. So mummy explained that today was a holiday for them. School is closed today.
So daddy had to drive us home to drop me and they went back to work. I didn't want mummy to go to work, but she said that she had to.
Looks like we will have to try again tomorrow to go to school. Do you think they will be open?

Sunday, September 13, 2009

What a perfornamce!

Before we headed home, we went back to the Ipoh house for a rest and to pack up. But before leaving for Penang, we were treated to a special performance by the bride and groom. They had a dance specially choreographed to be their "first" dance. They had performed it in Bali but obviously none of us saw it and so there was a repeat performance for us. Um the pictures are not in sequence but you can see that they did a lot of fancy moves in their dance!
*clap*clap*clap* and cheers to Mango Kor kor (that's the name that you gave her) and Kevin Teo teo for a wonderfully planned wedding. It did not go exactly as planned, but it worked out well in the end too!

Its Been A Week

Well actually it's been only 3 days since we left Ipoh. We made a trip back to Ipoh buit since we had to wait for Ah Kong's car to be ready we could not make it back on time for the prayers session. Never mind, maybe we could make it the next time. By the time we stopped by the money changer, picked up the fried oyster and pumped petrol for the car we only arrived in Ipoh close to 6pm.
Actually we have another reason for heading to Ipoh. Remember how we were supposed to attend a special function last week which had to be cancelled? Well it was your Li Min Kor-kor's wedding. She and Kevin Teo-teo had planned for so long to have the wedding in Bali. Too bad, the timing wasn't too good. So now that they're back in Ipoh, we were having a small tea ceremony with the few of us.
We were rudely woken from our sleep this morning. What was the cause of it? Sigh, they were fogging for mosquitoes. This has to be done either during the dawn or dusk, this guy picked dawn! And you got a shock as they actually walked into our compound to fog the area. After that we both could not sleep, so we freshened up and went down to have breakfast.

Headed back up and got ready for the tea ceremony. Dressed you up then I got ready while daddy kept you entertained. It was filled with laughter despite turn out being so small.
Offering tea to Tai Ma and Tai Kong

Tea for 5th Chim Poh & Chek Kong

Tea for Ah Ma & Ah Kong

Wow! Ang Pows to be given!

.. for you!

After all was done, we headed out to town to Pusing Public Restaurant for lunch. It was the same place we went to on Wednesday after the funeral and to my surprise you could recognise that place. You told me: Mummy, this is the same place we came after we sat the bus. Of course you were happy with the place being and air-cond restaurant!

There was heavy traffic to get to that place, worst still to park as there was a market there which was not closed when we arrived for lunch at 12pm. Then again, that was a small matter. Lunch was fantastic, especially this:
"Big Head" Prawn

We're enjoying the food!

Only 20 of us, but it was a lovely celebration.

Congratulations to Li Min and Kevin!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Making it through the days...

As Ah Tai passed away on Sunday evening, nothing much could be done. So we "officially" started mourning on Monday evening. The undertakers were called immediately after she left us and they arrived by 8pm with the necessary items for the family. Ah Tai was quickly dressed and put into the coffin as we stood outside. After everything was arranged and the hospital bed kept away, we went in. You noticed that the bed was missing and asked: Where is Ah Tai's bed? I had no choice but to tell you the truth that Ah Tai was sleeping in the "box". I asked if you wanted to have a look at her and you did. You took a look at her, gave her a flying kiss and even said "I love you Ah Tai". Subsequently you asked to look at her a few times even. I'm glad that you were not afraid of looking at her. Then again, you probably don't fully understand the situation.

Monday was spent getting ready for the funeral. As we were not allowed to shampoo our hair for the whole duration and no haircut for 3 weeks we headed to 5th Chim Poh's hairdresser's place for a shampoo and a cut for you and daddy. The night before I told you that we'll be going to Aunty's place for a haircut. You asked how come it's not done by Uncle Austin. So I had to explain to you that Uncle Austin was in Penang and we were in Ipoh. The haircut went well. Will post them later on when I've gotten the pictures.

The night passed quite quickly. You had many kor-kors to play with, taking a special liking towards Mei Nien Kor kor whom you've barely met before this. That left me free to help around and to fold the joss paper which need to be prepared to be burned the next day. The prayer ceremony was also very simple and all was done by 11.20pm. Gave you a bath, put you in front of my PC with Hi-5 playing while I took my bath. As with the many nights in the past week, you only went to sleep close to 1am.

Tuesday saw us having lunch in McDonalds with you having you usual nuggets, fries and milo. Then we took a nap and soon it was time for the wake. This second and final night also passed quickly. The prayers were finished off with the burning of the paper items representing the home, car (with driver) and effigies. Then to finish the night we got ready just like the night before. You fell asleep shortly after we lay in bed.

Wednesday was a busy day. I woke up with a start and in the process woke you and poor, tired daddy too. We quickly got ready as the funeral undertakers came to arrange for the funeral. A lot of prayers were made and a final goodbye was made by the family, relatives and friends before Ah Tai began the journey to her final resting place. We had to walk a distance behind the hearse until we reached the main road. I carried you all the way and somehow my arms (and legs) found the strength to walk so far. But just before we got on the bus I put you down and realised that my arms had gone numb!

You sure were excited to ride on a bus. Furthermore, you couldn't understand what was going on. After Ah Tai was laid to rest, we went to a restaurant (much to your delight.. since it had air-cond!) for a late lunch. Our week in Ipoh ended when we made our way back to Penang after everyone had a shower.
I wondered how much you know what has actually happened to Ah Tai. But to my surprise as we went downstairs to collect the mail, you told me "Mummy, I miss Ah Tai..." *sob*

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Finally We Went Out

After so many days of being cooped up in the house, we went out for a short while in Thursday afternoon to buy some drinks for the house and also to buy some baby bath + shampoo for you as it was already running low.
Then yesterday evening, after many days of eating packed food, the younger generation (you inclusive) went our for dinner while the older ones stayed at home for packed dishes to be eaten with rice. We had McDonalds which was happily agreed upon by everyone, including you. You were happy to be able to have your nuggets and chippies with Milo. Best of all you got the toy which came along with the Happy Meal.
It must have been a relieve for you to be able to go out at last. I know I am. For the past few says it started with you being told to keep your volume down, followed by being confined most of the times to the upper floors so that Ah Tai would not hear you. And when we are downstairs (mainly during meal times) we keep to the kitchen. One good thing is that you were quite happy to stay upstairs with your many Kor kors and also the many notebooks for you to play with. Also Chim Poh's room has Astro so you can watch your Channel 613 too.
Today we'll be kept at home. Dinner is Ah Ma's famous Hainanese Chicken Rice. I wonder how long me we'll be in Ipoh. Some of the overseas relatives have left to go back home...
Updated: Ah Tai passed away peacefully at 6.30pm on Sunday 6th September 2009. Rest in peace.


Everyone is in a dilemma. What to do? What to do? Is it the right thing to do? Should we do that? No one dares to make a decision.
What is the issue? Ah Tai is still hanging on. She's suffering and the family hopes that she will be relieved of her pain as soon as possible. Cruel though that may sound, when we look at her lying there breathing with so much difficulty that is what we wish for her. To be free of all the suffering that she's currently enduring.
Then on the other hand, we have this big wedding coming up. Li Min Kor kor had planned and planned this wedding for a long long time. But no one is able to confirm if they are able to go or not up till now. We've all got question marks swimming all over our head.
No one is willing to leave Ah Tai and miss her wake when it happens. No one wants Li Min Kor kor to be all sad about there being no one attending her wedding?
So what should we do? Everyone is now busing checking on what our available options are for cancelling the tickets to Bali. But no one has made the move to come to a final decision.

Friday, September 04, 2009

Back in Ipoh

We're back in Ipoh again. In fact we've been back since Tuesday. Yup, we left on Monday for Penang and headed back to Ipoh again on Tuesday after lunch. How come? It's because early on Tuesday morning Su Kor-kor called daddy to say that Ah Tai was on oxygen to help her breathe. Our hearts just dropped to the floor!
We finished our work in the morning half and headed home to have lunch, pack and off to Ipoh we headed again. Over the weeks we've seen Ah Tai deteriorate a lot. She is now not eating at all and the nurse advised not to force her to eat anymore since she doesn't want to have any food or liquid. Once in a while one of the Kor Poh or Chim Poh will dab her lips with some water so that her throat is not too dry. At any one time, there is always someone accompanying Ah Tai. Most of the family are all back here in Ipoh: the Kor Pohs from Hong Kong and Australia, Chek Kong in Japan and all your Kor kors are back too.
It breaks our hearts to see Ah Tai in this condition. She's not able to move anymore and she's resting on hte hospital bed. They've moved the bed to the living room and she's right there was I am writing this. While you have been a wonderful "Evan Therapy" for her, you are now not really allowed to go too near her as you might wake up up from her sleep. You are only allowed to whisper when you are downstairs, so most of your time is spent in the room. Good thing we have so many kor kors to accompany you and entertain you. Good thing also I brought back some of your favourite DVD along with some books.
It's time to let go and we all have to do so, no matter how unwilling we are and no matter how much we will miss her when she decides that it's time to leave us. One consolation is that we will all be with her when the time comes.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

A Stop Over

As planned we headed to Ipoh after having a light breakfast. Before that, I had to make you do your big business first. Yvonee Kor-kor complained that you were throwing stink bombs at her! After that we packed everything and headed back to Ipoh. Throughout the whole trip in the car from PJ to Ipoh that you were hungry. So I gave you biscuits that I'd packed and even Yakult that Ashley Kor-kor had bought for you.
When we arrived in Ipoh, everyone was in a sombre mood. It seems that Ah Tai's condition had deteriorated even further. Worst still was the sight of Ah Tai being in a hospital bed. It sure was heart wrenching to see her in such a condition.
Anyhow we went out for lunch with everyone. Even Ah Kong and Ah Ma were in Ipoh as daddy had told them of her condition. We picked a coffee shop which was not too crowded. Most of our favourite haunts were crowded and parking was another problem. Again you said that you wanted to eat in "restaurant with air cond". I just ignore you, but you wre happy with the coffee shop as it had air conditioning.
We ordered "Kai See Hor Fun" for you and you ate and almost finished everything including downing some of my Milo when.... Uweeeekkkkk.... Everything came out again! Yikes! This time it's overeat that caused you to vomit. Daddy quickly picked you up and gave you a wash in the restroom while I went to get some worn clothes from the car. Lucky there was another bag with the dirty laundry. I guess at this time, dirty clothes is better than vomit filled clothes!
We went back and I explained to you that your stomach was small and so your small little stomach cannot have too much food inside while I was dressing you up.
The afternoon was spent with everyone trying to convince you to call Ah Tai, to ask her to eat and to just talk to her. Initially you seemed afraid or shy with her. But after a while you warmed up and just needed a little convincing to call her "AH TAI!!!" at the top of your voice, much to her delight. She's stopped talking and yet when she sees you or hears you call her she's smile widely. Daddy calls it the "Evan Therapy".
Sadly we had to leave on Monday to go back to Penang. Of course before we left, you gave her some "Evan Therapy".