Thursday, October 29, 2009

I Want You...

And that's what I get from you every morning as we head to school. The moment we are near school you'd tell me "I want you mummy.. I want you to come to school with me..." And I keep having to tell you that I need to work to earn money to buy you special presents. Do you want a present? "Yes.. but I want you...."

Sigh, you really make it difficult for us to drop you to school. When we arrive in school, I'd jump out of the backseat while you give daddy your hug. That is then followed by tears! Sigh... I wonder how long it will be before you get used to going to school. I guess there will be a time when you'd walk out of the car without turning back and it'd be our turn to stare at your back with tears in our eyes!!!

Monday, October 26, 2009

49 days has passed

We went back to Ipoh on Saturday. Saturday marked the 49th day that Ah Tai has passed away and special prayers were to be held for Ah Tai. Of course by the time we left the house it was already past 9am. And we had to detour by the other house to check that everything is ok before heading to Ipoh.

As we would be rather late arriving in Ipoh and prayers were to start at 1pm, Su Yee kor-kor helped to buy us lunch. So shortly after we arrived in the Ipoh house, we had our lunch. Waited a while, played upstairs on the computer a while when we were summoned to go downstairs for the prayer session. We all had to sit on the floor while the nun chanted. We were each given a book with the chanting written inside, it even had Romanized wording but we could not follow the speed of the nun's chanting. After a short while, we took a break. Shortly into the second round, you started to say you were tired and wanted to go upstairs. I thought that you just wanted to go up to play. But after a while, I cuddled you and you really fell asleep, despite the hot weather and the uncomfortable spot we were sitting in.

The weekend was spent in the room playing Internet and PC games, napping then we had a yummy dinner treated by Su Yee Kor-kor. We left on Sunday afternoon after going out for brunch. Weekends sure pass quickly when we are busy.

Monday, October 12, 2009

After 4 Long Days

As you missed school on Thursday and Friday.. I was really worried of how you'd react to having to go back to school again. Would there be tears? Or would you be as brave as on Wednesday?
Like all school days, after a bit of persuasion and tickling you, you finally woke up this morning. Groggy, but ok. After breakfast and medicine, we headed to school. Daddy was saying that you've been missing morning assembly for quite a while. But nevermind, when we move back to the house we should be able to make assembly.
As usual the moment we are near Sunny Point, you stated with your hundred questions. When daddy made a U-turn you started to say "bye mummy" "I see you" *kiss*kiss* with watery eyes. At one moment, you seemed not to want to get off the car, but when I carried you, you went willingly and let the uncle help you wash your hand. Waved goodbye to us and off you went to class. Phew.. You kept your promise after all. You told me on the way to school before that you'd not cry today. And I'm proud of you.

Friday, October 09, 2009

How Was School Today?

Always gave us the same answer: "ok".
We've all been wondering what you did in school. Well, you are not one to volunteer any information. I'd need to be specific like "Did you do any colouring? Alphabets? Singing? Gym? Computer class?" And the closest I'd get to any information from your is "Yes" or "No".
I think one thing in school that you enjoy the most is the singing. We've finally heard you singing the "Goodbye" song which is played when it's time to go home. You've also sing the "Puff, puff, toot, toot" song which is sung when you and your classmates need to go somewhere together. One most interesting song that you've been humming (nope, not able to sing this) is "The Moon Represents My Heart" 月亮代表我的心. Yup, you k now this song much to everyone's amusement. I know they have been singing 2 songs relating to the moon since it was the Mid-Autumn Festival recently, but I was surprised that you could remember the song.
Hopefully you'll be more willing in future to share with us more information on what you do in school. I hope that you like school better now.

Don't Want It Sweet!

This morning was the second time you woke up coughing. Yesterday you woke up early in the morning coughing and complaining. Daddy had to carry and cuddle you and you went back to sleep. We turned off the air-cond and slept only with the fan on. We're not too sure on the exact time as we both cannot agree on the time that we read on our clocks! You refused to wake up in the morning, saying that you wanted to "Sleep nong (long) nong time". Since you seemed to tired and since 5th Chek Kong, Chim Poh, Sue Kor kor and Kor Poh were here, we let you stay at home (in other words, go kai-kai with them...)
This morning you also woke up coughing just as I was about to get ready to go to work. In the end, we decided to take the day off and bring you to the hospital to see Dr Mary. Of course when we were going you kept asking me why we need to see the "dentist".. no it's "Adventist".
When it was your turn to see the doctor, you dragged your feet. You seemed worried about being given an injection. Hhhmmm.. maybe it's all the threats that we've been giving you about seeing Dr Mary for injections. Oops! Anyhow, at last you went in and after a check Dr Mary said that you were starting to develop a cough and cold. Medicine was administered and she even told me to tell you if you didn't want to take medicine, then you'd need to see her for an injection! Hehe..
After going to several places for errands, we headed home and I fed you the medicine. You kept insisting that you didn't want any medicine because it's "too sweetie..."After a bit of persuasion, you ate willingly then took a nap. After you woke up you told me that you were still coughing and needed to eat more medicine. Phew, looks like your ok with taking medicine again.

Thursday, October 08, 2009

All Grown Up

I kept telling myself that I had time to write about your 3.5 years old milestone still. Then in the blink of the eye, I missed your 3.5 years old milestone. So here I am trying to recall what I had in mind to write about....

- Picking up big words. You even tell me "This is too dange-wus for you, you cannot use it".
- Back to the "why" stage again. It started when you started school. So I get "Mummy, why do I need to go to school?" and "Mummy, why you cannot go to school with me?" and "Mummy, why you need to earn money?" and the questions are repeated so many times. I was just about to pull my hair when we were on the way home yesterday from school with your questions when I recalled that the best way is to ask you the question back with "Why do you think you need to go to school?". Obviously you have the answer to that and after a while, you stopped asking me questions!
- We still talk about the zoo. Yup, it's been out nightly discussion topic for the past 10 months or so!
- We are trying to teach you manners. You've taken to interrupting mummy and daddy's conversation by shoulting loudly. So far when you've been told to wait and not interrupt while we're talking I get this from you "You don't talk to daddy. Only talk to me!".
- Your favourite phrase lately is "Watch this..." and do somthing silly like showing off your "muscles" or gulping your drinks really loudly.

- You've got good memory. It's been a couple of weeks since you started school and you can already recognise the route to school. The moment we are near, you will start your hundred questions session with me.
- You can recognise some words, like "Evan", "Mummy" and "daddy" as a result of us reading some of your books.
- You recognise the Cold Storage logo as Island Plaza! I try to correct you, but you are stubborn and refuse to re-learn. Just like Gurney Plaza is Parkson-Gurney to you...

- We had been wondering what you learnt at school. Tried asking, but get very little out of you! But one thing is we've heard you singing some of the songs being taught in school. So I guess you've picked up something...
- Noticed your colouring book, you seem to be doing better nowadays, although you're not holding the pencil correctly yet.
- Last week you said that you didn't have time to finish colouring your work in school. That's because I've seen you run away from the school work being given, playing with the curtains! You need to learn to pay attention in class.
- You've mastered riding the bicycle for a while. We saw you cycling so fast yesterday. Poor Ah Kong had to run after you to ensure that you don't fall down or crash!
That's all I can recall for now...

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

No More Tears

Er.. not it's not an advertisement for that baby products brand *grin*. It's you and your school. There was no tears from you this morning when Ah Ma and I dropped you off to school. You gave me several hugs and kisses and also for Ah Ma then you went down and help me close the car door, waving and saying "bye bye" and "see you nater (later)".
I wonder if it's because Ah Ma took another route where you did not realise that we were getting near school. For the past few days as we approach the school you'd get all quiet and lethargic and keep asking "Why do I need to go to school?" "Why do I need to be clever boy?" "Why do you need to go to work?". Then as we approach there was "Bye mummy" *sob*sob* "I see you nater" *sob*sob* "I see you soon" and as the teacher pulls you away you try to give me a hug and not let go. Sigh.. It was difficult for me and daddy to let you go crying, but it looks like our "tough" exterior has paid off..
I hope all goes well when we drop you off to school tomorrow. We're so proud of you!

Monday, October 05, 2009

A Birthday Party

We all had our individual plans on Saturday: Ah Kong and Ah Ma were in KL attending a wedding dinner and daddy also attended a wedding dinner in Seberang Prai. As for us, we also had our own itinerary. We had a birthday party to attend. It was Kaitlyn's 1st and Kelvin's 3rd birthday party. Since daddy had to drive to Seberang Prai for the dinner, we had to leave our house rather early.. or so we planned. It rained heavily and the wind was blowing everywhere just as we were leaving. And the traffic in Tanjung Tokong was bad too.

We were the first to arrive at Aunty Joanne's house. Kelvin was happy to see us arrive. His toys were all put out on the carpet and play mats, ready for the guests to play. He even invited you to play with him, but as usual you were superglue and was stuck with me. But after a while, you played, but I had to sit nearby and soon you were engrossed in playing allowing me to chit chat with Aunty Joanne.

Very soon more children arrived and you got possessive of Kelvin's toys! Yup, they weren't yours but since you were playing with the toys, they were "yours"! Dinner was soon served and you ate some fried beehoon and some of the taufu that was prepared for the guest. It was yummy. After dinner you played beside the other kids (not with them!).
Then it was time for the cake. There were 2 cakes, a chocolate cake with James on top of it for Kelvin and a baby doll cake for Kaitlyn. After we sang the birthday song, before Kelvin could blow the candle, you beat him to it! Yikes! And after that you even told me "Mummy, I mistake blow Kelvin's candle". Sigh... Nevermind, next year we'll let Kelvin blow your birthday candle, ok?

We all enjoyed the cake then most of the guest started to leave. We were the last to leave as daddy had to make his way from Seberang Prai. While waiting for daddy you played by yourself on the play mat. Poor Uncle Terence had just kept all the toys away in the toy box when you pulled most of them out again. When daddy arrived, he was invited to stay and have a drink with Uncle Terence so you continued to play. This time when Kelvin invited you to go upstairs and play with his other toys, you went quite happily. Phew.. looks like soon you'll be able to start learning to play with other children.
Happy Birthday to the 2KCs!