Sunday, January 24, 2010

Tattoo Galore

We went back to Ipoh on Saturday and there was a packet of Freddo Frog chocolate that was given by Kor Poh a while back. We'd opened and ate a few pieces on our way down to KL in December but forgot to bring it with us on the way back.

So this trip back we ate some and you discovered that it came with 5 pieces of temporary tattoos. Of course you insisted that you wanted to put it on immediately. Then less than 5 minutes after I put it on your arm, you insisted that you wanted to have it washed away!

This is the first tattoo. The name "Freddo" is not clear as you scratched at it before it really dried up

I had to persuade you to wait for Uncle Dennis to come back from buying lights before washing it off. You fell asleep before he got back and by the time you woke up he'd gone out again. Instead of removing it, you insisted that you wanted another tattoo put on your left arm. And after having finally shown Uncle Dennis the tattoo, you decided that you DID NOT want it removed. So how did you take a shower?

This is the second tattoo. I just took the picture (or tried to anyway... you're not very co-operative)

With both arms up when it was time to rinse with water. This morning you were very happy when you woke up. You opened the top button of your PJs to check that they were both still intact. The morning shower was like the evening before, with both arms up.

This evening I showered you and both arms got wet, but it's still not washed off. I guess the only way to get it off is as the instructions had mentioned: with lotion or slowly using sticky tapes.

Daddy was surprised that your tattoos are still visible. He was worried about you going to school with them. Oh well, your school uniform has got sleeves *grin* and I'm sure they'll fade off soon. Unless you get sick of them first!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Big Worm

That's what I think you have in your tummy. You kept telling me that you were feeling hungry despite having just finished a big meal.
Well, I guess it's either that or you're catching up on the loss of appetite when you were down with the cough for the past few months. Yup, you've finally recovered from the constant coughing and runny nose. *touch wood*
Anyhow I decided to give you the de-worming medicine as you were already way overdue. I did not give you any when you were sick as I'm not sure if that's allowed and also since you already had a "cocktail of medicine" to take for that few months.
Thank goodness you were ok to take that 10mls of medicine without much fuss.

Accidents will happen...

I remember when you were younger you stuck your head in between the railings of the house and creamed like mad when you realised that you could not get your head out!! T^Hank goodness Ah Ma was calm enough to help you out.
This weekend you stuck something else which got stuck! We were baking and I was using the cookie press with the "start design" (something like the one on the bottom left of this picture).

The next thing I knew, you were all panicky and starting to cry. What had happened? You decided to put your index finger into the mould and y6our chubby fingers got stuck. As I tried to slowly work your finger out, you tried to yank out your finger which made it very difficult for me. I tried to concentrate but it sure was difficult as it was such a funny thing seeing your reaction! (I know, bad mummy..)

Well lesson learnt, you promised not to put your finger in anymore. Anyway, in the end I didn't use that mould too as the result of the cookie was not nice. How did the cookie taste? Well it was up to your standard and also Kelvin's as I gave some to him and Aunty Joanne said that he finished all in a go. Not that there was many to begin with.. You kept stopping me from putting more into the bag for Kelvin saying there won't be enough for you.

Monday, January 18, 2010

School Bag

Here you are with your new haircut which you had yesterday (hair still standing..) and also your new school bag. This year you needed a bigger bag as you are supposed to have homework to do soon.

We went bag shopping on Saturday. Of course before we went you had a list of "requests":

1. It has to be Transformers bag (with Bumblebee). Of course a few months back it would have been "Thomas" (and his friends)
2. It has to have wheels
When daddy showed you the bag in Metrojaya, you instantly said that you wanted that. He showed you one with Optimus Prime, you you didn't want that. I wonder how come you insist on Transformers when you dare not watch the movie!!!
But you were happy with the bag and we've bought it. On Saturday and Sunday you dragged that bag all over the house and even attempted to drag on Ah Kong's solid wood floors!
Daddy says you have to carry that bag for the next 5 years!!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

We Almost Made It

It has been over a week since school has started. Last Monday, you went back to school like you never missed a week of school. No fuss at all when we reached school. Of course, getting you up to go to school was another issue all together.
Now that we've moved nearer to school I thought that you'd have a higher chance of arriving in school on time for assembly. Well today was the closest we've come to you making it for assembly! Hehe.. when we arrived, the children were not yet dismissed.
Yesterday we just missed assembly as the last of the children were heading back to class as we arrived.
I wonder when we will ever make it for you to attend the whole assembly...

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Aquaria KLCC

We were debating whether to go to Aquaria on Sunday or not. The worst of our fears is heavy traffic in KL city. Also you were having a bout of diarrhea the day before right to the middle of the night still. In the end, we decided to go ahead with the plan and called Yvonne Kor-kor to meet up for lunch. But she could not make it for lunch. So we went to KL, parked our car at a nearby hotel which she's suggested and headed to Pavilion for lunch first. There were so many restaurants in Pavilion but we were limited to what would be suitable to your little tummy. So in the end, we tried our luck in C-Jade Express, which is under Crystal Jade Restaurant which serves yummy dim sum. The food that we ordered took a while to serve but it was worth the wait. This was what you did to occupy your time while waiting for food to come:

What is it?Play games on my phone.. What else? And daddy kept busy by taking pictures (obviously).

After lunch, we walked to Aquaria which is very close by. The moment we walked into the Aquaria, we wanted to turn back. The queue to buy tickets was SO LONG!!! But we tried our luck and the queue moved relatively fast. Yvone Kor-Kor and Uncle Peter were also going to join us in Aquaria too. So after queuing for a while and going through 2 lollipops (you dropped both) we got to buy our tickets and go in. First was the piranhas. Then you tried to touch the sea creatures, but as there were so many people, all you managed was to dip your finger into the water. I think you did get to touch the little shark though...

We walked around and looked at the many fishes and even walked into the tunnel with the travelator to look at the deep sea fishes. After looking at all the fishes and taking quite a few pictures we left (not before buying some souvenirs from the gift shop).

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Long Holidays

We took the whole of the week off as the company wants us to clear 4 days of leave. So what to do? Where to go? We decided to go ahead with the postponed plan to go to KL. Also daddy's car needed to be fixed. The original plan was to spend a few days in KL, head back to Ipoh and possibly to spend a few days (before the new year) in Cameron Highlands. But in the end, plans had to be changed and we were in KL for 6 days. Daddy's car took longer than expected to fix but we still had a wonderful time in KL.
We left for KL on Saturday afternoon after the furniture guys came to fix up the rooms. Too bad, because only our bed was ready. As for your room, the cabinets and shelves were all ready and just needed to be fixed up. You weren't too well as you had diarrhea in the morning, and mummy forgot and gave you half-boiled eggs for breakfast even!! Yikes!!
After "feeding" daddy's car we headed to the bridge. You napped most of the way until we arrived at Ipoh. WE had to detour to pick up the keys to Uncle Dennis' house as no one was home. Just nearby to the Rawang stop, you declared that you needed to poo poo again. Sigh.. poor thing. It was drizzling, so daddy rushed down to the toilet with you (we had no umbrella in the car). As we exited the rest area, the traffic started to slow to a crawl. We thought that it would be the traffic jam starting.. all the way to KL??? But it was just people slowing down to look at a car which had just met with an accident!!
Arrived in Mont Kiara, dropped the bags and headed to McDonald's which was very nearby. As I was waiting for them to pack the order, daddy called and said that you needed to go again. We rushed back and you did your business. With you just recovered from the recent bout of fever, you barely had any appetite to eat your Happy Meal. We started to wonder if it was the right decision to bring you to KL...
The next few days we saw your condition improve in leap s and bounds. You were still your grumpy self but by the time Thursday came about, you were perfectly fine. We ate a lot, kai-kai at several places and just had a lot of fun. Uncle Dennis and Ashley Kor-kor spent Monday with us and the rest of the days it was the 4 of us. Yup, Kor Poh was also with us and so we ate a lot of Chinese cuisine for our meals. Of course we managed to sneak dinner at Souled Out which had a variety of fusion food and were even treated to Japanese food on Wednesday by Kor Poh.
Before we left on Thursday, we continued our kai-kai at Ikea which had to be cut short on Wednesday to pick up daddy's car. And since Uncel Dennis and Ashley Kor-kor were still working, I had to drive daddy's car back. And the only one brave enough to sit in the car with me was you!! Hehe!!
This was a fun trip. We ate to much, I think my skirt felt tighter as we left KL on Thursday!!!