Tuesday, February 23, 2010

CNY Dinner with the Phuahs

The dinner for this CNY was something different. Ah Ma wanted to have an "opening ceremony" for the new BBQ. So the occasion selected was our CNY reunion dinner with the Phuahs. Before 7pm, daddy was already outside with the grill. Uncle Sin Chuan was the first to arrive and soon became his assistant.

Chefs Daddy & Uncle Sin Chuan
Chef Uncle Sin Tien and his assistant, Aunty Ean Na
We brought down your table so the 3 kids would have a place to sit at. Of course, there was a fight over who gets the red chair between the 2 girls, while you just happily plonked yourself on your blue chair. Everyone else had dinner at the dinner table.

Tou-tou barely ate that day. He wasn't feeling well.

After the 3 of you had finished eating the BBQ chicken, you all headed to your room to ransack the whole place. By the time everyone left, the whole room was a big mess!

The kids even played a bit of firecrackers. Annabelle was going to join you but she squeezed her fingers on the french doors and so there was a big commotion inside with her crying about how painful her fingers was while the 2 of you; unaware of what was happening inside, were happily playing with the firecrackers with Ah Kong and Uncle Sin Chuan.

By the time everyone left, it was already past midnight. So the next day everyone did not go to school. Only problem was when you woke up at 10am, you cried and made a big fuss about wanting to go to school! Hhmm.. is that a good sign that you really like going to school??

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Something's Missing This Chinese New Year..

.. who didn't feel it? When Ah Tai left us, a big chunk went missing. This Chinese New Year was just a quiet gathering of family members back in Ipoh. Tradition decrees that we are not to celebrate this first year following Ah Tai's passing.

While Alan Ku-ku thought you'd be that "shrewd businessman exchanging greeting for ang pows" (in his own words) the truth is to date, you've only collected a grand total of 5 ang pows. But you did learn to sing a Chinese New Year song in school... although you only managed to learn the chorus of the song. Nevermind, maybe next year you'd get bigger ang pows and have learnt the whole song...

We headed to Ipoh on the afternoon of the eve, later than we'd usually leave as the gardeners were putting in the finishing touches to the garden: planting the last few patches of grass. The house looks more cozy now. Will talk about that later.

Since it was your nap time you missed the tunnel and the moment you woke up as we arrived you asked where the tunnel was. Yikes. I had to tell you that you'd see the tunnel when we go back to Penang. You were probably too groggy but didn't put up much fuss to that.

Those who planned on celebrating CNY in Ipoh were already home by the time we arrived. So after putting the food for offering for our ancestors, we had dinner early at around 6pm. This year as there were so few of us, we had dinner in the main living room.. with air-cond... AAAaaaaahhhhHHHhhh... for the first time, everyone took a leisurely dinner, not rushing to finish the meal, chatting and eating all the delicious food served.

After that, some of us went out to enjoy the cool air outside while feeding the mosquitoes (hehe..). Daddy brought out his camera and took a few shots

But you were too engrossed with the mini Cornetto that Sue Kor-kor had bought you

Before we headed back for a shower, you helped Sue Kor-kor to wash her car and also Chek Kong's car. After our shower, the usual CNY drink of lychee, longan, 7Up, orange & lemon juice was already prepared by Sue Kor-kor. Yummy..

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Singapore on Our Own

On Monday we took things at our own pace. It was just the 3 of us. Ah Pek had to go to work while daddy and Ah Kong were going to Bintan Island for a round of golf with Uncle KK.
When we were all finally ready, we headed to the main guard house, asked for directions to go to the Choa Chu Kang MRT station and crossed the road to wait for a taxi. We were about to give up when at long last a taxi arrived. And the taxi ride to the MTR was the shortest ever. We bought tickets for the 3 of us (yes, you insisted that you wanted a ticket too) and went upstairs to wait for the MRT which arrived shortly. As it was packed and no one wanted to let you sit, we stood all the way to Orchard Road. When we finally arrived, Ah Ma wanted to ask if you wanted to ride the "train" back again, but I told her not to ask yet until we're sure that we are able to do so when the time comes to go home.

Walked around Takashimaya, had lunch, shopped a little more, had tea and before we knew it, it was close to 4p.m.. Time to go home and Ah Ma's legs were aching. So good thing she didn't offer to go back by train.. yet. So we made a quick dash into the grocery section to pick up that yummy apricot jam from Fauchon.

Before we left you wanted to have a look at the water fountain. Took this picture of you:

..naughty face.. Here's another that I took the day before with a silly face too:

We headed to the taxi stand and the queue was super long! Sigh.. waited a while and had hoped to get a yellow taxi (just like your "Little Yellow Taxi" book at home) but we ended up with a blue taxi. Oh well...

Went home to rest a while, got you to take a nap and before long, it was time to go out for dinner. We were going to this place called "Golden Spoon" in Tiong Bahru for dinner. Just as we were walking towards the guard house of the condo, there was a yellow taxi! Yay! So we headed to the restaurant in a yellow taxi.

Ah Pek had arrived a little earlier than us. Shortly after that, Aunty Ruth also arrived. While waiting for the gentlemen to come, we chatted and you played on Ah Pek's phone. At long last they arrived and dinner was served.

This restaurant serves amazing dishes. No pictures of the dishes.. too hungry to take them! Oh well.. maybe the next time we go to Singapore.. *hint*hint*

On Tuesday morning, we left the condo quite early for the airport. Still we didn't manage to squeeze in some time to take another ride on the train. Spent too much time buying something. But before we entered the departure hall, we managed to get another picture taken.

By the way, if you're wondering how come there's next to no pictures of daddy, it's because I have yet to master using his camera. Whatever few that I took of him turned out blurry. Ok, ok I will learn to use the camera before our next trip..

Monday, February 08, 2010

A Birthday Buffet

Through out the day daddy was testing with Ah Kong and Ah Ma as Aunty Ruth had decided on a location for us to go for dinner on Sunday. What we worried about the restaurant that she'd mentioned was that it didn't seem suitable as a birthday party location. Especially since it was to be Ah Ma's 60th birthday celebration.

At last, they came to a decision to have the dinner for Sunday at a Brazilian restaurant "Fiesta Brasilia". By the time we arrived at the United Square, Aunty Ruth, Uncle KK, Ah Kong and Ah Ma were already there. We arrived just on time. Shortly after we were seated, we got started with the buffet, tucking in the appetizers first. There was nothing much from the selection which was suitable for you. So we took a little and sat down. Then came the carveries. Yummy!!! The variety served was just amazing!

And you wanted to try out everything which was served. Included the spicy chicken wings! Luckily I took a bite and immediately removed the wings from your plate. Otherwise... Can you imagine how spicy it is that most of us ended up not being able to eat the chicken?

The waiters even served you, cutting smaller and more cooked portions of the meat.

After we could tuck in no more, it was time for the birthday cake. Aunty Ruth who knew the restaurant manager had a cake arranged to be served. And to our surprise almost all the staff brought out the cake and even sang the birthday song for Ah Ma in Portuguese (I think..), English and even in Mandarin (and mind you none of them are Chinese!). What a lovely birthday celebration. I'm sure everyone had a wonderful time.

Ah Ma full of concentration as she cuts the cake

And this is the rating you gave this restaurant:

Ten stacked fingers (Um.. I guess that's an even higher rating than 10 *grin*)

Something Different to do on Day 3

What was there to do? Ah Kong and Ah Ma had their own plans for the day. Ah Kong had a round of golf with Uncle KK while Ah Ma was going out with Aunty Ruth. So it was just the 4 of us. Ah Pek brought us to have lunch at Crystal Jade (yes, again but a different place and for dim sum this time).

Then he suggested that we headed back to change to go for a spot of fishing. Yup, or should I say "prawning". Haha.. it's "prawn fishing". After daddy baited the 2 rods, you got all excited and tried to jab the rod into the pond! At last you understood that we were supposed to hold the rods and let the bait (only) got into the water.

But probably less than 10 minutes later you got bored and wanted to get a drink, walk around and not care about your rod. And when we got back to our spot, you tried to poke the rod into the pond again! At long last Ah Pek managed to catch one prawn. Daddy quickly whipped out his camera and this is what he got:

Ah Pek proud of his catch. And a terrified you, trying to avoid the prawn

In the end we gave the ONE prawn to this lady as there was nothing much we could do with just one prawn. Haha..

Sunday, February 07, 2010

After the Bird Park

We headed home to rest our weary feet, but you seemed to still be charged up with energy! So in the end, daddy decided to bring you swimming. Before we left for Singapore you had insisted that you didn't want to go swimming (still have phobia of swimming. Have not gone swimming in school for months!) so I had to sneakily pack all our swimming barang into the bag. Who can resist such a beautiful children's pool? We can see it clearly from the living room balcony of Ah Pek's condo.

Ah Ma and I followed you both to the pool and you enjoyed the slides, after lots of persuasion from daddy that it was really fun. Once you swallowed some water, but after a while you were OK and went on the slides again. You both even went to the adult pool for a while before coming back to the slides in the children's pool

We rested a while after that, tried to get you to take a nap, but you refused. We headed to the city area for dinner at Crystal Jade Restaurant. Yummy. On the way back you told me you were tired and fell asleep. Just like the night before, I tried to get you to wee wee, but you were totally KO-ed and I had another fitful night of worrying that you'd wet Ah Pek's bed (which you didn't.. again. Thank goodness!)

Day 2: Jurong Bird Park

Before we left for Singapore daddy and I wanted to know what to do while we were there. So we gave you a choice between the Zoo (again) or the Bird Park. You replied that you wanted to go to the bird park. When asked why, you said that you wanted to go to the bird park because "It's very hot in he zoo". Hhmm.. ok then.

So on Saturday morning, we were up relatively early. Not really early and when everyone was ready, we headed out to the bird park. The bird park is relatively far from Ah Pek's place as compared to the zoo, but it was a pleasant ride and when we arrived there it wasn't too crowded. Bought the tickets and headed in.

Reading the map to decide where to go first

First stop was where the penguin were kept. It was nice and cool, only problem was as we were walking in, there was a big group of tourists. It was really crowded for a moment. But as we left the penguin area, they headed elsewhere as we took pictures of the macaws.

And the flamingo..

Then you told me that you wanted to go home! Yup, GO HOME! Sigh.. It was getting warm and you didn't like it. But after a lot of persuasion and a promise for a "train ride" you agreed and we headed towards the Pools Amphitheatre for a show. First thing you told me was "Mummy I want something" when you saw a stall selling snacks and drinks. Sigh.. So here you are carrying your (big) bag of chippies:

When the show finally started with the flamingos making an entrance, you never noticed! Reason being you were too busy stuffing yourself with chippies, worried that Ah Kong you finish them (we were both trying to eat some as it was too much for you).

You finally realised that there was something going on down there when you finally finished the bag of chippies. You clapped enthusiastically when you saw all the many different birds making an appearance. When asked if you liked the show, you replied with an enthusiastic "Yeah!".

After the show we walked around and went to the Lory Loft to have a look around. You weren't keen to leave the air-conditioned area where the gift shop and cafe were located. After much persuasion you agreed to go out and look at the many Lories and Lorikeets in the aviary. When you saw the suspended bridge, you were so happy. You and daddy even took to torturing me by jumping as you walked on the bridge!

We relaxed a little in the cafe to have some lunch and continued walking to look at the predatory birds. It was very hot but you were quite good about walking by yourself (not once asking to be carried, thank goodness).

All sweaty

Hopping and walking (I think you'd learned to hop in school)

At last before we left (we didn't manage to cover the whole bird park as it was getting too hot and everyone were getting tired, we headed to the main station to go on the Panorail Ride as promised.

Or maybe this was your last "ride" before leaving the Jurong Bird Park. We had Ben & Jerry's ice-cream and you wanted ride on this cow before we left.

Saturday, February 06, 2010

Singapore Day1

As we still had the MCO from MAS for our cancelled trip which were expiring soon, we finally decided to make a short trip to Singapore. And a good time was over the Thaipusam weekend where we got Monday off as a replacement holiday (for mummy and daddy not for you).

So on Friday, we all went to work and school as usual as the flight to Singapore was at 3.40p.m. Then we left work to pick you up a little earlier from school. You were just about to head to class after having a birthday celebration for one of your friends (whose name you do not seem to know. But if I understand you correctly, she's not from your class). We went to buy lunch for everyone then headed home to have lunch, and get ready for the airport.

Since we still had so much time to kill at the airport, we sat around McDonald's and had something light to eat. Here you are showing daddy your tomato sauce covered finger.

Then we headed to the departure hall. Since there were so few passengers the clearing immigration, the immigration officer even entertained your question of "Why isn't the lights blinking?". When we had to scan our bags, one of the officers even came to bring you across the scanner, which to my surprise you allowed him to hold your hand and lead you through the scanner!

After walking around it was finally time to board the plane. You got the window seat and enjoyed the flight to Singapore. You even ate quite a bit of the food served (fried rice with sweet & sour fish). Daddy did not dare let you eat too much as he worried that you might throw up from the turbulence. You asked me what turbulence meant, and I was at loss of how to explain to you, finally giving you a pathetic explanation of it being something like going on a bumpy road.

When we arrived in Singapore airport, we took our time to clear immigration as we had approximately 3 hours to kill before Eu Jin Ah Pek arrived at the airport from Indonesia. By the time we finally cleared and exited, it was past 6pm. What could we do and where can we go?
Going on the travelator

In the end we decided to head to Terminal 3. Good idea (despite having to push 2 large suitcases and 2 large gold carrier bags and an over excited little boy). We headed to take the train which would bring us from Terminal 2 to Terminal 3. The short ride was fun and when we arrived, Terminal 3 like the rest of the airport was beautifully decorated in anticipation of the Chinese New Year.

After walking around looking at the shop, at the airplanes taking off and landing, we headed to Cyrstal Jade for a light dinner since no one was really hungry from the food served on the plane. We ordered some dim sum and noodles which were delicious. Shortly after we were done, Ah Pek SMS-ed Ah Ma to say that he'd arrived. So back we went to Terminal 2.

There was a big crowd gathered at the airport. Most of them were teenagers. In fact they were already there when we arrived. Apparently a Korean celebrity had arrived around the same time as Ah Pek. After finally finding Ah Pek, we headed to get a taxi to bring us to his condo. Halfway on to the condo, you said that you were tired (did not have your usual afternoon nap) and fell asleep on the way to to Ah Pek's house. When we arrived you were still sleeping as I carried you up to the house and continued to sleep as I changed you and tried to coax you to wee wee. You were so tired that you just slumped as I moved you around and did not respond when I tried to get you to wee wee(so worried that you might we Ah Pek's bed!).

Good thing you did not wee wee on the bed. You only woke up in the middle of the night to see where you were and happily went back to sleep when I told you that I was there with you.