Friday, April 30, 2010

Hot! Hot! Hot!

This morning you screamed shortly after I started to brush your teeth. Yup, super blur mummy put our Colgate toothpaste instead of your children's toothpaste for you. Not too sure why this happened, but I do recalls several times when I almost picked up our toothpaste to put on your toothbrush!
I was telling a friend and she commented that good thing it was Colgate and nor Darlie toothpaste. Wow! That would be even spicier.
Funny thing is I think you can take a little bit of spicy food. There was once when you came back from school with black Hacks. Wow! That's the spiciest of the Hacks sweets. I told you that you could not take this as it was very spicy. But you insisted that you wanted it (Samantha from school gave it to you.. ). Ok fine, so I gave it to you. You were very happy to take it. Daddy even commented "Wow! He can take it".
By the time daddy went up and came down, the sweet was already spat out. Hehe.. you could take it for a while until the spiciness set in! Could not wait to spit it out! See? That's the easiest way to convince a little boy that mummy is telling the truth. Let him try it! Let's see what else you want to try next time (as long as it's not something dangerous...)

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

12 hours

That's how long you slept from last night till this morning. Reason: because you did not take your afternoon nap. You had followed Ah Kong and Ah Ma to run some errands then had to go straight to Annabelle Che-che's house to see how Tou-tou was doing. He had fainted earlier on.
Daddy and I also had to leave work a little earlier to drop by to see how Tou-tou was doing. You were there playing by yourself as Anna Che-che was having her Mandarin lessons. We left about an hour later and when daddy asked if you wanted to nap, you said "No".
As Ah Ma did not cook, we went out for dinner and on the way back you fell asleep. And slept right through until this morning. For once you woke up in a happy mood, without me having to spend at least 10 minutes to wake you up. Hhmm.. note to self: make Evan sleep earlier.
Good thing you even managed to wake up at around 5.30am to wee wee (although you had wet your pants a little already) and continued to sleep.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Oh no...

I just mentioned about my biggest fear and this weekend my biggest fear comes true. You brought back a Chinese book. It's got pinyin, but I'm not too sure of the pronunciation still. So Ah Kong read the book with you yesterday evening.
After reading I asked you if you understood what the book was about and you said "Yes". I wasn't there when Ah Kong read the book to you... Oh well...
Even you asked me why you were given a Chinese book to read!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Si Cantik dengan Si Hodoh

.. what a mouthful. And how do you tell this story to a little boy who doesn't understand much Bahasa Malaysia? Every Friday the school will give you a story book to bring home which we'd need to read with you. The first time, you also brought back a BM story book. Yikes! I had to read in BM and translate it to you. That time it took me quite a while to read and you showed no interest in the story at all. I had to read 2 pages, stop and let you play and continue several times.
After that you brought back several English story books. We'd read them on Sunday nights. Last night after doing some activity books which we'd bought in the afternoon, we took the book out to read. Boy is it a long story... you got bored and distracted easily, just waiting for the story to finish so that you could do a bit of drawing before you went to sleep. Worst of all, I had to get daddy's help to translate some of the words.
I wonder what will happen if one day you bring back a Chinese book!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

One-Wheel Drive

You like it? Ah Kong told me that it's called a one-wheel drive. You know, it's very tiring when I ride on my one-wheel drive. But mummy and daddy who followed me out on Monday with my one-wheel drive said that it's more tiring for them than for me because I take forever to ride to the end of our road. And when I stop, daddy has to put his foot behind my wheel to stop me from rolling down the road.

Whenever I go for a ride on my one-wheel drive, I ride up to the end of the road in front of our house. My friend Isaac and his cousin lives near the end of the road. Sometimes if they are around, they will bring out their bicycles to join me. We'll race to the end of the road and ride over the speed bump like daddy's car when he goes over the bump.

Some days they don't join me, so I will ride around with my Ah Kong up and down the road. My mummy says I'm a chicken. I don't know why, because I thought that I'm a boy. But I overheard her telling daddy that. She said I'd abandon my ride in the middle of the road the moment I see a car coming. Who wouldn't do that? Sheesh.. It's a car you know, mummy. What if the car driver didn't see me? It's faster for me to leave my ride and run and let daddy push my ride to safety, don't you think?

If you're wondering what my one-wheel drive is... Ta-da..

.. now you know. It's me and my bicycle. Hehe..

Friday, April 02, 2010


I'm so proud of you. After missing swimming classes in school for so long (to be precise, you only went swimming a grand total of ONE time from the time you started in this school till last week), you finally agreed to join your friends in the swimming lessons on Friday.
We did not ask you to join the classes as from November till around February this year, you had a cough and runny nose on and off all the time and Dr Mary had advised not to let you swim for a while. When we went to meet Teacher Sharmine during the parent-teacher day, she had mentioned that she was trying to convince you to join the swimming lessons too.
Since you already had the green light from Dr Mary, we decided to work on you to convince you to join the swimming lessons. It all started when Ah Kong brought you swimming once during the school holidays. So to convince you, I told you that when you learn how to swim properly, you will be able to swim faster than Ah Kong.
Today is the second time you've joined the lessons in school and you seemed very happy to have attended the class. Good on you!!

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Birthday Present

So what exactly is this? It's your birthday present which had to sit in the front passenger seat of Ah Kong's car.

What else can it be? A train set, complete with table for the whole trackes to be on. A gift from daddy and mummy.

You got to play with it even before your birthday. When the kids played with it during your party, you seemed ok. Until someone tried to put a bus on your tracks. You exclaimed "bus cannot drive on the train tracks!!!".

I hope this train tracks will give you hours and hours of fun. Now what's going to happen to your die-cast Thomas set?