Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Rain rain go away

It was raining quite heavily this morning. And this was what you were doing while waiting for daddy to come down...
..just looking at the rain falling. Then we had to go off to school/work.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Sunday.. continued

We knew that you'd kick a fuss if you do not get to wash the car as planned. So although Kakak had already washed the car in the morning and you had just fallen asleep, we went ahead as planned. I tried to wake you up (after napping for close to an hour) and after a little convincing you woke up all energized and ready to wash the car.

Took these pictures of you and daddy washing the car from upstairs. Didn't want to get in the way of the hose!
After waiting and waiting for the bread to proof twice, the bread was finally ready at around 8.30pm. The whole house smelled of bread, and daddy said it smelled like a bakery. The dough was split into 3 loafs and this is what we got. 1.5 of the bread was finished within the same day. I think you ate 90% of 1 loaf. Have to remember to write down this recipe. It's nice and fluffy.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Lazy Sunday

Early in the morning you told Ah Kong that you wanted to "take the ship which can carry cars". We scratched out heads wondering what you meant. Finally realised that you wanted to take a ride on the ferry. We tried to convince you to make the trip next week when we go back to BM, but nOooOOooo you had to go on the ferry today.
So after everyone was ready, we all climbed into daddy's car and headed to the Penang Bridge. We went to BM to have the famous yam rice which was really yummy. After lunch, we headed to Butterworth.
We had to wait for 1 ferry before it was our turn to go into the ferry. As you were still recovering from the tummy virus, you kept feeling lethargic on and off. But the moment we got into the ferry, you were all energetic again. It was a nice ride as today's weather is not too warm (and still not rainy)
When we arrived on the island, it was still rather early, and despite you feeling tired again, you said that you did not want to go home yet. And since you've been a good boy, and did not take any sweet things since Friday as Dr Mary had advised, we headed to Queensbay Mall as we wanted to buy your yogurt drink.
Ah Ma offered to buy the drinks while we headed to J.Co for the yogurt. Did a little shopping and headed home. Here's some picture of you at J. Co. You made silly faces the moment I wanted to take a picture of you!

You kept saying that you felt tired (just so daddy would carry you??), but insisted that you did not want to nap. Ok then. You're watching tv since Ah Kong and daddy are busy and I'm waiting for the bread to proof. Hopefully it'll turn out all right.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Going to the Beach

We had nothing much to do over the weekend. So we decided to take the long way back home.. yup, around the island after lunch. We stopped a while at the Teluk Bahang dam and continued on our way.
We were on the lookout for the "Bao Sheng" durian farm. We finally found it, but when we drove in, there were too many people for us to find out where exactly we were supposed to buy the durians from. Worst still, there were so many cars, daddy had to make many tries before he could turn the car around and go back up the steep slope.

We hopped back into the car and continued our drive. After a while you were very quiet. I asked you what was the matter but you did not answer me. We continued to drive as daddy wanted to search for the beach in Balik Pulau. after a very long drive we finally found it. If not for the directions from his friend, I don't think we'd have taken that route.

Anyhow, it was very hot as it was around 2p.m.. There were quite a number of people having a picnic there. After daddy had parked the car, he brought you to go nearer to the beach. He put you in the sea water but after a while you did not want to go near anymore.

So we headed back to the car. When we got into the car, you finally voiced your concern "Mummy, how are we going to go home?" Ahh.. you were worried that we could not go home. No wonder you kept so quiet during the drive. I told you that this round will bring us back home. We'll just need to follow the road. You weren't too convinced, but you did not ask the question anymore. I think you were relieved when we finally got home.

Later on, you told me that you wanted to go for a picnic by the seaside. So looks like I have to ask for directions on how to get to the Teluk Kumbar beach.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Shhh... no talking

Daddy, Ah Kong and Ah Ma were just about to start watching "Angels & Demons" on Blu Ray and you seemed keen on watching the movie too. So as you settled in between Ah Kong and Ah Ma, we told you that you were not allowed to talk, as this is our "home cinema" just like when we went to the cinema last week.
So what did you say when anyone spoke? (Even before the movie started...). "SSSHHHHH NO TALKING in the cinema". Hehe..
But even before the movie actually started, you said that you wanted to go upstairs. Sigh.. so here I am posting about it while everyone else is enjoying the movie. As for you.. you are also enjoying a movie.. your Tom and Jerry cartoon to be precise. I don't get how you can watch the same DVD over and over again!

Tea Time Cookies

I wanted to bake something but since there was only around half a piece of butter left, I decided to bake the chocolate chip cookies by following the recipe from one of Ah Ma's cookbooks. The other option was to bake banana cupcakes, but I'll usually double the portion so that we have enough cupcakes to go around. So the banana cupcakes plan was scrapped.
You'd usually help me by sifting the flour or manning the mixer, but today just as I was about to start baking you saw that Tom and Jerry was about to start. So you said that you didn't want to help me :(
Anyhow, since my mixer is a bit cacat, it took longer than usual for me to mix up everything. By the time everything was mixed, you were done with the show. So you decided to help me roll the batter.
... and of course tax my chocolate chip!
The recipe was supposed yield 30 cookies, but I recalled from previous experience (very long time ago) that the cookies would expand quite a bit. So in the end, we had close to 100 pieces and at a good size. In fact, I still underestimated the expansion of the cookies as some expanded an got stuck together.
The moment the first batch was out, you taxed quite a number of cookies. I took out daddy's camera and tried taking some pictures and this one which were nicely propped was satisfactory to me *grin*

What do you think? Does the picture do any justice to the taste??

Saturday, July 03, 2010

Yummy day

We had a lazy day today. By the time we left the house for lunch, it was already past noon. Don't know what to eat, so in the end we headed to Carnavon Street for Kuey Tiau Th'ng. As we were near Sim's we stopped by to pick up some baking ingredients.
Where to next? Since it was still early, we headed to the nearest mall.. Gurney Plaza.. again.. *grin*. We walked around when daddy decided to buy the griddle which he had been eying for a while as there was a discount on it. Headed back to Cold Storage and after a call to Ah Kong to confirm if they wanted to have dinner at home, we picked up all the things we needed to prepare dinner.
Headed home and again, you KO-ed on the way back. So since you were asleep, I decided to prepare the pizza base to keep so that we can have pizza when we wanted to. Arranged the sliced potatoes which kakak had already cut put everything in and into the oven it went.
Ah Kong and Ah Ma's flight was delayed again and again (oh no..) so dinner was delayed. Kakak boiled some elbow macaroni and I added cheese and the potato au gratin which was already cooked and that was what you had for dinner. Maybe next time you'll be able to join us for steak.
By the time they finally got back and daddy finished frying the steaks, it was already 9.30pm! You had some more potato au gratin while we had our steaks (with broccoli, mushroom and potato au gratin). Don't you think it looks yummy?

As I'm typing this post, you are still awake and it's already 11.30pm! I hope this little energizer bunny will be sleeping soon because I need MY sleep.

Friday, July 02, 2010

What did we do today?

The moment you opened your eyes (and rather quickly as compared to other days...) you yelled "Yay! We're going to the cinema today!!!" Yup, it's your first time going and I have been telling you about it for a while. Need to make sure that you'll not decide to go home halfway through the show.

So we got ready and headed to school. After working for half a day we headed to school to pick you up. The moment you saw our car, you got all excited. It seems that you had told everyone in school that we were going to the movies. Wow! You sure were excited.

Headed home to change and freshen out before we headed out for lunch. We could not decide on where to go for the show. In the end we headed towards town as we wanted to have lunch in Poly Cafe (as planned the day before). You got all worried when we wanted to have lunch. You wanted to go straight to Gurney Plaza for the movie. After some convincing, you agreed to have lunch.

After lunch, we headed quickly to Gurney Plaza. We still have time but to our surprise there was quite a queue to buy tickets. We bought 2 tickets (for you and daddy) and I got a free ticket. We bought drinks and popcorn and headed to the cinema. Oh yes.. what did we watch?


We were rather early but soon the cinema filled up and the movie started. But before that you were already stuffing yourself with popcorn!

You seemed ok with the loud sounds from the movie. And since we told you that you were not allowed to talk loudly throughout the movie, you occasionally whispered to me. On top of that, you drove daddy a little nuts as you lost concentration some parts of the movie and decided that you were more interested in you seat than the movie!

I think the one thing which caught your attention was the incinerator scene. That was the only part of the show which you kept bringing up after the movie.

Oh well, it went well for our first time. Dinner that evening was a simple "chu char". We drove all the way to Batu Maung as there was heavy traffic everywhere and you had insisted that you wanted to eat "normal rice".

With such a busy, long day, you (and I) KO-ed early.

Thursday, July 01, 2010

While they are away...

Ah Kong and Ah Ma are away in Singapore for an art exhibition. So we're all alone at home. We took the afternoon half off today to spend time with you. Right after we left the house to have lunch, it decided to rain! We hoped that the rain would not be too heavy in Pulau Tikus where we planned to have lunch. But as we approached Pulau Tikus, it was still raining and I suggested that we had McDonald's for lunch. Oops.. the rain slowed to a drizzle, but too late, you decided on McDonald's so we had to head to Gurney Plaza instead. One would have thought they were giving out free food with the number of people in the restaurant and the length of the queue!

By the time I was served and finally given our order, it was already 2pm and I had to queue for almost 20 minutes! Luckily you were ok... only thing is daddy was going nuts keeping you entertained while I queued for lunch.

After lunch, we walked and shopped a little before heading to Cold Storage. Beef stew was on the menu for the night, so we bought all the things we needed and headed home.

Just as we were reaching home, you fell asleep. We relaxed a little before it was time for Chef Daddy to prepare dinner for us. Dinner was ready in a jiffy as daddy seared the beef then put everything in the pressure cooker to cook.
Before bed, you called Ah Kong to say goodnight to him. You seemed to miss them already...