Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Way up north, way up north...

".. north to Alaska". That's a Johnny Horton song which I used to listen to when I was young. It was way before my time, but what to do.. Nanna loved those songs.

Oops... got a little side tracked. We're in Alaska. That's why this song found it's way to my mind suddenly *grin*.
Although the flight was full, not everyone on board stopped at Alaska. But we all had to clear immigration at Alaska. After clearing immigration, chatting with a friendly immigration officer and collection our luggage we were finally in Alaska. This is the first thing which greeted us:

We waited a while and finally our ride from the hotel arrived. The ride to Anchorage from the airport wasn't too short. After checking in, we relaxed a bit and walked out to have lunch. We headed for a place called "Humpy's" which was recommended by the receptionist at the hotel. Lunch was lovely although I could not finish my food.. the portion was way too big.

Went back and everyone was tired. Especially you as you'd only taken your nap (2 hr sleep) on the flight and could not sleep anymore after that. Can't blame you (although I was in a bad mood because I could not sleep if you didn't sleep) as the time (in Malaysia was too early for you to sleep. So we all took a nap and after that headed out for a walk before dinner.

We went to this place called Resolution Park which had some beautiful flowers, binoculars with directions to spot Mt McKinley and a statue of Captain Cook.

Walked around and took some pictures around the city. This is a moose in front of a gift shop. The other was a totem in front of some government building (if I'm not mistaken)
In the end as lunch was too heavy and we weren't too hungry, we decided to have some take-away pizza. Wow! Yummy!!! And such large pieces too, almost a quarter of our large pizza in Malaysia. And you managed to finish around 3/4 of a slice.
This is the longest 31st August for us. It was the 31st in Taipei and 31st started again when we arrived in Anchorage!

On the plane

It was a rather full flight. They called the passengers for boarding by batches. While waiting you were happily chatting with Ah Kong, looking at the plane which had an upstairs section. And "No" Ah Kong told you, we were sitting downstairs.

Finally our rows were ready for boarding. You fell asleep shortly after take off. I guess it's time for your usual afternoon nap. Daddy got this picture of you napping.

This is a picture of our dinner on board the flight.
Oh yeah... did I mention that your wish came true? We got to sit upstairs. As they scanned out tickets, there was a "Seat Change" message and I even asked the lady why the 3 of us were not seated together. Her response "You have been upgraded". OoooOoo... no wonder there was a seat change. Hehe..

Now you know why we were served dinner with "real" cutlery and not plastic cutlery and on plates course by course instead of everything thrown together on a tray!

Lucky us. We had a very comfy ride. A wonderful way to start our trip.

Welcome to Taiwan

By the time we arrived in Taiwan it was past 7pm. You had your meal on the plane then went to sleep all the way. You took the PCM and yet the fever would not go down! Daddy was very worried as there was a thermal scanner in the Taiwan airport. What if the thermal scanner picked your fever. Would we be allowed to enter Taiwan?

In the end, I had no choice but to give you another dose of Voltaren around an hour before we arrived in Taiwan. Thank goodness all went well and we headed to the bus stop to wait for our transfer to the Novotel Taoyuan Hotel. It was raining non stop and finally the little shuttle arrived and we headed to the hotel and after checking in had our dinner in the hotel restaurant.

Waiting for mummy to check-in

After dinner we went back to the room to have a rest. By then, you seemed perfectly fine, as if nothing had happened 10 hours ago!

Our hotel room. With a very modern design

We had initially planned on taking the free half day tour around Taipei. But in the end, we wanted you to get enough rest and there was a risk that after checking out and queuing for the free tour we may not get a seat as it was on a first come first serve basis. So instead we lazed around the hotel. And I should have packed our swimming costumes as the hotel had an indoor heated pool. Oh well.. but they had a "Kids Corner" so that's where we headed:
What a big teddy bear!


Before we went up to pack and check out, we went out to take some pictures with the water fountain which you had spotted.

We checked out then had out complimentary buffet lunch before taking the shuttle back to the airport. As we had ample time, we slowly wondered around the shops and we found this:

Thank goodness you were OK when I told you it was time to go off. And soon we were in the departure lounge waiting for our turn to board the plane.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Today is the 30th

.. and you decided to have a fever which would not subside since yesterday night! It started yesterday evening on our way back from Gurney Plaza. We'd bought a new luggage bag as daddy's bag is not big enough to carry all our stuff.
It started as a low grade fever and I had hope that it would go off.. but no.. instead, it raised higher and higher. So instead of going to work for the morning half, we stayed at the hospital waiting for our turn to see Dr Mary. The nurse took your temperature and I told her that I'd given you PCM in the morning, she came back to me shortly after to say that Dr Mary was on her way and that she needed to give your Voltaren. I had to carry you and your creamed into my ears as she put the medicine in for you.. in your bum! I could feel my ear drums rattle as you screamed right into my ears!!
The moment Dr Mary saw us she asked if we were back from our holiday. She looked really worried when I said that we were supposed to leave in the afternoon. She checked you and as you had complained of an uncomfortable tummy, which meant a possible bout of diarrhea and vomiting, she prescribed many medicines and I had to take notes on when and what to give you. She also wrote a letter to allow me to carry you medicine onboard.
Went back, packed the digital thermometer and all the many medicines in double layers zip lock bags and we were all ready to go.
What a way to start our holidays!

Being Chinese

According to my little man, we are "hua ren" which you had learned in school. So "hua ren" need to speak Chinese. Hhmm..

So presenting the "hua ren" singing his mandarin song:

The only other song which you can sing is "Gong Xi Gong Xi Gong Xi Ni..." (Only this part of the song!)

On another note, today is the 30th. So D-Day is here.. Looks like this blog will temporarily be abandoned.. until we are back.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Haircut day

We tried to see if you could get your haircut the day before, but Uncle Austin was busy. So Ah Kong and Ah Ma brought you to the shop the next afternoon as Ah Kong also wanted to get a haircut before we went off.

Daddy and I had lunch around that area, so we decided to head to the shop to see how you coped with your haircut.

As always the time get your haircut was very short and you coped very well. You saw quietly and rarely moved while Uncle Austin cut your hair. We left after that and you played with Ah Ma while waiting for Ah Kong to have his hair cut.
Good. Now you are all ready and handsome looking for our holiday.

Thursday, August 26, 2010


You know that D-Day is on the 30th. So starting from Saturday, you've been going:

21-22-23-24-25-26-27-28-29- THIRTY--- YAYYYYY!!!!

Picture Time

I was just clearing out the memory stick of the camera and saw these pictures of you goofing around:

This is one of my favourites from the many pictures that daddy took:

And you doing your famous yoga "tree pose":

Monday, August 16, 2010

Days of the Week

I recall once when daddy was trying to teach you the days of the week. You were doing a big business and I was in bed listening to your "lesson":

Daddy: Monday
Evan: Monday
Daddy: Tuesday
Evan: Tuesday

.. and continued until Sunday. Then came the test.. to see if you could repeat what you'd just learnt

Daddy: Can you say from Monday to Sunday?
Evan : Monday to Sunday.

Yay! You er.. got it right in a way.. But of course that was not what daddy was expecting. But good try. That was over a year ago.

So how far have you gotten to learning the days of the week? Let's see:

Mummy: What day is it today?
Evan: Monday (or whatever day it is.. you managed to name them correctly)

Mummy: Tomorrow is poached egg day. So what day would that be?
Evan: WEDNESDAY!!! Yay!!!
Mummy: What do you do in school on Wednesday?
Evan: Swimming

.. and on a Friday, this is what Ah Kong and Ah Ma gets from you:
Today is Friday. No need to take a nap!

Even in negotiating:

Evan: Mummy, today is Friday so I don't need to sleep early. Can I watch Alvin and the Chipmunks (2) tonight?
Well, one of the ways that you learned the days of the week was through this:

Can you guess what it it? Hehe.. it's little underwear with the different names of the day.
I'm proud to say that you now know the days of the week very well. In fact you even know what days are "weekends" and what days are "weekdays". So looks like you've finally learnt all the days of the week. Good job, little man.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

All KO-ed

That was me the whole afternoon, since I was down with a bout of food poisoning. So who keept you company, on top of cleaning up the mess I made in the car and keeping you away from me while I rested and serenaded the toilet? Why, it's super daddy of course...
I'm all better now, that's why I am able to post about it. And I cannot believe it, it's only 9.30pm and you've already been asleep for 20 minutes! It's an achievement as you last most weekends without a nap and still be able to last up till close to 11pm. Hhmm.. I think I should get daddy to put you to bed in future.. since he's certainly doing a better job than I am.

Monday, August 09, 2010

Weekend baking...

Ok, this was 2 weekends ago. But better late than never...

I love the time we spend baking. Yes, there are times when you drive me up the wall by spilling my flour everywhere or "taxing" from the cookie, but it's all in then fun and spending time together. Here's my little assistant helping me make another batch of those yummy cookies:

Sifting the flour.. and spilling some all over the floor and worktop

Rolling the batter into small balls before baking them (and taxing some of the choc chips too!)

By the time all the cookies were ready, it was just in time for us to head to the club for a swim. We had pizza for supper that day too. So guess who was my little assistant again:

"Food taster" testing our the tomato puree

Our 3-Cheese Pizza

And this is how we have most of our weekends.. Filled with food and fun.

Sunday, August 01, 2010

Cars... and something else...

It's interesting how you are still crazy over cars. Of course, you are no longer interested in Myvi's anymore. Instead, you are more interested in the Audi.. specifically the Audi TT! Although there was once when we saw the Audi TT and the Audi R8 in the workshop and you instantly fell in love with the R8.. and abandoned the TT.

But a few days later, you've reverted back to talking about the TT... probably even forgotten that the R8 looks like. Also, your fascination with cars have also included another specification to the car. The more exhaust pipe the car has.. the faster the car is supposed to be. Which is good for you..
As for motorcycles, as long as they make a loud "vrooommm" they are classified as "superbikes" even if it's just a little bigger than the normal motorcycles which we see on the road.
Yesterday, we saw several REAL superbikes, so I wanted to take some pictures of you with them. But when I asked you to put your hand on the motorcycles, you were afraid to do so.. maybe worried that the bike might fall down?
See.. you look so rigid and nervous next to to motorcycles:

In the end, you finally agreed to let me put you on the motorcycles seat. And you were so happy. You even commented that the handles were too far for you! What to do.. short arms...

You are even asking me to buy you a TT. You told me to use all my money to buy a car for you. Yeah.. the only TT you'll ever get from me would be a model Audi TT!! Sorry.. unless I strike lottery tomorrow. And before that happens, I'll need to buy lottery first! Any suggestion for numbers, Evan?