Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Halloween

It was supposed to be a Children's Halloween Party cum soft launch of the new school building in Relau. So instead of going to Ipoh with daddy for a friend's wedding dinner, I staye dback and we all went to the party. At around 6pm we (you, me, Ah Kong and Ah Ma) headed towards Relau where the new school is located.

By the time we arrived at Desa Clarissa where the party was being held, it was already rather crowded with students and their family. We waited around and I tried to take some pictures. Several pictures didn't turn out right as I forgot to make adjustments (focus or flash) on the camera. Anyhow I did manage to get a few shots. Here you are with your friend Han Jie and his mummy (he was a little shy to pose for me):

Here's the lollipop which your friend Nicole gave you and your other classmates. She came with lollipops in a pumpkin Jack-O-Lantern container.
As I did not get an itinerary when we arrived, I was caught unaware that your class was to be the first to perform that day. But I did manage to get you dancing to the "Bunyi Guitar"

After all the children finished the performances, many changed into their Halloween costume. We had asked if you wanted a costume earlier that day, but you did not. So we bought you that green hat instead. Then it was time to decorate the pumpkin. When I heard the announcement, I asked you if you wanted to join and you very excitedly agreed to participate. It was a surprise to me as you're usually more shy to join into such activities.. Maybe it's because it's a school function that you didn't feel shy.

Listening to instructions from Teacher Sharmine

Teacher Lee helping you paint your "pumpkin"

When everyone finished painting (the pumpkin, the floor and their clothes-some parent's clothes too!!!) each child was given a balloon and a tea light to be placed inside the pumpkin and we went downstairs. There, the lion dance troupe was waiting. And the mini "procession" began. We followed the lion dance troupe to the new school building nearby. Initially you did not want to hold the Jack-O-Lantern as you were afraid of the fire. But after a little convincing, you agreed to hold onto it. We walked and we walked and we walked and we finally arrived. Before heading back, we took a quick look around the new building (part of it which was opened for viewing) before heading back to the condo.

As it was getting late and we did not have supper yet, we decided to leave. Headed to Farlim for dinner in Tong Hoi Restaurant before heading home.

I expected you to be super tired from all the activities, but you stayed up till 12+ for daddy to get home. Less than 5 minutes after daddy said "hi" to you, you fell asleep.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Artist at Work

We had bought all the things we needed the week before. But it turned out that we had company. Abby was around and I did not have enough paint brushes and paper (also I worried she might decide to repaint Ah Kong's house!). So we put it off to the next week. Right after breakfast, we got your painting materials ready. And you set to work immediately with the paints.
It's amazing how you are not restricted by what you can or cannot do or draw. You just happily drew what you wanted to draw. As the mahjong paper was rather large, I had to help you fill up the paper later on as you got tired of drawing.

When everything was completed. It was time to clean up the artist. You were upset that your fingers had paint. I told you we'd probably need to cut away your fingers *wink*. But of course the paint washed off easily as I had bought washable water colour. I wouldn't risk you leaving any permanent designs anywhere other than the paper!!

*photo's taken from my crummy phone's camera as I could not get daddy's camera to focus properly-- reason was I accidentally hit the manual focus when I removed the camera from the bag!!

Sunday, October 03, 2010

First Concert

We were worried that you'd have forgotten the dance steps since we were away for 2 weeks. But you still had several days of rehearsal before the real day. We had to wake up early as we were asked to be at Equatorial Hotel by 7.30am. No, we could not make it on time, but quite a handful of children also arrived after 7.30am. After getting you out of bed and dressed and fed, we headed to the hotel.

We dropped you and found out that we were too early. So we went back to the changing room and peeked at the hub-bub in the room. This is what we saw:
Madness! That's what it was... Lots of children and teachers trying to get everyone looking pretty/handsome, especially for the graduating class. You seemed perfectly at home chatting with your friends.

Daddy got a shot of you with your friend, Jen Jiet (not too sure of the spelling):

Finally at around 9am, the event began. There were speeches, singing by the graduating students, certificate presentation to the graduating class and then the performances began. This year as there was another newly opened branch of this school, the concert comprised of performance by children from both schools. And finally it was time for children from your class to perform:
Waiting for the song to begin dancing your "Bunyi Guitar"

A good thing Ah Kong and Ah Ma came early as the performance was ahead of schedule. After all the performances, all the children gathered on stage for the finale: singing "top of the World" and a Chinese song.

The concert ended early that day. After the final song and the closing speech from Principal Vanessa the parents headed to the changing room to pick up their children. I waited outside while daddy went to get you. When he finally got out with you, he said that the room was a madness with lots of parents/ grandparents /siblings and the children waiting to be picked up. Before we left, daddy took this picture of you in your "dance costume":

Hey, we even had time to go home, give you a shower before attending the next event for the day: a birthday party for these 2 cuties.