Saturday, February 19, 2011


It's been a while since we did a little painting, just the two of us. One day during the week, you called me while I was at work asking me if we could do painting when I got back from work. Obviously we didn't manage to do so as I was late getting back from work. You did not complaint about it when I got back. You'd probably forgotten all about it by then.
On Saturday, we decided to do a little painting as daddy and Ah Kong were off for a game of golf. So we woke up, had breakfast then got everything ready for our little painting session. As we started painting, I remembered about taking pictures. So I ran up to take the camera and after a while of taking pictures, you got upset and asked me to stop taking pictures and to join you to paint.
So what were we painting? These little foam aeroplanes. We'd painted 2 a while back. I'd bought then when we went to KL.

Here's your aeroplane:
And here's the end result of our plane. You got upset towards the end of the painting session as the paint had not dried when you painted the next colour, so they got all mixed up. I thought it looked nice, when the yellow mixed with the red, gave it a fiery look, but you did not like it. So in the end, I had to finish up your plane while you painted my plane.
Can you tell which is yours and which is mine?

As I was trying to get a good shot of the finished planes, you decided that your foot also needed to be photographed:

As the end result of this painting session was not satisfactory to you, you kept telling me that we had to go down to KL soon to buy more planes for you to paint. And you were so kind to even say "We do not need to go to Ah Meng Kor-kor's house to visit. Just go to KL and buy then come back". Poor daddy.... I reckon we can go to KL, but we can stay over too.. Yay! More shopping...

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Chinese New Year Dinner @ Minden

We left Ipoh on the second day of Chinese New Year after dinner. You were so tired, you slept shortly after we got into the highway and all the way back until the next day. As usual we had dinner with the Phuah. This year was on the 4th day of CNY.
The menu of the day was nasi lemak. Something different. The other kids had white rice, while you had nasi lemak (which is your favourite).
This is the spread for dinner:
As it was a Sunday, Annabelle had to leave early. By 8.30 pm she had to leave to go home as she had to get enough sleep before the next day. As for Abby and you, you both had fun out in the garden playing with the sparklers. We started with one each. After a while it looked like it will be FOREVER before you both finished playing with the very large pack which Uncle Sin Chuan had bought. So it became 2 each, the 3 each then 4 each. And yet, we could not finish all of them. We were all getting too hot and tired. So we gave up and kept everything and went back inside to enjoy the air-cond.

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Welcoming the Rabbit

This new year was another relaxing Chinese New Year. We slept until we felt like waking up, no need to rush for the bathroom as there was no lion dance troupe coming this year. When everyone was ready and you were dressed in your new clothes we headed down for breakfast then to give ang pow (for me) and to collect ang pow (for you).

Daddy set up his camera on the tripod and we managed to get a few pictures. With you being the sulky little boy because you were dragged away from the ipad (or was it iphone.. so many choices for you)..

Then we headed to the kitchen and of course more pictures were taken with you:

As everyone was all dressed up and not yet changed into comfy clothes with lipstick still intact, daddy quickly set up his tripod again to get a family picture:
Of course, even Pepper got to be in the family picture... he is "family" after all.. After the picture was taken, we had individual family pictures taken, and of course the 2 youngest in the family with 5th Chek Kong:

Later we had more people so another round of family picture:

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year

We all woke up and got ready before heading out to buy Hokkien Mee to bring back to Ipoh. Our usual shop was filled with lots of people having breakfast. But since daddy and I usually get our Hokkien Mee fix from this stall, I didn't have to wait too long before my order of 11 packets were ready.

Next stop was McDonald's at Sungai Dua for the promised breakfast. We waited so long for the food to be ready although there wasn't a very long queue. Went home and gobbled up the food then started to pack the car for our trip back to Ipoh. Before crossing the bridge, we had to make a quick stop at Anna Che-che's house to drop the ang pows to Boh-boh Poh. And off we went....

.. until we reached Bukit Tambun. Then we had to make a detour.. back to Penang. Ah Ma had forgotten to pack the "loh-bak" which was for the dinner in Ipoh. And off we set towards Ipoh.. again... *grin*

At long last we arrived. Traffic on the highway was pleasant. Surprisingly, you napped most of the way to Ipoh. And of course when we arrived, you were in the "sweetest" mood. Greeting everyone with a scowl.

Well your mood got better especially when you saw Pepper. Then soon it was dinner time. The "auspicious time for dinner" was around 6pm. So the tables were set in the dining room (so that everyone gets to eat in air-cond comfort). Look at the spread:

Daddy's favourite meatballs

Drinks anyone?

Then as it was still early, everyone went out t the garden to enjoy some fresh air.. Including Pepper:

And here's Ariesse keeping occupied by checking out everything within her reach:

Happy Chinese New Year!!