Thursday, April 28, 2011

Treasure Hunt

Your school had organized some events until Easter weekend. But unfortunately we could not make it for one of the events which you wanted to go for: Treasure hunt. On Saturday we went to Cold Storage to look for chocolate eggs. Unfortunately we're too late. They've probably been all sold out. We did buy a packet before your birthday. So seeing that it's been selling for over a month, I guess there is no surprise that all the eggs have been sold out. *sigh* And we event went to try our luck in the Cold Storage in Island Plaza.

Good thing is we picked up a packet of "Daim" chocolates. Better than nothing. And you were still happy with that. So on Saturday night after we got back from dinner daddy kept you occupied while I hid 10 chocolates including 2 leftover eggs.

Picture source

I wasn't too sure if you'd have much patience to find very hidden "eggs". So I left some in very visible places. We loved to see the excitement on your face and when you laughed out loud every time you found one. After you finally found all 10 you ate 2 of them then asked for another round of hunt. And since you said this hunt was too easy, I made it a little more difficult for you.

Took you a while but you finally managed to find them all again. You sure were one happy "egg hunter".

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Lost for words

There are times when you really make a person swallow their own words:

XXX: No la.. don't want to do that!!

Evan : XXX (Censored-not disclosing who it is..), don't use 'la' . Speak proper English

While we were drawing today:

Mummy: Wow! Now the helicopter driver is visiting you.

Evan: It's not driver.. it's helicopter pilot!!

As I was giving you a shower:

Mummy: Since Ah Ma is back, she will be picking you up from school tomorrow.

Evan: How come Ah Ma didn't come back on the 29th like Ah Kong? Then you will pick me up from school for more days..

Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Phone Call from Evan

Here's an interesting conversation we had earlier in the week:

Mummy: Hello

Evan: Hi mummy... Um.. I want to go to KL to visit Ah Meng Kor-kor's iPad and buy my aeroplane.

Poor Ashley Kor-kor. Looks like the iPad is the thing that you'd like to visit instead of her. Well, we're not going to KL anytime soon since the iPad is in Bahau and not KL. Hehe.. and NO we're not going to Bahau just to visit your friend the iPad. Told Kor-kor about what you said, she was so sad. She wanted to call you as you were holding on to my phone, but she could not get through. You had accidentally turned off my phone.

This is our phone conversation today:

Evan: Um mummy... My 功课 left 10 and 10 and 10 and 8 and 1 more to go. How many is that?

Mummy: 39

Evan: Ok, bye

Less than 2 minutes later:

Evan: Um mummy... My 功课 left 10 and 10 and 10 and 8 more to go. How many is that?
Mummy: 38! And don't call me until you've finished all your homework!!!

And less than 20 minutes later you called to say that you've finished all your homework and also taken your "reward".. your Yakult.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Ringing Non-Stop

Since you were "alone" at home, I usually leave my mobile phone with you so that you can call me if you want to tell me anything. I have set my office number on speed dial and taught you how to use the function.

What a big mistake on my side!!! My office phone has been ringing very often everyday after lunch. You'll tell me these:

"Um, mummy.. Can I do my homework at 3 o'cwok (clock)?"

"Mummy, I have finished my homework"

"Mummy what time will you be back today?"

"Mummy I want you to come back today at 4 o'cwok or 5 o'cwok also can"

Record was yesterday afternoon. I think you called me 5-6 times within 30 minutes. I guess you are lonely at home. But I'm proud to say that you've kept your promise and you'd complete your mandarin homework as promised with acceptably decent writing.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Home Alone.. almost

Daddy's part-time job for this 2 weeks is "driver" or maybe I should give him a more glamorous name "chauffeur". Since Ah Kong and Ah Ma are on holiday, we've got to drop and pick you up from school. Then we'd drop you home, settle you down and go off to work.

On Monday when you were home alone.. with kakak, you cried when we wanted to go to work. It was terrible. I was wondering if I'd have to take the afternoon off for the 2 weeks to accompany you when you were home. But on Tuesday, you seemed OK and happily waved us off to work. Phew...

Of course, I'd receive MANY phone calls from you. Telling me if you'd finished your homework, asking if you could eat this, if you could drink that and the questions were never ending. Of course there is also the command "Mummy you come home at 4 o'clock today OK???"

I'm glad that you are doing OK at home and you've finished all your homework which were given. Good job little boy!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Movie Day

We'd seen the trailer of the movie when we went to watch Rango. And yes, I did not mention Rango. We brought you to watch the movie as it was the school holidays and you did not have any activities at all as you could not go swimming with your cough. Dr Khaw had advised no swimming for 3 months.

So we brought you to watch Rango. And would you believe it? By the time it was our turn to buy the tickets the only available seats were the front row for GSC in Gurney Plaza. So we did not want the seats and headed to 1st Avenue to try out luck in TGV. Well we were in luck and got to watch the movie in TGV and had a large choice of seats to pick from.

This round, we had the free ticket for a child in TGV, but daddy said that he preferred to watch in GSC, so we bought the tickets online yesterday (there were loads of seats available then..) and we watched Rio:

Picture credits
It was a good thing we decided to buy the tickets online. The cinema was full. I guess with it being a weekend, there were lots of families out to watch a movie with their children. I know for sure that you enjoyed the show, you were laughing loudly at the hilarious parts of the movie.. and so did daddy!!!