Monday, May 23, 2011

At The Car Wash

Daddys' little assistant on Sunday evening.. all sweaty after a bicycle ride followed by the car wash.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

A Lovely Gift for Mummy

(This is a few weeks overdue.. *grin*)

Ah Ma had mentioned on Friday that Citibank was having a glass painting session for children. Daddy initially said we didn't want to send you there, but in the end we agreed and so on Saturday morning, Ah Ma went with us to this art gallery where the glass painting session was being held.

When we arrived, there was a few children who were already painting while their parents browsed around the gallery cum jewellery shop and have light snacks while chatting.

You got a seat and someone asked you to pick the picture which you would like to draw. You picked a fish pattern and then you took a marker to trace the picture onto the glass. Then you started to paint. When you were almost finished painting, they realised that they had let you paint on the wrong side of the glass. Oops.. so you were asked to trace another picture on another piece of glass, this time a pattern of 2 heart and the nice che-che who was helping you even helped to write some words on it.

At long last you were done, but as Ah Ma was not around as she had gone off to run a few errands. So we sat around, enjoyed some snacks and finally Ah Ma arrived. Before we left, mummy was given a present from the bank for Mother's Day. On top of that I was even given flowers. How lovely. This is what I got for Mother's Day (round 1, as we had round 2 which was buffet lunch on the next day): And of course, I got you to pose with your art work too:

Thanks sweetie for a lovely Mother's Day present *muakkss*

Saturday, May 21, 2011

See You In Three Years

When you woke up this morning, I told you that we had to quickly have breakfast then get ready to go out, explaining that we were going to have lunch then send Uncle Sam and Aunty Pam off to the airport. Your immediate response to this was "What??? They're leaving so soon?". I guess you've gotten used to having them with us. They've stayed with us since early in the month, of course going off on holidays in between with Ah Kong and Ah Ma.

Before we left for lunch, I managed to get you to pose with them for a picture. Not very willing as usual to pose for a picture, but we managed to get one "acceptable" picture still *grin*After lunch, we headed to Sunshine Square for them to pick up something for a friend in Singapore before dropping them off in the airport.

Then it was goodbyes and promising to see them soon. Since the last time we saw them was 3 years ago, I guess we'll be seeing them in 3 year's time. Bye Aunty Pam and Uncle Sam.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Separation Anxiety?

Is that the reason you have been crying every day when we drop you to school? This morning you howled! Daddy had to force me to get into the car and we drove off with a heavy heart. Before that, Mrs. Sebastian asked if there were any changes at home. I cannot think of anything which may have sparked your crying when we leave you at school. Hhmm...

We picked you up from school this afternoon, as I had a good mind to give you a piece of my mind from your crying, but when we looked at you and your cheerful face and since Mr. Tan had mentioned that he'd also spoken to you about crying. In the end, daddy gave you a mild "talking to" and that was it. We hoped that everything would be fine after that.

How we were mistaken! When it was time for us to go to work, you decided to turn on the taps to the max. Now howling was involved, but lots of tears. Sigh... What's going on? How is it that at the aged of 5 you decided to have separation anxiety?

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Happy Birthday Nanna

We made a trip to BM to visit Nanna as it was her birthday on Thursday so it was a belated celebration of the XXth birthday. Nope we're not disclosing her age *grin*

It was the same menu for lunch and dinner. Grampy had cooked pohpiah for us. Nanna even invited, your two Ah Chors, and 2nd and 3rd Ee-Pohs. They came over for lunch. Well in your case as pohpiah is all vegetables, you had "bi tai mak" which Ee-ee had kindly packed for you and we (daddy and I) had curry mee to go with our lunch pohpiah.

After lunch, Ee-ee wanted to get you a toy car, so we headed to Tesco where we picked up more than just a car! Then it was soon almost dinner time. After Teo-teo came and everything was heated up, we sat down for another round of pohpiah for dinner. And you had macaroni and cheese in pohpiah! Fusion food :)

You certainly had a good time there, with you getting a present and bathing in the bath tub (squeezing into the tub) and eating your favourite food. I wonder if it's your birthday or Nanna's birthday. Hhmmm....

Happy Birthday Nanna!

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

Dear Mummy,

Today is Mother's Day. And I forgot to colour the card which was given to us at school for Mother's Day. Oops.. but to make it up for it, we went out for a yummy Mother's Day lunch. We have two visitors in our house: Aunty Pan and Uncle Sam. They suggested that we go out for a special lunch to celebrate Mother's Day. So after some last minute calling, we managed to get a table for the 7 of us in Parkroyal Hotel.

We got a seat inside the ballroom as many other families had planned ahead and booked tables. But it was a good thing for us. The ballroom was nice and cool with air-conditioning and nice music playing for us.

You even took a picture with Ah Ma to join in the "Mother & Daughter" contest. There was even a clown che-che who made me a balloon gun. Then she came to our table again and made you a balloon wristlet.

At 2p.m. you, Aunty Pam and Ah Ma (and I went along too) to participate in the cake cutting ceremony for mummies. Then they called out names for the lucky draw. Ah Ma got a lucky draw. Later daddy came into the ballroom and said that mummy also got a lucky draw. Wow!

I had a lovely time celebrating Mother's Day with you, Ah Ma and Aunty Pam and of course with daddy, Ah Kong and Uncle Sam too.

A Chocolatey Muakks to you mummy,

Love Evan

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Speedy Story

There was one afternoon when we were back in Ipoh for Chinese New Year and I was trying to get you to take a nap. And of course since you do not take naps anymore, you had many many requests before falling asleep. One of it was for a story before going to sleeping. Oops.. I did not pack any story books to bring to Ipoh.

So I said that instead of reading a story, I'd tell you a story. Hence the "Speedy Story" was born. I had to come up with a story which would be of interest to you. So I created a character called Speedy which was a red car. I told you about his adventures and then I added a friend, Thunder (instead of "Lightning" as in Lightning McQueen *grin*).

Surprisingly the Speedy Story did not end that day in Ipoh. Till today you are still requesting for a Speedy Story. To date, your Speedy Story has 4 characters: Speedy, Thunder, Pussy and Lightning (you picked the names for the last 2 characters).

Some days you'd ask me to tell you a Speedy Story up to 3-4 times. And every Speedy Story the 4 cars would race. Problem is your cars always win. Yup, first place is always Lightning followed by Pussy. My Thunder and Speedy only get to vie for the 3rd and last spot. Poor things. As you can see, you are a sore loser!! Some days you would be generous and Pussy would have to give up his second spot.. but that rarely happens.