Sunday, July 24, 2011

An Important Question..

We went back to BM yesterday to celebrate Nanna and Grampy's 42nd anniversary yesterday. On the way back, you suddenly asked me "Mummy who am I going to marry?". Yikes.. that got me stumped for a while. I'm not too sure if daddy heard your question or he suddenly had selective hearing, leaving me to answer your question...

So I said "When you find a girl you love then you can marry her (when you're older!!)". But noOOooo.. .that wasn't a good enough answer, I obviously did not answer your question. You asked me again "But who will it be??". Gosh... "Um.. whoever you meet when you are older and love". You did not seem satisfied but thank goodness we reached home just on time. You got distracted and forgot all about it. *phew* Please don't ask me such difficult questions next time. Keep them for daddy, ok??

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Homework Time

I left you in your room to do your homework with strict instructions to finish and not leave your room while I took a shower. Before I even started on my shower.. I heard the room door open and you were standing in front of me, saying "Mummy the song Morning has broken sound like this...". After your little performance you were sent back. And less than 10 minutes later my room door was opened with you telling me something else.

After I was ready, I went to check on you and nothing much of your homework is completed!! Aiksss... When asked what you were doing instead of your homework, you said "Nothing.. maybe dream a little". Ok, one point for honestly *grin*

And as I am typing this post, I can see you from the corner of my eye, dreaming, looking left and right, counting the columns you have written (for Chinese homework) and sharpening you pencil. Even walking over to give me kisses. Any excuse to delay doing your homework.

Of course there is one more thing you have not done yet: Ask me "Mummy, why do I have to do homework?"...

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Free Samples

.. from Jusco, Tesco and especially Cold Storage since we go there with you very often. Yup, that's your favourite and on "good days" you get a sample for pasta, ice-cream and milk. Certainly makes your day. Some days if our timing is off (too early or too late) then you'll get no sample and keep asking my why there's no "stall" which gives our free sample.

I especially have to remind you when we go to the supermarkets on weekdays. I guess sometimes you forget that it's a weekend, so no sample. Just a little sample and it makes your day!

Monday, July 11, 2011

A Celebration

We had wanted to go somewhere special to celebrate and of course to celebrate with you. So we tried this restaurant and was told that children were allowed in this restaurant. Yippee!! I was initially upset when I called one of the restaurants and was told that it was a fine dining restaurant and children were not allowed. Then I tried a few other fine dining restaurants and found out they'll allow children. So it was decided that we'd try out Feringghi Grill in Rasa Sayang Hotel on Saturday.

It was lovely. We got a nice seat with the view of the trees outside and you were delighted to see people para sailing until it got too dark. The nice waiter even brought you a cushion to sit on as you didn't want a high chair. We ordered food and were soon served the most sumptuous food that evening. Too bad I'd forgotten to suggest daddy bring his camera, so the pictures were taken with my crummy phone's camera.

We started off with out pre-dinner drinks. Then we were served nice fresh bread followed by their Amuse Bouche. Next came the appetisers. Here's daddy's appetiser:

Torched Tuna

You and I had soup for as our appetizer: tomato soup for you and Soup Trio for me. Before the main course, we were each served a sherbet. Then came the main course:

Macaroni & Cheese for you, what else

You proclaimed it to be 10 million, zillion fingers good.

Here's daddy's King's Cut Prime Rib

As for mummy's main course, I had beef tenderloin. As my camera refuses to allow me to take anything nice with it, I will not post a picture which will only be injustice to my delicious steak!! Of course, dinner was complemented with a bottle of wine:

After we were done with dinner, the waitress brought out a cake. Wowee.. chocolate cake. Daddy sang me a birthday song while you only whispered the words to the song. So shy..

The cake was heavenly. So rich and chocolaty. Then as a finale, the waiter brought out some chocolates which he promised he'd give you in the beginning of our meal if you finished all your dinner.

A truly wonderful celebration. Muakks to my 2 great guys!

P/S: I wonder when we get to go again.. *grin* Must make sure we're armed with the camera the next time.

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Keeping Teddy Entertained

You woke up in a good mood this morning and rather early too. So we didn't need to rush to get ready and have breakfast. As we were getting ready to go down, you said that you wanted to bring Teddy down. So while I was getting your breakfast ready you said Teddy wanted to watch TV (wonder if it's YOU or Teddy who wants to watch TV). And after I got you to sit down and have breakfast I saw Teddy "watching TV" like this:
Yup, you stacked two pillows for him to sit on, making sure that he could see the TV clearly!! Could not resist taking a picture *grin*

And since we were quite early, you even got to watch TV with Teddy on the sofa until 8am. When it was time to leave you insisted to leave the TV on for Teddy as he still wanted to watch some cartoons.