Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Today's Lunch

So what was for lunch today? Uncle KK was visiting from Singapore. We tried to go to some places for lunch, but as it was a public holiday today, most "well known" places were packed! So in the end, we went to our usual Kuay Teow Th'ng shop for lunch. Mummy walked a few shops away and ordered Char Kuay Teow for us. When it arrived (before your Kuay Teow Th'ng) you took one look and said "Mummy, I haven't eaten Char Kuay Teow for a long time.." Aiyo... So daddy ended up having to order one plate without chillies for you.

Happiness:You cleared the whole plate, except for the taugeh and the prawns.. Daddy called you a "true blue Penang kia". Next thing to train you to enjoy is Hokkien Mee!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Some More Colouring..

Had these things laid out on a little corner in the living room. You'd finished your homework and so we decided to do a little something fun...

Yup, a little craft session. I'd been collecting toilet paper rolls for a while and it's cluttered a little corner in my room and if i didn't use them up soon, daddy's going to have a fit!! Had seen a good idea at this website so decided to do this today:

You started off painting your toilet roll blue after I'd helped you draw the lines and cut part of the roll. Of course, you being the non-conformist decided that your roll was to be multi-coloured instead of single colored like (boring) mummy... who followed the instructions to a T.

So what did we actually create? These...

Yup, octopus. You started off painting yours blue then decided to add a little red and when I told you that you'll also have to colour the insides, you wanted it to be green..

And yesterday evening after the paint had dried up, we used the puncher to make blue dots to be the "suckers" on the octopus' legs. We stick those on the legs then finished with the final touches of the eyes.

Here's my red octopus..

That was a fun session...

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Monkeying Around

.. while doing your homework.. Nothing new when it comes to you doing your homework.

Monster face:I was trying to get a picture of you busy writing.. but..... nope no such chance...
..why is the pencil tucked behind your ear??!!
.. hey, why aren't you writing?? ..told me to take a picture of your homework:

Ah.. at last.. a picture of you writing your homework....

..which you wrote for a few seconds before asking to take a look at my pictures.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Coloring Contest

The night before you had to sleep early (like a school night as today was a big day for you. Weeks ago, when I got back from work, you told me "Mummy, there is a coloring contest. I wanna join". And when I checked your homework pouch, there was a form. During dinner I asked you to tell daddy what you wanted to do. This is what you told daddy "Daddy, I want to join the coloring contest. You know there will be food for parents on the second floor." You even watched as I filled up the form, and even inspected the form when I had filled it up!

So this morning you woke up the moment I told you to wake up, all excited to go for the coloring contest. The theme for the contest was "Merdeka". Jing Ee's mummy had told me that she had told her you will be coloring the "Jalur Gemilang' which was the same thing you told me. We were rather early but there were already quite a few contestants all waiting for the contest to start.

Here you were sitting on the newspaper, waiting for everyone to come before we started:

Are we starting yet??
At about 9am, the organizers started the program. Before the children got to the important task of coloring, first there was a briefing, followed by "warm up" exercises:

Can you guess what was going on with all the children opening their mouths? Nope.. not exercising their mouths, but singing the national song Negaraku:

Parents were not allowed to hang around while the children were coloring. So some of them left while the rest of us went to the second floor for some light refreshments. Daddy and I also went off to wait for you to finish and for the prize giving ceremony. Before we went off, we did manage to get pictures of some veteran contestants:

They came all prepared with a table and chair/stool to ensure maximum comfort while coloring.

When I went down to have a check on you, I found that you were no longer in the car park where the contest was held. One of the volunteers told me that you should be on the first floor playing the games while waiting for the prize giving ceremony. You later told me that you play hopscotch, seven stones and Malaysian quiz.

At 11 the parents adjourned to the 3rd floor where the children were already gathered. Songs were sung before prizes were given away. Then we all adjourned.

Nope.. no prize for you today, but you were happy nonetheless as you got some small prizes while playing the games (except for seven stones) and they even gave all contestants a small souvenir before they went home.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Should We Get a Bigger Tub?

Took these pictures of you one of those days when you decied to squeeze into that tiny bathtub which was used when you were a baby. Yup, we still keep the tub. It's in quite good condition still:

Bath time is never fun without your rubber ducky and the rubber tortoise..

P/S: Didn't get very good pictures as I was too lazy to put on the flash :(

A Scary Twenty Minutes.. Or So...

We went out for our usual Saturday night dinner when on the way back, we noticed a funny sound. So daddy had no choice but to stop on a road (with very heavy traffic) to check. He could not even get out of the car so Ah Kong had to go down to check. Oh no.. it was a flat tire!

So we all got out of the car and had to stand by the roadside while daddy and Ah Kong searched the car boot for things which they needed to change to the spare tire. You were very sacred, trembling as we stood in the dark. It was especially scary for you when the traffic light up behind turned green and all the motorcycles and cars drove by.

We stood there under an umbrella as daddy changes the tire while Ah Kong stood by the roadside waving his reflector, keeping the vehicles away from daddy.

At last, the spare tire was changed, and we drove the short distance home. Yay! Our hero for tonight, daddy!!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Mr Vain?

As Saturday is Ah Ma's "day off" we got showered and dressed to go out for dinner as usual last Saturday. I picked a t-shirt which had the printing of a necktie. As I was getting you dressed, you told me "Mummy, I want a real tie." Aiyo.. where do I find a tie short enough for you???

So I said "OK, I'll go look for one to buy for you..". Then you said that you wanted a belt to wear with your pants. You went to your cupboard and came back with a belt AND a cap. Wah.. someone is very vain today.

As we were going out, daddy asked "Where are you going all dressed up?" and then followed with "We're going to a place with no air-cond." Evil daddy!

That was not the end of it. You made me rush upstairs as everyone else was going out the door to get you a pair of socks. You insisted on wearing shoes instead of sandals out for dinner. Now, tell me again were we going out for dinner together of were you going on a hot date??

P/S: And the story of the tie does not end. You've been reminding me about buying a tie for you still. Do you have anywhere in particular which you plan to wear the neck tie to??

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

A Present From Afar

A package came from afar for you recently. Aunty Pam who visited us in May got a friend who was going to Singapore to mail out (from Singapore) a present for you. It was a Lightning McQueen t-shirt along with a Lego catalogue. Wow! After having the shirt washed, you requested to wear it to school.
So when you wore this t-shirt I got you to pose for me so that I could send a picture of you wearing the shirt to Aunty Pam.
Your mouth is all funny because I got you to pose while you were eating breakfast *grin*

Monday, August 01, 2011

Hurt Himself

When I saw my phone rang with the school number, my heart sank. I was wondering if you were ok. Mr Tan called to tell mummy that you'd fallen during physical, but you just had some scratches on your face and knee. They had already put some cream on your knees and you were ok. As Ah Kong was going to pick you up today, daddy decided to tell Ah Kong that you'd fallen down before he picked you up with scratches all over.

I called you when you reached home to check on you and you told me that it did not hurt anymore. When we got home, you were your cheerful self and then we saw it clearly:

Quite a bit of scratches on your right cheek and also on your knee:

I guess it didn't hurt though, as you did not complain about it being painful when daddy gave you a shower. Ok then, looks like Humpty Dumpty had a bad fall, but Mr Tan managed to fix him all ok. Phew...