Wednesday, September 28, 2011

How Lucky

During our stay at the hotel, we were given a little teddy bear along with the feedback card. So mummy gave it to you. At first you wanted to name it "Teddy" but I reminded you that you already had a Teddy, so you thought for a while and named it "Lucky Bear".
Before we left you said that it was time for you to return the bear. Somehow you thought that it was only lent to you temporarily. After telling you that it was yours to keep, you were so happy. You had brought Teddy along to KL and so all the way back you had Teddy and Lucky squeezed in the car seat with you.
Here's a picture of you cuddled with Lucky Bear that night in the hotel. You were so tired and you KO-ed as I was packing up. Could not resist taking a few pictures:

The Finale: The Wedding Dinner

Here's our really nice hotel room. We got the room with the lake view and it was rather quiet. It's a good thing daddy reminded me to pack our swimming stuff.

So after we settled into the room, we changed into our swimsuits and ordered for a buggy to bring us to the pool. Before heading to the pool, we stopped by Sue Kor-kor's room and then we all went to the pool. We had lots of fun in the pool then we headed back to the room to rest. As we were a little hungry, we ordered room service: PIZZA! It was super delicious! Rested (and dozed) a little then it was time to get moving again.. time to get ready for the pre-dinner cocktail and also dinner.

Then of course it was also time to take pictures:

Only problem is this hotel comes with free mosquitoes. And it was a feeding frenzy in the garden with the mosquitoes. So shortly we headed to the ballroom to enjoy the cool air and chat while waiting for dinner to begin.

Here are the two pretty ladies taking care of the reception:

And here's Ariesse enjoying herself in the ballroom:

Here's the last few pictures taken of the day before daddy's camera called it a day.. for the night:

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tea Ceremony

Despite having a late night the day before you woke up just past 7am as daddy was getting ready to head back to Ah Pek's house. So we had ample time to get ready while waiting for Ah Mm to pick us up at 9.30am. Of course since we were in Ashley Kor-kor's house (visiting her iPad) you spent most of the morning playing with it.

Soon Ah Mm arrived and we "checked out of Hotel Mont Kiara" and headed to Setia Alam to wait for the bride to arrive. Here are some of the pictures daddy took when he followed the entourage to Cyberjaya:

Soon daddy arrived with the photographer and said that Chek-chek and your new Ah Chim is on the way. And soon we heard the sounds of car horn and the wedding car arrived. And it was time for you to "do your job". Yup, it's time to open the car door:

The moment we walked out onto the road you told me that it was too hot! Arghh.. and said that you could not open the car door. So I had to help you pull the door handle a little. And ta-da.. inside was Chek-chek all ready to get out of the car and to give you your ang pow. Lucky little boy.

You sat around and kept everyone entertained until it was time for you to collect your ang pow from your new Ah Chim, a family photo and then lunch.

We left for the hotel after that to check in, check out the hotel pool and get ready for round 3 of the wedding; the wedding dinner.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Busy, Busy Weekend

Yup, we went for a wedding.. and it was in KL. We picked you up on Friday a little earlier from school. The initial plan was for you to miss school, but Mr Tan had informed me that there was going to be rehearsal still on Friday. So, we had no choice but to delay the trip and start off after lunch. We were the first to arrive at Jack Min Ah Pek's house.
So we looked around his newly moved in house. Here's a picture of you goofing around:Later that evening, you suddenly came to me asking for a pair of scissors. Luckily I asked what you needed to scissors for (not that I'd know where the scissors were kept in the house, nor would I simply give you a pair.. ). You told me that you wanted to CUT his bird of paradise flower.. for me *faint*!!

It's a good thing I asked... Instead, I told you that you could pluck the tiny flowers which were growing in abundance. So you picked some purple and white flowers. First you took some for me. Then you also picked some for Ah Ma and Chim Poh. How sweet.... but let's not tell Ah Pek about his flowers *grin* Here's the groom-to-be making some last minute preparations for the big day: Jack Shen Chek Chek

Soon it was dinner time. Li Min Kor kor had arranged a buffet spread for dinner. The food was yummy.

Here's Li Min Kor-kor and Kevin Teo-teo:

And what did you do the whole night? You were the best of friends with whichever Kor-kor who owned an iPhone. Yup.. you played games the whole night. You barely ate dinner that night and even played with Ashley Kor-kor's iPad before finally going to sleep very late.. or should I say "very early in the morning"

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Happy Birthday Ah Kong

Ah Kong turned *beep* (oops censored..cannot be disclose) on the 14th and since he was in China with Ah Ma (enjoying a lobster dinner to celebrate his birthday.. OoooOOoo..) we had a belated birthday celebration when they got back. As we had such a good time Feringghi Grill the last time, we headed there again to celebrate his birthday.

It was a good thing that we had booked the table in advance. As most tables along the window was for 4 and there were 5 of us, we were seated in front of the kitchen. You can see the people in the kitchen moving around, preparing our dinner. As with the list time, the waitress brought you a nice comfy cushion from the bar so that you can sit and dine comfortably.

We were served drinks then soon our orders were taken. You started to complain about being hungry. Good thing we were given a basket of bread and you ate that happily. When the waiter started to cook (prepare to be more accurate) my soup (yup.. in front of us) you started to exclaim loudly about being hungry again.. Soon we were all served our appetizers. Then we had this and that then finally our main course. Wow! The food was amazing. And the restaurant was full house.

After we had tucked away all the food, daddy took out his camera and tried to take a picture of us, but you were feeling cheeky and refused to pose nicely:

At last he got one decent picture:

I managed to get one of you with daddy too:

I wonder where you learnt to show the "peace" sign when taking pictures

Then as I had informed them when I made reservations that it was Ah Kong's birthday, we had a simply sinful chocolate mud cake for the birthday boy:

After the birthday song, blowing out the candle and serving the cake, we were also served the final course of the night.. the petit four. Yummy... there was no more place in my tummy for the chocolate but somehow you managed to squeeze one into your little tummy.

As we were leaving the ladies (Ah Ma and I) were each given a rose. A lovely celebration. Happy Birthday Ah Kong!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival

Last Monday was the Mid-Autumn Festival. Uncle Sin Chuan called daddy to ask if we'd like to go to Uncle Sin Tien's house just for the kids to play with the lanterns. So we had a shower then had dinner and got ready to go to Uncle Sin Tien's house. It was daddy's first time going so we had to get his address as we also needed to register at the guard house.

We arrived before Uncle Sin Chuan and family. Only Uncle Sin Tien was at home as Aunty Ean Na had a dinner.While daddy took a "house tour" you settled yourself in front of the TV, flicking through the cartoon channels.

We'd brought along your "Cars2" lantern which we had bought a while back. We'd learned our lesson from previous times so this time daddy made sure he picked a lantern which did not play annoying songs really loud non-stop. We wanted one with a simple light, but they only had flashing lights.. oh well.. as long as it does not play those songs!

Uncle Sin Chuan came with the more traditional paper lantern, not those glassy transparent paper which we had last time, but these ones did not have lights. It was lighted using candles or tea lights. He'd bought tealights to put inside.

Daddy took pictures of you all with your lanterns:

Abby proudly showing off her Hello Kitty lantern

All smiles with your lantern

Ian was very interested in daddy and his camera. Everytime daddy wanted to take a picture, Ian would go in front of the camera to pose:

We managed to get a picture of the 3 of you together.. not an easy feat:

After a while it got too hot and we all went inside to enjoy the air-cond comfort and to snack a little:

Steamed yam and mooncakes

One last shot of Ian before daddy called it a day and kept his camera:

While They Were Away...

Ah Kong and Ah Ma took a holiday with some of the Ban clan to China, visiting Ah Tai's "village" in China as well as one of the Kor Poh who's still living in China. They were there for over a week.

So during this period, our schedule was similar to that when Ah Kong and Ah Ma went on holidays to New Zealand and Australia earlier this year. We dropped you to school, then picked you up from school, dropped you home, wait for you to settle down then go back to work.

While we're at work, you're told to start doing your homework by 2.30pm. And of course, I'd leave my mobile phone with you and then.. then phone calls begin. The moment I reach my desk, my desk phone starts ringing. You even speed dial me on the phone. It's easier for you, although you do know my office phone number by heart!

And of course if anyone calls you, you'd immediately "report" to me that so-and-so had called. Even more updated than the news!!

Ah Kong and Ah Ma are now back from their holidays and so my office phone does not ring so often anymore. Somehow while I was about to pull my hair everytime my office phone rings last week, but now I seem to miss your calls now that you're not calling me.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

At Long Last

Your giant truck and the 2 cars are completed. We got you this Lego set for your birthday. It's called the "Highway Transport" set. It took us a long time as this set has 3 things to build: the white car, the red car and the trailer (that can also be considered as 2 parts as we needed to build the front and back part of the trailer).

We'd build a little then rest then build a little and rest and forget all about it then start over again.. And each and everytime we build the parts of this set, it was like a treasure hunt, having to search for one part then another.

At long last this is the end result:

well worth the time and effort we all put to complete this.

Sunday, September 04, 2011

New Hairstyle??

After a bath, I will dry your hair thoroughly and you'll always make sure that you flatten your hair while I like to make it stand. Looks so cool.. What do you think??

Had to make sure the picture was not a full body picture *grin*. I like your hair this way.. And you smiled nicely for this picture.. although picture quality was not very good.. used my phone's camera.