Friday, October 28, 2011

Alan Ku-Ku

Found this picture in my phone. You took of Alan Ku-ku when we had the frozen yogurt in Straits Quay before sending him off to the airport.

And before he left he kept telling you that he'd be back in November. Only thing he forgot to mention is he'd be back in "Malaysia" but not in "Penang". Aihh.. this Ku- ar!! He said we should do Facetime. So now I have to bug daddy to set it up. I've finally gotten Ku-ku's gmail address for Facetime.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Interesting Way to Play

.. and have a conversation with your friend, Jayden. He grandma and grandpa lives next door, so sometimes when he visits, he will call to you and you'll have a chat with him. At times, you'll bring out your toys to show him. Some days you even play ball by throwing it over the fence to each other.
He even came over last weekend after dinner and homework to play a little while with you. It's nice that you have a friend to play and chat with.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Show Off!!

You left me this message on my bedside table today:
Just because you can read and write Mandarin now... you can show off!! And you even told me "You must read this everyday".
But this also makes me very proud that you can learn Mandarin so well.

No Limit to Creativity

This is not the first time we're doing this. But when I looked at the pictures from our previous round, I could not recall what your creations were. So today right after your bath/play session, I quickly downloaded the pictures and behold.. your creations... from simple things found in our bathroom. Can you guess what they are supposed to be?

Bullet Train

Super Bullet Train

Isn't this obvious? Komtar.. But I was wrong. It was something more "high class" - Eiffel Tower

And this is a giveaway.. Although I could not get the answer correct the first.. and second time. Why it's the letter "T", of course!!

Super Jet Plane (Your body is the jet, the bottles are the engines)

And of course, I'm not going to be tricked again.. the letter "X"

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Another Little Message

Got another cutie little drawing from you on Thursday night. You drew this while I was making your supper. Then you gave it to me, saying that I was to bring it to work to show my friends.  
 Thank you for your little smiley fish swimming in the sea with the seaweeds. Muakkss..

Friday, October 14, 2011

How About The Other Guests?

Of course there were pictures of the other guests too. And here's one of the bride and the groom:

And mummy and daddy with the bride and groom:
Found this picture in my camera (why am I not surprised.. although it is a nice picture). You were so busy being assistant photographer:
Of course it's not a tea ceremony without the "tea drinking" session. Wait.. we didn't get to have any tea. We had sparkling grape juice.. does that count? Or should I get a "refund" for my ang pow to the newlyweds?
Oh well.. we all enjoyed the "tea".. sluurpppp...

Thursday, October 13, 2011

More Pictures: Tea Ceremony

Ah Kim is very efficient. She has loaded lots of pictures of the wedding in Facebook and I am also very efficient. I have saved some pictures from Facebook too. So here are some of the shots of you up to no good during the tea ceremony. Here's a picture of you and daddy...

You were as busy as the photographer. First taking pictures with my phone (no wonder my phone's memory is maxed out!!), then later discovering Alan Ku-ku's Lumix camera..

Goofing around with Alex ku-ku.

Oops.. caught in the act of stealing the cheese off the cheesecake. Later Ee-ee became your accomplice in stealing the cheese of the cakes. The cakes and tarts served that day were delicious.

And of course, most importantly, the ang pow for you.


You gave me this little piece of paper when you woke up this morning... Certainly a good way to start my day...
Stuck it to my monitor.. Thanks sweetie..

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

After the Weddings

It's very rare that we sit and have our little chats. Nowdays you seem to have pins on your bum. The only time you are still is when you are sleeping. You used to be good especially during dinnertime, but nowdays you cannot sit through the whole meal! Sigh.. worst still when you are in the vicinity of an iPhone owner!

Well, this is a conversation we had recently after Jack Shen Chek-chek's wedding:

Evan: Mummy.. Chek-chek and Ah chim are now married?

Mummy: Yes

Evan: So after they get married they will have babies?

Mummy: Er.. yesss.. I guess so.

Gosh.. my dear little boy, first you are talking to me about who you will marry and now you are talking about children.. at the age of FIVE???

Sunday, October 02, 2011

Another Wedding

1st October saw us being very busy. It was the wedding of your Alex Ku-ku to Rui Fang Ah Kim. What a mouthful. Anyway, we started the day busy because we had to get the condo ready for Nanna, 4th and 2nd Ee Poh and Ah Chor to stay in on Sunday. Then mummy went to get my hair done while daddy and you waited at home for the lady to deliver the cakes for the wedding tea ceremony.

We finally got to the hotel at 4pm at the same time as Ee-ee who came with Teo-teo and Grampy. Checked in, checked out the room and soon it was time to head to the Business Center where the tea ceremony was being held. You were very happy to see Ee-ee and especially happy when Ee-ee helped you "steal" all the cheese on the cheesecake. You were one happy camper!

Ee-ee said you were wiping her kiss when Teo-Teo took this picture

As we were waiting for more family to arrive for the tea ceremony, we took some pictures. Here's one of the family. Nice.. And you as usual showing the "V" sign. Where did you ever learn that from??

After everyone (almost?) had tea we headed back to our room for a quick change and it was time for mummy to do my second job (first was to be assistant to collect ang pow/gifts during tea ceremony). My second job for the night was to sit at the reception and tell the guests where they were supposed to be seated. Thank goodness daddy helped out with getting you ready while I rushed down with the guest seating list.

And after you got down, you were happy enough to look for your own entertainment. And for that night, it was to play with Alan Ku-ku's camera. It's a good thing you did not drop the camera, although I'm pretty certain Ku-ku has to clean his camera's lens thoroughly when he gets back home. Here's a shot of you with Ku-ku making faces.. as usual... and in your tie which Ee-ee had gotten you. At last you get to wear a tie.. and twice in less than 10 days!!

And here's the groom with his bride:
And of course Nanna with her two "boys" towering over her.. Of course we had to get a picture of you and me together too..

Daddy also got a picture of your two Ah Chors:

Congratulations to Alex Ku-ku and Rui Fang Ah Kim.