Friday, February 24, 2012

The Value of Money

When we got back home after Chinese New Year, daddy offered to download 2 more games to the iPad for you. But on one condition, you had to pay him RM1 for each game. It was certainly a difficult decision which you had to make to pull out RRM2 from your wallet (which has quite a bit of money actually). I guess you were torn between saving money to buy your Ferarri/Porsche/Lamborghine (you keep changing your mind) versus having 2 new games to play on the iPad.

In the end, you pulled out 2 RM1 notes to give to daddy. Daddy took the money and downloaded the games for you (of course, he replaced the RM2 into your wallet when you weren't looking). Happiness for you. And we thought that we'd at least taught you the value of money and to show you that you do not get everything you want just by asking.

A few days later (daddy was off in KL) and you were struggling to finish your Mandarin homework then you came to my room and took out your wallet:

Evan: Mummy.. I give you money.

Mummy: Why?

Evan: I pay you, then I don't need to do my homework

Mummy: *too stunned to answer*

I guess our "value of money" lesson backfired!!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day

I called mummy yesterday when she was at work. Told her that I have a Valentine's Day surprise for her. She was so excited. I told her to come back at 5 or 6, but she only got back home at 6.30. But good enough, we still had time before dinner time to play treasure hunt.

I think mummy is not very good at treasure hunts. I gave her a clue but she didn't seem to remember the clue "it's in a box". She still wanted to search the drawers.. as if I can't tell the difference between a drawer and a box!

In the end, I had to give mummy another clue before she finally found it. She was so happy, she immediately asked daddy to take a picture of us with the present which I made in school for her.

As for daddy.. er.. he didn't get anything from me. But I did give him a hug. I'm sure he's happy with that. Daddy, maybe I'll give you a Valentine's Day present when I make it in school next year.