Thursday, March 29, 2012

Happy 6th Birthday Evan

Happy birthday to my darling. Had a wonderful day with you today. First we dropped you off at school, then picked up the cake and went back to school by 10.30am as requested by Mrs. Shanti. We waited a while as the children in your class finished up their work and got ready for the little party in school.

After the party we headed home and as I took the whole day off, I headed out again with Ah Ma later on to pick you up. After lunch, we headed out to Queensbay. We had a hot date, just you at me to watch the movie Seefood. You didn't seem to like the movie much, preferring to be interested in the uncle who sat "up behind" who was waving to you (the man who turned on the movie). Before we headed home, you had a few more rides (you already had some before starting the movie).

It was overall a fun day.

Muakksss to our darling little boy. Happy 6th Birthday!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Lost and Found

Another tooth is lost and the one which was lost earlier (taken by the tooth fairy) has been replaced. I could see those tiny whites peeking at me as we checked your gums after the right incisor fell off. And what timing it was for the tooth to fall off. You were halfway eating when it fell off. Thank goodness you didn't swallow the tooth *grin*

Looks like Mr Boh Geh will possible have only 1.5 teeth missing for his birthday.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Banana Cake

Don't know why but you have been bugging me for a while to make you a banana cake. I've tried offering you in the form of cupcake but you insisted that it had to be ONE big cake. So after reminding Ah Ma to buy bananas that was what we made early this morning. The bananas were bought quite a few days ago and the skin was turning brown already. I was too lazy to search for a new recipe so I decided to use old faithful.

Since you wanted to have the banana cake, you had to do most of the work. Cutting the banana:

Putting them into a bowl:
Mashing the bananas:

While you were mashing, mummy measured the dry ingredients and mixed them up. Then you helped me to add the mashed bananas, butter and mixed the eggs:
Then the eggs were added to the mixture:

Back it went to the mixer and then we both poured the batter into the lined cake tin and as mummy popped the tin into the pre-heated oven, you helped me to clean up:

Yup.. by licking clean my beater and mixing bowl!!
Off we went for a shower then waited a while until the cake was ready then it was time to eat your banana cake.

Wednesday, March 07, 2012


I was only half paying attention to Lau Shi and playing with my shaking tooth when suddenly my tooth landed on my tongue! Yay! It had finally dropped. I could not eat a lot of things because of this naughty shaky tooth. I suddenly left Lau Shi, running to the landing and calling "Ah Kong my tooth fell off!!!" then I ran down to show Ah Kong and daddy my tooth. Daddy said that I was a brave boy as I did not shed a tear when I saw all that blood as I rinsed my mouth as he instructed me.

Next, I had to look for mummy. She was in her room asleep. But she was also excited when I shouted at her that my tooth had fallen off. Then she took my tooth and chased me back to my room to continue with my lesson. Darn.. I was hoping to end class with all that excitement. Too bad!!

Later after classes I found daddy in the room with his camera busy taking pictures of my tooth. I've never seen anyone so excited over one baby tooth! Then daddy also got me to pose with my tooth:
The next day the first thing I told anyone whom I met (Ah Ma, Mrs Shanti Lee) was about my missing tooth and showed them the hole in my tooth too! That night, mummy gave me a pouch to put my tooth into and daddy told me to put it under my pillow for the tooth fairy. And guess what? When I woke up the next morning I found RM2 inside the pouch. My tooth is missing, but who cares.. I'M RICH!! Woohooo!!