Sunday, April 29, 2012

Evan's 6th Birthday @ Ipoh

We went back to Ipoh for Cheng Beng a week after we celebrated your birthday at home. So to make it easier we decided to have a celebration in Ipoh too so that the Ban's need not make a trip to Penang then Ipoh 2 weeks in a row. As usual the dinner place was Tong Hoi in Menglembu.. they serve the yummiest food! Sue kor-kor was back early that weekend, so she helped to pick the dishes for dinner.

While waiting for dinner daddy took pictures of some of the guests:

 And of course when daddy tried to take a picture of you, you refused to smile nicely to the camera:

We had also announced the soon to be arrival of our baby to the family when we were back too. So Check Kong even brought a bottle of champagne which daddy tried to open:

After that, dinner was served and we were all too busy tucking in the food to think of taking pictures of dinner.

That night, you asked me why there was no more cake. Wah.. already had 2 cakes before this and still expected another cake. Oops.. I guess next time we could have another cake in Ipoh too??

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Evan's 6th Birthday Party @ School

As usual on your birthday we planned to have a party in school for you. The night before I had your party packs all packed and ready to go. That morning after dropping you off to school, mummy and daddy went off for breakfast before going to pick up your cake. Mrs Shanti and asked me to arrive in school at 10.30 am which was break time for your class.

When went to the centre to see Mrs Choo who brought us up to your classroom. The children were not ready for break time yet as they were still doing some writing. So daddy and I waited outside and watched as the children from other classes walked in after music class with Mrs Giam, children going to the washroom before their break time and there were many curious children looking as us as they walked pass as they saw the box with the cake.

Soon Mrs Shanti sent the children by tables to go to the washroom and to have their hands washed. Finally we could go into your classroom. That was my first time entering your classroom this year. By the time we went in, most of the children were seated and had their water bottles all ready for break time.

Mummy got the cake out of the box while daddy was the photographer of the day:

The cake design you had picked this year is Tom and Jerry. Here you are inspecting the cake:

Before the children sang the birthday songs (in 3 languages), we had a class photo taken:

As the children were singing, the candle almost went off as the air-cond was blowing at your direction:

The children seemed excited. After the songs were sung, the children sat at their places and waited for mummy to cut the cake:
Last year when we celebrated your 5th birthday in school, there was so much leftover cake. So this year as there were only 18 children in the class we decided to order a smaller cake. But we underestimated the children. The whole cake was finished. Yup, not a crumb was left. Some children had 2nd and 3rd helpings.

Some children even interrogated me on where the party packs were. Haha.. anyhow, we left the party packs with your teacher as they were only distributed at the end of the day, to avoid the children not paying attention to the remainder of the class.

I hope you and your friends had a good time at this little party.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Apr12 Parent-Teacher Interaction

We originally arranged to meet Mrs Shanti Lee at 1.45 but she called me later on to ask if we were ok to have it at 1.30pm. I didn't give it much thought and agreed to the new time. Only later did I realise we wouldn't have enough time for lunch. So yesterday daddy and I went for lunch first, then we packed your favourite dumpling "zhang" before picking you up from school. Then as you had lunch in the car, we went to pump petrol, and pay some things and soon it was time to head back to school.

When we arrived in front of your classroom, Mrs. Shanti told you to wait outside while we spoke to her. Overall you seemed to be doing well and she think you are well behaved. We were given your progress report and also shown the exercise books you used in school. She even asked how you were reacting to the news about the baby.

Next we spoke to Miss Fong, your Mandarin teacher. She said that you try to speak to her in Mandarin and add in English words when you don't know them in Mandarin. After that we went off. Before we left for the day, we stopped by "Center" to have a look at the art and craft which you had made.

Daddy and I are really proud that you're doing well and Mrs. Shanti even said that you have good manners. Keep it up, little boy.

We're very proud that there has been good feedback from the teachers.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Hello Mr Dentist

We were supposed to see the dentist in January, but we were too busy so mummy called the dentist and only managed to get an appointment in April! So on Saturday, we all went to see the dentist. The last time I was too shy and didn't want the uncle to see my teeth.

Before today, mummy had reminded me many times that we're going to see the dentist and that as I brushed my teeth twice everyday, he should have nothing much to do with my teeth. I was still nervous. So I insisted that daddy and mummy go ahead and have their yucky teeth checked and cleaned by the uncle before I have my turn.

After mummy was done, it was my turn. I decided that I didn't want to let him take a look anymore, but mummy and daddy persuaded me and so I lie down on the chair and he lowered the chair. Then I opened my mouth really wide. He had a look and mummy kept asking him if my two lower incisor will be crooked as they look crooked at the moment. He said that they may straighten themselves later on.

Anyhow, after checking, the dentist uncle said I've got good clean teeth, with none of them spoilt. Yay!

Before I go, here's a picture daddy took of me before my second tooth fell off:

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Evan's 6th Birthday Party at Home

What was originally planned to be a "burger party" ended up being your favourite.. barbecue birthday party. As usual the party was held on the Saturday before your actual birthday. Here's a nice picture of you with nanna, grampy, ee-ee and teo-teo:

And of course the important man of the day, Chef Daddy cooking the chicken so that they'd be ready by the time all our guests arrived:

The kiddies being entertained:

At last dinner was ready and you and your cousins had the chicken with mashed potatoes. The adults seemed shy to start eating, so everyone stood around to watch the kids eat instead:

Ah.. here's my little boh geh birthday boy:

Finally everyone decides to sit and enjoy dinner:

And since the children finished eating first (while the adults had a leisurely dinner) I had something small to do with you all:

It only took under 15 minutes to complete, but I think everyone had fun. Thanks to a friend for giving me her "kah chang" to make this cute little caterpillar:

At last, it's time for the cake:

This year's design is Flash and Dash as you had requested:

And before Annabelle went home (Tou-tou was getting tired), everyone helped to open the presents:

Later on the children (old and young) played with the presents:

Our guests left with a little souvenir:

It was a long day for us. I started the day cutting cutting and cutting tomatoes for the bruschetta, then mashed the avocado for the guacamole and then before the party started I put the finishing touches for the little souvenir I made. Phew.. tiring, but I'm sure everyone, especially the little birthday boy had a blast!

Sunday, April 08, 2012

Happy Easter

We had a little time in our hands so we decided to make little rabbits for Easter:Got the idea from this amazing lady and but to draw the face, I let you decide on what you'd like to do. You did a great job with the rabbits' face. Then we also added little fluffy tails to the rabbits. It was fun. A simple craft, but I loved making them with you.
Happy Easter!!

Thursday, April 05, 2012

Fatty Bom Bom

You were not well the night before and I didn't get to have a good sleep as I was worried about you having a fever as we slept as well worried that you'd kick my tummy. So yesterday night, I went to bed at 9pm, earlier that my little sick boy (who seems so active despite having a fever on and off throughout the day). What was the first thing you said when you came to the room and saw me asleep?

Evan : Aiyo.. sleeping already?

Mummy: mmmmm...

Evan: You are piggy.

Mummy: mmmmmm....

Then you gave me a kiss as well as another kiss (and a blow) on my tummy. Then you said this:

Evan: Mummy after baby is born, you won't be fatty bom bom anymore, right?

Mummy (more alert now after being called a fatty): I hope not.

Evan: Ok good!

Took me a while to get back to sleep after bring called a fatty bom bom! Worst of all I cannot imagine what you'll be calling me when my bump gets bigger!