Sunday, June 24, 2012

Music Class Book 2

You're already coming to the end of Book 2 of your JMC series and it is really amazing that within 1 year you and your classmates are able to play songs with both hands. Yes, the songs are simple song, but it's an amazing achievement. You started playing both left and right hands on the lower keyboard and then one lesson, you all played with the right hand on the top keyboard and the left hand on the bottom keyboard:

I hope that you'll continue to learn more music. For now you have been very keen on attending the classes and practising (almost) every day.

My Precious

My precious little boy. I'm so proud of you. With our little baby coming along, you have been very understanding in so many ways:
1. When I could not take any smell during my first trimester: You pinched my nose whenever someone wearing perfume walks pass us
2. Bath time: As smells were a no-no to me, I had to "remotely bathe" you. I sat further from the bathroom and gave you instructions on bathing yourself and you never complained.
3. Cannot carry you anymore: In fact you've been getting too heavy for me for a long time, but with this pregnancy, I've not carried you at all. We never say that I cannot carry you because of the  baby, but because you're getting bigger and heavier by the day. And you have not complained about it.
4. Sleeping early: When I was tired most days especially during the first 3 months you were understanding and would allow daddy to sleep with you. Otherwise, you'd sleep on the bed with me and then daddy would carry you to your bed later on.
5. Falling asleep by yourself: I should have started this earlier, but better late than never. You are now slowly started to go to sleep in your bed alone. We started with 1 day a week adding more and more. As mu belly is getting bigger, it's really difficult for me to get off your mattress each night.
6. Kisses unlimited: I love it that you give me kisses all the time. Especially when I'm asleep and your not (very often so..).
7. "I love you": This is something I love to hear from you all the time. Especially a great greeting when I wake up first thing in the morning.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

McMummy Meal

For the whole of last week, you had asked me to make egg sandwiches for you. Obviously there was not enough time for me to prepare it for breakfast on a weekday. So we finally agreed to have it on Saturday, before heading to Ipoh. In the end, you had 2 sets of egg sandwiches. One at home and another in Ipoh.

Here's your McMummy Meal:

It comes with a box of Milo, egg sandwiches and 2 hash browns (all wrapped up just like what you get from the shops). Upon special request from you, mummy added a label "Evan's McMummy Meal" along with a "gift". Can you spot it?

It was fun preparing this meal. And I'm glad that you enjoyed this meal.

Friday, June 15, 2012

The Main Attraction

The highlight of the trip to KL was to Empire Shopping Gallery. There's actually nothing of interest to you in terms of the shops, but something else was very interesting to you. The LEX slide. I had shown you the slide a long long time ago and so that was your target when we went to KL. At the time when we showed you the slide, you were under the height limit (which was 110 cm). Ahem.. that was a good way to encourage you to eat more veggies.. what for? To grow tall faster.. what else?

In fact as we were walking up the escalator, daddy and I also told you that in case you did not meet the height criteria, that you should not cry and we'll try again in August. But as we walked to the slide on the 5th floor, wow! You just made the 110cm. Yippee...

Actually, I wanted to be sure and I asked the Che-che who was in charge if she needed to confirm if you could go on the slide, she told me that you could as long as you're not afraid.

So in you went and we waited while the 3 girls ahead of us took their turns to go down the slide. I wanted to confirm that you would not back out in the last minute. And no you didn't. The che-che gave you instructions and told you to cross your arms and then she gave you a push.

The last thing I heard from you was "wooo-hoooo" and off you went:
This was the video which Ashley Kor-Kor took of you going down-down-down.

And this is you smiling on the way out of the slide. Daddy got this picture.

And so we thought that was the end of it, but NOoooOOo.. you wanted another round. So this time, daddy went up with you while I waited with Ashley kor-kor at the bottom.

Two rounds and enough.. this time. Looks like we'll be making a stop at Empire Shopping Gallery again in August. This was certainly the highlight of this trip for you as you were talking about the slide non-stop. We're glad you enjoyed it. Muakkss.. 

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

School Holidays

Wow! Today is the first day back to school for you after 2 weeks. The first thing you said on Friday (the last day of school) was "No school.. yay!! No homework.". But too bad for you. Ah Kong reckoned you looked bored, so we had to give you some work to do on the many workbooks which are sitting in the house. Although I'd say that you were happy enough to stay at home watching TV or playing on the iPad for the whole day. No need to go out even.

Anyhow, we tried to do something more entertaining for you those two weeks:
1. Took the day off to go to Butterfly Farm. As we arrived in Teluk Bahang, it decided to start drizzling and you said that since you've been before you didn't want to go!!
2. Ah Kong and Ah Ma brought you to Penang Hill. The queue going up was SOOOOOOo long, they gave up. Ended up in Gurney Plaza eating Sakae Sushi, with you polishing 4 of the 5 pieces of raw salmon!

Looks like the plans didn't go too well. So in the end, mummy insisted that we make a trip to KL. We stayed in "Hotel Uncle Dennis" for 2 nights. We started the holiday with a LONG walk in Ikea. It was quite crowded for a weekday (Friday). Had dinner in Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. with Ashley Kor-kor. Before heading home, we stopped at Ben's Independent Grocer in Publika to pick up some foodstuff and "drinks".

Lunch on Saturday was dim sum in Grand Imperial in Plaza Damas. Dim sum is something we never miss when we visit KL. And the food there was amazing. Before we started, you had some fun with the camera.

And this is the "zhang" which we ordered. You love glutinous rice and so you ate quite a bit of this:

Next stop was Empire Shopping Gallery. Had a little fun, walked a little, sat for some desserts (ice-cream and coffee) before it was time to head to Jack Min Ah Pek's house to visit your newest cousin, Vianna. We had a yummy seafood dinner before heading back to Hotel Uncle Dennis.

It was another round of Dim Sum on Sunday (yup, we're never sick of it...) this time we wanted to go to Crystal Jade in The Gardens, but it was closed! Eeeks.. so where to go for our Dim Sum fix? We tried out Din Tai Fung instead. We had to wait a while before we got our table. The dim sums were great. We also tried some of the noodles along with a plate of fried rice. You loved the Xiao Long Pau. But when daddy let you try the Shao-Mai, you instantly switched loyalty to the Shao-Mai *grin*.

We walked around a little before it was time to say bye-bye to Ashley Kor-kor and Uncle Dennis. It was a long drive back to Penang, but a good thing the traffic was relatively heavy but smooth flowing.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Music Class

I've just realised that you've been attending music class for almost a year and I have not mentioned it at all in this blog. Well, we were not too sure how long you'd last in the class, but so far the signs look good. You are quite willing to practise the music (not for too long.. but better than none)..

After 6 months of classes it was time for a little "performance". Each child in the class has to sing a song and play 2 songs from the book. We practised in Ipoh during Chinese New Year and when we got back it was time for the "mini concert". It was fun.. and I'm proud to say you did quite well.

It's almost time for the next "mini concert" as we approach the end of Book 2. I must remember to post the pictures/videos sooner... Arghhh....