Monday, July 23, 2012

Another Golfer in the Family

Ah Kong had bought you this single golf club a while back. You played with it for a while and then lost interest. Lately, you started to develop an interest in playing again, so he brought out his practise golf balls for you to hit. But er.. it went out of the garden into the football field across the road. Thank goodness no one was hurt.. there wasn't anyone there.

Here are pictures of my little "Tiger Ban" in action:

Friday, July 13, 2012

A Little Celebration

It's time to celebrate again. We could not decide on where to go to celebrate and in the end (after a lot of persuasion from you) we opted for Feringghi Grill again. The hotel was very sweet to even call me a week ahead to wish me a happy birthday and to "remind" me that we can celebrate my birthday there.

Made the reservation 2 days ahead and we were lucky to get a table and as I had requested for a window table, we got that too. Service as usual was impeccable. Our server could recognise us the moment he saw us and as usual a pillow was whipped out for a certain little shortie to sit on.

Our orders were taken and you ordered your own food too. This time after much persuasion from daddy you opted for the grilled salmon. After we finished all our food it was time for the birthday cake. Sweet...

But this time there was a surprise! They had someone sing the birthday song and was accompanied by a guitar. Wow!

After blowing the candle and cutting the cake, the waiter took the cake to be cut and served to us. This was my slice of cake:

And this was my little "dirty cat" with a chocolate ring around the mouth. As we were too full from dessert, the waiter even made a little bag for you to carry all our petite fours home.
It was a lovely birthday celebration. Thank you, Evan for this great suggestion and thank you daddy for being the "financier" for this dinner. And thank you to Ah Kong and Ah Ma for joining in and making this celebration even more meaningful. Muakks and hugs to you all.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


I thought that you wouldn't be curious or did not want to know or it did not occur to you. But early this morning you caught me off guard.. again. It's not your first time asking but this time you were more persistent!

Yup, the inevitable question of how the baby is in mummy's tummy. So this was what happened early this morning:

Evan: Mummy, how did baby get into your tummy?
Mummy: I ate baby, so now it's in my tummy...
Evan: NooooOooooOOOOo.. tell me the truth
(oops.. making a joke out of it is not working!!)

A while more in the bathroom:
Evan: So mummy, you didn't tell me how baby got into your tummy yet!!
Mummy (taking evasive action #1): Quickly rinse your mouth and I'll help you shower. (and growling to daddy to help me think of how to explain to you)

Phew.. you didn't ask me while I was giving you a shower. And then...
Evan: Mummmeeee.. you still haven't told me the answer!
Mummy (oooOOoo.. time for evasive action #2): Quick, you need to get dressed and eat breakfast or else you'll be late for breakfast.

No more questions after that and we happily ate breakfast without anymore questions.

Then we got into the car and as you were climbing into the car:
Evan: Mummy, you still haven't told me how baby got into your tummy!!
Mummy (trying luck again): I told you.. I ate baby up!
Evan: NooooOOOOOooooo... telll me the truth!
Mummy (no more alternative.. I need to get an answer): Well you know it's like a seed in my tummy. And do you know how baby gets food?
Evan: Yes.. through a pipe.
Mummy: And where is this "pipe" attached to the baby?
Evan (grinning cheekily): To the mouth! Muahahahaha
Mummy: Are you sure?
Evan: To the eye!! Wahahahaha
Mummy: Maybe to the nose??
Evan: Wahahahaa

Then daddy turned up the radio a little and you distracted and that was the end of our conversation.. for now. I'm wondering if you'll ask me again.. for more details next! What should I actually tell a 6 year old?