Friday, August 31, 2012

Merdeka Celebration in School

The school had plans for a Merdeka day celebration. So on Tuesday you had already told me that you were supposed to wear traditional costume and that you wanted to wear your Chinese costume.. "the one with the dragon".

So on Thursday morning, you woke up earlier got ready and dressed up in your costume. We even had time to take a picture of you before having breakfast and heading to school:

Of course when you got back and we asked what you did, you could not remember. Sigh.. the only thing you remembered of the day was getting a badge with the "1 Malaysia" design. Anyway.. Happy Merdeka Day!!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Welcoming the Tooth Fairy Tonight

Yup.. looks like the tooth fairy will be visiting our house again tonight. As usual your tooth has been shaking for a while and you take pleasure in showing me your very shaky tooth. Took the first picture this morning and less than 10 minutes later, the tooth is gone. It was hanging and I was worried that it might drop while you were in school. So when daddy came down, he offered to help you pull at the tooth and then it was gone. You didn't even realise the tooth had been removed. There was a little blood but that was all. You rinsed your mouth and then finished up the rest of your breakfast.
So look forward to the tooth fairy's visit tonight sweetie!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Crafts @ Art Class

I think I have not mentioned before that you have been attending art class for almost 2 years actually. It was during your school holidays and you seemed bored, so when my friend recommended this art school, we brought you there and that's how your journey with them began. This last program is "Craft" and you seem to enjoy it a lot. Here's something you brought back:
Yup.. a family of chickens. Cute..

Sunday, August 05, 2012

Our Little Art Project

Aunty Wooi Sin bought you this little project which just needed a little assembly by you. It was easy and lots of fun. You just needed to be extra careful when removing the little pieces to ensure you don't tear the foam pieces.
Here you are in action:

Trying to "frame" yourself

Focusing on removing the double sided tape

Little parts to fit

Ta-da... The end product

It didn't take you too long to finish.. a really simple but fun project.