Monday, September 24, 2012

The Delivery Box

I didn't know it but it looks like it... my mummy must be a delivery box. It was Sunday and I had gone for a morning walk with Ah Kong. When we got back, daddy was telling Ah Kong something about "going to deliver" and "false alarm". I wanted to go along to the hospital to see the picture of mei-mei when Dr Low scanned her tummy. I liked looking at the scan because mei-mei likes to do funny things. But this time, mummy asked me to stay at home as I hadn't taken a bath. Luckily Ah Kong said he'll bring me to the hospital later on.
I waited for mummy to come home but she didn't. And again, I heard Ah Kong and Ah Ma mention the word "deliver". I wonder who is delivering what..
Later on, we left to have lunch. I had my favourite "char kuey tiau" and they even packed lunch for daddy. Then we went to Adventist Hospital. Nanna was also there in the hospital. We waited around and I had the iPad to keep me company. Then suddenly they said it again "She has delivered". Delivered what??
Next thing I know, I was told that I am a big kor-kor and my mei-mei is here already. Waitaminute.. I thought mummy told me she was supposed to come on the 29th? Oh well.. I've been waiting to see her anyway. I was so excited. It was a long while though before mummy came to the room and even later before we got to see mei-mei in the baby bassinet after her bath.
Good thing daddy had his camera. He showed me pictures of my mei-mei. She's so cute.
I already knew her name by then: Evelyn. Mummy says her full name is Evelyn Ban Yen Xin:
Here's a picture of my mei-mei, don't you think she's cute? 

See? Told you my mummy is a delivery box. She delivered my mei-mei.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Another Missing Tooth

About a week after your tooth fell off (with daddy's help) another fell off (7th September). This time it's the right lateral incisor. You just suddenly showed daddy your tooth. It seems you were "playing" with the tooth and the next thing you know, it's in your hands!
Here's a picture of you taken the next day when we had dinner in Euro-Deli:

Daddy secretly took a video of you eating. It was so hilarious as food kept falling out and you didn't really seem to notice that happening.

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Evan's First Steak

As I was dying for steak and we thought that there may not be any more opportunity this trip to have steak at our favourite place, Jake's Charbroil Steaks we headed there for lunch after the tea ceremony on Saturday while most of the Ban clan headed to Li Yen for dim sum.
How can we be a stone's throw away from Jake's and not feed ourselves steak. We didn't care that it was odd to have steak for lunch but who cares.. So off we went after a change of clothes for you and daddy. We settled down and took a look at the menu. They had kids steak too. And to our surprise, you agreed to try out the steak. I guess it's the allure of the fries more than the steak which enticed you to try!
Here's your steak:

And here's daddy's XL steak:
We polished everything on our plates. And then we had our desserts.. Burp.. that was the yummiest lunch ever! And till now you'd occasionally ask daddy when we'd be going to Jake's for more steak. Looks like we've converted you to a steak lover too *grin*

Monday, September 03, 2012

The Wedding Day

The next morning, I woke up earlier so that I could have enough time to get ready and also to get you ready. As the night before was a late night for you, it took me a while to get you up. Finally we were all ready and headed to Ashley Kor-kor's suite to await the groom's arrival. Here's a shot of us together which daddy took before we went to "hide" in the bridal room i.e. to take care of the door. Yup, we're the second barricade consisting of 1 heavily pregnant lady and two 6 year olds!

At last Uncle Dennis and his buddies got through the "test" eating all the scary concoctions prepared for them. Then time to get through our door. The bribe was SGD1000. We pocketed it (but was later confiscated) and opened the door for him to come in and claim his wife.

When all the necessities were settled in the bridal suite, they headed to the special room provided by the hotel for the tea ceremony. After the tea ceremony, we had group pictures taken. Here's one of our family with the bride:

After that, we headed back to the room for a quick change and then headed to Starhill for our steak fix. Then mummy went off for some retail therapy and you and daddy went back to the room for a snooze.

We woke up refreshed and went to the pool again for a dip. Then started to get ready and have a light snack knowing dinner was to start late. It was a good thing that you were excited about dressing up. So at around 6pm you pulled on your long pants and behold.. mummy had packed the wrong pair. This was a VERY small pair! Oh no. You told me it was fine, but you looked really odd in the pants. So we quickly changed and "ran" (almost.. how to do it with my big belly...) to Pavillion. And I tell you, searching for black slacks is no easy feat! In the end, we settled for something black and decent enough to pass as slacks and headed back to the room to change and get ready.

Phew.. very stressful. But we were on time. Everyone was still mingling around having pre-dinner cocktails. You stayed with Ashley Kor-kor's friend who briefed you and her son along with Hailey and Jamie on what to do later when dinner commenced. Yup, the 4 of you were the page boys and flower girls.

Ta-da.. here's the bridal couple making their entrance:
Dinner was a pleasant event. It continued way into the night and after a while, we headed back to our room first. You KO-ed almost immediately, despite the afternoon nap. And I soon joined you. Daddy who had changed continued in the suite for more alcohol and laughter with the aunties and uncles before heading back to the room to sleep.

Going to KL

We all took Friday 10th August off to head to KL. This time mummy had to sit in the front passenger seat as my everywhere has swelled up so I'm not able to squeeze at the back with you in your car seat and Ah Ma. Way before our trip, I had to work on you so that you don't complain or make a fuss come Friday.

So early on Friday morning you woke me up before my alarm clock rang. Guess what the time was? 4.30am! Yikes.. it was dark outside and I told you to go back to bed. When it was the "real" time to wake up, it was easy for me to wake you up, as you were so excited to go to KL.

When everyone was finally ready, and the car was packed, off we went. It was close to 9 by then. Hhmm.. we planned to leave by 8am, but that was not to be.

We took a leisurely drive and had a stop in the Bidor rest stop to stretch and also to use the facilities. Through the ride, you reminded me to exercise my feet just as Dr. Low had advised and you even demonstrated to me how to do it.

At last we arrived to our first stop. It was Empire Shopping Gallery. Yup.. you had not forgotten the slide, so off you went 3 round. After that we were caught in a slight traffic jam, seeing it's Friday and lunch time. Next stop was Ikea for lunch and to pick up a few small items (boot was too full for anything bulky anyway..).

Finally, we headed to the hotel off Jalan Bukit Bintang. By the time we arrived, most of the clan had already arrived. There was a wait for our hotel room. And at long last we were given our room. Here you are checking out our bed:

As the reception knew that we were getting angry from the long wait for our room, they offered to give us a room with king sized bed and an extra bed for free. The bed was brought in after we'd left the room to go for a swim. Here's your bed complete with the toiletries for you:

Daddy managed to get a nice picture of Eason who was smiling happily for the camera.
Daddy also took a shot of the bride, Ashley Kor-kor:

I got a shot of Uncle Dennis trying to relax before the big day:

And here's one of us together before we headed back to the room to shower and get ready for a little kai-kai before dinner:

After our shower etc, we headed to Mercato in Pavillion to pick up some milk for you and me, some snacks for you and some wine for everyone. Went back to drop the items in the room before heading to Li Yen for dinner. For dessert, I ordered mango pudding, my favourite dessert. You took one taste and decided to tax my pudding. But you were so excited with it that you choked and all your dinner came out with the pudding. Aihh.. good thing I noticed your "funny face" and pushed the bowl in front of you, so good thing there was no mess on the restaurant floor. Sigh...

We went back to the room to rest and also have supper. We decided on pizza and even called daddy to come back to the room (he was off for a drink.. or two.. or three.. or more) to join us for some pizza. Then it was time to call it a day and go to bed.