Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween with Evan

Came across a mummy blogger sharing on how to make some Halloween decorations, so after you had completed your homework and Evelyn had finally dozed off, I quickly went upstairs to gather the materials we'd need and we started on our project.
As there were 3 items, you picked the pumpkin and I picked the cutie bat. You drew out the outline and the shapes of the eye and mouht of the Jack-O-Lantern and then cut out the shape while mummy helped you to cut out the eyes and mouth. While I helped you cut these shapes out, you helped me to stick on the googly eyes and then draw the smiley mouth with the two fangs.

It's fun doing this quick craft... especially since it's been a while since we've done any crafts together. In fact, our stash of toilet paper rolls in the bathroom is getting more and more and daddy is wondering why we need so many of them!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Another Lost Tooth

On Tuesday when we were still in the hospital, my phone rang early in the morning, even before Evelyn was brought to mummy for a feeding after her morning bath. I was still sleeping when my phone rang. I was wondering how come daddy was calling me (based on the ring tone) when he was sleeping in the guest bed in the hospital. I took a look at the caller ID and it was a call from the house phone. I answered and it was you calling. You were so excited and told me that your tooth had fallen off.
So on 25th September you lost your upper right incisor. Now you have a gaping hole. It's very appropriate to sing "All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth" *grin*. Hugs for my little brave boy. No tears, only excitement when you lose your teeth. And of course all excited because you know the tooth fairy is coming.
And now another tooth is also loose. I wonder when that one will fall off.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

My Precious Little Boy

Your mei-mei has been back for and while and I love it when I hear you refer to Evelyn as "mei-mei". And you keep telling me that you love her so much and that she's so cute. You even exclaim that she's grown (every other day). Then sometimes you'd compare yourself to her size wise: your feet, your hands and once you'd even tried to lie next to her to see how "tall" she is compared to you.
You were still coughing when she first came home but occasionally I'd let you carry her for a while (with our help). And the happiness shown on your face.. is priceless. After putting her down, you'd say that you are very strong and can carry weight over 4kg, showing us the exercise weights that we have.
Here's a picture of you carrying her (with daddy's hands supporting)
A big hug to my good boy who adores his little mei-mei so much and who has been a very well behaved little boy throughout my confinement.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Another Checkup

We had to go in to see Dr Mary again on Monday after we'd left the hospital on Saturday. Again you had your blood taken and we were given the syringe of glucose. So when we went down to the lab, half was given to you and then you had your blood sample taken a few minutes later. This lab technician seemed to be better at taking a sample. You were not bothered by him at all.
After your blood test results were out, we went to see Dr Mary. Your bilirubin level was at 145. Yay! All cleared. As it was the day after the school concert, Evan Ko-ko came along with us to see the doctor. And Dr Mary heard his cough which did not clear yet. So she even prescribed him some medicine before we left. You were also given an appointment on the same day as I'd have my next appointment with Dr Low. It was to check up on any possible heart problems. According to her, any problems would start to show after 2 weeks.
Ah Ma who'd left us at the hospital to run some errands picked us up and home we went. I'm glad that everything went well.

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Back to the Hospital

You had an appointment to see Dr Mary on Thursday after you were discharged on Tuesday. Daddy took the day off to bring us to the hospital. After we arrived, your weight was taken and I was given a little syringe of glucose. It was for you to take which apparently reduces the pain when they take your blood for the jaundice test. We went down to have the blood taken and despite the glucose given to you (half before the blood was taken and the balance for after) you decided to scream at the technician who took your blood. Poor thing.
We went back up to the paediatric floor to wait for the results. You slept happily in daddy's arms. Then we were called. Your bilirubin level had shot up to 295 that day. So, there was no choice but to admit you and I. Yup, I stayed in with you as I was breastfeeding you. You were immediately stripped and a mask put over your eyes and put under phototherapy.
We stayed from Thursday and on Friday, your bilirubin level had dropped to 190 but Dr Mary wanted it to go lower before she'd allow you to go home. So we stayed another night. On those days, you were under phototherapy most of the time and was brought to me in the room opposite the NICU when you awoke and wanted to be fed. During that time, I also expressed my milk for that the nurses can try to feed you (by spoon) so allowing you to remain under the light for longer periods. I'm so glad that my milk started to come and that there was enough for nme to feed as well as express for you.
Nights seemed especially difficult and there was one night when I could hear your crying away and so I went over to have a look. In the end, you just wanted a little cuddle. Maybe you missed me... I managed to take a picture of you with your eyes covered as I carried you

On Saturday morning, you were given a bath a little later as it was an off day in the hospital and the nurse had informed me that your blood would be taken later too.. at around 10a.m.. We waited and then Dr Mary arrived. She gave you the all-clear and we could go home. Yay! Your bilirubin reading was 140.
Daddy came shortly after along with Evan kor-kor as they had gone out for breakfast together. After the bill was settled we headed home.
So as daddy says, at 4 days old you had your first tanning session. You seemed ok from it all. The only effect we noticed was the peeling of your skin, which the nurse said was normal for babies having had the phototheraphy.

Time to Go Home

Dr Low gave me the greenlight to go home on Monday evening when he came to the room. Evelyn was with us in the room at that time. Happiness... That night daddy stayed with me in the hospital. And then he heard what I had been telling him. Evelyn's crying sounds arrived before she physically arrived in the room! The nurses would bring her from the nursery when you woke up in the night hungry. It was on average twice per night.
In the morning, she'd be given a bath at around 7am then brought back to mummy for another feed. That morning, Dr Mary visited us and told us that her jaundice level was at 180 and that she could go home (if it hit 200 that she'd have to stay on).
After lunch and a few nurses including those from the chaplain visited us, we were good to go. Daddy had settled the bill and you just needed to have one last injection before we could go off. While waiting, we got these pictures: 

The nurse helped to change Evelyn into her "going home" suit:

Evelyn was put into your carseat and this was her reaction whenever the car stopped:
Welcome home, Evelyn!

Monday, October 08, 2012

More Pictures of Evelyn

I stayed in the hospital alone (unless you count Evelyn) as you had insisted that daddy stayed at home and accompanied you. On Monday, daddy dropped you off to school and also headed to the office to clear up some work for the morning. That morning Ah Ma also came with your two Tou-tous and Boh-boh Poh to visit Evelyn.
Daddy came later on with my lunch and most importantly his DSLR. He wanted to take nicer shots of Evelyn. You had wanted to come visit us, but you needed to do your homework and you had tuition on Monday night. But in the end, as a reward for you we decided to cancel your lesson and so you got to visit Evelyn (and the iPad which was with me..) and have dinner with daddy and I in the hospital.  
While I managed to persuade daddy to go home and accompany you, you had very graciously allowed daddy to stay the night with me, saying that you'd sleep with Ah Kong and Ah Ma.
Here are some of the pictures daddy took:
Oh yes, I'd forgotten to mention, when I was wheeled into the room, I had a smile on my face as this was the same labour room I was in when I delivered you 6 years ago:

Sunday, October 07, 2012

The Arrival of Our Little Evelyn

It was a usual Sunday morning and I woke up at 4.30am thinking I needed to go to relief myself (as usual). But when I went to the toilet, I realised that there was blood. I went back to bed and daddy woke up for a while, I told him there was blood, but nothing to be worried about. But despite my nonchalance, I was a little worried. Shortly after that I felt some discomfort and by the time daddy woke up at 7 all ready to go for his golf game, we wondered if it was advisable for him to head to the game or for us to go to the hospital. We could not decide if it would be a false alarm.
In the end, we decided that he'd come with me to the hospital for a check with Dr Low. I called ahead and informed the nurses at the OBGYN reception then headed to have a shower. By then, the contractions seemed to be 4-5 minutes apart. We quickly had breakfast and daddy arranged the NeatSeat and a towel (for fear of my waterbag bursting on the way) and off we headed to the hospital. As for you, you had just come back from a morning walk with Ah Kong and we managed to persuade you to stay at home and only come to the hospital later IF I was really in labour.
Daddy dropped me to quickly register. I informed the nurse again and they quickly informed Dr Low's nurse about me. I was to be the second patient as there was already one patient who was waiting for her turn to see Dr Low. I had given a urine sample and I thought I saw Dr Low's nurse come out to test it and made a quick dash back into the room before it was my turn to see the doctor.
A quick scan (baby was estimated to be 3.5kg) and a check showed I was 5 cm dilated. What?? That sure was a fast one.. as compared to what I went through 6 years ago...
A wheelchair was ordered and I was wheeled straight to the labour room while daddy went to make arrangement for the payments etc. By then it was about 9.40am. It's not very good when you are lying facing the clock and the minutes are ticking very slowly while the pain is coming more and more regularly!!
Daddy came back to me and stayed with me most of the time, making calls to let Nanna and also Ah Kong and Ah Ma know that your little mei-mei was planning to come soon. After drifting in and out from the painkillers, feeling so much pain and fighting a bout of nausea it was finally time for mei-mei to arrive.
I was 8 cm dilated by then (it was around 12pm). She had put in a catheter then burst my waterbag (which did not burst in daddy's car after all..). Then it was discovered that there was meconium in the water.. mei-mei had poo poo-ed already. Dr Mary (whom we had requested) was quickly informed and Dr Low was on his way. 
Finally after a lot of pushing Evelyn finally arrived at 12.38p.m.. I didn't get to carry her like I did with you. She was quickly put on that little place to be cleaned and checked by Dr Mary, while Dr Low stitched me up. It was worrying as I didn't get to carry Evelyn but I could see her. Dr Mary checked and she informed me that all seemed well with her, but there is still a worry about meconuim in her lungs which will show in the next 6 hours. I finally got to carry and cuddle her after a while and tried to feed her. Then she was taken away for a bath and I was resting in the labour room while waiting to be moved to my room.
By then, daddy's WatsApp was busy buzzing with messages from your Kor-kors and Ah Peks. We didn't even know her exact birth weight. I got back to my room to have my lunch and you were already there, happily playing on the iPad but happy to see me too. Then you all went to the nursery to take a look at Evelyn. At long last after I had my lunch, Evelyn was brought to the room for a cuddle with mummy and to be fed by me, now officially known was Evelyn's "moo-mmy"