Thursday, November 29, 2012

Our Sexy Evelyn

I woke up this morning as I could hear you making noise in your cot. I put on my glasses to peek at you and I wondered why you were wearing something brown. Took a closer look and saw this:
Our little "Harriet Houdini" did an escape from the PJ sleeve and mittens. Although.. Ee-ee reckons it's more like a strip tease! Haha!!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Evan's Lost Tooth (14 Nov)

While daddy was in Singapore on work, your tooth (lower left lateral incisor) which had been shaky for a long time had to be removed. It had been shaky for a very long time and also bothering you a lot as you could not bite on food.
So on the night of 14th November, we were on the bod watching "Hole In The Wall" on You Tube as Evelyn slept, and then you told me that your tooth was REALLY lose and asked me to help you pull out the tooth.
That was the scariest thing to do. My legs felt like jelly at the thought of it! I told you that i dare not. You comforted me and said it's ok. So we both went to the bathroom and then YOU told me that you were scared. Aiyo.. But in the end, I just had to yank at your tooth gently and it came off. And you were so happy... the tooth fairy was visiting.
So I told you to quickly go to sleep or else the tooth fairy cannot come. Soon you were fast asleep and the tooth fairy visited and gave you RM2 in exchange for your tooth.
When you woke up the next morning you were so happy to receive the money.
Now you've got so many missing teeth:

Daddy Cooks Lasagna

Since Ah Kong and Ah Ma had dinner plans and we weren't too keen on going out for dinner yesterday, daddy and I decided that we'd have lasagna for dinner. Also as the last time the result didn't turn out too great, daddy wanted to try his hand again. And I would say this round was a smashing success:

Daddy Bathes Evelyn

On the weekend after Poh Poh left, daddy tried his hand for the first time to give you a bath. As it was his first time giving you a bath and you are not a very trusting little lady, you screamed and screamed as he gave you a bath.. just like how you screamed for the past few days that mummy bathed you after Poh Poh had gone home. Here's a few pictures of daddy bathing you:

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Tummy Time for Evelyn

I read that tummy time was supposed to be good for you one of which would help strengthen your neck and back muscles. So here you are doing your tummy time, and growling at the same time:

And here you are taking a break from your tummy time and also sneaking a "snack".. hehe you were having your KFC drumstick:

Friday, November 23, 2012

Government Nurse Visits Evelyn and Mummy

In the first month that you are born, the government nurse will come to our house to visit and check you and mummy for three times. On the final time, which was when you were 20 days old, the nurse came to the house and took your weight. This is how they took your weight:

First they put you in a nappy, then tie a knot on the nappy then you were hooked to the scale and your weight was taken. Cool. Eh?
You looked like how babies are delivered by the storks.

She Took Care of Evelyn in her First Month

This is the Poh Poh who took care of you in the first month. She lived in our house, took wonderful care of you and also mummy. She cooked for me all the yummy and healthy confinement food while she also took care of you especially at nights which was the time you decided was the best time to be up and have a long chat with whoever was in the room with you. She cleaned you every time you did a biggie or a small one and also gave you baths every morning.
She did not really allow your poor Ko-ko to be near you as he had a cough, but mummy would still allow him to sneak kisses to you.
After a month, she went back to her home and we were on our own. Before she left, mummy had to undergo "training" on how to bathe and care for you from Poh Poh. The first night was very taxing on me as you are a restless sleeper who "talks" in the sleep. You kept making noises and I woke up almost every hour that night. But after that, I learnt to ignore the little noises and only woke up to feed you when you made louder noises, indicating you wanted to feed.
You are now two months old how time flies. Mummy has been caring for you bathing and feeding you (although we did have some "war" over bottle feeding) for the past month and now it is time for me to return to work on Monday. Ah Ma also had "training" from mummy on bathing you while she already had been helping out on feeding and putting you to sleep in the daytime. Next week onwards it will be you, Ah Ma and Ah Kong.. and of course Kakak Wati too.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Playing with Evelyn

Before Evelyn was born and there was still space in my tummy, Evelyn would be moving around especially in the evenings when I am resting. And you would be so amused when you see my tummy moving as Evelyn moves around inside. Here's a video I'd taken of you being entertained by Evelyn. It was suggested by Alan Ku-ku and I'm glad I did make a video:

And now that Evelyn is here, you love her so much. You keep wanting to kiss her and hug her..

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sunday Afternoon in Straits Quay

Today we went out for lunch in Straits Quay. Ah Kong wanted to try the restaurant, Cheeky Duck's dim sum. A problem we are facing at the moment is Evelyn being unable to sleep on her back, thus not wanting to sleep in her stroller *sigh*.. so Ah Ma and I took turns to carry her. You on the other hand, enjoyed your lunch, especially the lor mai kai and you even tried the wu kok which you liked. Here you are finishing the last of the lor mai kai:
As we did not manage to see the Christmas tree when we were in Straits Quay on Friday, we headed to the front where VW was having a display of their cars for test drive and there was a clown who was making balloon figures on request. So you queued up and requested for a "blue sword"

And here you are with the giant tree and your sword:
And what was Evelyn doing while we got your sword? Sleeping in Ah Ma's arms in the air-cond. After that we headed to see the renovation in the condo before heading home. Daddy was not with us as he's in Singapore. We sure miss him, even though he's just gone to Singapore on Thursday.  

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Evan Loves the Rain

We had gone to Island Plaza with daddy and Ah Kong one of the weekends before Evelyn was born. Ah Kong was there to look at some furniture. We were bored so we went to look at other shops and ended up in Guardian. This shop in Island Plaza is quite big, so we just wandered around when you saw them selling umbrellas.
You asked me if you could have one. I wonder why it is so fascinating to you. I guess it's because you never get a chance to use it. So in the end I agreed to buy you one. Then we brought it up to the house and never got a chance to use it. After my confinement was over, there was one day when we went out with daddy and it was drizzling. When we got back it was still drizzling, so I allowed you to play outside in the rain with your umbrella.
And here you are grinning from ear to ear playing with the umbrella.
I love it that something so simple can make you so happy. The happiness on your face is really priceless. 

Friday, November 09, 2012

Evan's Last Day in Kindergarten

You had been telling me that you and your friend will be sad on the last day of school. Next year you're all going to the "big school" and sadly none of the children in your class will be going to the same school as you.
Well in preparation of the last day, we picked the papers and all to make a card for your teachers. I had also made my own card to thank the teachers and bought the wrappers for the little gifts for the teachers. Here's everything all ready this morning:
This morning you were up even before I got to your room to wake you up. I guess you were excited. You quickly showered and dressed then we went down for breakfast. Soon it was 8am and time to go to school. I took a picture of you in your school uniform (the T-shirt) which you would be wearing for the last time.. before you headed to Ah Ma's car. Daddy is away on travels so Ah Ma is your driver for the day.
As with every morning, I'd stand upstairs and wave to you and you'd wave back either making silly faces as you waved or waved in your funny ways. Here you are waving and making faces as you drove off:
Then you went off to school. As a surprise, Ah Ma and I planned to pick you up. When we reached school, most of the children had gone off. Before saying goodbye to the teachers for the last time, we took some pictures with your teachers and even your friend Ari who was also taking pictures with the teachers. After finally saying goodbye, we headed to a surprise lunch. You were given and choice and (not surprisingly) you picked Spasso Milano (your favourite) in Straits Quay.
Here's what we had for lunch; Buffalo Mozarella Pizza, Pescatore and Pasta Formaggi:

 After lunch, we had to leave immediately as you had art class. Too bad we did not have time to look at the Christmas tree which is already up in Straits Quay. We will go another time with daddy, ok.
And here's Evelyn all KO-ed after the busy day (I wonder how come she's so tired, when she slept most of the time we were out *grin*)

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Lucky Evelyn and Evan

I'm very glad that we took the time and effort to ensure that you will be loving towards Evelyn. Most importantly was that we'd bring you along for all of my check and you'd get to "see" your mei-mei while she was in my tummy. Another thing we did (as suggested by a good friend) was to let you pick a present for Evelyn to be given to her when she arrives.
So when we went to KL in August we'd stopped over in Ikea for a quick lunch and pick up some things one of which was a soft toy for your mei-mei. You walked around and finally picked up this cute little rabbit. When we got home, we put this toy into a little bag for you to bring along when Evelyn arrived. At first you told me to bring it with me as it's a "girly" toy and you didn't want to be seen carrying it. After a lot of persuasion and convincing you agreed to bring it with you.
So when mei-mei finally arrived when you came to visit (and have dinner with daddy and I in the hospital) you brought this little gift along for her. So now, this little rabbit sits on the baby cot downstairs and accompanies Evelyn when she takes her afternoon naps.
After Evelyn's fullmoon, you were a little sad. You asked me how come Evelyn had so many gifts while you didn't get anything. I reminded you that you did have a present. Kelvin had brought you a gift when he'd come for the party. But that wasn't enough to convince you. You said you'd only gotten ONE while mei-mei had so many. So I explained to you that it was Evelyn's fullmoon that's why the presents were for her. There would be no presents for her when it's YOUR birthday. And you understood.
Then I'd told daddy about your disappointment. So he said that he'd let you pick a toy for yourself and consider it was a gift from mei-mei. So this is what you'd picked when we went to Toys R Us last Saturday:
So looks like you're both lucky to "give" each other a present.

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

A Little Gift From Mrs Shanti

You came back from school and excitedly showed me that you had a gift. It was from your class teacher, Mrs Shanti Lee. You were so excited that you had problems trying to open the nice bag which the box was inside.
At last you managed to get it out. Wow.. such a nice box. And inside was a pen. 

It was such a thoughtful gift. It even had your name engraved on it.
How sweet.. I'm sure you'll miss all your teachers in your school.

Precious Ones

Here's a picture of our precious ones..